Journalists stand in solidarity with Palestinian photographer shot in the eye

The shooting of a Palestinian journalist in the occupied West Bank has sparked local and international outrage against the Israeli military, which has been documented as frequently targeting journalists across the territories.
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US reversal on settlements has put ‘very last nail in the coffin of the two state solution’

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the US was revoking the notion that settlements are illegal under international law. “What Pompeo is announcing is not a rupture in US foreign policy, but a culmination of it,” explains human rights lawyer Noura Erakat.
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Corbyn’s brilliant one-liner on Sky broadband breakdown becomes viral campaign hit

Corbyn’s response goes instantly viral Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a perfect demonstration this evening of the wit and humanity that the Tories – including Calamity Johnson – cannot hope […]
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New research reveals 1 in 3 UK billionaires bankrolls Cons as Labour attacks Tory tax cuts

Extent of Tory funding by billionaires exposed – one in three UK billionaires bankroll Johnson’s Tories as tax breaks for big corporations and the super-rich nudge £100bn. One in three […]
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Trump’s reversal on Israeli settlements is widely condemned, including by Sanders and Warren

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's announcement this afternoon that the Trump administration no longer regards West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements as illegal under international law, thereby repudiating global opinion and 50 years of U.S. policy, was widely condemned, including by presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The AP laid the decision at the feet of Sheldon Adelson, Trump's biggest donor.
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Pro-Palestine activists keep showing up at Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s office to demand action….will she listen?

Zak Witus is a member of IfNotNow and a graduate student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. He told Mondoweiss that the group decided to target Schakowsky because she's "a great moral leader on so many human rights issues, both for her district and the Chicago Jewish community in particular." He pointed out that Schakowsky opposed the Trump administration's embassy move, condemned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to block Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib
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U.S. designates ISIS-supporting brothers based in Turkey

The U.S. Treasury Department has announced a new round of counterterrorism designations targeting the Islamic State's support networks in Turkey, Afghanistan and the Gulf.
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South Sudan: 3 die, 7 injured in fuel tanker explosion

At least three people were confirmed dead and seven others sustained injuries in a fuel tank explosion in South Sudan, a minister said on Monday. Peter Saki, the minister of information in southern Maridi state, told Anadolu Agency a driver and two fuel traders died in the explosion that took place in Mambe county on Sunday. According to Saki, the incident took place when an oil tanker broke down and the drivers – with the help of locals – were
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If You Care About Medicare for All or a Green New Deal, Here’s the Senate Primary That Matters

Coons, a devotee of bipartisanship, is being challenged by Jess Scarane, who was inspired by progressive Kerri Harris’s 2018 Senate campaign. The post If You Care About Medicare for All or a Green New Deal, Here’s the Senate Primary That Matters appeared first on The Intercept .
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Libya ‘in race against time’, but dissolving conflict ‘a realistic prospect’, Security Council hears

A recent resurgence of violence in Tripoli, means Libya is “ever more in a race against time” to reach peace, however, agreeing the way forward to ending the conflict “is a realistic prospect”, the top UN official in the country told the Security Council on Monday.
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Saeb Erekat : Israeli settlements steal Palestinian land, seize and exploit Palestinian natural resources

Jericho /PNN/ The secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation OrganizationD. Saeb Erekat said in a reaction Statement on USA secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Israeli Settlements that International law and system clearly define the illegality of all Israeli settlements, including by the International Court of Justice, the UN Security Council, and the International Committee of …
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Protesters block Iraq port as strikes take hold

Protesters blocked entry to Iraq’s main commodities port again on Monday while schools and government offices in many southern cities were shut in response to calls for a general strike. At least 315 people have been killed since the start of mass unrest in Baghdad and southern Iraq in early October, the largest demonstrations since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Protesters are demanding the overthrow of a political class seen as corrupt and beholden to foreign interests. Unsatisfied
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“Transformational Benefits” of Ending Outdoor Defecation

Ending the practice of defecating in the open, rather than in a toilet, will have “transformational benefits” for some of the world’s most vulnerable people, says the UN’s partner sanitation body, the WSSCC (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council). Ahead of World Toilet Day, which is marked annually on 19 November, WSSCC’s acting Executive Director, […] The post “Transformational Benefits” of Ending Outdoor Defecation appeared first on Inter Press Service .
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US: Israeli Jewish Settlements Consistent with International Law

The United States on Monday effectively backed Israel’s right to build Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank by abandoning its four-decade position that they were “inconsistent with international law”, reports Reuters. The announcement by [...] The post US: Israeli Jewish Settlements Consistent with International Law appeared first on Palestine Chronicle .
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Turkey will launch another Syria operation if area not cleared of Kurdish YPG

Turkey’s foreign minister said Ankara would launch a new military operation in northeast Syria if the area was not cleared of what he called terrorists, state-owned Anadolu Agency reported on Monday. Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was quoted as saying that United States and Russia had not done what was required under agreements that halted a Turkish offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia in northeastern Syria last month. The deals stipulated that the YPG would be removed from a swathe of land
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REPORT – Women and Children First: Repatriating the Westerners Affiliated with ISIS

By International Crisis Group What’s new? Alongside the thousands of foreign fighters detained in north east Syria are thousands of non-Syrian children and women. Western governments have for months publicly wrestled with political and policy qualms about repatriating their nationals.… Continue Reading  
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One young Gazan, many nemeses

Earlier this month Yehya Karaja, a homeless Palestinian living in Gaza City who set himself on fire in September near a crowded public park in an apparent protest over dire living conditions, died from his wounds. He was 26.
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FFC conforms postponement of Sudan's parliament until end of December

November 18, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan's Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) Monday confirmed the postponement of the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council until the end of the year in response to a demand of the Revolutionary Front and in commitment to the Juba Declaration signed last September. The Revolutionary Front last week issued a statement condemning the announcement by the FFC that the parliament would soon be formed. The umbrella of the armed groups said that would (...)
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US softens stance on Israel’s illegal settlements

The United States today effectively backed Israel’s right to build Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank by abandoning its four-decade position that they were “inconsistent with international law”, reports Reuters. The announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a victory for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is struggling to remain in power after two inconclusive Israeli elections this year, and a defeat for the Palestinians. Pompeo said US statements about the settlements on the West Bank –
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Airstrike hits biscuit factory in Libyan capital, killing 7

At least seven workers were killed and another 35 wounded in an airstrike that hit a biscuit factory on Monday in a southern suburb of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, emergency services said. Those killed in the district of Wadi Rabea, about 21 km (13 miles) from the city centre, included two Libyans and five foreigners from Bangladesh and sub-Saharan African countries, said Usama Ali, a spokesman for the ambulance and emergency authority in Tripoli. READ: US urges Haftar-led forces to
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Kuwait PM declines reappointment, emir removes senior ministers

Kuwait’s caretaker prime minister Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak declined to be reappointed as premier on Monday, rebuffing an offer from the ruling emir after submitting the government’s resignation last week, reports Reuters. The cabinet resignation came after lawmakers sought a no-confidence vote against the interior minister over alleged abuse of power and as a feud between senior members of the ruling family, including the interior and defence ministers, emerged over alleged mishandling of military funds. Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah removed
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Trump Enforces Omertà With Latest Round of Pardons

President Donald Trump closed out the first week of impeachment hearings with a self-inflicted wound. Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, testified on Friday morning that she felt “intimidated” by Trump’s remark in a phone call with the Ukrainian president that she was “bad news” and “going to go through some things.” As if to underscore Yovanovitch’s point, Trump criticized her in harsh terms during the hearing, drawing allegations of witness intimidation. One Democratic lawmaker declared
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Egypt risks US sanctions over Russian fighter jet deal

The United States could impose sanctions on Egypt and block it from future military sales if it goes ahead with a purchase of Russian warplanes, a US official said on Monday, reports Reuters. Egypt earlier this year signed a $2 billion agreement with Russia to buy more than 20 Su-35 fighter jets. “It puts them at risk of sanctions and it puts them at risk of loss of future acquisitions. It’s not a new thing,” Assistant Secretary of State for
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Trump Makes Japan an Offer It Can’t Refuse

NATO has faced plenty of existential scares in the era of President Donald Trump, but now the United States’ longstanding allies in East Asia have become victims of the president’s haphazard transactional worldview. Last week, Trump announced that he would seek a fivefold increase in the nearly $1 billion a year South Korea contributes to maintain 28,500 U.S. troops that have been stationed there since the dawn of the Cold War; two
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Saudi-led coalition says Yemen’s Houthis seize ship in Red Sea

The Saudi-led military coalition engaged in Yemen said on Monday that the Iran-aligned Houthi movement had seized a vessel towing a South Korean drilling rig at the south end of the Red Sea. Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki said in a statement carried on Saudi state media that the vessel was seized late on Sunday by armed Houthis. He did not say how many crew members were onboard the ship. A senior Houthi official told Reuters afterward that the group’s
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Migrants from Libya not driven by hope of being rescued at sea – study

No link found between number of Mediterranean crossings and level of NGO rescue ship activity No valid statistical link exists between the likelihood that migrants will be rescued at sea and the number of attempted Mediterranean crossings, a study has found. The findings challenge the widespread claim in Europe that NGO search and rescue activity has been a pull factor for migrants. Fear that the NGOs’ missions attract immigrants has been the basis for measures restricting humanitarian ships including
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The six reasons that Boris Johnson could come unstuck in the TV debates

The Prime Minister has agreed to two one-on-one debates with Jeremy Corbyn. Here's why he could end up regretting it.  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will meet tomorrow for the first of this election’s televised setpieces, and the first of two head-to-head debates between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. As I wrote when ITV first
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The six reasons why Boris Johnson could come unstuck in the TV debates

The Prime Minister has agreed to two one-on-one debates with Jeremy Corbyn. Here's why he could end up regretting it.  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will meet tomorrow for the first of this election’s televised setpieces, and the first of two head-to-head debates between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. As I wrote when ITV first
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U.S. must save Israel ‘morally’ so as to save the U.S. — liberal Zionists’ circular argument

Dan Shapiro and Michael Koplow say the U.S. made a "moral commitment" to Israel as a democracy against countless threats 71 years ago and the U.S. has a strategic interest in preserving Israel as a democracy, or the morality of the relationship will be undermined. The possibility that we should distance ourselves from Israel because it's persecuting Palestinians is simply off the table for these liberal Zionists. Though progressive Democrats increasingly feel that way.
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America’s Arms Sales Addiction

By William Hartung It’s no secret that Donald Trump is one of the most aggressive arms salesmen in history. How do we know? Because he tells us so at every conceivable opportunity. It started with his much exaggerated “$110 billion arms deal”… Continue Reading  
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Evening Call: Why won’t it all just go away?

Turns out, this time around, most of us really are Brenda “not another election” from Bristol. Not everyone in the UK can be quite as  excited by the election as Jonn  (who, as he mentioned last week, has actually abandoned the New Statesman team in the middle of the election that he is so excited about). In fact, the response from
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Palestinian reporter loses eye when Israeli police fire on protesters

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns Israel’s use of live rounds to disperse protests after a Palestinian journalist lost an eye when Israeli police fired at Palestinians protesting in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on 15 November. Such practices expose reporters to direct danger, RSF said. Freelance photographer Moath Amarnih has lost the use of his left eye as a result of being hit by a ricocheting bullet
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How Extinction Rebellion is being divided in two by citizens’ assemblies

Though assemblies are democratic, some fear they will delay the urgent actions needed to meet net-zero emissions.  Before MPs trudged out to the campaign trail in the December election, they made a decision that was nothing to do with Brexit. Though hardly covered in the media, it could have profound implications for the UK’s future. Six major parliamentary committees
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Are citizens' assemblies really the answer to the climate crisis?

Extinction Rebellion has called for assemblies to be held next year, but Ireland's experience is a cautionary tale.  Before MPs trudged out to the campaign trail in the December election, they made a decision that was nothing to do with Brexit. Though hardly covered in the media, it could have profound implications for the UK’s future. Six major parliamentary committees agreed
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Dubia's non- oil trade with Africa to exceed $272.2 bn

Dubai’s non-oil trade with Africa will exceed AED 1 trillion ($272,264,400,000.0) for the period extending from 2011 until the end of 2019, asserted His Excellency Majid Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chamber, noting that it had already reached AED926 billion in the 2011-2018 period. Al Ghurair made the announcement in his opening speech at the fifth edition of the Global Business Forum Africa (GBF Africa) in Dubai as the two-day forum kicked on Monday, asserting that the African continent
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E-commerce giant, Jumia, abruptly shuts down Cameroon operations

E-commerce giants Jumia on Monday folded up its operations in Cameroon without prior information but the move confirmed rumours that had been making the rounds for weeks. Cameroon is off its website and applications as at today (November 18). The move also means the firing of its entire staff despite no official information from its management. The development means Cameroon becomes the third African country in which it has folded up operations. The earlier two being in Gabon and Congo
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UN, African Union make significant joint commitment to global health

In the drive towards universal health coverage, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the African Union (AU) Commission cemented their mutual commitment to global health by signing on Monday an historic agreement.
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Sanders attacked by Israel envoy for wanting to direct US aid to Palestinians

US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders appears to have struck a nerve with Israeli officials after proposing to put the annual $4 billion handout the Zionist state gets from the US to better use. The veteran politician who spent several months during his early 20s living on an Israeli kibbutz, appeared to suggest that giving Tel Aviv aid unconditionally made the US complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Referring to the ten-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the US and Israel
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Cairo-based chatbot building platform Botme raises six-figure seed

Botme, a Cairo-based chatbot building platform has raised six-figure seed investment, the startup told MENAbytes today. The investment came from regional angel investors. Founded in 2017 by Saaid Elhakeem, Soliman Abaza, and Hosni Ahmed, Botme enables businesses and individual users to build chatbots for Facebook Messenger and web through its user-friendly platform without having to […] The post Cairo-based chatbot building platform Botme raises six-figure seed appeared first on MENAbytes .
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Video: Gardiner – fixing climate change under Labour’s plans will create jobs and wealth

Labour’s star media performer was on air twice this morning. In both, he laid out how Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution will create great jobs, bring wealth to the country – […]
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Hong Kong police arrest 51 who ‘claimed to be medics or journalists’ near besieged PolyU campus

Police said on Monday that they have arrested 51 people who “claimed to be medics or journalists,” amidst growing public concern of indiscriminate arrests at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Michael Cheuk, regional commander of Kowloon West, said that 12 of purported medics had no first aid qualifications. Another three people wearing press vests […] The post Hong Kong police arrest 51 who ‘claimed to be medics or journalists’ near besieged PolyU campus appeared first on
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The UK Labour party’s pro-Palestine position was won through the struggle of the student movement

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party understands Palestine as a moral foreign policy cause of this generation, and affixes it to their material fight against neoliberal austerity. Nick Rodrigo writes that this relationship lies in the radical street politics of the British student movement between 2008-2011.
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Bringing Silicon Valley to Kathmandu Valley

For those who think that Nepal is too underdeveloped to make full use of artificial intelligence (AI), think again. That is exactly what they used to say about computers and mobile phones in the 1990s. It may come as a surprise to many that Nepal has been gaining ground in AI, developing not only software […] The post Bringing Silicon Valley to Kathmandu Valley appeared first on Inter Press Service .
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UAE gives Palestinian Jerusalem its stamp of approval

A commemorative stamp entitled “Al Quds – the Capital of Palestine” has been issued by the UAE in support of the occupied state. In collaboration with Arab Postal Authorities, Emirates Post is presenting 25,000 stamps as a message of support to Palestine. The stamps feature an image of the Dome of the Rock Mosque which sits in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem and the flag of Palestine, along with a white dove symbolising peace. According to Emirates Post, the
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The Ocean in Us: Ocean Action for Climate Ambition

Cameron Diver is Deputy Director-General, the Pacific Community (SPC) The post The Ocean in Us: Ocean Action for Climate Ambition appeared first on Inter Press Service .
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Stavropol clergy stand against violators of traffic rules

Stavropol, November 17, 2019 Employees of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Main Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Stavropol Krai held a briefing titled “The clergy of the Stavropol Territory for road safety.” The Chief State Inspector of Road Traffic Safety of Stavropol Krai Aleksey Safonov, Metropolitan of Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk Kirill, Mufti of Stavropol Krai Muhammad Hadji Rahimov, abbot of the St. Mary Magdalene Armenian Apostolic Church Ter Grigoris answered questions
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Pakistan to stem smuggling through Border Monitoring Initiative

The government of Pakistan under Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a Border Monitoring Initiative (BMI) to check cross-border smuggling, causing huge losses to country’s economy, local media reported. Under the multi-billion-rupee project a set of highly technically equipped battalions of paramilitary forces and customs would be raised. A senior government official told media that Prime Minister Imran Khan had already approved recruitment of more than 2,000 officials, besides raising two additional battalions each of Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts and Pakistan Coast
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Judiciary chief says people are separate from rioters

Head of the Judiciary Ebrahim Raeisi said on Monday that public opinion and the elite should have been provided with explanation about necessary plan for fuel consumption management and that the people are separate from the rioters. The plan to raise petrol prices is totally law-based and is in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Sixth Five-Year Development Plan, said Raeisi. He said that protest to the petrol price rise is not acceptable to turn to sabotage and arson
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