COVID-19: African-American businesses struggle to stay afloat

African-American businesses in the United States are struggling under COVID-19. Black businesses are bearing economic brunts of the global pandemic. Alphonzo Cross, co-owns Parlor Cocktail Denwith his sister in Atlanta, Georgia. “We didn’t get to even open at all that week. And it also didn’t make financial sense for us to open that night or Friday night when there was just so much uncertainty, and to be quite honest, people were starting to get nervous already. Right now, you have
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On Sheep, Shepherds, Wolves and Other Political Creatures

The spin that goes around now is that somehow, through the efforts of the failed Sanders campaign, the political conversation has changed and to such an extent, that all those progressive ideas and platforms, international reconciliation, social care and welfare, sensible environmental stewardship and a further democratization of real politics will be received and celebrated, respected and promoted, legislated and observed by the Biden democrats should they win. Progressive voters may be waiting for a signal of compromise from the
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Tourist distancing: Virus impacts Kenya's Giraffe Manor

The impact of coronavirus on the Kenyan economy is being felt in the hospitality industry where closes airspace means tourists numbers have dwindled. The East African country heavily depends on the sector as a source of foreign exchange, job creation and revenue. But the pandemic has threatened the survival of businesses. However, Giraffe Manor, one of Kenya’s most famous hotels is making plans to survive the crisis. The outfit has continued to operate through the pandemic with reduced staff. Mary
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Monopoly distancing: Ethiopia moves to liberalize telecoms sector

After years of monopoly, Ethiopia took giant steps in moves to liberalize its telecommunications sector. Opening the market of Africa’s second most populous nation will mean ending over two decades of state monopoly via the Ethio Telecom – the government-owned sole operator. The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) has given companies until June 22 to submit their applications for the licenses. Among the potential investors are the French company Orange and telecommunications giants Safaricom of Kenya and MTN of South Africa.
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The Vast of Night is an alien encounter film like no other

AUSTIN, Texas—Everyone kinda, sorta knows the story of The Vast of Night before they even hear of this movie . Filmmaker Andrew Patterson readily admits he partially based his debut feature on a real-life event—the 1965 Kecksburg incident —and even the initial idea that led him to researching Kecksburg struck Patterson as familiar. “I have a document in my phone of three or four dozen single line movie ideas,” he told Ars. “This one said, ‘1950s, black and
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Buhari submits Nigeria's budget to parliament

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday submitted a revised 2020 budget of 10.51 trillion naira ($29.19 billion) to Parliament for approval. The coronavirus pandemic and an oil price plunge have magnified headwinds in Africa’s biggest economy, which relies heavily on crude sales for government revenues. The problems triggered a decline in growth and large financing needs as well as weakening the naira currency. The government has said since March that the budget passed in December would be revised down. It
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How the Fed Bailed Out the Investor Class Without Spending a Cent

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Not only is it socially unsustainable to protect just the rich from a crisis of this magnitude, it may not even work. Graphic: Soohee Cho/The Intercept Graphic: Soohee Cho/The Intercept Photo: The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Graphic: Soohee Cho/The Intercept “They consider themselves a lender of last resort. They’re now the lender of all resorts.” Photo: Federal Reserve via Getty Images Congress didn’t have to cede authority to the Fed and carp about it after the
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The Asian Pivot

sometimes I think carpetbombing the Chinese Reds with trueblue capitalism was like gleefully dropping the gay bomb without figuring out first which way the wind was blowing payback is a kitsch what if they Taiwan on and claim America as her own remind us of trans-Aleutian migration call it a down payment Little Big Horn an aphrodisiac available at wet markets the president is looking into it (I read somewhere some where some where some where that Columbus was high on opium as he journeyed and may have got lost and called them Indians everywhere for
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Passing Behind Our Backs

The day they blew out the brains of the king Thousands were watching, no one saw a thing It happened so quickly, so quick, by surprise Right there in front of everyone’s eyes Greatest magic trick ever under the sun Perfectly executed, skillfully done You don’t know me darlin’ – you never would guess I’m nothing like my ghostly appearance would suggest I ain’t no False Prophet – I just said what I said I’m here to bring vengeance on somebody’s head Seen a shooting star tonight And I
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West African experts share ideas on how to halt abuse of journalists during COVID-19 pandemic

Collaboration: There should be strong collaboration among media support organisations, state agencies and other actors to collectively tackle abuses against journalists. Such collaboration must involve regional and sub-regional bodies such as the AU and ECOWAS. There must be a collective position and voice speaking out against abuses against journalists at all times. Analysis and Frameworks: There is a need for a regional analysis of the impact of the pandemic on journalists’ safety and the overall media environment and coming up
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A Middle East online tutoring startup eyes Saudi Arabia’s market

Mon, 2020-05-25 22:40 Synkers, an app that helps parents and college students find experts for the extra coaching the latter require. (Supplied) FAST FACT $177.6bn Audrey Nakad came up with the idea of Synkers. (Supplied) This report is being published by Arab News as a partner of the Middle East Exchange, which was launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives to reflect the vision of the UAE prime minister and ruler of Dubai to explore the possibility
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Making Internet service a utility—what’s the worst that could happen?

Update : It's 2020, and a coronavirus pandemic has underscored how crucial broadband service is to the lives of Americans for work, entertainment, and school. Internet service is a necessity, and yet it isn't regulated as a utility the way services like water and electricity are. But back in 2014 (when this story was originally published) and 2015, there was a hot debate over whether the Federal Communications Commission should treat broadband service like a utility—or, more precisely, as a
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On Meeting Bao Ninh: “These Good Men Meant as Much to Me as Yours Did to You”

On the last day of the workshop Ninh stood center stage at the resplendent Harvard Yenching Library. Somewhat nervously, he bowed to the sizable audience, held his book close to his face, and began to read. The dreamy lilt of his tender voice was calm, lyrical. He could have been reading a lullabye. Ten minutes later Ninh closed the book, bowed to modest applause, and stepped from the stage. A handsome, vigorous man, and a heavy combat vet, Larry Heinemann,
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Rwanda: the growing tea sector [Business Africa]

A look at tea production, Rwanda records an increase in its exports, compared to the same period last year. In Rwanda, the tea sector spared by the coronavirus pandemic saw a marked increase during the first quarter of this year. It totals over 9,000 tonnes – revenue of more than US$27.6 million, which is up by 15% from the same period in 2019. Zambia: overproduction of electrical energy Zambia aims to increase its production tenfold by 2022 thanks to the
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Ethiopia: synergy electricity [Business Africa]

Transformation of the agricultural sector… Ethiopia turns to alternative energy sources to counter the harmful effects of coronavirus. Coronavirus disruptions are strongly impacting world economies. On the continent, in the horn of Africa, like Ethiopia, measures are being put in place to revive the economy. The country has embarked on the transformation of its agricultural sector. Addis Ababa is focusing more on a synergy of rural electrification and small farming; We hear more on that from Francis Elisha, the Africa
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Time pass gets a whole new meaning

Try growing your nails or hair or, if you have a really bushy beard, try cramming as many toothpicks as you can into this facial growth to beat the prevailing record of 3,500 toothpicks. Or if you are a gourmand, go for the record of fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta. The current record is 26.69 seconds More by the writer In the land of opportunity To recline or not to recline in the airplane The million dollar
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You Can’t Lick the People: Individual and Collective Struggles in the Films of Frank Capra

(2) Working class solidarity or victory [ American Madness (1932), It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Capra’s themes – (1) Failed attempts to corrupt a good man “Stew: Yes, I’ll tell you – for the same reason I’ve never wanted to go out with those social parasites, those sweet-smelling fashion plates. I don’t like them. They bore me. They give me the jitters. Anne’s Voice: Do you know you’re talking about my friends? Stew: Yes, I’m talking about your friends,
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Soaring Beyond the Green New Deal

“Cap and adapt” requires establishing a maximum quantity for each corporation that extracts and sells fossil fuels and, of course, reducing the cap each year. “Cap and cope” means coping with difficulties that are certain to happen as society reduces the amount of fossil fuels that are available, but without changing the amount of reduction. “Cap and ration” builds upon a previous work by the author, Any Way You Slice It: The Past, Present, and Future of Rationing .
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Sudan inflation hits 99% due to soaring food prices

Sudan’s inflation rate has risen further to 99% in April due to rising food prices, the Sudanese Central Bureau of Statistics announced on Saturday. This rate had already risen to 82% the previous month, over one year. But rising prices for grains, meat, milk and bread have further increased inflation. Despite the political transition in Sudan, which raised hopes for reform following the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, the country’s economy remains in the grip of a
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Coronavirus: Why African airlines could rebound faster - Ethiopian CEO

The coronavirus epidemic continues to disrupt life across the world. The disruption is all but gathering steam in affected even virus-free African countries. The rate of infection is lower on the continent as compared to Europe, Asia and parts of the Americas, where lockdowns are in place. The impact on gatherings is an area that most African governments have moved to control. A number of business conferences were cancelled on account of the pandemic. A number of governments have also
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How coronavirus is boosting e-commerce across Africa

Seydou Sall sprays antiseptic on bags of food freshly deposited by an e-commerce firm at his home in an upmarket quarter of Senegal’s capital Dakar. In a pattern repeated across the continent, the researcher has turned to online deliveries to get basics such as sugar, milk and coffee during the coronavirus pandemic. “Home delivery allows me to avoid contact and queues,” he said, explaining that his order is completed in three clicks and that delivery costs just 2,000 CFA francs
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Stricken by the Stockholm syndrome

Dubai is sanitised, the government is doing a wonderful job of ensuring that people follow social-distancing and other Covid-related regulations. So, lets wear our masks and venture out without stepping out of the car More by the writer Happily quarantined and back to basics Off the cuff: When pens are fountains of joy Stuff that quarantined dreams are made of Struck by Hikikomori
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Equatorial Guinea extends oil exploration licenses

Equatorial Guinea has announced a series of strategic measures to assist oil and gas exploration companies. The measures are expected to lessen the financial burden of these oil companies as the world battles covid-19. The executive president of the African Chamber of Energy for the CEMAC zone, Leoncio Amada NZE, analysed the measures taken by the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea. Watch video
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World oil shortages - expert warns[Business Africa]

Analyst warn of world oil shortages and price hikes due to rising demands. As oil-producing countries have been urged to respect the global agreement on reducing the production of black gold, many experts are warning against an increase in the price per barrel. A production shortfall in the foreseeable future could therefore benefit the producing countries, but could also cause an oil shortage throughout the world. And then Africa’s hydrocarbon industry is expected to boom within the next 5 years, according
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Ending the ongoing Palestinian Nakba #KeyToJustice

Ending the ongoing Palestinian Nakba #KeyToJustice BNC Statement Stop G4S Economic Boycott Military Embargo Boycott HP Apartheid Free Zones Sanctions and governments Boycott Puma AXA Divest CAF get off Israel's apartheid train May 14, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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Some people cough, others sigh

I spent a week in isolation after that, waiting for that little tickle at the back of the throat, like a visitor’s polite knock on the door, to tell me Corona had arrived. But, so far so good, as my mum was fond of saying whenever, at the end of the month, my father asked how she was managing for finances A week in isolation
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#HealthcareNotWarfare - defund militarization, fund healthcare for all

#HealthcareNotWarfare - defund militarization, fund healthcare for all Update Economic Boycott Military Embargo Sanctions and governments May 13, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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More Than 375 Scholars and Artists Pledge to Oppose Political Litmus Tests in Germany

More Than 375 Scholars and Artists Pledge to Oppose Political Litmus Tests in Germany In the News Academic Boycott Right To Boycott May 11, 2020 By:  Opposing Political Litmus Tests
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Take Action: Mark 72 years since the Nakba with #KeyToJustice

Take Action: Mark 72 years since the Nakba with #KeyToJustice Action Alert May 11, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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Key to Justice: Ending the ongoing Palestinian Nakba

Key to Justice: Ending the ongoing Palestinian Nakba Update May 11, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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Post COVID-19 world has limitless opportunities to make a fresh start

Decision is entirely ours Should we go back to that world? Choice is ours One simple unanimous global decision will help us tremendously: A clear instruction that we don’t want to go back to where we have come from. We don’t want to jump into the same frying pan in the name of recovery. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate Time is now Social business Under the rebuilding programme, governments can finance social businesses to buy up companies and tie up with
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Boycott Eurovision in Israel and Tel Aviv Pride

Boycott Eurovision in Israel and Tel Aviv Pride In the News Say No to Pinkwashing January 28, 2019 By:  Pinkwatching Israel
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Challenges facing Africa's Insurance Sector [Business Africa]

Africa’s insurance sector is facing modernization and innovation challenges. Current penetration rate in the entire continent stands at 3%. Insurance, insurance contract, claims, services. What role does insurance play in Africa? What can be done to modernize the African insurance sector and make it more reliable for greater penetration of the continental market? These are questions that Dominique Sodjinou, Managing Director of Africaine des Assurances du Congo provides answers to, in this edition of the program.
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8 billion dollars to fight covid-19 [Business Africa]

World leaders pledge 8 billion dollars for research, and manufacture of a possible vaccine and treatments for COVID-19. This amount will come from several sources of funding, including equity, loans and grants from governments and institutions. World leaders hope to soon find a vaccine against COVID-19. They decided this week to mobilize 8 billion US dollars, dedicated to the research of a treatment to overcome the disease. The amount will come from several sources of funding including equity, loans and
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BDS movement mourns loss of anti-apartheid icon Denis Goldberg

BDS movement mourns loss of anti-apartheid icon Denis Goldberg BNC Statement May 7, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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To recline or not to recline in the airplane

In my experience, there are some people who can’t wait to lie down as soon as the plane takes off. One would think they haven’t slept for days. For someone like me who can never fall asleep on a flight or train journey, it is aggravating to see others slip into slumber so effortlessly More by the writer In the land of opportunity The familiar buzz in town The million dollar question: To capture or not to capture
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Key to Justice: May 14 webinar with Rafeef Ziadah, Marta Ill and Rey Perez Asis

Key to Justice: May 14 webinar with Rafeef Ziadah, Marta Ill and Rey Perez Asis Update May 6, 2020 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)
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AFDB approves above $43.46 million grants for bridge linking Cameroon and Chad

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved grants worth about $43.46 million for the construction of a bridge to connect Cameroon and Chad across the Logone river. The grants, comprising a $22.586 million tranche for Cameroon and $20.880 million for Chad, were approved on April 30. The facility is from the Investment Facility for Africa under a framework agreement between the Bank Group and the European Commission. According to a statement from, Kwasi Kpodo, Communication
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An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes of Southfront Censorship, by Southfront Editor

The situation surrounding the censorship of Southfront on Facebook has turned into a display of the stereotypical Big-tech super villain. Facebook has published a report justifying its actions, which is an egregious, textbook example of fake news. The report contains only disjointed accusations under the cover of meaningless words, and without a single example being...
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India’s lockdown 3.0 has more features

The newspaper detailed the latest lockdown, and it seemed just like the older version, but in this one you can do a whole lot of things that you enjoyed doing in your previous life, that is life Before Corona New Delhi, Apr 11 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi seen wearing a mask during video-conferencing with the Chief Ministers over COVID19, in New Delhi on Saturday. (ANI Photo) Image Credit: ANI Modi's mask
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Objections to an Independent Investigation of China, by Godfree Roberts

Until the CDC releases details of its index case ('Patient Zero') there is no practical or scientific possibility of tracing Covid’s origin. Patient Zero, when he arrives, will introduce us to the animal vector that brung him. Question: Why does the US persistently refuse to release its Patient Zero data–despite being bound to do so...
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Coronavirus: Ethiopian 'soars' with cargo, repatriation operations

The coronavirus epidemic continues to disrupt life across the world. The disruption is all but gathering steam in affected even virus-free African countries. The rate of infection is lower on the continent as compared to Europe, Asia and parts of the Americas, where lockdowns are in place. The impact on gatherings is an area that most African governments have moved to control. A number of business conferences were cancelled on account of the pandemic. A number of governments have also
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World Press Freedom Day: The Prosecution of Julian Assange

Video: On World Press Freedom Day, two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and the UK Bureau Director for Reporters without Borders discuss the Trump administration’s indictment of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and its unprecedented charges of Espionage for the publication of truthful information in the public interest.
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Africa's oil producers impacted by OPEC production cut

Africa’s oil producing nations have not been spared the impact of the global decision to reduce oil output. About 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa produce oil, which accounts for most of their annual export income. Crude oil prices rose marginally on Friday (May 1) as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and their allies started reducing output. Major producers in April agreed to a production cut deal by 10 million barrels a day in May and June. The record
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Zimbabwe tobacco sales start despite virus-related delay

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to weaken the global economy, Zimbabwean farmers are looking to tobacco production for sustenance. Farmers started selling their tobacco crop on Wednesday (April 29), after the outbreak delayed the opening of auctions, which provide vital foreign currency inflows. Coming a month later than usual, farmers, who produced an all time high of 259 million kilograms of tobacco last year, sell their crop to tobacco merchants, who process the crop for export . Chido Nyakudya, CEO
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The twist in the tale

It seems like, we may be outdone by something we cannot see. To fight this, we don’t need sabre swords, nor those fancy flying cars. more by the writer Understanding the meaning of beauty Off the cuff: Saving the planet, with every drop of water Off the cuff: The gift shop in my phone My laundry adventures and the waiting game
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Bridging the Gap in National Security Studies

Given this forum’s focus as an outlet helping bridge the gap, this post discusses ways that academics working on national security-related topics can make themselves and their work more accessible to potential end-users, as seen and experienced from the author’s perspective as a national-security practitioner. A Wide Variety of Vital Contributions Previous articles on this topic (e.g., see here and here ) have pointed out a variety of contributions that scholars can make to applied work, including: Theory , which provides an idea of how
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South Africa to create a new national carrier to replace embattled South African Airways

South Africa is seeking to create a new thriving national airline out of the ashes of its current state-owned carrier, which is technically insolvent and on the brink of being placed in liquidation by administrators. South African Airways (SAA) has recorded no profit since 2011 and has survived through government bailouts. An ideal replacement for South African Airways would have both public and private owners, maintain the country’s trade connections and make a profit, the department of public enterprises said
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