South Sudan elections must be held on time

The Government is bent on postponing the elections: a response to the statement of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs dated 14 April 2021. The 2015 projected elections The paragraph on the elections (p. 3) opens with the following sentence: “In 2014 and 2015, the Government pushed for general elections in order to end the 2013 conflict and restore democracy in the country.”
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Nomadland! Judas! Minari! Who’s Getting The Oscar and Why It Still Matters

Your Oscar prophet, Michael Musto Illustration by Joaquín Aldeguer BEST PICTURE The nominees are: Minari A Korean-American family starts a farm in Arkansas amidst various challenges, including the arrival of a very unorthodox granny. Based on writer-director Lee Isaac Chung’s childhood, this is a “movie-movie” about a family learning to communicate, and it’s enriching to watch. Judas and the Black Messiah A sort of reversal on
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Memorize Surah al-Mulk Ramadan 2021 | Verse 6

Imagine, Allah ﷻ is the One who created us, fashioned us, provides and sustains us, bestowing countless blessings and favors, and in response we refuse to believe in him or we associate partners with him? That is an affront to God and that is why it is describes as a major injustice.
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Puntland parliament rejects term extension by the federal government

A vote of a motion against the Somali parliament’s legislation was approved by 49 members of the Puntland parliament, with one opposed the move and two abstained. The Speaker of the Puntland House of Representatives has announced that the Puntland parliament has vehemently rejected a two-year extension of the federal government’s mandate, which expired months ago.
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What comes next. The Russian authorities want to designate Alexey Navalny’s political and anti-corruption network as ‘extremist.’ This would be the legal fallout.

State prosecutors in Moscow have filed a lawsuit to designate Alexey Navalny’s entire anti-corruption and political infrastructure as “extremist” organizations, effectively outlawing all of these groups. Specifically, officials are targeting the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation (both of which Russia’s Justice Ministry has already designated as “foreign agents”), as well as Navalny’s nationwide network of campaign offices.
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“Israel” Stands Alone on Iran

Islam Times - Lt. Gen. Gregory Guillot, head of the US Central Command’s Air Force, visited the “Israeli” entity at the end of February. His host, Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, took him up personally on an F-15 Eagle for a bird’s eye view of the entity’s borders. The three-star general was also treated to an unprecedented tour
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A common practice. We asked a diplomacy expert what happens when Russia’s Foreign Ministry ‘summons’ an ambassador

Immediately after the White House announced new sanctions against Russia on April 15, U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Reports about ambassadors being “summoned” often appear in the news amid rising tensions between states. Russian ambassadors are also called to the U.S. State Department, the UK’s Foreign Office, or the foreign affairs department
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Senegal: UNFPA book launch on FassE project triggers interest for replication of Demographic Dividend initiative in urban settings

[UNFPA in WCA] Dakar, Senegal -- 14 April 2021: On Monday 12 April 2021, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched a book entitled "Harnessing the demographic dividend for emergence: Case of the commune of Gueule Tapée-Fass-Colobane." The book launch attracted great attention and was attended by numerous high profile guests such as Government officials, local administrators, UN agencies, partners,
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Uganda: Imposing Visa Restrictions On Ugandans for Undermining the Democratic Process

[State Department] The Government of Uganda's actions during the recent electoral process undermined democracy and respect for human rights. Today I am announcing visa restrictions on those believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic process in Uganda, including during the country's January 14 general elections and the campaign period that preceded it.
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Who bangs on about Scottish independence the most? The numbers, revealed

Pro-indy MSPs bangs on about independence the most New Statesman analysis of speeches and contributions made to the Scottish parliament Who bangs on about independence more? Number of mentions of issues relating to independence by party Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross and former leader Ruth Davidson attend the launch of the Tory campaign on 14 April 2021 in
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Roaming Charges: Invitation to a Haunting

Unnu old vampire You don’t like to see youths prosper Only like to see youths suffer Unnu set of vampire Unnu old vampire Only trod upon creation With your bloody medication Unnu set of vampire Booked Up What I’m reading this week… The Subversive Simone Weil: a Life in Five Ideas Robert Zaretsky (University of Chicago) Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent Katherine Angel (Verso) Beeswing: Losing My Way
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The Case of the Cato Street Conspirators: a Sad Tale of Suffering, Insurrection, and Ruling Class Criminality

I met murder on the way He had a mask like Castlereagh Very smooth he looked, yet grim; Seven blood-hounds followed him: All were fat and well they might Being admirable plight, For one by one, and two by two, He tossed them human hearts to chew Which from his wide cloak he drew. Clothed with the Bible, as with light And the shadows of the night Like Sidmouth, next, hypocrisy On
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Why Biden is Feigning Left

Biden’s third economic stimulus package No matter, in early April, Biden’s team announced yet another $multi-trillion economic package, this one to focus more exclusively on aid to working people. No doubt, the game of insider negotiations, maneuver, hype and camouflage will ensue as the ruling rich decide once again, how and how much to make working people pay. The combination of
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Bach at Tax Time

To each what’s due him! If rulers must gather Toll, taxes, and tribute, Let no one refuse The debt that he owes! Yet bound is the heart but to God the Almighty Ah, Mister Tax-man, don’t be so mean To us poor farm folk! Don’t skin us; If you’re going to munch our cabbage Down to the bare stalk like caterpillars, Let that be enough! Our excellent, Beloved Chamberlain Is a goodly man, Whom no
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South Sudan: New U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for the South Sudan Crisis Response

[State Department] Today, the United States announced more than $95 million to support the response to the South Sudan humanitarian emergency. On behalf of the American people, this funding will provide critical protection, economic opportunity, shelter, essential healthcare, emergency food assistance, safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene services to some of the nearly four million South Sudanese refugees and internally
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Africa: Biden Administration Warned That it is Courting Disaster on Global Covid-19 Vaccines

[AHF] AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today called on U.S. President Joseph R. Biden to support the temporary waiver of patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines as currently proposed at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Indian and South African governments, along with 175 former heads of state and governments, WTO member states, and Nobel laureates are calling on Biden to support the
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Africa: Covid-19 Strategies for Vaccinating the Continent

[Africa Trade Desk] Join us on Monday, April 19th at 10am EST for a forum titled, " COVID-19 in Africa: Strategies for Vaccinating the Continent. " This event is in collaboration with The Constituency for Africa (CFA) (Washington DC), AfroGlobal Television and All Africa. We have invited the participation of The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business .
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On National Security Education Day, Hong Kong Celebrates Police Brutality

The school also exhibited a ‘mosaic wall’ of ‘wish cards’ from students supporting NSL. “NSL has changed Hong Kong from chaos to peace, and guarantees the rights of every HK person; and fully reflects China’s one country two system’.” reads one […] “Now with the laws, mechanisms and manpower in place, the rest comes down to enforcement and implementation … It
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UK Covid tracker: the latest data by local authority as the roadmap out of lockdown begins

*/ Covid severity by local authority Case rates among all age groups, and how this is changing Case rates among those aged 60+ Hospitalisation levels, and how these are changing Test positivity rates Vaccinations by local area Case rate trends by local authority */ Covid spread by local neighbourhood */ A note on the data */ Justin Paget / Getty Images RSS: Business Article : Link to external profile : 
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RSF urges French premier to refer “global security” bill’s article 24 to constitutional council

NewsReporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on France’s prime minister to keep his promise to refer a controversial article in his government’s “global security” bill to the constitutional council following the bill’s definitive approval by both parliamentary chambers. Article 24 on “causing the identification” of police officers poses a major threat to press freedom, RSF says.
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Putin’s favorite dacha. Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation investigates the Russian president’s ‘most secret’ official residence

Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (the FBK) has released a new investigation into Russian President Vladimir’s Putin’s “most secret” official residence — a luxury lakeside mansion located near the town of Valdai. According to the report, the residence is part of a massive property that’s only partially state-owned. The FBK claims that the mansion itself is located on land that Russia’s
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Fighting the ‘International Thief Thief’ with Global Magnitsky Sanctions

Support to whistleblowers and human rights defenders. The recent outrageous death sentences handed down in absentia on two DRC whistleblowers who provided critical information about Gertler and his companies only reinforces how important GloMag has been to enabling this inspiring work. When defenders and whistleblowers see their efforts come to specific fruition through designations, it provides needed validation and encouragement.
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Southern Africa: Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum Hears About Objectives of RMLOC

[Parliament of South Africa] The Program Officer of the Committee, Ms Elizabeth Hove, gave a broad overview of the objectives of the (RMLOC - Regional Model Laws Oversight Committee) in the virtual meeting of the Southern African Development Community Parliament Forum (SADC-PF) that btook place last Friday. According to her, the committee is aimed at evaluating and monitoring the implementation
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The Northern Independence Party Is a Triple Threat to Labour

In recent years, the most successful regionalist parties have been the Yorkshire party (YP) and the North East party (NEP) both of which support devolved assemblies for their regions. These two parties have achieved relative electoral success, especially within the context of the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system. The YP, founded in 2014, is a “social-democratic” party that supports a devolved Yorkshire Assembly
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What Oil, Satellite Technology and Iraq can Tell us About Pollution

Using open-source data on flaring and remote sensing tools to build a better understanding of air pollution related to the oil industry Harnessing services such as Google Earth Engine alongside machine learning tools to track oil industry activities and impacts  Mapping potential environmental hotspots using freely available satellite imagery and open-source data combined with mapping tools. Mapping the Scene Taking OSINT to the Air Air
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Guinean journalist’s continuing detention is “incomprehensible,” RSF says

NewsReporters Without Borders (RSF) reiterates its call for the immediate and unconditional release of Guinean journalist Amadou Diouldé Diallo and is amazed that he is still being held after more than six weeks of arbitrary detention although the only punishment requested by the prosecution at a trial hearing on 13 April was a fine.
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IBM’s AI that speeds up the development of antibiotics

The discovery process of molecules for novel antibiotics would usually take scientists years – IBM’s AI system did it in a matter of days IBM researchers claim their approach outperformed other methods for designing antimicrobial peptides by 10% IBM is also hopeful the system can have broader applications such as capturing carbon to help fight climate change, materials for more intelligent energy
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EXCL: “The police should be a service – not a force” – Lib Dems set out plans for capital

A return to ‘community policing’, including doubling the number of dedicated ward officers. There has been growing concern about officers being ‘parachuted in’ from Scotland Yard to situations that should be handled locally A ‘London Youth Service’ established to help coordinate andimprove access to activities foryoung people after school.An end to the use of Section 60 ‘suspicionless’ stop and search
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Africa: 'COVAX is a Smokescreen to Cover Up Vaccine Nationalism'

[The Conversation Africa] Accusations abound of vaccine nationalism against states that stockpile vaccines and of vaccine apartheid, as COVID-19 vaccines become concentrated in rich countries. Calls for vaccine equity or justice demand vaccine allocation on account of need, based on the idea that no one is safe until everyone is safe.
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How to get COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries – and still keep patent benefits for drugmakers

Hospital staff in Lagos, Nigeria, administer the AstraZeneca vaccine. AP Photo/Sunday Alamba Governments can already get around patents AstraZeneca issued a license to the Serum Institute of India to produce its COVID-19 vaccine. AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool Vaccine patents end at the border Technicians in Nairobi, Kenya, hold a carton of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine manufactured in India. AP Photo/Ben Curtis What to do about it
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From gene bombs to classroom curriculum. How Vladimir Putin became infatuated with genetics and entrusted the industry to friends and family

Until recently, the Russian authorities showed little interest in genetics. The breakthrough came in 2019, when the government allocated 127 billion rubles ($1.7 billion) to a special seven-year federal program. In fact, as Meduza learned, the Kremlin’s overall spending on projects involving genetics could actually reach 230 billion rubles ($3 billion) in the coming years. Vladimir Putin personally supervises the
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Shontel Brown Approved Major Contract, Then Contractor Backed Her Campaign

Photo: Cuyahoga County Planning CommissionBesides the $7 million contract in 2017, Brown also voted on three other occasions to approve Cuyahoga city contracts for Perk, totaling an additional $10 million between 2015 and 2019. And in August 2020, she voted in favor of contracts of $1.875 million to two firms, one headed by Mark Perkins’s sister and a second whose former
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Commentary: Black Muslims and Black Issues

It saddens me when I hear a Black Muslim give lectures on “Islamic issues” that are in fact South Asian and Arab Muslim issues. For example, a lecture on marriage in Islam where parental approval, cultural differences, and forced marriage are spoken about as if they are universal Islamic issues when they in fact have nothing to do with Islam
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Liberia: Liberia, European Union Deepen Political Partnership

[FrontPageAfrica] The Government of the Republic of Liberia (GoL) and the European Union (EU) met on March 12, 2021 for the 9th edition of the EU-Liberia Political Dialogue, under Article 8 of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, which enables the establishment of a platform for regular and comprehensive political dialogue.
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Shell is betting on batteries to support fast EV charging

Shell and grid equipment maker Alfen bet that VPP-connected batteries will be cheaper than grid reinforcements Shell is targeting an EV network of 500,000 chargers by 2025, up from around 60,000 today Its pilot site, a Dutch filling station, will provide the data to inform the possibility of a wider rollout of the battery-backed approach How will the Shell-Alfen pilot project work? Solid-state batteries
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Africa: Only Multilateral Cooperation Can Stop Harmful Tax Competition

[IPS] Sydney and Kuala Lumpur -- US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has urged all governments to support a global minimum corporate tax rate of at least 21%. The US is working with other G20 nations to get other countries to end the "thirty-year race to the bottom on corporate tax rates".
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Hope manifests itself also on a more modest, but nonetheless convincing and encouraging scale. People want to live, they want their stolen lives back, they want to enjoy living, being again their sovereign selves. They want to dance again, with even the police participating – see this encouraging 6 min You Tube of people randomly coming together in the Gare
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The Shameful Human Cost of Inertia at Joe Biden’s Guantánamo

Lutfi bin Ali, a Tunisian held at Guantánamo, who recently died in Mauritania, having been unable to secure the medical treatment he needed, which he had also been unable to secure in Kazakhstan, the country to which he was first released in 2014. Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support
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Djibouti: U.S. Statement on Djibouti Presidential Elections

[State Department] The United States looks forward to working with the government of President Ismail Omar Guelleh and the people of Djibouti to advance our common interests following Djibouti's presidential election on April 9. We appreciate the work of the election observer missions from the African Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States, and the Intergovernmental
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A public oversight. Meduza looked into Moscow’s Public Monitoring Commission and found rampant connections to the security business

On April 6, the Russian Civic Chamber’s Council removed human rights activist Marina Litvinovich from Moscow’s Public Monitoring Commission (ONK), allegedly in response to “multiple Ethics Code violations” she had committed. Meduza correspondents Maxim Solopov and Ivan Golunov dug into the Moscow ONK’s internal workings — including who’s really in control, why so many members are from Moscow’s Mitino district,
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Ramadan – IlmGate Posts Related to Fasting

Photo noor-karzon The Laws of Fasting According to the Qur’an and Sunnah as Deduced by the Hanafi School The Fiqh of Fasting: A Brief Overview Brushing Teeth While Fasting The Objectives of Fasting The Inner Dimensions of the Fast The Virtues of Fasting in the Summer Tasks and Secrets Associated With Fasting The post Ramadan – IlmGate Posts Related to Fasting first appeared on IlmGate.
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Ramadan – IlmGate Posts on General Ramadan Topics

Photo tachfeen The Meaning of Ramadan The Ramadān of Mawlānā Rashīd Ahmad al-Gangohi Environs of Devotional Worship in Ramadan Research on the Hadith of Ramadan and Its Three Parts The Message of Ramadan Reading from the Mushaf During Salat: A Hanafi Persective Review: The Ramadan of Shaikh al-Hadith Muhammad Zakariyya and our Elders Shawwāl: What to Do On Eid Night, Eid Day, and During the Month Is the Friday
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Saratov regional officials spend millions of rubles quarantining locals ahead of Putin visit

The Saratov regional government spent 8.46 million rubles (about $109,345) on organizing a two-week quarantine for locals who were set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to the region on April 12. This was reported by the BBC Russian Service, citing a tender the Saratov regional government posted on the public procurement website on March 27.
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Should the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required for the Military?

Can military members be legally required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination? What lessons from earlier military vaccination efforts (e.g. anthrax) can be applied to COVID-19? What is the impact on vaccination refusal on military readiness? Image: Navy Capt. Stewart Bateshansky, commodore of Amphibious Squadron 3, is vaccinated aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island in the Arabian Gulf, March 19, 2021. Photo
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North Africa: Mena Region - Growth Projected to Pick Up to 4.0 Percent in 2021 (IMF)

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -- Real GDP growth in the MENA region is projected to pick up to 4.0 percent in 2021, an upgrade of 0.9 percentage point relative to October, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a report released Sunday under the title: "Regional Economic Outlook: Middle East and Central Asia."
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Senegal: UNFPA to launch book modeling implementation of Demographic Dividend in a popular urban setting

[UNFPA in WCA] Dakar, Senegal -- 10 April 2021: The Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Mr. Mabingue and the Mayor of the commune of Fass-Gueule-Tapée-Colobane, Mr. Ousmane Ndoye will launch a book entitled "Capture of the demographic dividend to serve emergence: Case of the commune of Gueule Tapée-Fass-Colobane" The launch will take place on Monday, 12
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Tesla’s autopilot shows some way still to go before commercializing AVs

Numerous issues have arisen from Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that it continues to call “Autopilot” Doubts about Tesla going fully autonomous are mounting, as experts reckon the tech is not ready for all road types Tech giants are instead betting on robocar service, while major carmakers will offer increasing levels of autonomy, bit by bit Can businesses help commercialize self-driving vehicles?
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Liberia: President Weah Consoles Royal Family Over Death of Prince Philip

[Govt of Liberia] Monrovia, Liberia - President George Manneh Weah has extended heartfelt sympathy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and all nations of the Commonwealth following the death of the Queen's husband, Prince Philip. The Prince, officially titled the Duke of Edinburgh, died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. President Weah extolled
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