Why is Surrogacy Illegal in Most of the World?

A Choice? Do all reproductive choices equally protect the rights of the human being conceived or the women being utilized for eggs or womb? Do the alleged “rights” of would-be parents override the rights of the human being created as they grow into adults? Where is the line between third-party anonymous designer contractual conceptions and eugenics when egg and/or sperm
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The Tremendous but “Secret” Success of Socialist Vietnam

It did surprise us that Vietnam did so well overall,” Fanning said. “You might expect it to be Costa Rica or Cuba, as Vietnam doesn’t typically come up as a sustainability hero.” Fanning was referring to two countries the researchers expected to do well since they generally provide good social support and haven’t seen the same environmental damage many countries
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COVID-19’s Coming to Town

You better not cough, You better not sigh. You better not sneeze, I’m telling you why: COVID-19’s coming to town. It’s spreading so fast, And taking folks down. The nastiest darn Pandemic around: COVID-19’s coming to town. It knows when you’ve been careful, It knows when rules you break. It knows when you’ve been sharing space, So stay masked for goodness sake! Please keep your guard up, And scrub your house down. Don’t
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Brazil: A coalition of civil society organizations takes legal action over attacks against journalists

News Press freedom organizations turned to the courts to demand the implementation of stronger protective measures for journalists reporting from outside the president's official residence in Brasilia, after some of the country’s top media outlets had to withdraw their reporters for security reasons due to the increasing aggressiveness of Bolsonaro supporters.
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How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan

AP Perhaps most remarkable is the amount of the military budget itself. It is three times more than the planet’s second-highest military spender, China; it is ten times more than the third-highest spender, Saudi Arabia; it is 15 times more than the military budget of the country most frequently invoked by Committee members as a threat to justify
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Back on the List: A Big Win for Yellowtone Grizzlies and the Endangered Species Act, a Big Loss for Trump and Its Enemies

The plaintiff group of Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Western Watersheds Project, and Native Ecosystems Council was one of five conservation and tribal plaintiff groups (plus one individual) who sued to reverse the de-listing of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population, winning a District Court victory in 2018. They were opposed by state and federal governments and trophy hunting groups including the
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The Gambia embarks on journey to adopt ATI law

Promote transparency, accountability good governance and development by educating people about their rights Ensure transparency, strengthen the culture of provision of information, promote people’s participation in good governance, ensure accountability in the conduct of institutions, and combat corruption; Promote respect for human rights, promote effective, equitable and inexpensive exercise of the right of access to information; Establish clear and concise
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The JNF’s Sordid History: Tower and Stockades, Forests and Jim Crow Vetting Committees

It stands at the heart of a state-building project launched more than a century ago; It is an organisation that is today deeply embedded in the structures of the Israeli state; It is the guardian of the Israel’s most precious resource – land; And it is the bridge connecting Jews abroad to Israel, allowing them to become practically and emotionally
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Were the Skripals Secretly Executed by Britain’s Government?

Read Skripal’s handwritten statements: http://fingfx.thomsonreuters. com/gfx/mkt/7/1700/1671/ SkripalScans.pdf Good afternoon. My name is Yulia Skripal. I came to the UK on the 3rd of March to visit my father, something I have been doing regularly in the past. After 20 days in a coma, I woke to the news that we had both been poisoned. I still find it difficult to
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Instead of Freeing Elderly Prisoners in Response to Coronavirus, Cuomo Created a Prison Nursing Home Way Upstate

Photo: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images “If one man is Covid-positive, this could transfer their plan from a prison nursing home to a death camp.” Do you have a coronavirus story you want to share? Email us at coronavirus@theintercept.com or use one of these secure methods to contact a reporter. Update: July 8, 2020, 11:00 a.m. This
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US Doesn’t Invest Enough in Chipmakers to Gain Edge in 5G Against China, Japan’s Rakuten Warns

Both tech giants and lawmakers are calling for alternative 5G infrastructure in the US to counter Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE. The most popular alternative to traditional gear is cloud-based architecture, but 5G experts say there is not enough market demand to prompt American manufacturers to make chips for this new type of wireless networks.
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Website accused of contempt in another sign of decline in Malaysia

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Malaysian justice system to drop the spurious contempt of court proceedings against the news website Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief Steven Gan over readers’ comments critical of the judiciary, and calls on Malaysia’s new government to show that it is determined to defend press freedom.
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'Neal Is in Trouble': $300,000 Ad Campaign Targets Powerful Congressman Over Stonewalling of Anti-Surprise Medical Billing Proposal

Julia Conley, staff writer A new $300,000 ad campaign launched by an anti-monopoly non-profit group is taking aim at longtime Rep. Richard Neal, airing in his home district in Western Massachusetts and drawing attention to his stonewalling of anti-surprise medical billing legislation—in favor of a proposal that would have benefited one of his top donors. 
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The Census Is Reopening Too: Workers Fear Being Sacrificed to Coronavirus for the Sake of a Speedy Tally

“We were in the epicenter of the entire world. My sense was Washington, D.C., really wanted to make sure that we got as much done as possible before we had to close our office.” Reopening the Census Little Guidance at the Pandemic Epicenter “This is not a patio in a restaurant that has no roof. Imagine being on an airplane
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RSF welcomes launch of UK targeted human rights sanctions regime

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) welcomes the UK Foreign Office’s launch of its targeted human rights sanctions regime. RSF has long advocated implementation of the UK’s Magnitsky legislation, which will be an important tool to hold press freedom predators and other human rights abusers to account. The inclusion of 20 Saudi nationals implicated in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in
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'Monumental Victory': Tribes and Climate Activists Celebrate Court-Ordered Shutdown of Dakota Access Pipeline

Jessica Corbett, staff writer A U.S. district court on Monday delivered a major win to local Indigenous organizers and climate activists—and a significant blow to the fossil fuel industry and the Trump administration—by ordering the Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down and emptied of oil by Aug. 5 while federal regulators conduct an environmental review.
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Amid Coronavirus, a Flawed Guardianship System Can Make It Impossible to Care for Relatives in Assisted Living Facilities

Advocates acknowledge the pandemic “will make it more difficult” for seniors to exercise the remaining rights they do have. Photo: Courtesy of Gediminas Pakalnis “My aunt has educated family who never committed any crime and we have healthy environment and people who love her and can take care of her at any time at no cost.” Photo: Tailyr Irvine for
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Zimbabwe's first cigar manufacturing company begins production

A Zimbabwean entrepreneur in Africa’s top tobacco producer has launched the first local brand of hand-rolled cigars, defying coronavirus and economic odds to light up manufacturing. The southern African nation produced more than 252 million kilogrammes of tobacco last year, making it the sixth largest producer in the world. Nearly all of it is the “golden-leaf” Virginia used for cigarettes
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African nations reopening airspace despite rising COVID-19 cases

As COVID-19 cases surged in many parts of the world, the island nation of the Seychelles was looking good: 70-plus straight days without a single infection. Then the planes arrived. Two chartered Air Seychelles flights carrying more than 200 passengers also brought the coronavirus. A few tested positive. Then, between June 24 and 30, the country’s confirmed cases shot from
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Rocket Lab CEO Promises Customers to 'Leave No Stone Unturned' After Latest Mission Ends in Failure

Founded in 2004, the private US aerospace company has put 53 spacecraft into low-Earth orbit and most of its missions have been successful. Saturday’s launch was initially scheduled for 5 July, however, due to a bad weather forecast, the company moved it one day earlier, a rare occurrence in the space industry.
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Marxism is a Humanism

Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothin gness (1958), Critique of Dialectical Reason (1976), The Search for Method (1960). Jean-Paul Sartre, Der Kolonialismus ist ein System in Articles, Speeches, Interviews 1947-1967, German edition of Collected Works, 1988. Lee Lockwood, Castro’s Cuba, Cuba’s Fidel, 1969. Lucie Bianco, Origins of the
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We Need a New National Anthem

This land is your land, this land is my land From California to the New York island, From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters, This land was made for you and me. Neither skin color, nor religion, Nor ethnic background, wealth, nor gender, Should block equality, justice, or freedom, ‘Cause this land was made for you and me.
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National Review Is Trying to Rewrite Its Own Racist History

William F. Buckley, Stevens wrote, was simply “a more articulate version of the same deep ugliness and bigotry that is the hallmark of Trumpism.” Disenfranchisement and a reasonable amount of violence were justified, Buckley wrote, to maintain society. Photo: Warren K Leffler/Universal History Archive/Getty Images National Review invested extraordinary amounts of time and resources into building an intellectual edifice for segregation
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INTERVIEW: CEO Maaz Sheikh sees business soar as Saudi viewers turn to streaming services

Sun, 2020-07-05 00:45 BIO Schooling in Dubai, UAE. Oklahoma State University, US. University of Kansas, MBA. Various executive roles in media and communications, US. Chief sales and operations officer, OSN, Dubai. CEO and founder, Starzplay. Main category:  Business & Economy Tags:  Starzplay Maaz Sheikh INTERVIEW: Amlak IPO a vote of confidence in long-term fundamentals, says CEO Abdullah Al-SudairyINTERVIEW: Bill Gates,
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Minitrue: Shandong Village Relocations, Exam Score Theft

From June 28 onward, all reports on village planning and construction must use the standard wording “building a beautiful and livable countryside,” and must no longer use phrases like “village consolidation.” When propagating reports employing the concept of “rural community,” don’t touch on the spheres of village autonomy or rural administration. In general, don’t broaden the focus. Rigorously follow authoritative
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A Statue of Hatuey

If you look at a US $20 bill, you might notice Andrew Jackson nervously watching statues of Columbus and Robert E. Lee coming down and wondering if his face is going to disappear from currency. As Democrats ponder which militarist they wish to glorify in the next round of monuments, it is critical to realize that statues which go up
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Countries Ranked on “Democracy” in 2020

% saying yes to ‘My country is democratic’ (ranks shown are out of the 53 countries that were surveyed): 78% Taiwan #1 77% Denmark #2 75% Switzerland #3 75% S. Korea #4 73% China #5 73% Austria #6 71% Vietnam #7 71% India #8 71% Norway #9 69% Argentina #10 69% Sweden #11 67% Germany #12 66% Netherlands #13 65% Philippines #14 65% Portugal #15 64% Canada #16 63% Singapore #17 61% Malaysia #18 61% Greece #19 60% Ireland #20 59%
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Roaming Charges: Mutiny of the Bounties!

MARCH 2020 39% right direction 54% wrong track JULY 2020 18% right direction 74% wrong track + The Biden Doctrine for Latin America, a lot like the Monroe Doctrine, but with nuclear weapons… 2/10: “It will go away in April.” 2/26: “Close to zero in a couple days.” 3/31: “It will go away, hopefully at the end of the month.” 4/29: “It’s gonna leave.” 5/8: “This is gonna
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Low Levels of Radioisotopes Detected in Europe Likely Linked to a Nuclear Reactor - IAEA

The recent detection of slightly elevated levels of radioisotopes in northern Europe is likely related to a nuclear reactor that is either operating or undergoing maintenance, when very low radioactive releases can occur, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said today. The geographical origin of the release has not yet been determined.
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Concerns over Zimbabwe stock exchange suspension [Business Africa]

The suspension of Zimbabwe stock exchange and mobile phone trading by the government has drawn much criticism. Economists think that this decision will create uncertainty and negatively affect investor confidence. It should be noted that the suspension measure has been taken in an attempt to protect the local currency. COVID-19: women economically impacted The coronavirus pandemic, which affects men and
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Renewable energy: low-resource mobilization [Business Africa]

What is the status of renewable energy in Africa? That is the question often asked as research studies continuously show that Africa has low energy potential, yet the International Renewable Energy Agency estimates the continent’s renewable energy capacity could reach 310 GW by 2030. What are the solutions and above all what are the challenges for the continent in terms of renewable
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Tanzania, Benin, Mauritius move up World Bank income rankings

The World Bank on Wednesday classified Mauritius as a High Income country while Tanzania and Benin are now considered Lower-middle income countries, classifications that are being celebrated in these African economies. Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli shared the news on social media, highlighting the fact that the feat has been achieved five years earlier than projected. “Today, the World Bank
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Substance Matters More Than Symbols

Tearing down a statue of Columbus might make a minority among us feel good but the majority of us need to understand that his voyage was not financed by mythological royalty but by early capital in its desire for spreading commerce to new markets. Those 15th century economic powers were on their way to becoming global and have grown tremendously
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Prison Officials in Kansas Ignored the Pandemic. Then People Started Dying.

Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Crawford Intentional Ignorance Photo: Courtesy of Kayla Donley Wasted Warnings Photo: John Hanna/AP Do you have a coronavirus story you want to share? Email us at coronavirus@intercept.com or use one of these secure methods to contact a reporter. Second Wave Still: Stuart Harmon
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Lest we forget, sickle cell disease not yet fully curable despite a century of trials

Sickle cell disease was first brought to light in America around 1910. The first recorded patient was a young medical student of African descent from Grenada named Walter Clement Noel. It was not until 40 years later that it was determined that sickle cell disease (SCD) was due to a hereditary phenomenon affecting the haemoglobin chains in the red blood
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Neoliberal Psychological Realism: from Barbie Dolls to Hook-up Sex

detach from society and rebel emotionally; or; reject the associative, social contract relations of modern life, not by denying our social identity as the romantics do, but to dissolve into pre-modern social life as in the Middle Ages and pre-Christian paganism. in the commodities produced; in the work process itself; from other workers on the job; from
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See, e.g., Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States . Review . See Kim Petersen, “Land and Jail,” The Dominion , Part I , Part II , and Part III . See Bruce Clark, Ongoing Genocide caused by Judicial Suppression of the “Existing” Aboriginal Rights (2018).
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RSF renews call for justice for Jamal Khashoggi with murder trial set to start in Istanbul

News With a new murder trial set to open in Istanbul on 3 July, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) renews call for justice for the assassination of Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi. RSF is filing to become a civil party in the case and will monitor court proceedings. Following a miscarriage of justice in the Saudi courts, the Turkish proceedings now represent
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Syrian journalist threatened by Assad supporters in Kuala Lumpur

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is concerned for the safety of a Syrian journalist living in self-imposed exile in Malaysia who is being threatened by Syrian activists loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and who, at the same time, is facing possible expulsion because he cannot renew his expired residence permit.
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The Pandemic and Wealth Inequality

There was a significant decline in the share of the 1% during the great recession. It went from its then highest point of 29.7% during the third and fourth quarters declining to 25.8% in the first quarter of 2009. That high point was not reached again until the first quarter of 2013 when it came in at 30%. From then
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Charles Webb Enters Heaven

All of the true stories about Charles and his wife make them sound like bizarros – the kind of people you’d rather read about than spend any time with. In fact, they were lovely people. Charles explained when we met that he had got something like sixty thousand dollars (either an advance or a first royalty) from the book sales
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Alliance for Multilateralism backs working group on infodemics

News The Forum on Information and Democracy thanks the countries of the Alliance for Multilateralism for the strong support they expressed for the Forum’s “working group on infodemics.” During the meeting of the Alliance on Covid-19, which gathered nearly 50 foreign ministers from all over the world on 26 June 2020, Christophe Deloire, chair of the Forum, explained the goals
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Academic Freedom: Redress for Denis Rancourt

Denis Rancourt is a person who is unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom. For example, he is skeptical about the scientific consensus around climate change , and recently, he looked at the meta-analyses of using masks and questions their effectiveness against viral respiratory infections . Whether Rancourt is right or not in his conclusions is consequential, but more important
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Worldwide COVID-19 cases exceed 10 million

Empowering communities; Every individual must understand that they are not helpless – there are things everyone should do to protect themselves and others. Your health is in your hands. Suppressing transmission; Whether countries have no cases, clusters of cases, or community transmission, there are steps all countries can take to suppress the spread of the virus. Saving lives; Early identification
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African, global telecom giants bid to enter Ethiopia market

After years of monopoly, Ethiopia took giant steps in moves to liberalize its telecommunications sector. Opening the market of Africa’s second most populous nation will mean ending over two decades of state monopoly via the Ethio Telecom – the government-owned sole operator. The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) has given companies until June 22 to submit their applications for the licenses.
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'Money by nature': Tanzania miner pockets $3.4m for two gemstones

A small-scale miner in Tanzania has become an overnight millionaire after unearthing two of the biggest rough tanzanite gemstones ever found. Tanzania’s government bought the book-sized stones weighing 20 pounds (9 kg) and 11 pounds (5 kg) from miner Saniniu Laizer for $3.4 million. Minerals Minister Doto Biteko said on state television Wednesday the government is buying the rare minerals
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'Huge Win': Court Orders DeVos to Cancel Loans for Mass. Students Defrauded by Corinthian Colleges

Jessica Corbett, staff writer Advocates for students joined Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey in celebration Friday after a federal court in Boston ordered U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to cancel the loans of 7,200 people in the commonwealth who were defrauded by Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit education company that closed its U.S. campuses in 2015.
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Microsoft Says It Will Permanently Close All Retail Stores

The company opened its first store in 2009, hoping to attract customers the same way that its rival Apple did. Since then, more than a hundred stores have been opened in the United States and 10 around the world. However, they did not enjoy the same popularity as Steve Jobs’ company.
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