Less than dogs

All it takes is an absent-minded search on the Internet to obtain endless results on the incredible love that many human beings feel for animals. Whether they are dogs, cats, pigs or hippos, porcupines or monkeys hanging from a tree, there is always someone who loves them with an impossible love and feels they must defend them regardless of the
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An award for Ayité…. and the long arc of justice in a month of tragedy and triumph

Heavy penalty for reporting on corruption Deadly risks for journalists in the Sahel region Militarisation of information in Burkina Faso International Day to End Impunity messages zone in on demands for safety and justice A consistent theme running through the IDEI messages from IFEX members this year focused on bringing about accountability for crimes committed against journalists, and renewed pleas for a safer environment. Media

Russia school shooting: From American nightmare to Russian bitter reality

On December 7, a girl student, an eighth-grader, went on a shooting spree at Bryansk School No. 5. Five people were injured, two were killed, including the girl shooter herself. The girl's motive for the attack is yet to be established. According to unconfirmed reports, the girl suffered from bullying at school. This is the first time in the history
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ACHPR Special Rapporteur calls for stronger laws to protect HRDs

States to adopt robust laws for the protection of human rights defenders, engage in dialogue with defenders, and refrain from adopting repressive laws. States should take appropriate measures to ensure that defenders carry out their activities in security conditions free from any threats to their physical and moral integrity. African Union and other regional and sub-regional organizations should recognize the essential role

#WAMECA2023 spotlights drastic democratic decline

Democratic recession in Africa Stakeholders speak The Media’s role There’s still hope for democracy Key Recommendations The media’s role as checkmate of government should be bolstered as this is an indispensable way of keeping duty bearers under the watchful eyes of the citizens. However, as the media in the various countries are weak on their own, stakeholders advised that active collaboration be forged among media

How the Marshall Islands Plan To Survive Climate Change

A mushroom cloud rises over Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands as part of a nuclear weapons test conducted by the United States in 1946. The U.S. dropped dozens of nuclear bombs on the Marshall Islands over the span of a decade. Pictures from History / Universal Images Group via Getty Images People help clean up debris after a 2021 high-tide flood
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Washington does not believe Zelensky's crocodile tears anymore

On December 5, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will try to convince US congressmen to allocate more funds to Ukraine from the US budget. Zelensky has a week left to convince US Congress to give Ukraine more money The White House invited Ukrainian President Zelensky to address congressional senators behind closed doors via video link on December 5. A group of deputies from
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From ‘Peak Oil’ to ‘Peak Energy’? … and Why It Matters

Renewables, moreover, typically draw from national resources such as local sunshine and wind patterns rather than foreign trade. As these resources move into a leading role in a peak energy future, domestic policies and considerations should gain importance for governments relative to trade and other international ones Significantly, energy use drops under the IEA’s climate scenarios, driven by more
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‘Ifrane Forum is more than just an event – it’s a philosophy’

The first is ethics and responsibility, two elements that are becoming increasingly important, particularly for the younger generations, who are marking a return to human values. The positive image of Moroccan human capital will facilitate this work; The second is the level of development. Morocco’s commitment to industrialisation and its leadership position on the continent in a number of sectors, including
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The War in Gaza Has Put Western and Muslim Hypocrisy on Full Display

"Anyone who has not been in a coma these past thirty years already knows about America’s pattern of killing Arabs and Muslims and the mix of ambivalence and racist demonization that accompanies it. To expect them to suddenly show interest in dead Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim babies at this point would be insane."
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5 Way Islam and Palestine Are Connected

Palestine holds immense significance due to the holy land’s Islamic heritage. From its cultural history to its religious importance, Palestine remains one of the most powerful and beautiful places for Muslims around the world. Here are just 5 ways Palestine and Islam are connected: 1. Prophetic Legacy Many Prophets of Islam are deeply connected to...
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COP28: Nations finalize fund to compensate developing nations hit by climate change

"COP28 is off to a great start and a very constructive start. And the COP28 presidency deserves a lot of the credit for this first momentum. I think it's also very important to note that the pledges have immediately followed the announcement of the fund itself.." Lola Vallejo, climate program direct

Where did US strategists go wrong when they started proxy war with Russia?

The West is confused: the "gas station country” that was defeated in the Cold War, ruled by an authoritarian regime with its economy in tatters is now winning a proxy war against the West. Russia's resilience comes as a surprise to the West Politico has recently categorised Russian Central Bank Chairwoman Elvira Nabiullina as one of the disruptors of the year.
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The Future of Pan-Asianism in the Asian Century (and Beyond)

The emerging dominance of China and India in the Asian century (and beyond), as already predicted in my 2007 book titled "Beyond the World of Titans, and the Remaking of World Order” and my 1999 book titled "The Future of Human Civilization,” will contribute to the rise of what I call a "new” form of "pan-Asianism” (differing from Japanese militarism
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Mapping the Impacts and Conflicts of Rare-Earth Elements

REEs comprise the 15 elements of the lanthanide group of the periodic table (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and lutetium). They also include yttrium and scandium because of their similar physical and chemical properties. The Rare Earths Impacts and Conflict Map What impacts have we observed? Corporate Power The Geopolitics of REEs Urgent policy questions How can
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Media freedom under threat in Burkina Faso

The power granted to the Head of State to directly appoint the chairman of the CSC gives the government direct control over the regulatory body. This process allows the government to install a person favourable to its interests, thereby compromising the independence of the CSC. The CSC’s powers to monitor Facebook accounts and pages with a certain number of subscribers provides

Can COP28 Deliver for Cities and Climate Migrants?

City governments will need to play a pivotal role in transforming urban migration into an effective climate change adaptation strategy that benefits both climate-vulnerable rural communities and the cities they settle in. By doing so, city governments can proactively manage the challenges posed by climate migrants while also harnessing their potential contributions to a city's economic growth and resilience As
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The Netherlands to strike Ukraine out from the list of EU's priorities

In Europe, the parties that oppose military and financial assistance to Ukraine start winning elections. The victory of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands is especially indicative because the Netherlands is an EU donor. Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PF) won the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. "The Party for Freedom will put the Dutch first again. It will effectively run
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Global warming on course for 2.9C, UN report warns

Recommended Emissions are still going up in countries that have put forward zero emission pledgesAnne Olhoff, chief scientific editor of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2023 Recommended The role of carbon removal The Drax power station in northern England burns wood to generate electricity, and plans to start capturing carbon dioxide before it goes up the stack, liquefying it to reduce its volume and then
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Pakistan has a plan for adapting to climate change – will it work?

Plan treads well-worn ground, lacks concrete action, say experts We have a practice of writing good documents and then shelving them. Let’s hope it’s different this timeUmer Karim, water resources specialist Karachi residents quench their thirst at a heat stroke relief camp set up in the city during an intense heatwave in May 2023 (Image: Owais Aslam Ali / Alamy Plan critiqued for
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​Sixty Years After JFK’s Assassination, Oliver Stone Reflects

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrive at Love Field, Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. (Photo: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum) President John F. Kennedy reaches out to the crowd gathered at the Hotel Texas parking lot rally in Fort Worth, Texas. Also pictured: United Press International (UPI) reporter Merriman “Smitty” Smith; White House Secret
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Lloyd Austin: Ukraine deserves exhausting struggle with Russia

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin visited Kyiv on Monday, November 20. Austin tried to calm Zelensky down and ordered him to keep on fighting. According to The Washington Post, Lloyd Austin's visit took place after the inconclusive visit of Andriy Yermak, the chairman of Zelensky's office, to Washington this month. Citing members of the delegation, the newspaper said that Austin arrived to
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Soviet defector pilot who highjacked MiG-25 to Japan dies in USA

Pilot Viktor Belenko, who hijacked a Soviet MiG-25 interceptor fighter to Japan and sought political asylum in the United States, died in the US. He was 76. The pilot, who literally brought USSR's advanced technology to Western specialists, died on September 24. A routine notice of his death appeared in the obituaries section of The Washington Post two weeks later. The
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Team B and the Jerusalem Conference: How Israel Helped Craft Modern-Day “Terrorism”

It Begins… Then-CIA director George H.W. Bush looks over a map of Beirut, Lebanon, with President Gerald Ford. Photo | CIA Archives ‘Propaganda to Dehumanize’ If you miss a target and a bomb accidentally falls on a Children’s hospital it’s not terrorism Does it hold true in 2023!!! pic.twitter.com/6DiHRv0IKk ‘The Terror Network’ ‘We Are All Palestinians’ Netanyahu shows reporters a copy of a Syrian passport allegedly found
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Everyone is fed up with Ukraine. Western strategists miscalculate

USA's assistance to Ukraine is at a critical point, State Department officials signalled. US Congress has lost all interest in this topic. It appears that USA's inglorious exodus from Afghanistan may happen again. Kyiv: The situation is critical Liberal Western media are full of complaints from Ukrainian soldiers about the superiority of the Russian Armed Forces in many types of weapons,
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Interview: Myanmar insurgent groups key to forest and climate protection

An author and research fellow at Thailand’s Chiangmai University, Ashley South has been visiting and studying Myanmar for nearly three decades (Image: Bellay South) Recommended Forests are a global public green good, and these groups are best placed to protect forests. They need support. I can’t think of a better context than Myanmar to try something a bit outside the box and to
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Getting China right – China wirklich verstehen: 10 Jahre MERICS

Getting China right - 10 years of MERICS H.Seidl Mon, 11/13/2023 - 15:57 Press release Nov 14, 2023 4 min read Getting China right - 10 years of MERICS MERICS experts are constantly adapting to changing circumstances MERICS is drawing strength from trusted partnerships and networks Media contact Claudia Wessling, Director Communications and Publications MERICS claudia.wessling@merics.de +49 30 3440 999 13 Christine Krüger, Communications Manager MERICS christine.krueger@merics.de +49 30 3440

Stars gleaming green

“İzmir’in dağlarında çiçekler açar!” / “Flowers bloom on the mountains of İzmir!” These words of the much-popular Izmir anthem were ringing in my ears as I left the celebration after the Michelin Guide ceremony in Istanbul. The second edition of the highly anticipated results for Türkiye was announced on Nov. 9. This time, the scope of the list was expanded
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UN force deployed for ‘Operation Springbok’ to save DRC civilians

Clashes broke out again at the start of October after six months of relative calm, pitting rebels against the national army Subscribe & join the M&G Community - M&G community membership - independent journalism - access to all premium articles & features - a digital version of the weekly newspaper - invites to subscriber only events - the opportunity to
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The West proceeds to Plan B to rock and shatter Russia

The West has exhausted all possibilities of Plan A to overthrow Russian President Putin using Plan A, but the globalists have Plan B. The West proceeds to Plan B to rock Russia from within Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that there was no real opposition in Russia that could be doing something. The Russian opposition that operates from abroad is
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ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up

Dodgy Data Playing Defense for Israel Refer to Hamas as “terrorists” rather than militants or fighters; Describe Israel’s campaign in Gaza as a “legitimate military action in response to [the Hamas] massacre and to prevent future acts of terror” Make sure that their readers understand that pro-Israel protests are morally far superior to their pro-Palestine equivalents. After all, they insist, “the Israeli Army does
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Shared Responsibility: Eradicating Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean

While hunger figures continue to concern us, overweight in children under five years of age continues to rise, exceeding the global estimate, and a quarter of the adult population lives with obesity But hunger does not affect the region uniformly. In South America, there was a reduction of 3.5 million hungry people between 2021 and 2022, but there are still
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AFEX joins stakeholders in putting online violence under the spotlight

ADISI-Cameroon Africa Freedom of Information Centre Association for Media Development in South Sudan Center for Media Studies and Peace Building Collaboration on International ICT Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa (CIPESA) Freedom of Expression Institute Gambia Press Union (GPU) Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda Institute for Media and Society International Press Centre Journaliste en danger Media Foundation for West Africa Media Institute of Southern Africa Media Rights Agenda West African Journalists Association

UAE sends additional 5 aid planes to Gaza

ALBAWABA - According to WAM News Agency, the UAE has sent a further five planes carrying supplies and equipment to support the construction of a field hospital in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 16 the total number of aircraft sent as part of the UAE's Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation...
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UAE sends additional 5 aid planes to Gaza

ALBAWABA - According to WAM News Agency, the UAE has sent a further five planes carrying supplies and equipment to support the construction of a field hospital in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 16 the total number of aircraft sent as part of the UAE's Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation...
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Digital Blackout: Systematic censorship of Palestinian voices

Blaming glitches to conceal biased moderation and policy over-enforcement Moreover, since October 7, Palestinian digital rights organization The Arab Centre for Advancement of Social Media (7amleh) has documented 699,958 cases of hate speech and inciting content in Hebrew. At least 30 percent of the hate content included fake news, promoting violence or incitement. Unfortunately, Meta dismissed these reports. This highlights the double
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Dublin City Council officially recognises Israel is committing the ‘Crime Against Humanity’ of Apartheid

The full text of the motion reads: “That this Council endorses the recent Amnesty International report entitled ‘Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: A Cruel System of Domination and a Crime Against Humanity‘ as a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.” In April 2018 Dublin City Council voted to support the Palestinian BDS Movement. It is one of eight Irish councils, north
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Fighting Malnutrition and Changing Mindsets in Rwanda

Aside from the success of the project itself, what makes it especially worthy of attention is the potential for it to be a model to replicate elsewhere. In fact, fortified whole maize meal is now enjoyed by 180,000 school children in Burundi and another 60,000 in Kenya, with exciting scale-up prospects in all three countries Tiina Honkanen, WFP Julienne is
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Uyghur artist wins prize at prestigious art exhibit in Italy

One of the five works of Uyghur artist Lékim Ibragimov displayed at the 2023 Florence Biennale contemporary art exhibition in Florence, Italy, October 2023 Credit: Courtesy of Lékim Ibragimov One of the five works of Uyghur artist Lékim Ibragimov displayed at the 2023 Florence Biennale contemporary art exhibition in Florence, Italy, October 2023. Credit: Courtesy of Lékim Ibragimov The special commendation certificate

Newham mayor and more than half of councillors tell Starmer #CeasefireNow

New letter signed by Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz to pro-Israel leader demands peace and freedom We join many other Labour councillors and council leaders, MPs, Labour Shadow calling for an immediate ceasefire. We join the UN Secretary General’s call for an end to the blockade of medical We call for the release of all illegally held prisoners and hostages. We call for international and human rights
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Ukraine enters penultimate stage of its existence

Ukraine no longer exists as a single, consolidated country. There is no understanding of what will happen to the country next. Neither the leadership nor the society has the answer. Ukrainian media currently discuss the following topics: The failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Even Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny publicly acknowledges that in an article on The Economist. He admitted that the Armed Forces
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Marine pollution, a Tunisian scourge: Jeans industries destroy the marine ecosystem in the Ksibet El-Mediouni Bay

Behind the downtown promontory, blue-and-white tourist villas and monuments celebrating former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, born in Monastir, give way to gray warehouses. Made in Tunisia clothes for export are cut, sewn, and packed inside these hangars and garages, many undeclared, by a labor force mostly of women, who are paid an average of 600 dinars, as confirmed by the
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Iran, a Murdered Teenager and a Fading Protest

Farsi is the only official language in a country where any expression of identities other than Persian is banned and even punished. But it turns out that minorities are the majority: more than 60% of the almost 90 million Iranians are not Persians Amini’s murder, however, was the trigger for one of the largest protests that have shaken the Islamic
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Israelis and Palestinians in Agreement – Celebrities Are Morons!

Approximately five minutes after the first in a series of horrific atrocities began to be inflicted across the Middle East every celebrity you have ever heard of – and quite a few you forgot about – began to stake their claim to righteous indignation. At a certain time in Tinseltown there was such a thing as a “Morals Clause” which is
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Time Isn’t on Zelensky’s Side, Even if TIME Is

Ukraine’s war aims are unrealistic. Kyiv has long maintained that its definition of victory, namely the retaking of all Ukrainian territory including Crimea, is achievable with Western arms and money. Now a disastrous summer counteroffensive, which has resulted in horrific Ukrainian casualties while reclaiming negligible amounts of territory, has Zelensky’s advisers reconsidering whether those aims are realistic. Yet Zelensky’s belief
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High stakes: Interventions to diffuse tensions and support safety of journalists during elections

Create a safe working environment for journalists through training of police officers on the role of journalists and the media; Expand their understanding of human rights norms, and Engage professional media bodies to raise concerns over media conduct or content; Familiarise themselves with policies, regulations and laws relating to electoral issues; Commit to accurate and balanced reporting and to correct inaccurate stories sincerely and

War on Gaza: Humanity is being Destroyed by Madness of War and Inept Leadership

The raging war on Gaza and 2.2 million people are at the risk of being massacred by the advancing vengeful Israeli forces while the world is simply watching the "dramatization of war” as a spectator. The UN General Assembly Resolution (10/27/23) calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between the warring parties and continuing humanitarian assistance of basic necessities to the
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Responding To Religious Harassment In US Schools – A Guide

Community leaders need information Responding to bias in U.S. schools Common errors to avoid Masjid and community center leaders have created online forms for students and families to report incidents of bias and bullying. Leaders are not ensuring that the personal data being collected is protected with appropriate levels of privacy and security. Most importantly, community leaders cannot use this information to address
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