Where Flowers Find No Peace Enough to Grow

Our history will be written at the factory gates at the unemployment offices in the scorched queues of dying mouths Our history shall be our joys our sorrows our anguish scrawled in dirty Third Class toilets Our history will be the distorted figures and bitter slogans decorating our ghetto walls where flowers find no peace enough to grow.The post Where Flowers Find No Peace Enough to Grow first appeared on Dissident Voice.
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Somali Women Raise Their Voices in the Nation of Poets

A childhood encounter with a hyena inspired Hawa Jama Abdi’s first verse. Now she is part of an arts project designed to encourage women storytellers – and unite all Somalis I lived in fear of you, day and night It is a miracle world if I am standing in front of you, tonight Since I am blind and cannot see anything Come to my
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U.S. House approves $1 billion for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile-defense system

The measure passed by 420 to 9 – eight no’s from Democrats and one from a Republican – with two members voting present. That sent the measure to the Senate, where leaders have not yet scheduled a vote. A handful of progressive House Democrats, who have accused Israel of human rights abuses against Palestinians, had objected to the provision’s inclusion in
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Facebook Oversight Board’s Palestine decision: right direction, not enough

Conduct a full, independent, public audit of content moderation policies with respect to Palestine and a commitment to co-design policies and tools; Provide complete transparency on requests — both legal and voluntary — submitted by the Israeli government and Cyber Unit; Provide transparency with respect to where automation and machine learning algorithms are being used to moderate content;  Publish any policies, guidelines, and
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ICC Investigation of Philippines President Duterte Sends Important Signals

IMAGE: Funeral workers carry a body bag containing the remains of Arvin Arbuis, a victim of an alleged extrajudicial killing five years ago, which was exhumed after the lease on his tomb expired at a public cemetery on September 17, 2021 in Manila, Philippines. Relatives witnessed as workers hammered down tombs and pulled out the unrecognizeable remains of their loved
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Gambia: Gambia-UAE Foreign Ministers Discuss to Advance Cooperation

[The Point] The Foreign Minister of The Gambia, His Excellency Dr. Mamadou Tangara and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), His Excellency Shakbut bin Nahyan have renewed their resolve to promote cooperation between the two countries during a bilateral meeting held in New York.
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Green Energy initiatives in Dem Infrastructure Bill infinitely Cheaper than a gradualist phase-out of Fossil Fuels

“The first commercial nuclear power plant opened in 1956 and the first practical use of solar photovoltaics was as a power supply for the Vanguard I satellite in 1958. The cost of electricity generated by nuclear power is highly variable, but has generally increased by a factor of two or three during the period shown here. In contrast, a watt
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Is the US Global Empire Actually in Decline?

The long called for democratization of the United Nations and other international bodies with one nation, one vote Social democratic welfare governments would again be supplanting neoliberal regimes Replacement of World Bank, WTO, and IMF with international financial institutions independent of US control Curtailing NATO and other imperialist military alliances End of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency Dismantling of US overseas military
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Praised for 'Braving the Smears,' Tlaib Votes Against $1 Billion in Military Aid to Israel

Praised for 'Braving the Smears,' Tlaib Votes Against $1 Billion in Military Aid to Israel Brett Wilkins brett Sep 23, 2021 One rights group thanked Tlaib "for speaking truth to power" while being attacked "for simply insisting that Palestinians are human beings who deserve safety, security, and freedom from Israeli apartheid."
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Safeguarding the Nuclear Future: Small Modular Reactors

Small modular reactors (SMRs) offer significant potential for nuclear energy – thanks to their shorter construction timeline, greater adaptability and inherent safety features. Similar to all nuclear facilities and locations outside facilities subject to nuclear verification by the IAEA, the Agency will be required to verify that the nuclear material in SMRs remains in peaceful use.
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Take Down this Blog, or Else!

Monday’s meeting was not the first time the community spoke out about what they said was unjust treatment of Whitfield. Students planned school walkouts, and parents have been vocal on social media about their support of Whitfield. At the meeting, a graduate of Colleyville High School who said she also served for 15 years as the assistant coach for a couple of
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The Great Reset: How a “Managerial Revolution” Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon

James Burnham 1905–1987, National Review, July 11, 1987, p. 35.Canby, Henry Seidel. “The 100 Outstanding Books of 1924–1944”, Life, 14 August 1944. Chosen in collaboration with the magazine’s editors.The post The Great Reset: How a “Managerial Revolution” Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon first appeared on Dissident Voice.
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Rapid Shift to Electric Vehicles Could Create Over 150,000 Jobs in US by 2030

Rapid Shift to Electric Vehicles Could Create Over 150,000 Jobs in US by 2030 Kenny Stancil kenny Sep 22, 2021 A new report says "smart" pro-labor policies by lawmakers would transform the "inevitable" shift to EVs "into a new beginning for U.S. producers and the rebuilding of a foundation for good jobs."
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WHO's New Air Pollution Guidelines Reflect Deadly Toll of Fossil Fuels

WHO's New Air Pollution Guidelines Reflect Deadly Toll of Fossil Fuels Jessica Corbett jessica Sep 22, 2021 "What matters most is whether governments implement impactful policies to reduce pollutant emissions, such as ending investments in coal, oil, and gas and prioritizing the transition to clean energy," said a Greenpeace scientist.
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25% of Israelis suffer food insecurity, report says

Nearly 25 per cent of Israeli families with children are experiencing food insecurity, new data from Israel's largest anti-poverty NGO shows. The annual report by the Leket organisation, which provides various welfare and food aid services, found that of the two million people in need of sufficient nutrition, 774,000 are children -one third of minors in Israel. Moreover, 633,000 families
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Natural gas to support UAE's economic growth over next 50 years, says minister

Natural Gas will play a pivotal role in powering economic growth in the United Arab Emirates over the next 50 years, the Emirati Industry and Advanced Technology Minister, Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, announced yesterday. "The UAE is strengthening its position as a regional leader in natural gas and the emerging blue Hydrogen market," Al-Jaber said during the Gastech 2021 event, stressing
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Israel: security forces clear Palestinian land in occupied Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation forces today cleared more Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley village of Kardala, Wafa news agency has reported. Local human rights activist Aref Daraghmeh said that the troops escorted a bulldozer to the southern part of the village, where it levelled a tract of land in preparation for the construction of a huge cement water reservoir to
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Hindawi Foundation obtains e-publishing rights for Naguib Mahfouz’s body of work in 2022

In a statement, the foundation said that the contract stemmed from Hindawi’s vision aiming to enrich the public with knowledge and make it available to Arabic-speaking people all over the world, as well as to complement the publication of the works of many great thinkers and writers, such as Taha Hussein, Youssef Idris, Zaki Naguib Mahmoud, Fouad Zakaria, Hassan Hanafi,
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Libya rejects confidence withdrawal decision

Interim Libyan government, led by Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, yesterday rejected a recent decision by the country's eastern authority to withdraw confidence from it, claiming that the decision was "illegitimate". A well-informed source told media that the Dbeibeh government would issue a statement in the "next few hours declaring its refusal of parliament's decision, and announcing it will continue to perform
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Congress’ Access to Individuals’ Private Communications: The Jan. 6 Committee’s Troubling Precedent

The Jan. 6th Committee Requests The Statutory Law Under 18 U.S.C. § 2702, providers are prohibited from voluntarily disclosing— non-contents information to “any governmental entity” communications content to “any person or entity” Under 18 U.S.C. § 2703, “a governmental entity” may compel disclosure of— certain basic subscriber information, with “an administrative subpoena authorized by a Federal or State statute or a Federal or State grand jury
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UN Rights Office 'deeply concerned' about human rights situation in Yemen

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is "deeply concerned" about the human rights situation in Yemen, where all parties to the conflict are "violating" international human rights law. "Civilians across the country are paying a heavy price, while armed groups control territory and exercise power in complete disregard for human rights and international humanitarian law," OHCHR spokeswoman, Marta
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UAE approves $17.7bn housing program for Emiratis

United Arab Emirates Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved a 65 billion-dirham ($17.70 billion) housing programme for Emirati citizens to be implemented over the next 20 years, the Dubai Government Media Office said on Twitter today. . @HHShkMohd: We have approved a housing program for Emirati citizens in Dubai with allocations of AED 65
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AIPAC angry at removal of $1bn Israel military aid from US spending bill

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) yesterday condemned the removal of $1 billion in military aid intended for Israel from the US government's spending bill. This came after the US House of Representatives removed the article related to the military fund for Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system after a number of progressive Democrats threatened they would not allow the bill
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Biden: Two-state solution ensures Israel's Jewish identity

US President Joe Biden said yesterday that he backs the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating this is the "best way" to ensure the future of Israel as a Jewish state, news agencies reported. "I continue to believe that a two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel's future as a Jewish democratic state, living in peace alongside a viable,
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BDS calls for boycott of Dubai Expo 2020

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has called on governments, companies and artists to boycott Dubai Expo 2020, which it says aims to "whitewash and distract attention from" Israel's "grave human rights violations." In a statement posted on its website, the BDS said: "Both the UAE and Israel are shamelessly using the World Expo in presenting a "prettier face" to whitewash
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Qatar Emir urges international community not to neglect Syria

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, yesterday urged the international community not to neglect the Syrian issue. Speaking at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Sheikh Tamim said this year marked a decade since the start of the Syrian civil war while the crisis continues to pose "immense perils", including the increased
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Poll: 80% of Palestinians call for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign

A recent poll found that about 80 per cent of Palestinians want Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, Quds Press reported yesterday. The poll was conducted by Khalil Shikaki, who runs the Palestinian Center for Survey and Policy Research in the West Bank city of Ramallah. According to Shikaki, 1,270 Palestinian adults were interviewed for the survey across the occupied
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Studying the JQ "On the Pillow", by Liv Heide

Growing up on a North German farm, I never met any Jews before I started studying classical piano at music conservatory. Two Ashkenazi students (male and female) from England were part of my class, and over the years, we interacted several times like students do, in a friendly, fun manner. I remember having accompanied a...
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EU envoy praises Turkey's success in educating Syrian refugee children

The Turkish state and public are scoring great successes in the education of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children, said the top EU diplomat in Turkey on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reported. Speaking at a school opening ceremony in the southern Gaziantep province, Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut said: "The fact that up to 700,000 Syrian kids are integrated into Turkish education system is
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Palestine: 'Lifting the siege on Gaza and reconstruction are non-negotiable rights'

The head of the Popular International Committee to Support Palestine has said that lifting the siege on Gaza, reconstruction across the coastal territory and improving the living conditions of its residents are non-negotiable human rights. Dr Essam Yousef was responding to a plan announced recently by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, in which he called for an "economy in exchange
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After Afghans fell from plane, families live with horror

Even how many were killed remains unknown. Videos show two dots falling from the airborne plane, several seconds apart. But two bodies landed on the same rooftop at the same time, suggesting they fell together, so the other figure seen falling in the videos could be at least one other person. Also, the U.S. military has said it found human
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Turkey-Bahrain relations are developing, Turkish FM says

Relations between Turkey and Bahrain are at an advanced level and cooperation is developing, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said yesterday. During a meeting with his Bahraini counterpart on the sidelines of the Assembly UN General Meeting in New York, Cavusoglu highlighted the improvement of relations between Turkey and Bahrain. "We will build on the positive momentum we have recently
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The PA has a plan: it will 'pause' while Israel colonises more Palestinian land

A few weeks after Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz dangled the promise of a few concessions to strengthen the Palestinian Authority's illegitimate rule, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has articulated – belatedly as usual – that Israel's plan is to continue its colonisation of Palestinian territory. As if Palestinians don't know that already, having lived through ongoing, systematic dispossession for decades.
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The U.S. Military Often Kills Civilians — and Rarely Offers Compensation

Photo: Courtesy of Rua Moataz KhadrKhadr, like most bombing victims in Iraq, has no idea which nation was responsible for the airstrike that killed her son. Was it an American aircraft, British, Dutch? “Even if I found out, what would I do?” she told The Intercept. “My son is gone. It won’t help to know or not know.” She has no hope
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US drone strikes kill senior Al-Qaeda figure in Syria

Drone strikes by the United States-led international coalition have killed a commander reportedly belonging to Al-Qaeda in the north-west Syrian province of Idlib. After initially telling the AFP news agency that it had not conducted any strikes on Idlib, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) then acknowledged that it had killed an Al-Qaeda official in the province. In a statement yesterday, CENTCOM spokeswoman
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Sudan arrests 21 officers following coup attempt

Sudan's army said in a statement that 21 officers and a number of soldiers were arrested in connection to a coup attempt this morning, and a search is ongoing to capture the remainder of those involved, Reuters reports. The army has regained control of all locations taken during the attempt, said a statement from the army commander's media advisor Brigadier-General Altahir
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Malawi: Unesco, Artglo Engage Machinga Students and Teachers On Cse

[MBC] Art and Global Health Centre (ArtGlo) Africa an organization that strives to harness the power of art to nurture creative leadership in collaboration with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Ministry of Education are conducting a Youth-Teacher dialogue on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Machinga District.
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US judge drops Soltan's lawsuit against former Egypt PM

A US judge has dropped a lawsuit filed by former political prisoner Mohamed Soltan against Hazem Beblawi and upheld the former Egyptian prime minister's diplomatic immunity. "My TVPA case against my torturer was just dismissed without prejudice (I can refile)," Soltan responded in a tweet, adding that the news was devastating but also expected following the Biden's administration's intervention earlier
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New Iraq stamps to mark Pope's meeting with Sistani

Iraq will issue new stamps to mark the Pope's visit to the country and his meeting with Shia Cleric Ali Al-Sistani, the Ministry of Communications announced yesterday. The spokesman for the Ministry of Communications, Raad Al-Mashhadani, said in a statement that "The General Company for Post and Savings issued a postage stamp for the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis
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Egypt: Medical student jumps from building as suicides increase at alarming rate

A second-year medical student in Egypt has committed suicide by throwing himself from the fourth floor of the university in Six October city. The deceased left a message behind: "Sorry, forgive me, and thank you for everything." It follows a recent spate of suicides in Egypt after a fourth-year dental student threw herself off the sixth floor of City Stars
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Lebanon: anger at Israel's gas drilling plans in Mediterranean

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri are angry that Israel is going ahead with its plans to drill for gas in the Mediterranean, local media have reported. Their anger followed the announcement by the Halliburton Company that it will collaborate with Energean on three to five drilling wells in a natural gas field located in
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Africa: 'Building Resilience Through Hope'

[UN] Under the theme 'Building Resilience through Hope', and against the background of the COVID pandemic and global insecurity, the General Assembly's opening will underscore the need for greater urgency and ambition to end the pandemic and ensure an equitable and green recovery and accelerated implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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Egypt's ex-military leader Tantawi dies

Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the former head of the military council that ruled Egypt temporarily after the 2011 uprising, has died at the age of 85, Egypt's presidency said today. Reuters reported Tantawi – a decorated veteran of wars against Israel in 1956, 1967 and 1973 – was defence minister for nearly 21 years. He led the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) that
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Saudi forces cancel UAE flight to Socotra

Saudi forces in Yemen's Socotra yesterday cancelled a UAE flight that was heading to the archipelago's airport due to a lack of coordination with the Yemeni embassy in Abu Dhabi. A local source told Yemen's Shabab Net news site that the Socotra Airport witnessed severe congestion yesterday after the UAE's Air Arabia flight was forced to postpone its arrival. He explained that
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Gaza factions reject PA call to hold local elections

Palestinian factions in the besieged Gaza Strip have rejected the Palestinian Authority's call to hold municipal elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, months after PA President Mahmoud Abbas cancelled legislative and presidential elections. The Palestinian Freedom Movement described the government's call to hold municipal elections without consensus as "an insistence" on dominating the political scene in Palestine and belittling the
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France's Macron asks Algerian veterans for 'forgiveness'

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday asked for "forgiveness" from abandoned Algerians who fought for France during Algeria's War of Independence. "In the name of France, I say to the Harkis and their children in a loud and solemn voice, that the Republic has contracted a debt towards them. To the combatants, I wish to express our gratitude. We will not
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Iran DM warns Israel of 'forceful response'

Iranian Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, yesterday warned Israel against committing any "foolish act" against the Islamic Republic, saying "the Iranian people will respond forcefully" to any aggression against them. Responding to recent Israeli threats against Tehran, General Ashtiani said: "The Iranian people, without a doubt, will respond forcefully to any foolish act by the enemy", adding
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Coup plot reported in Sudan

Media reports emerged Tuesday about a failed coup attempt in Sudan. State television said that a coup attempt was taking place in the country, calling on the citizens to confront it. This came in urgent news broadcast by the state TV, without giving further details about the group behind the plot. A senior Sudanese military source told Anadolu Agency that
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