Lai Ching-te’s inauguration: How a coal miner’s son became Taiwan president

Taiwan president-elect William Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party delivers his victory speech in Taipei, Taiwan, on January 13, 2024. Photo: Kelly Ho/HKFP. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen (left) poses for photographs with President-elect Lai Ching-te after presenting him a medal of honour during a ceremony in Taipei on May 13, 2024. Photo: I Chen Lin/Office of the President, via Flick
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France: Parliamentarian boycotts diplomatic trip to Israel due to Gaza war

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Aymeric Caron, of the left-wing Ecological Revolution for Living (REV) Party and who is considered vice-president of the Israel-France Parliamentary Friendship Group, will boycott the diplomatic trip that the French Parliament is scheduled to organise to Israel from 15 to 19 July. Caron, who has firmly established himself as one of the most prominent
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Law on associations: a bill that threatens civil society

“W e’re probably heading towards a collapse of associative life, especially at the level of small associations working in the field, which is the most dangerous scenario,” warned Lamine Benghazi, Program Coordinator at Lawyers Without Borders (ASF). Put forward by a group of members of parliament, a bill designed to regulate the organization of associations seems to jeopardize the freedom
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Palestine: the fight for information

“T here’s nothing as a safe place, but I’m trying my best to stay safe”. 22-year-old journalist Plestia Alaqad has been reporting on the situation as best she can on social networks, while escaping Israel’s bombing raids on the Gaza Strip. “I am barely able to do my job under these circumstances”. Journalists in the field are on the front lines,
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From Behind Enemy Lines, Prison Journalists Report On Conditions At Their Own Risk

Mini fiefdoms Certain punishment Criminalized compensation Credulous editors, prison minimizers Sharing the risks 46 states have censored correspondence with news media (meaning incarcerated journalist are not able to protect their sources, whom are often other prisoners, leaving them to risk everything to speak towards the injustices they experience at the hands of their oppressors   14 states have a total ban on business and compensation (meaning
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2023 Mystery Novel Installments

Murder on the Acadia Murder On the Acadia Jan 23 (Chapter 4). Jan 24- Noo­n Steven runs into Prissy. 4,5 Jan 25 Thatch sisters become recognized by other passengers.6 Jan 26 AM Heck and Keck spot Zoe,6 who tells Sgt. Lake she is searching for adventurous locations.7 Jan 27 Pleasant sailing. Jan 28 PM Prissy joins Twins Group informally. Jan 29 AM 8 PM Acadia leaves Hawaii. Heck-
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Can Big Tech Platforms Operate Responsibly on a Global Scale?

Pierre François Docquir, Head of Media Freedom, ARTICLE 19, who led the project globally;Roberta Taveri, an ARTICLE 19 program officer who played a role in delivering the research on Bosnia and Herzegovina;Catherine Muya from ARTICLE 19 East Africa, who focused on Kenya, andSherly Haristya, PhD, an independent researcher who conducted the research on Indonesia.

#114: Zambia Hakainde Hichilema - 'We've never seen such levels of corruption'

On 12 August, Zambians go to the polls to vote in their next president. Zambia’s ruling party, the Patriotic Front, confirmed Edgar Lungu in April as its candidate in this year's polls. With electoral campaigns now open since 21 May, 19 candidates have so far presented themselves as contenders against Lungu. But one man in particular is looking to take over from the

A Relationship Based On Trust: CEOs delve into customer retention strategies

A Relationship Based On Trust: CEOs delve into customer retention strategies"The best way to build trust is to be honest with yourself on what you can deliver and make sure you stick to your promise to your consumers," Spotii founders.July 28th, 8:14 amJuly 28th, 8:19 amSarah Trad Illustration by Adamastor Studio for [Unbabel] Illustration by Adamastor Studio for

#89: Tony Blair - "Covid-19 exposes the urgency of government reform"

For the 14 heads of state that Tony Blair advises across the continent, the coronavirus pandemic has sharpened the need to overhaul government. But Blair also points to the need for reform at the international level; our global institutions, like the WHO, need to be re-examined to face the challenges of the 21st century.

#84: Bill Gates on Coronavirus - "The big challenge is the urban slum areas"

Bill Gates has been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the fight against COVID-19. He wants an army of innovators to hit the problem, and focus on the longterm rebuilding of African healthcare systems. Not enough for you? He also wants to rehabilitate our global institutional architecture to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

#83: Mohamed el Dahshan - "The onus is on us, as Africans, to take the lead in this conversation"

The global pandemic of coronavirus may be waning in Asia and Europe, but it's hasn't quite peaked across Africa, and in particular North Africa. How is the region dealing with a sudden drop from tourism, oil and investment? Are governments trusted by their people to make the right decisions? We talk about North Africa and Egypt with Mohamed el Dahshan, devlopment