Craig Murray – The Drive for War

Craig Murray is a British former diplomat, political activist, human rights campaigner, blogger, and whistleblower 1) Wealth is only created by a small number of ultra-wealthy capitalists on whom the employment of everybody else ultimately depends. 2) The laws governing financial structures must therefore tend to concentrate wealth to these individuals, so that they may deploy it as they choose. 3) State-created currency
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GAZA LIVE BLOG: Israel Bombs Zaytoun, Jabaliya, Khan Yunis | Israeli Crisis Deepens | Iranian President Missing | WFP: Prevent Gaza Famine – Day 226

The former commander of the Gaza Division was quoted by the Israeli newspaper Maariv as saying that the army is floundering in Gaza. Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz threatened to leave the war council if Netanyahu does not achieve specific goals by a set date. Israeli forces carried out several massacres across Gaza, killing and wounding scores of Palestinians. Palestinian Resistance
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Hackney councillors quit Labour, form independent socialist group

Trend seen across the country reaches East End of London. Shameless Labour demands they resign and fight by-elections, despite making no such demand of 3 Tory MPs who have defected Hackney’s new Independent Socialists L-R: Penny Wrout, Claudia Turbet-Delof, Fliss Premru (image: Hackney Independent Socialist group) — Resistance (@ResistanceExpo) May 17, 2024
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Whispers Of Gratitude: Which Of The Blessings Of Your Lord Will You Deny?

This verse becomes even more meaningful when seen through the lens of the Palestinians today. The ongoing war has produced horrifying images of the current situation in Palestine. I am unable to express even a small fraction of their suffering or put it into words. The situation is deplorable for war victims, but they have demonstrated unwavering faith. Thinking about
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Another Chechen woman runs away from her family being unable to withstand violence

Liya Zaurbekova, a young woman who escaped from her family in Chechnya and took refuge from her relatives in the police department in Moscow, left Russia, the woman's lawyer Natalia Tikhonova said adding that she could not disclose any other details for her client's safety. Adam Delimkhanov, an associate of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, believes that Zaurbekova will be returned to
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Brazil and China at 50: Green goals and trade realities

To 1992: Development at all costs? Rio Centre hall during the UN Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. At the time, Brazil took a more active stance on mitigating climate change, although it continued to reject mandatory targets. (Image: UN Photo / T Prendergast) The 2000s: Commodities boom Recommended Recommended The 2010s: New climate diplomacy At the signing of the Paris
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Israel expands Rafah slaughter

Gallant’s ability to declare an expansion of the ground operation in Rafah is due above all to the green light given by the imperialists in Washington, Berlin, and elsewhere to the Netanyahu government. Late Tuesday, the Biden administration confirmed it plans to dispatch over $1 billion of weaponry and other military equipment to Israel.

Exclusive: key Unite committee walks out, says will start legal action against union

Elected representatives walk out accusing Sharon Graham of stifling democracy and destroying the union, with Unite’s employed officers on the verge of industrial action against the union Protesters holding a demo outside a meeting of Unite’s executive committee in March. Insert: general secretary Sharon Graham that she attempted to have evidence destroyed in bullying and misogyny complaints about her husband, whom she
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MRA, IPC and CEMESO adopt Lagos Plan of Action in collaboration with Global Rights

Observations Journalists and other media workers continue to experience various forms of attacks, including murder and other forms of extra-judicial killings; torture and other forms of ill-treatment, inhuman or degrading treatment; arbitrary arrests and detention by law enforcement, security, intelligence and military officials; kidnappings and abductions; harassment and intimidation; threats of physical harm to them or their family members; unlawful or

Terrorism as a weapon

Ukraine's inability to regain the territories lost since 2014 has resulted in the immense carnage of its soldiers for the past two years, with such huge losses of men and equipment that Kiev hides them in official reports. However, the numbers are also known in the West but are contemplated with a nirvana detaching, as if they were the right
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Plastics treaty’s penultimate talks: Five takeaways

1. Scientists pile pressure on plastics 2. Indigenous groups highlight plastics impacts 3. Industry presence intensifies Pro-plastics advertising at hotels during the recent INC-4 meeting in Ottawa, Canada. Debate around whether the treaty should include a global cap on plastic production attracted large numbers of industry representatives to the meeting. (Image: IISD/ENB / Kiara Worth) 4. Production the problem as [brackets] proliferate Recommended 5. Time to
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Closing knowledge gaps on China’s investments in Latin America

Understanding Global China A Spanish-language breakout session on environmental governance and the China–Latin America relationship (Image: Raúl Bravo Mercado / Dialogue Earth) A participant speaks about the significance of the Escazù Agreement for local communities (Image: Raúl Bravo Mercado / Dialogue Earth) Importance of local action Panellists addressing China’s regulations and guidelines on the environmental impacts of overseas projects (Ailen Díaz Escobar / Dialogue
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Putin proposes new Defence Minister amid notorious arrest of Shoigu's deputy

Andrei Belousov, who held the position of First Deputy Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, will now become Russia's new Defence Minister. The Federation Council will discuss his candidacy on May 13 and 14. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that it was important to integrate the economy of the power bloc into the country's economy so that it meets the dynamics
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Mothers: Honoring The Longing, The Losses, And The Love

Losing Your Mother Longing to Become a Mother First-Time and Pregnant Mothers For those who are expecting to become mothers for the first time, surviving the path to motherhood can be tough and fraught with many fears. Whether it is the strain of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, or the difficulty of caring for a baby, Allah knows and sees all of those
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What We're Talking About When We Talk About Rural AI

Michaela Henley, program director and curriculum writer at Black Tech Futures and a senior research fellow representing Black Tech Futures at the Siegel Family Endowment r. Dominique Harrison, founding principal of Equity Innovation Ventures; andDr. Theodora Dryer, who is director of the Water Justice and Technology Studio, founder of the Critical Carbon Computing Collective, and teaches on technology and environmental

Opinion: How Can British Muslims Help Stop Anti-Asian Hate?

It is our moral duty to ensure that we speak against narrow-minded prejudices that harm others. In the UK, there have justifiably been many solidarity protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, and it’s important that we extend this support to other communities facing hostility based on their race, ethnicity, faith, or gender.
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The fight over fish attractors in the Indian Ocean

Overseeing the Indian Ocean An ‘ecological trap’? The benefits of aggregators Seeking closure A fish aggregating device made from bamboo. A temporary ban on the use of such devices has been proposed by several countries to rebuild tuna stocks, which has been backed by conservation groups. (Image: Wade Fairley / WorldFish, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) When you look at the science, even the data, it clearly
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American Muslim Scholars Express Support For University Student Encampment Protests

Students from all faiths and ethnic backgrounds have banded together to lead these efforts in a heartening wave of solidarity. These encampment protests are largely to demand that their universities divest from all economic ties to Israel, with some students also asking for their administrations to make changes in their academic approaches or reconsider punishments taken against pro-Palestinian students, faculty,
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America Needs a New Dictator

One definition of a Dictator is "A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force”. Or you can say a dictator is an individual who forms a government where they make decisions without effective constitutional limitations. The dictator has absolute power. They are not held accountable for their actions and are free to
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Elder Jonah of Odessa predicted war between Russia and the West

The third Easter that the Orthodox world celebrated on May 5, 2024, is believed to be a victorious one for Russia, Elder Jonah of Odessa predicted. Victorious Easter in 2024 Elder Jonah of Odessa, the confessor of the Holy Dormition Monastery, who died in 2012 at the age of 87, warned long before the coup in Kyiv about the war that
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Beyond Repression: Muslim Sexuality On Campus

Dealing with one’s desires is difficult enough, but communicating your choices to others can be a challenge of its own. “In resisting his desires, Prophet Yusuf became closer to Allah ,” reflected one student. “Living on a campus with all these temptations is likewise an opportunity for me to get closer to God. But like Prophet Yusuf , I
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Think tankers as policy entrepreneurs: Influencing the G20 via the T20

Think tankers as policy entrepreneurs: Influencing the G20 via the T20 w.nick Mon, 05/06/2024 - 16:23 Networking & Collaboration Article May 06, 2024 5 min read Think tankers as policy entrepreneurs: Influencing the G20 via the T20 The G20's "idea bank" Benefits of engaging in the T20 Increasing Your Policy Influence on Policy: T20 Strategies Action 1:  Align your think tank’s research activities with T20

Bismillah, The Beast [Part II] – A Short Story

Selyane The Proposal For What Did You Marry? The Compass and The Sultan Jameela dismounted. She shook the compass, but it gave her no more directions. Aderfi volunteered to go inside, and Jameela resigned to the outdoors. She passed by the water, assuming he might be making wudhu, but did not find him. Panic seized her, and she began running frantically through the
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Russian military men kick US soldiers out of Niger

Russian fighters from the Africa Corps have been stationed at the air base in the capital of Niger, Niamey, right in front of the American troops stuck there. One could not even imagine that this could happen before. The Niger authorities refused the services of the United States that built several military bases in the country, having invested half a billion
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The data quagmire for German carmakers in China

The data quagmire for German carmakers in China H.Seidl Fri, 05/03/2024 - 17:04 picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Ng Han Guan Comment May 06, 2024 5 min read The data quagmire for German carmakers in China China’s data governance regime empowers state and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organs while disempowering companies and individuals. This is a big reason the US Commerce

Ukrainian commander Syrsky unable to curb Russian offensive

Russia's advance on the outskirts of Ocheretin shows that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have reserves to stop the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces. The five-kilometre advance of the Russian forces near Ocheretino was a narrow wedge up to 500 meters wide. The AFU could have attacked the Russian troops from flanks and the Russian assault troops would
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Pinto da Costa glory days over

The Dragon Stadium, or Estádio do Dragão, of FC Porto, rose in a standing ovation to outgoing President of 42 years who brought his club to top of the world Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa’s legacy is well known in Portugal, as President of Futebol Clube do Porto since 1982. FC Porto is a name which resonates around the world but
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China dumps Treasuries and buys gold getting ready for war with US

China is getting ready for war with the United States not only in the military field. The People's Bank of China is dumping Fed government bonds and buying gold, including secretly. The US is pushing China to war Anti-Chinese hysteria has been unleashed in the United States. Xi Jinping's power was recognised as a dictator and a direct threat to the
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Toward South Korean-German cooperation in economic security

Toward South Korean-German cooperation in economic security H.Seidl Thu, 04/25/2024 - 12:59 picture alliance / CFOTO Comment Apr 26, 2024 6 min read Toward South Korean-German cooperation in economic security Striking the balance between security and economic interest is a delicate task South Korea managed to limit the impact of economic coercion on its key high-tech industries Author(s) Max J. Zenglein Chief

Former Indian Ambassador to Russia: India needs to build its own defence industry

During her recent trip to India, Pravda.Ru special correspondent Daria Aslamova spoke with former Deputy National Security Advisor of India, former Indian Ambassador to Moscow Pankaj Saran. He explained why India refuses to purchase Russian weapons, what Moscow should do with non-convertible Indian rupees, and what Delhi’s main goal is today. Hello Mr. Saran, we would like to have this interview
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Ivory Coast: Women cooperative for vegetables transforming rural village

“In the days when I didn't grow onions, when I needed something, I had to ask someone (for help) (saying), sorry, could you help me. Or I ask my husband for help and if he doesn't have anything, I can't find anything, unless I take out a loan with someone I know.”

What to expect from the German chancellor's upcoming trip to China

What to expect from the German chancellor's upcoming trip to China H.Seidl Fri, 04/12/2024 - 10:44 Press release Apr 11, 2024 2 min read What to expect from the German chancellor's upcoming trip to China Author(s) Nis Grünberg Lead Analyst Max J. Zenglein Chief Economist Author(s) Nis Grünberg Lead Analyst Max J. Zenglein Chief Economist Related content about Germany-China German Chancellor Scholz's

Germany needs a show of self confidence in its China policy

Germany needs a show of self confidence in its China policy H.Seidl Fri, 04/12/2024 - 10:25 picture alliance/dpa | Kay Nietfeld Comment Apr 12, 2024 5 min read Germany needs a show of self confidence in its China policy German business prefers a return to the “good old days” China’s economic model is a serious challenge for the German economy Author(s) Max J.

Online Medien Briefing: Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz reist nach China

Online Media Briefing: Chancellor Olaf Scholz travels to China Christine_Krüger Thu, 04/11/2024 - 11:38 picture alliance/dpa/dpa Pool | Kay Nietfeld Video Apr 11, 2024 2 min read Online Media Briefing: Chancellor Olaf Scholz travels to China MERICS-Experten: Moderation: Claudia Wessling, Leiterin Kommunikation und Publikationen MERICS Author(s) Nis Grünberg Lead Analyst Max J. Zenglein Chief Economist Claudia Wessling Director Communications and Publications Author(s) Nis Grünberg

Kenya’s wildlife conservancies make old men rich, while making women and young people poorer

Skewed benefits Rethinking conservancies Incentives that increase economic returns from wildlife, like trading in beef that’s been farmed alongside wildlife, should be promoted. The privatisation and subdivision of community land prior to forming conservancies (as commonly happens) should be prevented. This is when powerful elites can corruptly allocate themselves large chunks of community land. Conservancies should promote and protect community land and user rights
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Navigating the AI wave: A think tanker's guide

Navigating the AI wave: A think tanker's guide H.Seidl Wed, 04/03/2024 - 16:52 Management & Fundraising Article Apr 05, 2024 8 min read Navigating the AI wave: A think tanker's guide Winters, waits and waves Source: The Spectrum of Artificial Intelligence – An Infographic Tool - Future of Privacy Forum Understanding AI in the context of think tanks Extended Responsibility of Think

Exploring the Intersection of Information Integrity, Race, and US Elections

Brandi Collins-Dexter, a media and technology fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, a fellow at the National Center on Race and Digital Justice, and the author of the recent book, Black Skinhead: Reflections on Blackness and Our Political Future. Brandi is developing a podcast of her own with MediaJustice that explores 1980s era media, racialized conspiracism, and politics in Chicago r.

The Animal Feed Industry’s Impact on the Planet

Growth rates: This is the rate at which an animal grows or how quickly the animal reaches “slaughter weight.” Sadly, most factory farm animals are bred to grow so quickly that their health suffers. Chickens raised for meat frequently develop bone deformities, muscle diseases like white striping, and heart problems. Many chickens have difficulty walking, or even just standing due
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Law on associations: a bill that threatens civil society

“W e’re probably heading towards a collapse of associative life, especially at the level of small associations working in the field, which is the most dangerous scenario,” warned Lamine Benghazi, Program Coordinator at Lawyers Without Borders (ASF). Put forward by a group of members of parliament, a bill designed to regulate the organization of associations seems to jeopardize the freedom
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What Are We Building, and Why?

Dr. Batya Friedman is a Professor in the Information School and holds adjunct appointments in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, the School of Law, and the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington, where she co-directs the Value Sensitive Design Lab and the UW Tech Policy Lab.Dr. Aylin Caliskan is an

The New Grand Tour

Paleoanthropology and the human evolutionary story of the past six million years of evolution. Primatology and the behavior and lifestyles of wider mammal families. Transitions from hunter-gatherer lifestyles to village societies and the establishment of the first city-states. Behavioral biology and neuroscience to learn about the function of the human brain and its interactions with the processes that produce language and real-world functioning. Ecology
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Marine pollution, a Tunisian scourge: Jeans industries destroy the marine ecosystem in the Ksibet El-Mediouni Bay

Behind the downtown promontory, blue-and-white tourist villas and monuments celebrating former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, born in Monastir, give way to gray warehouses. Made in Tunisia clothes for export are cut, sewn, and packed inside these hangars and garages, many undeclared, by a labor force mostly of women, who are paid an average of 600 dinars, as confirmed by the
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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In France, “supporting Palestine makes us terrorists”

While Israel has been relentlessly launching intensive strikes on the Gaza Strip, killing thousands of civilians, rallies in support of Palestine were initially systematically banned in France. It wasn’t until October 22 that a protest was authorized to take place. Gérald Darmanin informed prefects by telegram that “pro-Palestinian protests must be banned because they are likely to disturb public order.” Since
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Palestine: the fight for information

“T here’s nothing as a safe place, but I’m trying my best to stay safe”. 22-year-old journalist Plestia Alaqad has been reporting on the situation as best she can on social networks, while escaping Israel’s bombing raids on the Gaza Strip. “I am barely able to do my job under these circumstances”. Journalists in the field are on the front lines,
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From Behind Enemy Lines, Prison Journalists Report On Conditions At Their Own Risk

Mini fiefdoms Certain punishment Criminalized compensation Credulous editors, prison minimizers Sharing the risks 46 states have censored correspondence with news media (meaning incarcerated journalist are not able to protect their sources, whom are often other prisoners, leaving them to risk everything to speak towards the injustices they experience at the hands of their oppressors   14 states have a total ban on business and compensation (meaning
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2023 Mystery Novel Installments

Murder on the Acadia Murder On the Acadia Jan 23 (Chapter 4). Jan 24- Noo­n Steven runs into Prissy. 4,5 Jan 25 Thatch sisters become recognized by other passengers.6 Jan 26 AM Heck and Keck spot Zoe,6 who tells Sgt. Lake she is searching for adventurous locations.7 Jan 27 Pleasant sailing. Jan 28 PM Prissy joins Twins Group informally. Jan 29 AM 8 PM Acadia leaves Hawaii. Heck-
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‘Aqīdah, Kalām, and Obligation of Ma’rifah

`Aqīdah is the Most Important Science Is there a Creator for the Universe, or has it always existed? Is there anything after death? What do we make of these competing ideologies and theologies seeking to answer these questions? Which ones, if any, are true? The Need for Kalām Ma`rifah is an Obligation [This article was taken from] The post ‘Aqīdah, Kalām, and Obligation of Ma’rifah first
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