TSA Says the Number of Agents Skipping Work Has Spiked Due to the Shutdown

The Transportation Security Administration has reported that the number of airport security agents not showing up to work reached an all-time high over the holiday weekend, according to the Washington Post, a side-effect of the government shutdown that the Department of Homeland Security previously stated was non a concern. TSA agents are among the estimated […]
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Four men arrested over Londonderry car blast in Northern Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland arrested two men after a car bomb was detonated in the town of Londonderry. Two other men were arrested on Sunday. Investigators believe the attack was linked with New IRA militants.
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Immigration hardliners outraged over Trump’s proposed shutdown deal

Democrats aren’t the only ones who think the deal should be dead on arrival. For all that President Donald Trump’s latest proposal to reopen the government is a non-starter with Democrats , it’s still a risky gambit. Trump is already catching heat from his own base, with complaints that his new concessions on immigration amount to a four-letter word in conservative circles: amnesty . The latest offer, which Trump announced from the
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White students in MAGA gear crashed the Indigenous Peoples March and harassed participants

In a viral video, teens appear to be shouting “build that wall, build that wall.” President Donald Trump started off the week by mocking one of the worst Native American massacres in US history in order to score some political points. By Friday, a group of young white teenagers were following his footsteps by taunting Native American elders at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC — on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, no less.
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Sudan's al-Bashir accuses infiltrators of killing protesters

January 20, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir Sunday accused infiltrators and saboteurs of killing the demonstrators saying weapons used in the killings don't exist in Sudan. Addressing an annual gathering of Sufi sects at Al-Kireida area in White Nile State, some 392 km southwest of the capital Khartoum, al-Bashir said infiltrators have exploited the protests to burn and destroy properties and kill the demonstrators. “The doctor of Burri [neighbourhood] was killed (...) - News
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The Best Articles We’ve Read So Far About the MAGA Teens Intimidating Nathan Phillips

A video of a group of white teenagers taunting a Native American man at Friday’s Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC, sent shockwaves across social media as it went viral Saturday afternoon. The clip shows a young man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat smirking at Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder and Vietnam veteran, […]
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What options are available for President Bashir of Sudan?

By Luka Kuol Sudan is one of the few African countries whose citizens pioneered post-independence popular uprisings in 1964 and 1985 that forced the ruling military regimes to step down. The popular uprising has become one of the political norms that Sudanese resort to in redefining their social contract with the state. The current popular uprising is different from the previous ones in terms of drivers, intensity, popularity, duration, spread and death toll. Although this uprising was (...)
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Tasgut Bass is the buzzword and a slogan of the Sudanese uprising

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman This article comes against the background of the progressive escalation of the Sudanese popular revolution, despite the use of the regime of Omer al-Bashir of the lethal machine to suppress with ultimate death to the uprising citizens. The article is meant to document some of the outstanding news about the steadfastness of the Sudanese people in the face of violence and repression of thugs of the regime. The idiomatic expression and the Phrase that the
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Exploratory committees, the weird opening act of the 2020 campaign, explained

Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest Democrat to launch a presidential exploratory committee. For the next few months, you’re going to hear a lot of high-profile Democrats announce they are forming an “exploratory committee” for a 2020 White House run. Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro have taken that step. Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest candidate to start her 2020 campaign this way. More will follow. When the words “exploratory committee”
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BuzzFeed Defends Trump-Russia Blockbuster and Promises to Run Down New Details

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith and investigative reporter Anthony Corimer appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday to double-down on their blockbuster story alleging President Trump ordered his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the president’s dealings in Russia. “Our reporting is going to be borne out to be accurate and we’re 100 percent […]
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Ten UN peacekeepers killed in a terrorist attack in northern Mali

Ten ‘blue helmets’ from the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Mali (MINUSMA) were killed on Sunday following a complex terrorist attack against the mission’s camp in Aguelhok, in the Kidal region, northern Mali.
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Marc Edwards Is a Sad Microcosm of Our Modern Political Era

This is very sad: Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech professor who first exposed toxic levels of lead in the water supply of Flint, Michigan, was initially a hero to the Flint community. Thanks to him, Flint became the target of nationwide outrage, and steps were finally taken to reconnect Flint to the (safe) Detroit water […]
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Photos: Renewed Resistance to Donald Trump at the Close Guantánamo Vigil Outside the White House, Jan. 11, 2019

See my photos on Flickr here! Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related issues over the next three months of the Trump administration. If you can help, please click on the button below to donate via PayPal. […]
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Two men arrested over Northern Ireland car blast

Police in Northern Ireland arrested two men after a car bomb was detonated in the town of Londonderry. Investigators believe the attack was linked with New IRA militants who want to end UK rule in Northern Ireland.
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Opinion: Europe caught in a dangerous nuclear trap

The treaty banning intermediate- and shorter-range missiles is beyond saving. The Cold War is back with a vengeance, and for Europe it's even colder and more dangerous than 30 years ago, writes Christian F. Trippe.
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Colombia's shattered hopes of peace

Fear has returned to Colombia, two years after the government signed a peace deal with FARC rebels. Real peace remains an illusion, as this week’s bomb attack has shown. Ofelia Harms Arruti reports from Bogota.
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Zimbabwe warns brutal crackdown is 'foretaste of things to come'

Presidential spokesman’s words add to concerns over harsh response to protests A brutal crackdown in Zimbabwe that has followed protests against fuel price rises is “just a foretaste of things to come”, the president’s spokesman has said. The harsh words will increase concerns about the deteriorating human rights situation in the poor southern African country, coming after a week in which police and soldiers have beaten civilians, shot 12 people dead and detained at least 600 people,
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The state of Australia's Indigenous languages – and how we can help people speak them more often

November 2016 (left to right) Seraine Namundja, Donna Nadjamerrek, Julie Narndal and Cheryl Nadjalaburnburn preparing a new course in Bininj Kunwok, an Indigenous language in the Northern Territory. Provided by Cathy Bow , Author provided In 1788 there were between 300 and 700 Indigenous languages spoken across Australia by millions of people, as shown in anthropologist Norman Tindale’s 1974 map . However in the Australian 2016 Census
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Liberals lose yet another high-profile woman, yet still no action on gender

Liberal women must surely be asking why their party is so clear-eyed when facilitating the departure of competent women, and yet so mealy-mouthed about recruiting and promoting them. Prominent among Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s comments on Kelly O’Dwyer’s retirement to pursue family life, was to say he supported his minister’s decision , and indeed supported all such choices by women. Such clarity has been conspicuously absent from the Liberal Party’s leadership since its now widely accepted “women”
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35,000 Hit Streets of Berlin to Demand Agricultural Revolution

Andrea Germanos, staff writer Organizers said 35,000 people marched through the streets of the German capital on Saturday to say they're "fed up" with industrial agriculture and call for a transformation to a system that instead supports the welfare of the environment, animals, and rural farmers.
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Star Trek: Discovery and the problem of charting a new future for a franchise with so much past

The show returns for its second season with a very enjoyable premiere that nevertheless leans heavily on Star Trek’s history. Every week, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad. It will always be interesting. You can read the archives here . The episode of the week for January 13 through 19 is “Brother,” the season two premiere
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Rwanda, rights and the Commonwealth | Letters

The Commonwealth’s core values are compromised by allowing Rwanda to host its next summit, says Richard Bourne Michela Wrong ( The long read , 15 January) writes that the inquest in Randburg into the murder of Patrick Karegeya, an opponent of President Paul Kagame, should be a “reality check for western governments, development agencies and philanthropic foundations”. It should also haunt the Commonwealth, which is none of the above. In 2013, on behalf of all member states, the
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The Unfinished Business of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Imam Zaid Shakir

During these days many in this country are commemorating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., born January 15, 1929. While most remember Dr. King for his soaring oration, symbolized by his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered before a sweltering throng at the Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963, Dr. King […]
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No one wants to ‘destroy Israel’ (Or why the last Zionist defense rests on lies and misstatements)

The BDS campaign doesn't want to destroy Israel but to end its Zionist regime, Yossi Gurvitz explains. No people have the right to self-determination in another people's homeland. Yet this is precisely what happened in Israel, and this is precisely what Zionists are defending: a country based on denial of the rights of others.
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Republican Congresswoman Warns GOP Leaders Of Gender 'Crisis'

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik is leading a new PAC to recruit Republican women candidates. Congressional leaders are taking notice, but President Trump's impact is a matter of dispute in the party.
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Rudy Giuliani just muddied the waters even more about the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow talks

The president’s lawyer says Trump Organization had “an active proposal” in Russia until October, November 2016. According to the president’s personal lawyer, the Trump Organization continued conversations with Russian officials about building a 100-story tower in Moscow well into 2016 — months later than what was previously made public. In an interview Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press , Rudy Giuliani said conversations extended as far as October or November of 2016 —
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A Weakly Inflated Trial Balloon for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

by James J. Zogby This week a well-known Israeli journalist revealed what he said were “new details about the Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.” His report, he said, came from notes he had obtained from an American Jewish leader who… Continue Reading  
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Giuliani Admits Trump May Have Spoken to Cohen About Congressional Testimony After All

Every time Rudy Giuliani goes on television to defend his client from charges of collusion and obstruction, he appears to shift the legal goal posts to protect the person at the center of the scandal: President Donald J. Trump. Today, during his usual circuit on the Sunday morning news shows, Giuliani admitted it was possible that Trump […]
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Pray With The Pope, From Your iPhone

The pope brought a tablet to his usual Sunday address, as he announced the ClickToPray app for communal prayer around the world, with a call for young Catholics to engage.
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American Airstrike in Somalia Kills 52 Shabab Extremists, U.S. Military Says

The airstrike comes days after the Shabab claimed responsibility for an assault on a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya, that killed at least 14 people.
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Trump Rants About Pelosi, Crime, and Climate Change in Sunday Morning Twitter Blast

Two years ago today, before a crowd of debatable size, President Donald Trump stood on the steps of the Capitol to take the oath of office that would make him the 45th President of the United States. And while the federal government marked the anniversary by entering the 29th day of a partial government shutdown, Trump […]
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Saudi Authorities Prepares Deportation for More Hundreds of Rohingya Detainees

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th January 2019 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Nearly more 250 Rohingya detainees are prepared to be deported from the detention… The post Saudi Authorities Prepares Deportation for More Hundreds of Rohingya Detainees appeared first on .
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Two years in, Donald Trump remains the 'unprecedented president'

Remember the hope that Donald Trump would be mostly tough talk, but little action? At the halfway-mark of his first term it is time to acknowledge the huge impact he's already had — and wonder how much more could come.
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Syria Says Its Air Defense Responded to Israeli Raids

The Syrian military has thwarted an Israeli attack, shooting down several missiles in the south of the country, state media and Russia’s Ministry of Defense said. A military source told state news agency SANA on [...] The post Syria Says Its Air Defense Responded to Israeli Raids appeared first on Palestine Chronicle .
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Seminar on ensuring social justice

The Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldemicael Abraha conducted seminar to representatives of the public and line ministries in the Southern region on 18 January in Mendefera. Mendefera, 20 January 2019- The Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldemicael Abraha conducted seminar to representatives of the public and line ministries in the Southern region on 18 January in Mendefera. Indicating that the Government is exerting effort to ensure social justice, Minister Abraha called for strengthening organizational capacity and in
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Hospital Forces Palestinians off Bus, Separating them from Israelis (VIDEO)

An Israeli hospital in the city of Ashkelon, in southern Israel, is forcing Palestinians to get off public buses to undergo a security check before allowing the vehicles to enter on hospital grounds, while Israeli [...] The post Hospital Forces Palestinians off Bus, Separating them from Israelis (VIDEO) appeared first on Palestine Chronicle .
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Activists pulled off bus for protesting racial profiling at Israeli hospital

Security guards remove the activists for protesting a new policy that singles out Palestinians on a public bus line in southern Israel. Security guards at an Israeli hospital detained 10 Arab and Jewish activists Sunday for an act of civil disobedience protesting a policy to single out, remove, and inspect Palestinians on a public bus […] The post Activists pulled off bus for protesting racial profiling at Israeli hospital appeared first on +972 Magazine .
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Greek police and protesters clash at rally over Macedonia name deal

Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of Athens to voice their disapproval of a name deal with neighboring Macedonia. Greece's parliament is due to vote this week on whether or not to ratify the deal.
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Israel to Shut Down UNRWA Schools in East Jerusalem without Notification

Israeli authorities are set to shut down schools in occupied East Jerusalem run by United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) as of next year. The move would come as the latest [...] The post Israel to Shut Down UNRWA Schools in East Jerusalem without Notification appeared first on Palestine Chronicle .
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Mexicans battling fuel shortage afraid to 'end up like Venezuela'

The new Mexican government is battling the mafia's massive theft of gasoline. But the consequences are a lack of fuel, growing unrest among the population — and a deadly blaze that resulted from desperate siphoning.
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Video Of Kentucky Students Mocking Native American Man Draws Outcry

Videos show students associated with Covington Catholic High School chanting and laughing as they encircle Nathan Phillips, an Omaha Elder, at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington last Friday.
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Shutdown Makes Government Websites More Vulnerable To Hackers, Experts Say

The longer the federal shutdown lasts, the more likely security breaches of government websites become, cyber specialists say. And it could lead to security problems long after the government reopens.
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Michelle Alexander explodes an open secret in the ‘NYT’: progressives keep quiet about Palestine out of fear for their careers

Progressive politicians are silent about Palestinian human rights because of the power of the Israel lobby, and "civil rights activists and organizations have remained silent as well... because they fear loss of funding from foundations, and false charges of anti-Semitism," Michelle Alexander writes in a groundbreaking piece in the New York Times. Guided by MLK, she says she will be silent no longer.
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Dull in the Heart

When I was growing up, folks sometimes referred to the intellectually disabled as “dull in the head.” I think about that today as I contemplate a terrible anniversary for the state of Texas. An instance of that the state of Texas and Hill County pretend has no meaning and no place in contemporary discourse. A […]
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Zimbabwe warns brutal crackdown is 'just a foretaste' of things to come

Zimbabwean authorities will hold opponents "fully accountable" for the unrest, and a spokesman described the deadly crackdown as "just a foretaste" of the future. President Mnangagwa has cut short a foreign trip.
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SNL tests Trump’s negotiating prowess in ‘Deal or No Deal’: Government Shutdown Edition

Kate McKinnon’s Nancy Pelosi is drunk on her own power. If only a simple hamberder , er ... hamburger , was all it took to make this government shutdown mess melt away. That’s the alternate reality projected through the lens of the latest Saturday Night Live’s cold open, where negotiations to end the nearly month-long shutdown boil down to an episode of Deal or No Deal. Alec Baldwin reprises his role as
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Labour’s membership not falling – and it just had biggest week of donations in its non-GE history

The Mail has run fake – and ridiculous – news that Labour’s membership has fallen to just 385,000, claiming that it represents a fall of 150,000 in just a year. […]
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Amid Media Blackout, Workers Expand Strike Matamoros, Mexico Strike of over 70,000 Workers Enters Sixth Day

Over 70,000 “maquiladora” workers from 45 factories in the US-Mexico border town of Matamoros, Mexico have entered the sixth day of their courageous struggle as more and more plants are paralyzed throughout the city. Last night, thousands of workers marched … The post Amid Media Blackout, Workers Expand Strike Matamoros, Mexico Strike of over 70,000 Workers Enters Sixth Day appeared first on Global Research .
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