Ethiopia: Innovative Citizen Engagement in Ethiopia During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Radio Shows Promote Accountable Service Delivery

[World Bank] In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, one of the World Bank's largest social accountability programs, the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP), found a way to safely keep open lines of communication between the Ethiopian people and their government: call-in radio shows. This use of media more than doubled the reach of the program, and gave voice to
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Is the pandemic an opportunity to shift from oil to greener energy?

Ironically, the situation could create a huge backlash against the energy transition. It should be noted that the oil majors' technical and financial capabilities will be an essential contribution to a low carbon economy. Energy transition policies with a view to meeting carbon neutrality by 2050 might actually slow down as a result of Covid-19. There are concerns, though. The
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Inclusive and Equitable Education in the Pacific

In 2019, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 challenges all nations to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by the year 2030. As we think about this in the
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Israel's apartheid regime is the work of a callous rogue state

To be fair, not all Israelis are comfortable with the healthcare double standards of their government. Two hundred rabbis signed a petition by Rabbis for Human Rights calling on Tel Aviv to distribute coronavirus vaccines to the Palestinian population in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, the former senior rabbi of Reform Judaism in Britain and
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Nesrine, 24 years old, a customer service employee who works remotely, 960 dinars per month

An overview of her monthly cash income and expenses: ” It’s very different where I’m from. There is no place to have fun, and people just spend their time working or studying. So after working for a year as a customer representative, I wanted to look for new opportunities in Tunis. I like that I can go out from time
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Confronting Total Collapse in Israeli-Occupied Gaza: Division and COVID-19

You might also like: Back to the Future: The Great March of Return Focus On: Gaza Gaza is Headed for a Deeper Political and Humanitarian Crisis Palestine and COVID-19: Lessons for Leadership During Times of Crisis Gaza Between Occupation and Division Gaza During COVID-19 The Ramifications of Collapse on Gaza’s Palestinians Confronting Total Collapse The Great March of Return The
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Africa: Biden, Democracy, and Africa

[Brookings] Editor's Note: Below is a Viewpoint from Chapter 6 of the Foresight Africa 2021 report, which explores top priorities for the region in the coming year. This year's issue focuses on strategies for Africa to confront the twin health and economic crises created by the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge stronger than ever. Read the full chapter on good governance.
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Forget Biden’s Bust of Cesar Chavez: Hunts Point Strike Is the Bold Labor Action the Country Needs

Photo: Courtesy Alex Moore/Teamsters Joint Council 16 “We’re only essential when it suits them. There were guys who died. I got the virus and brought it home to my family.” Photo: Courtesy Alex Moore/Teamsters Joint Council 16 Photo: Natasha Lennard/The Intercept The wealth of corporations and their owners compared to the economic hardship faced by those whose labor they exploit
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Art attack: Pandemic will have lasting effect on creative markets

Sat, 2021-01-23 16:10 HIGH LIGHTS Even the high-end art market was less frothy in 2020 than in 2019 due to restrictions placed on galleries, auctioneers, and collectors by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. (AP) Cornelia Meyer is a Ph.D.-level economist with 30 years of experience in investment banking and industry. She is chairperson and CEO of business consultancy Meyer Resources.
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Recap of Recent Articles on Just Security (January 16-22)

On Biden’s Planned Summit: Humility, Not Hubris, Can Save Democracy by Tracey Gurd ( @traceygurd1 ) US Human Rights Policy: How to Really Build Back Better by Francisco Bencosme ( @bencosmef ) and Sarah Margon ( @SarahMargon ) The American Insurrection Was a Gain for Dictators, and a Loss for Zimbabweans by Themba Mzingwane ( @Mzithemba ) De-platforming Following Capitol
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UAE scrambles to allay Danish concerns over pre-flight Covid-19 tests

The United Arab Emirates is in contact with Denmark to "clarify the details" after the latter suspended flights over coronavirus concerns, Abu Dhabi said. The United Arab Emirates said late on Friday it was in contact with Danish authorities to "clarify the details" of the concerns over coronavirus testing that prompted them to suspend flights.
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On the Ground at the Inauguration: The Only Thing to See Was Hope

Step into the light Will Sennott No respect for the press; bussing in the troops; bubbles for Biden Will Sennott Related News 2021 Militias Mostly No-Shows at Michigan Capitol Rally On Sunday by Will Sennott January 18, 2021 Souvenir duty at Union Station Will Sennott Related News 2021 Gun Rights Absolutists Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in Virginia by Will

Tanzania: Parting of Ways - Secretary Pompeo Announces Sanctions On Tanzania

[CFR] On January 19, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo--on his last full day in the position--announced visa restrictions on "Tanzanian officials responsible for or complicit in undermining" the general elections held in late October last year. As of yet, none of the individuals to be sanctioned have been identified publicly. In announcing the measures, Secretary Pompeo asserted that "there
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Morocco signs direct flight agreement with Israel in latest normalisation step

The two states agreed to normalise ties in December last year. Morocco signed an agreement with Israel this week to launch direct flights between the two countries. The agreement signed on Thursday is the latest step in an ongoing normalisation process launched last year. Israel and Morocco agreed to establish ties in a US -brokered agreement
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Fiji’s Presidency of the Human Rights Council Brings Opportunity and Responsibility to the Pacific

On Friday, 15 January, Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan, Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, was elected the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2021. As the first Pacific islander to hold this position, the President has a unique opportunity to enhance the protection and promotion of human rights in Fiji and the Pacific, and
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Keir Starmer is Ignoring the Few Lessons He Could Learn From Joe Biden

LAB 36% (-7) CON 33% (+1) PC 17% (+4) REF 5% (-) GRN 4% (+1) LD 3% (-) [My seat estimate] LAB 21 (-6) CON 14 (+5) PC 5 (+1) This leaves England, the largest of the nations and where Labour has struggled most in recent decades – the exception being a brief resurgence in 2017. Even in 2005 under Tony Blair, the party only came second in
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Personal Testimonies, Pledges Mark the Start of the ‘Fair Share to End Child Labour’ Campaign

Selimatha Salifu, a former child labourer from Ghana, is now a teacher working with children and encouraging them to continue their education. Salifu is one of two former child activists who addressed United Nations officials, business, faith, union, education and youth leaders from around the world at the virtual launch of the ‘Fair Share to End Child Labour’ campaign on
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Local Covid restrictions: the latest data on cases by local authority for England and the rest of Britain

Covid severity by local authority Case rates among all age groups, and how this is changing Case rates among those aged 60+ Hospitalisation levels, and how these are changing Test positivity rates Case rate trends by local authority */ Covid spread by local neighbourhood */ A note on the data */ Justin Paget / Getty Images RSS:  Business Article :  Link
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Al-Haq welcomes B’Tselem’s recognition of Israeli apartheid

Al-Haq welcomed the publication of B’Tselem’s position paper recognising the construction and maintenance of a single apartheid regime over the Palestinian people. [1] B’Tselem’s paper compellingly and starkly illustrates the now clearly fictional distinction between the oppressive treatment of Palestinians not only in the occupied Palestinian territory but also as citizens of Israel within the Green Line, recognising that “the
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Africa: What Janet Yellen Can Do About Climate Change As U.S. Treasury Secretary

[The Conversation Africa] Janet Yellen is poised to be the next U.S. Treasury secretary, and her inbox will require every ounce of her vast experience to pilot the economy through a daunting confluence of challenges. How the U.S. manages the economic recovery from COVID-19, the financial risks from climate change and inequality together will determine the chances of American prosperity
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Africa: AMSP Opens Covid-19 Vaccines Pre-Orders for 55 African Union Member States

[African Union] Following the announcement by the African Union Chairperson, President Cyril Ramaphosa, on 14 January 2021 that the African Union has secured a provisional 270 million COVID-19 vaccine doses for Africa through its COVID-19 African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team (AVATT), the Africa Medical Supplies Platform (AMSP), on behalf of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC),
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Change Financing Priorities to Address COVID-19, Conference Hears

The webinar, facilitated by Asian Population and Development Association (APDA), was aimed at enhancing support for the implementation of International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)commitments in the face of the pandemic. Japan had been a leading nation in the two major international initiatives – it had co-established ACT-Accelerator (ACT-A). It was once the 2nd largest donor for the partnership
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What Happened When the UK Privatized COVID Food Aid? Children Got Scraps

As of next week, schools in England will be able to use a national voucher scheme instead of food hampers. It is clear, however, that more than reviews and tinkering around the edges are needed, not least because there were well-documented and still unresolved issues with the voucher scheme last time it was used.
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Africa: Co-Chairs' Presentation of the Second Report of the Independent Panel

[The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response] The Co-Chairs of the Independent Panel, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Right Honourable Helen Clark, made the following oral presentation of the Independent Panel's Second Report on Progress to the WHO 148th Executive Board on 19 January 2021. Read the Panel's Second Report on Progress, available in six languages, in
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A BASIC TRUTH: Facing an Existential Threat, Humanity Must Work Together

COVID-19 is like a rainstorm, a thunderous and powerful rainstorm all over the world. If we didn’t know before, we certainly know now just where the holes are in our roofs, or where there are no roofs. We see ever more clearly who is getting drenched and who is dying, and who remains dry. In response, under the leadership of
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On Biden’s Planned Summit: Humility, Not Hubris, Can Save Democracy

Coordinate with U.S. missions abroad to seek advice on agenda and outcomes from those most harmed by democracy’s failures: Biden’s summit organizers should coordinate with U.S. diplomatic missions in countries invited to the summit to hold in-country consultations with civil society. Priority must be given to ethnic, religious, and LGBTQI+ minorities, human rights defenders, journalists, pro-democracy activists, stateless communities,
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Iran imposes symbolic sanctions on President Trump

FILE – In this Tuesday, January 12, 2021 file photo, President Donald Trump gestures as he boards Air Force One upon arrival at Valley International Airport, in Harlingen, Texas. Iran on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, imposed sanctions on President Donald Trump and a number of members of his administration over their alleged role in support of “terrorism,” according to the
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Structural Crisis: Senate Threatens to Usurp Presidency, Constitution, and Will of the People, by Leonard R. Jaffee

By 8 January 2021, Mitch McConnell had determined he would not permit the Senate to try Trump until 19 January 2021 or later. He ruled that the Senate could not convene for special session unless all 100 Senators formally agreed; he maintained that ruling consistently, through 19 January 2021. By 10 January 2021, House majority...
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10 things to watch on Tadawul today

Author:  Wed, 2021-01-20 06:56 Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co. (Aldrees) reported a net profit after Zakat and tax of SAR 121.1 million for the fiscal year 2020, down 59% year-on-year (YoY). Alkhabeer Diversified Income Traded Fund will be listed as a closed-ended investment traded fund on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), and units will begin trading from Jan. 19, 2021.
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10 things to watch on Tadawul today

Author:  Wed, 2021-01-20 06:56 Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co. (Aldrees) reported a net profit after Zakat and tax of SAR 121.1 million for the fiscal year 2020, down 59% year-on-year (YoY). Alkhabeer Diversified Income Traded Fund will be listed as a closed-ended investment traded fund on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), and units will begin trading from Jan. 19, 2021.
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Gun Rights Absolutists Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in Virginia

Related NEWS & POLITICS ARCHIVES The Romans Tried to Save the Republic From Men Like Trump. They Failed. by Joy Connolly Originally published January 17, 2017 Crackhead Barney unfurls the stars and stripes Will Sennott Related POLITICS ARCHIVE Richard Nixon’s Real Motive Was Tyranny by Walter Karp Originally published December 22, 1975 Related News 2021 Gun Rights Absolutists

A Hungry Planet Is An Angry Planet

As Joe Biden is inaugurated this week, and as the world celebrates the defeat of Donald Trump, one of the Biggest Men of anti-democratic populism, it cannot afford to gloss over the determinants of the crisis that led to Trump gaining 75 million votes and the extremist assault on the Capitol. “700 million people are living on under $1.90 a
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How democracy could become one of the pandemic’s lasting victims

The world has slid further into autocracy Pandemic backsliding score (where 1 is the maximum pandemic backsliding) and Covid-19 impact on The Global State of Democracy. */ */ T. Narayan/Bloomberg via Getty Images Donald Trump and Melania meet Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, in February 2020. RSS:  Business Article :  Link to external profile : 
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Nigeria: IATA Welcomes Us Pre-Departure Covid-19 Testing Order

[This Day] The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has welcomed the announcement by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it will require all travellers to the US to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test undertaken within three days prior to their departure to the country, effective 26 January.
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Mozambique: EU Funding Helps WFP Address Hunger Challenges in Mozambique

[WFP] Maputo -- A combined total of ?7.6 million in funding from the European Union (EU) is helping the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) address the growing food needs in Mozambique driven by climate change, insecurity, displacement and the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, while also strengthening national capacity to respond to natural disasters.
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UK hospitals use blockchain to track vaccine efforts

Vaccine supply chains are incredibly complex, due to the requirements for cold storage, and the pace and scale of distribution UK hospitals are using blockchain to ensure the integrity of vaccines, ensuring they haven’t been tampered with or mishandled READ NEXT Is blockchain security a given? Rise in breaches says not YOU MIGHT LIKE IBM finds phishing threat to covid-19
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MLK: “Loving Your Enemies” Message for a Political System Based on Hate

Biden may well call for unity, but it will almost certainly be a call for unity based on national unity based at some level by uniting against alleged foreign adversaries. Circles around Trump want to target Iran; circles around Biden seem to favor targeting Russia. Both seem to be eyeing China. But that just takes the hate of the system
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Militias Mostly No-Shows at Michigan Capitol Rally On Sunday

What the well-dressed reporter wears in 2021. Seth Herald Related News 2021 Gun Rights Absolutists Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in Virginia by Will Sennott January 19, 2021 Related FEATURE ARCHIVES Whiny White Guys by Richard Goldstein Originally published March 7, 1995 Related POLITICS ARCHIVE The Avengers: Journalists of the Right Rejoice by Alexander Cockburn Originally published December

Video: Guantánamo Attorney Shelby Sullivan-Bennis and I Discuss the Prison’s Ongoing Horrors for Revolution Books Online

A screenshot from “America’s Torture Colony: 19 Years of Guantánamo … It Must Be Closed NOW!”, an online event hosted by Revolution Books, featuring Andy Worthington and Shelby Sullivan-Bennis, and host Raymond Lotta. Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related
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Why the Environmental Justice Movement Should Think Locally

On a chilly December morning, Gabriel Jamison stood in front of a construction site in Brownsville, Brooklyn, with a sign and a megaphone. “National Grid has the nerve to sit there and come into a low-income neighborhood,” Jamison said, as National Grid employees continued to work in the background. “We’re not going to tolerate that.” Surrounded by a handful of other demonstrators, Jamison was protesting the
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“Ideas and power to build a world of peace and justice” – Corbyn launches new Peace and Justice Project with four calls to action

“We have the ideas, and power when we come together, to build a world of peace and justice” renowned left-wing thinker Noam Chomsky youth climate activist Scarlett Westbrook Mandela government minister Ronnie Kasrils Unite general secretary Len McCluskey Labour parliamentary rising star Zarah Sultana former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis former NUT general secretary Christine Blower The economic security
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Saudi-Yemeni collaboration aims to support housing, education and employment sectors

Author:  Sat, 2021-01-16 19:21 Main category:  Business & Economy Tags:  business economy Saudi Arabia Yemen Housing Education Employment Advanced technology will not impact Saudi employment: Saudi minister Distance learning to continue in Saudi Arabia for all stages of public education during second term424,000 Saudi families have benefited from subsidized housing loansSaudi-Yemeni free-trade zone would benefit both countries, says business leader
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Middle East organic milk company sees surge in sales during COVID-19 lockdown

Sat, 2021-01-16 18:15 Dairy and plant-based drink company Koita Foods saw a 350 percent rise in online sales last year. (Supplied) Mustafa Koita, Founder and CEO of Koita Foods. (Supplied) Main category:  Business & Economy Tags:  business economy Middle East milk Coronavirus The Saudi entrepreneur keeping camel milk flowing in AmericaSADAFCO program highlights importance of milk
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Pfizer, BioNTech to limit delays of vaccine shipments to one week

The drugmaker aims to increase manufacturing of the Covid-19 vaccine and keep delays at a minimum. Pfizer and BioNTech said on Saturday they will limit the delays of their Covid-19   vaccine deliveries to just one week, after fears in Europe that shipments of the jabs could be slowed for up to a month.
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‘Starmerism’ is Failing on Its Own Terms – And Members Need to Lead the Way

In this context, recent speeches by shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds and Starmer himself on the party’s new approaches to the economy and the pandemic respectively have represented an attempt to mix things up and begin delivering on the first of those core promises. Both contained some progressive elements that will have real appeal to left wing members who ‘lent’ Starmer
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Syria's White Helmets awarded funds to produce coronavirus prevention equipment

The award-winning NGO will produce millions of pieces of personal protective equipment to protect volunteers, healthcare workers and displaced Syrians from Covid-19. Syria 's Nobel Prize-nominated White Helmets have received more than $1 million in funding to produce lifesaving personal protective equipment  (PPE). The Syria Civil Defence , a volunteer first responder organisation popularly known
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Dengue—an Epidemic Within a Pandemic in Peru

While the world is grappling with the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peru is still dealing with an epidemic that it has not been able to control—the mosquito-borne viral disease known as dengue. ● “If you have flowerpots or aquatic plants, clean the recipients every two days […].” every day you water the plants.” ● “Tightly close the recipients where
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Tuberculosis Kills As Many People Each Year As COVID-19. It’s Time We Found a Better Vaccine

the decline of TB in many Western countries in the 20th century limited interest from pharmaceutical companies to invest in TB vaccine development the fact TB research and pre-clinical vaccine development is logistically challenging and requires special biological containment facilities the short-term and fiercely competitive environment for government and philanthropic research funding makes it difficult for academics to commit to
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