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Syrian fighters reach Daesh-held dam

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters reached a major dam held by Daesh (ISIS) in northern Syria Friday as Syria’s U.N. ambassador said hundreds of American personnel are invading my country.
2017-03-25 00:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

To fix war-torn societies, help women work

When Daesh (ISIS) militants brutally invaded her hometown of Kobani in Syria, Shorash didn’t initially see it as a career opportunity.
2017-03-25 00:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

'No miracles' in Geneva talks as Syria fighting rages

A fifth round of UN-backed Syria talks is under way in Geneva amid low expectations as violence on the ground escalates.
2017-03-24 20:03 | News | Aljazeera

US sanctions 30 firms, individuals for aiding Iran, North Korea arms programs

The United States has imposed sanctions on 30 international companies and individuals for transferring sensitive technology to Iran for its missile program or for violating export controls on Iran, North Korea and Syria, the State Department said on Friday. Eleven companies and individuals from China, North Korea or the United Arab Emirates were sanctioned for technology transfers that could boost Tehran's ballistic missile program, the State Department said in a statement. Nineteen entities or individuals were sanctioned for
2017-03-24 17:03 | News | EgyptIndependent

How to work with the Kurds—and Turkey—in Syria

American policy towards Syria is stuck in a conundrum. President Donald Trump’s request that the Pentagon deliver him options for accelerating the campaign against ISIS has probably already generated some good tactical initiatives. But Trump’s understandable reluctance to have U.S. forces lead the fight on the ground leaves us dependent on local proxies. Unfortunately, moderate […]
2017-03-24 15:03 | News | Brookings

Analysis: Insurgents launch major offensive against Assad regime in Hama province

Jihadists, Islamists and rebel groups affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched a new offensive against Bashar al Assad's regime in northern Hama province earlier this week. Hay'at Tahrir al Sham, al Qaeda's joint venture in Syria, is playing a prominent role in the fighting, dispatching several suicide bombers and its "special forces." Upwards of 10 or more FSA-branded groups are participating as well.
2017-03-24 15:03 | Feature Articles, Long War Journal, Abna al Sham | LongWarJournal

Why there’s no need to panic on UN peacekeeping cuts

Fears are growing that the UN will be forced to drastically cut peacekeeping missions at President Donald Trump’s behest. Fortunately, it's a lot more complicated than that. First, Trump has to get his proposed budget through the US Congress and then, even if he does, where and when to cut the presence of blue helmets around the globe relies on tricky diplomatic manoeuvring and careful navigation of the UN's bureaucratic roadblocks.  The current UN peacekeeping budget , for the year ending 30
2017-03-24 13:03 | News | IrinNews

Big Changes And Major Dilemmas Loom In Next Phase of ISIS War in Syria

The U.S. considers deploying hundreds more American troops to Syria in the final phase of the war against ISIS — one that could reshape borders and relationships in the Middle East.
2017-03-23 21:03 | News | NPR

UN's troubled Syria peace talks restart in Geneva

U.N.-backed Syria peace talks resumed in Geneva on Thursday, with little hope of a breakthrough and the emboldened regime seen as unlikely to make concessions.
2017-03-23 18:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

300,000 civilians at risk in Damascus battle, pause needed: UN

Fighting around Syria's capital Damascus has cut 300,000 people off from humanitarian aid and pauses in the conflict are needed to let aid convoys in, Jan Egeland, U.N. humanitarian advisor on Syria, said on Thursday
2017-03-23 16:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

Deputy UN Special Envoy for Syria meets with regime and opposition delegations

Deputy UN Special Envoy for Syria Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy met on Thursday separately with regime and opposition delegations ahead of the formal start of a fifth round of peace talks in Geneva .
2017-03-23 16:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Conflict in Syria | AlBawaba

Fierce fighting in Syria as talks restart in Geneva

A fifth round of Syria talks in Geneva kicks off on shaky ground as clashes increase in Hama and Damascus.
2017-03-23 15:03 | News | Aljazeera

10 Dutch jihadi suspects on trial in absentia in Rotterdam

Dutch detectives are investigating more than 200 Dutch jihadis who have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq, public prosecutor...
2017-03-23 15:03 | Crime, Society | DutchNews

UN chief to attend Arab Summit after row over Israel ‘apartheid’ report

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres travels to Jordan next week to attend the Arab League Summit following a row over the release of a UN report accusing Israel of being an apartheid state. Guterres will arrive in Amman on Monday for talks with King Abdullah II and to visit a refugee camp ahead of the Arab League’s annual summit near the Dead Sea next Wednesday, said a UN spokesman. Guterres will hold a round of bilateral meetings on the
2017-03-23 14:03 | News | AbrarOnline

Tillerson pledges safe areas for refugees, more pressure on ISIS

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Wednesday the United States would set up “interim zones of stability” to help refugees return home in the next phase of the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, Reuters reported. The top US diplomat did not make clear where these zones were to be set up. He was addressing a meeting of 68 countries and organizations gathered in Washington to discuss accelerating the battle against ISIS. “The United
2017-03-23 14:03 | News | AbrarOnline

The voices missing from Syria's peace talks

As negotiations on the war in Syria resume in Geneva, civil society groups say their voices are not being heard.
2017-03-23 14:03 | News | Aljazeera

Civilians still in Raqqa are still civilians

The presence of the US 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Syria to take part in the campaign to capture Raqqa marks a significant shift in U.S. policy in the Middle East, and heralds an unknown future for the city’s civilians.
2017-03-23 14:03 | Best Defense, Military, Syria | ForeignPolicy

FM invites all to join WAVE idea

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif urged “all” to join President Hassan Rouhani’s proposal for the World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE). “Let’s celebrate spring’s renewal by renewing hope for children in Syria and Yemen. Let’s all join the WAVE: World Against Violence and Extremism, “Zarif said on his twitter on Wednesday evening pointing to the beginning of the New Iranian Year, Norouz, which also marks beginning of spring. In December 2013, the General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to approve President Rouhani’s
2017-03-23 14:03 | News | AbrarOnline

Ten Egyptian soldiers killed in anti-Daesh operation in Sinai

Ten Egyptian security forces have been killed during an anti-terror operation in central Sinai after their vehicles were targeted by bombs. A military spokesman said in a statement Thursday that security forces killed 15 people and arrested seven others in the course of the operation on a militant base in the peninsula.
2017-03-23 13:03 | NEWS, Lebanon and Syria, Palestinian Arena | AlBawaba

US embassies ordered to identify population groups for tougher visa screening

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has directed US diplomatic missions to identify "populations warranting increased scrutiny" and toughen screening for visa applicants in those groups, according to diplomatic cables seen by Reuters. He has also ordered a "mandatory social media check" for all applicants who have ever been present in territory controlled by the Islamic State, in what two former US officials said would be a broad, labor-intensive expansion of such screening. Social media screening is now done
2017-03-23 10:03 | News | EgyptIndependent

The Mess in the Middle East

The “Great Game” being played in the Middle East with Syria and Iraq as the center rings bears a superficial similarity to the power political maneuverings of the dominant European states in their African and Asian periphery during the 19th century. There is a somewhat closer resemblance to the Spanish civil war in the mix […] The post The Mess in the Middle East appeared first on Asia Sentinel .
2017-03-23 09:03 | Headline, Politics, Middle East | AsiaSentinel

It is now 'impossible' for Raqqa’s civilians to get medical treatment, activists say

There are currently no hospitals accepting civilian medical admissions left in Raqqa - as the World Health Organisation (WHO) reports more than half of Syria's public hospitals have closed nationally.  Of the many civilians wounded by recent coalition airstrikes - which  kill
2017-03-23 09:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Conflict in Syria | AlBawaba

War Correspondents Describe Recent U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen

Sentiment in Washington may not reflect that the U.S. is at war, but Anand Gopal and Iona Craig have seen the carnage from recent U.S. military strikes in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The post War Correspondents Describe Recent U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen appeared first on The Intercept .
2017-03-22 21:03 | Uncategorized | TheIntercept

Dozens Of Civilians Killed Near Raqqa In Airstrike Activists Blame On Coalition

Monitor groups allege a strike by U.S.-led forces leveled a school near ISIS' de facto capital in Syria. The coalition says there's no indication it was responsible but it will investigate.
2017-03-22 20:03 | News | NPR

How do education and unemployment affect support for violent extremism?

The year 2016 saw a spate of global terrorist attacks in United States, Ivory Coast, Belgium, France, Pakistan, Turkey and Nigeria, which has led to an increased focus on ways to combat terrorism and specifically, the threat of Daesh (Arabic acronym for ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Figures from Institute for Economics and […]
2017-03-22 20:03 | News | Brookings

Trump administration to host first anti-ISIL meeting

US to host first meeting under Trump administration of 68 countries working to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.
2017-03-22 19:03 | News | Aljazeera

Turkish military trades cross-border fire with Syrian Kurds

Cross-border tensions are rising between Kurdish militias in Syria and Turkey's military after a Turkish soldier was fatally shot from a Kurdish-controlled area in northwestern Syria. On Wednesday, the Turkish army said the soldier had been shot to death in Hatay Province by a sniper on the Syrian side of the border.
2017-03-22 16:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Conflict in Syria | AlBawaba

The war and Syria’s families

The tragedy of the Syrian conflict extends beyond its nearly 500,000 deaths, 2 million injured, and the forced displacement of half its population. The violence and social and cultural forces unleashed by the war have torn families apart, which will likely have a long lasting impact on Syria.   There is universal understanding that the […]
2017-03-22 14:03 | News | Brookings

Jordan receives only 3 percent of funding required for its 1.3M Syrian refugees

Out of some 4.9 million Syrians registered with the UNHCR in the region by mid March, around 657,000 are Syrian refugees hosted in Jordan, according to the Syria Regional Refugee Response's Inter-Agency Information Sharing Portal posted on UNHCR’s website .
2017-03-22 14:03 | BUSINESS, Economy and Policy, Main headlines | AlBawaba

Syria's green buses: Symbol of a seismic shift

Less dramatic than the barrel bombs and less celebrated than the White Helmets but Syria’s green buses are still iconic.
2017-03-22 13:03 | News | Aljazeera

Warnings of a ‘Powder Keg’ in Libya as ISIS Regroups

Punishing strikes in December and January hurt the terrorist group, but it is exploiting the chaos and political vacuum gripping the country, American and allied officials say.
2017-03-22 12:03 | Terrorism, Libya, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) | NYTimes

SitRep: Exclusive: Kushner Leaning on Allies; Ex-Trumper Manafort’s Plans for Putin; Tillerson Didn’t Want SecState

ISIS Summit Hits D.C.; North Korea Launches Another Missile; Russians Down in Syria; Israel prepares for Evacuations; And Lots More
2017-03-22 12:03 | The Cable, Britain, Israel | ForeignPolicy

Syrian Kurdish militias, Turkish military exchange cross-border fire

Cross-border tensions are rising between Kurdish militias in Syria and Turkey’s military after a Turkish soldier was fatally shot from a Kurdish-controlled area in northwestern Syria. On Wednesday, the Turkish army said the soldier had been shot to death in Hatay Province by a sniper on the Syrian side of the border. Shortly after the incident, Turkish forces returned fire and shelled Syrian villages in the predominantly-Kurdish border region of Afrin, said the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which
2017-03-22 10:03 | News | AbrarOnline

Nations pledge millions to protect cultural heritage

A UNESCO-backed donor conference at the Louvre museum in Paris pledged US$75 million (around €70 million) on Monday for a new initiative to protect cultural heritage at risk from conflict and extremism. French President Francois Hollande committed US$30 million to the fund, making France one of seven donors to the fund; the others include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Morocco and Switzerland. Addressing the conference, Hollande rallied donors to raise an "ambitious" US$100 million by 2019. He also stated that
2017-03-22 10:03 | News | EgyptIndependent

Turkish soldier killed in sharpshooter fire opened from PYD region in Syria: Military

One Turkish soldier in the Reyhanlı district of the southern province of Hatay was killed on March 22 by a sniper fired from a region controlled by the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria, the Turkish General Staff has announced
2017-03-22 09:03 | News | Hurriyet

US-led coalition in Washington to accelerate efforts against remaining Daesh strongholds

The 68-nation US-led coalition against the Islamic State group will meet in Washington on Wednesday to accelerate efforts to destroy the remaining jihadist strongholds in Iraq and Syria.
2017-03-22 09:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Iraq | AlBawaba

US, Britain curb electronics on flights from Middle East, North Africa

The United States and Britain on Tuesday imposed restrictions on carry-on electronic devices on planes coming from certain airports in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa in response to unspecified security threats. The US Department of Homeland Security said passengers traveling from a specific list of airports could not bring into the main cabin devices larger than a mobile phone such as tablets, portable DVD players, laptops and cameras. Instead, such items must be in
2017-03-22 08:03 | News | EgyptIndependent

Trump administration hosts first meeting of anti-IS coalition

Foreign ministers from 68 countries meet in Washington on Wednesday to agree on the next steps to defeat Islamic State, the first such gathering of the US-led military coalition since the election of President Donald Trump in November. The meeting will be hosted by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Trump has vowed to make the fight against Islamic State a priority and directed the Pentagon and other agencies in January to submit a plan for defeating the militant
2017-03-22 08:03 | News | EgyptIndependent

Winning World War II in the Twenty-First Century

Originally posted at TomDispatch. U.S. Marines are, for the first time, deploying to Syria (with more to come). There’s talk of an “enduring” U.S. military presence in Iraq, while additional U.S. troops are being dispatched to neighboring Kuwait with an eye to the wars in both Iraq and Syria. Yemen has been battered by a […]
2017-03-22 06:03 | Uncategorized | AntiWar

EU sanctions four senior Syrian military officials over chemical weapons use

The European Union imposed sanctions on Monday against four senior Syrian military officials accused of using chemical weapons on civilians, after Russia and China blocked similar measures at the United Nations.
2017-03-22 06:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Conflict in Syria | AlBawaba

Israel: 2016 killing of Hezbollah commander inside job

Israel's military chief claims Hezbollah military commander in Syria was killed by members of his own group.
2017-03-21 21:03 | News | Aljazeera

Syrian extremist alliance says launched attack near Hama

Tahrir al-Sham, an alliance of Syrian extremist rebel groups, Tuesday said it had launched a new offensive near the city of Hama in the central part of western Syria.
2017-03-21 20:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

The Race to Raqqa Could Cost Trump Turkey

The anti-ISIS fight could devolve into a war between the Kurds and Ankara, and disrupt the plan to take back the terror group’s de-facto capital.
2017-03-21 14:03 | Dispatch, kurdistan, Syria | ForeignPolicy

Hezbollah killed their own man in Syria, says Israel’s army chief

Hezbollah’s Syria chief was assassinated by his own men, and not by Israel, the head of Israel’s army said on Tuesday, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz .
2017-03-21 14:03 | NEWS, Lebanon and Syria, Main Headlines | AlBawaba

Israeli drone crashes in Syria, circumstances unclear

The Israeli military has confirmed that a drone crashed in Syria earlier this week in unclear circumstances.
2017-03-21 11:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

Extending influence in Syria, Russia says it will train Kurdish troops

Kurdish fighters are set to be trained by Russian forces in northern Syria, the spokesperson of the People's Protection Units (YPG) said on Monday.
2017-03-21 07:03 | NEWS, Main Headlines, Conflict in Syria | AlBawaba

Lebanese protesters’ trials moved to civilian courts after successful campaign

The trial for nine protesters accused of rioting and damaging private property in Downtown Beirut on Oct. 8, 2015 , were transferred Monday from a military to a civilian court .
2017-03-21 06:03 | NEWS, Lebanon and Syria, Main Headlines | AlBawaba

Beyond Raqqa: Daesh’s next battlefield

A conventional military defeat of Daesh (ISIS) seems to be on the horizon in Syria and Iraq, but analysts warn of a persistent danger posed by the group, with speculation it could regroup in Libya.
2017-03-21 00:03 | Middle East | DailyStar

Along Syria-Jordan Border, Refugees Struggle At A Camp Aid Workers Can't Visit

In the Syrian desert near Jordan's border, some 60,000 refugees live in dire conditions. A trip with the Jordanian military provided a glimpse of the Rukban camp. Few outsiders have seen it.
2017-03-20 23:03 | News | NPR

Syria Kurds say will receive training from Russian forces

Russia is setting up a military base in northwestern Syria in an agreement with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia that controls the area and will be training YPG fighters as part of the fight against terrorism, the militia's spokesman said Monday.
2017-03-20 16:03 | Middle East | DailyStar