The Oil Price Crash and International Petro-Politics

The global oil market has entered uncharted territory. On Monday, the price of WTI crude, the US oil benchmark, went negative for the first time in history, closing at -$37 per barrel . What happened? And what does it mean for international petroleum politics? Two factors drove the oil price collapse: market fundamentals and the quirks of oil futures trading. Market fundamentals—oil supply
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Syria seals major shrine for Shi’ites pilgrims to stem virus

Syrian authorities on Thursday sealed a major Shi’ite shrine that is a magnet for tens of thousands of Iranian pilgrims whom medics and the U.N. officials warned their congregation puts the country at risk of a major spread of coronavirus. The move comes as the war-ravaged country steps up a lockdown to stem a major outbreak with a fragile
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The Fierce Urgency of Now – ECW Allocates $15M in Emergency Funds

The Education Cannot Wait Global Fund (ECW) allocates a total of US$15 million in an initial series of emergency grants for the rapid delivery of holistic education services to protect and support vulnerable children and youth hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 16 countries/emergency contexts. These girls and boys are already impacted by armed conflicts, forced displacement, natural disasters and
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The Quiet and Lethal Wars Against Iran

Some wars are fought with bombs and bullets. These are the wars in Syria and Iraq, in Afghanistan and Yemen. Then there are quieter wars executed by drone. These cowardly wars also kill people, but not our people. These quieter wars accomplish what the more cacophonous wars accomplish without the public outcry and condemnation. Medical … Continue reading "The
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EU calls for an immediate ceasefire in Syria

The European Union on Sunday echoed the call of UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen for an immediate and nationwide ceasefire in Syria, particularly in view of the coronavirus pandemic. “The recently agreed ceasefire in Idlib remains fragile. It must be upheld and extended to the whole of Syria,” said Peter Stano, EU lead spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
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Envoy: Imposers of sanctions are accountable for innocent people’s death

Iranian Ambassador to France Bahram Qasemi in a message on Saturday said that those who call for boosting sanctions and maximum pressure in the crisis-stricken world should be responsible for death of thousands of innocent people. Those who are speaking of sanctions and maximum pressures amid the coronavirus-crisis-stricken world and when thousands of people are being killed and in
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Lift Syrian Sanctions Before Coronavirus Creates a Perfect Storm

The US and EU sanctions on Syria have taken a toll on the health and welfare of the Syrian people for many years. They were designed to “hurt” the Syrian government, but have only hurt the innocent unarmed Syrian civilians caught in the middle of a US-NATO-EU attack on the Syrian population for “regime-change” which … Continue reading "Lift
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US carries on airstrikes against multiple PMU positions in Iraq

The US has carried out a series of airstrikes against multiple locations of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) on Friday night. The Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Security Media Cell announced in a statement, “At 01:15 local time on Thursday (2215 Wednesday) an American aerial bombardment struck headquarters of Hashd al-Sha’abi, emergency regiments as well as commandos from the 19th
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Erdogan’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest gamble in Syria’s civil war appears to have come up snake eyes. Instead of halting the Damascus government’s siege of the last rebel held province, Idlib, Turkey has backed off, and Erdogan’s newest Syrian misadventure is fueling growing domestic resistance to the powerful autocrat. The crisis began on February … Continue reading "Erdogan’s
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Douma Whistleblowers Respond to OPCW’s Attacks

Two whistleblowers that have been speaking out about a scandal within the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have responded to the organization’s attempts to discredit them. The OPCW has been doing some serious damage control over its investigation into a chemical attack that allegedly took place in Douma, Syria on April 7th … Continue reading "Douma
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Greece blocks 35,000 migrants, plans to deport arrivals after March 1

Greece has repulsed nearly 35,000 migrants trying to cross onto its territory illegally since Turkey opened its border nearly a week ago, government sources said on Thursday, as it prepares to deport hundreds of others who made it through. Thousands of migrants have made for Greece since Ankara said on Feb. 28 that it would let migrants cross its
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U.S. divided over support for Turkey in Syria, Jeffrey says

There is no unanimity in Washington over support for Turkey in Syria’s Idlib because of Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400 defence systems, U.S. envoy James Jeffrey said on Thursday. Fighting in Idlib has intensified in recent weeks as Russia-backed Syrian government forces mounted an offensive to retake the last rebel-held bastion in the country, displacing nearly a million people.
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Judges say investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan can proceed

Judges at the International Criminal Court on Thursday ruled that an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Afghanistan by the Taliban, Afghan military and U.S. forces may proceed. The decision, which comes days after the United States agreed to pull its troops from the long-running conflict, overturns a lower court decision and opens the way for prosecutor Fatou
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Syrian journalist killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria

Syrian journalist killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria A Russian airstrike on the northern Syrian city of Ma’arat al-Naasan killed Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan, a photographer working for the Media Office in Binnish, a pro-civil rights opposition outlet in Syria Russian and Syrian military forces must ensure the safety of journalists and other civilians and... The post Syrian journalist
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The YouTube influencers selling Assad's Syria

Comment: Foreign YouTubers with thousands of subscribers are presenting sanitized view of a country still reeling from a devastating war, writes Usman Butt. "Syria, it's not what you think," a young Syrian woman helpfully informs us, "We have bars, entertainment stuff, everything as the western country," echoes her friend, talking into the camera.  This tidbit comes to
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Syrian Forces Secure Aleppo City Completely

Against all odds, and in the very difficult weather conditions the SAA cleaned all of Jamiyat Zahraa western Aleppo after taking control of the Llayramon and cleaned the two cities of Hreitan and Anadan in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside. Hayyan, Bayanon, … The post Syrian Forces Secure Aleppo City Completely appeared first on Global Research
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Assad Predicts Victory After Gains in Northern Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syrian President Bashar Assad congratulated his forces Monday for recent gains in northwestern Syria that led to his troops consolidating control over Aleppo province, pledging to press ahead with a military campaign to achieve complete victory “sooner or later.” Assad, who rarely appears in public, said in a televised address that the onetime economic hub of Aleppo,
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EU imposes new sanctions on 'Assad backers' as millions are displaced amid brutal Aleppo offensive

The European Union has imposed sanctions on eight people in an effort to put pressure on Bashar Al-Assad's regime, which has displaced millions. The EU  has imposed new sanctions on eight businesspeople and two “entities” who have helped prop up the brutal  Syrian regime , a new government report confirms. This brings the total numbers
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Israeli aircraft flies over Sudan for first time in sign of growing normalisation

Just weeks after a secret meeting between Israel's prime minister and Sudan's leader Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, an Israeli aircraft flew into Sudanese airspace for the first time. An Israeli aircraft has flown through Sudanese airspace for the first time, in what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called another example of warming ties  between the two formally hostile
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Nearly 1 million displaced in regime's Idlib offensive

At least 900,000 Syrians, mainly women and children, have been displaced by a Russian-backed regime offensive in northwest Syria in two months. The UN said on Monday that 900,000 people, mostly women and children , have been forced to flee their homes since the start of December due to a Russian-backed regime offensive in northwest Syria
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'Handcuffed and shot': Syrian regime intelligence finds mass grave in Eastern Ghouta

A mass grave was discovered near Eastern Ghouta's main town of Douma, an area formerly controlled by rebel group Jaish Al-Islam. Syrian  media said on Monday that regime intelligence have discovered a mass grave, containing around 70 bodies, in a former rebel bastion near Damascus. The bodies were found in the Eastern Ghouta region
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Syria to open Aleppo airport to civilian flights after 'record' military victories

The Syrian regime have claimed to have taken full control of the Aleppo countryside. Syrian authorities will open Aleppo airport to civilian flights for the first time in eight years, as regime forces captured huge swathes of northwestern Syria from the opposition this week. Transport Minister Ali Hammoud as saying that "Aleppo International
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Assad regime takes control of car and home sales in Syria

Assad's brutal regime has stated that all property and car sales but must be conducted through state banks in an attempt to revive the economy. Bashar Al- Assad's  regime in war-torn Syria  announced on Sunday that all property and car sales must be conducted through banks, which is claims will revive the banking sector and to apparently fight
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Trump, Turkey call for Russia to stop backing Syrian 'atrocities'

President Donald Trump has called for Russia to end its support for the Syrian regime's "atrocities" as he expressed US concern over violence in the Idlib region. President Donald Trump has called for Russia to end its support for the Syrian regime's "atrocities" as he expressed US concern over violence in the Idlib region, the White
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Video: Turkey Supports Al Qaeda Against Syrian Forces in Idlib

In Turkey, it is by now a good tradition to threaten Syria with a war every time when luckless Idlib rebels suffer another military defeat from the Syrian Army. This week was no exception. Recept Tayip Erdogan spearheaded the choir … The post Video: Turkey Supports Al Qaeda Against Syrian Forces in Idlib appeared
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Car bomb kills two in rebel-held Syrian town

A car bomb attack killed two people in a Syrian border town controlled by Turkish forces. A car bomb attack Sunday killed two people in a Syrian border town controlled by Turkish forces and Syrian rebels, Turkey's defence ministry said. The explosion occurred in Tal Abyad, held by Turkish forces and Syrian rebels after Ankara
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Syrian opposition fighters launch counter-offensive in Aleppo as large swathes fall to regime forces

Government forces, supported by Russian airstrikes, have seized 13 towns and villages in West Aleppo, as opposition fighters launched a counter-offensive. Syrian opposition fighters on Sunday launched a counterattack on regime forces in west Aleppo, after dozens of villages and small towns were captured in a government offensive in the country's  last major rebel bastion. Backed
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Syria Weekly: Turkey stands up to regime and Russia in Idlib

Turkish troops are massing on the Idlib border, threatening a direct confrontation with the Syrian regime and potentially ending Ankara's alliance with Moscow. For the first time in several months, the skies over southern Idlib enjoyed a rare quiet after perpetual barrel bombing from Syrian regime helicopters and repeated Russian air strikes on hospitals  was halted.
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American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?

No one is ever held accountable One of the principal functions of a United States Embassy overseas is to provide citizen services, which includes coming to the assistance of Americans who are treated badly by the local government. It is a responsibility that most embassies take seriously, with the exception of the facility
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Turkey hits back at Russia claims over Syria's Idlib

Turkey and Russia have been embroiled in a war of words over Idlib as the Moscow-backed Syrian regime intensifies its assault. Turkey's vice-president on Saturday hit back at Russian accusations of failing to honour a 2018 deal by insisting it carried out its responsibilities in Syria's Idlib . "Observation posts were set up and the regime had
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Freezing weather compounds crisis for the displaced in Syria's Idlib

Freezing winter in Syria's Idlib province has contributed to at least ten deaths. A military offensive on an opposition-controlled region of northwestern Syria has created one of the worst catastrophes for civilians in the country's long-running war, sending hundreds of thousands of people fleeing, many of them sleeping in open fields and under trees in
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New Leaks Shatter OPCW’s Attacks on Douma Whistleblowers

Facing accusations that it issued a doctored report alleging a chemical attack in Syria, the OPCW has released an inquiry attacking two whistleblowers as rogue actors. Leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal serious distortions in the OPCW inquiry as … The post New Leaks Shatter OPCW’s Attacks on Douma Whistleblowers appeared first on
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Assad regime helicopter shot down in northwest Syria, killing two pilots: monitor

An aircraft has been downed over the western countryside of Aleppo province, a war monitor said, in the second such incident this week. A Syrian military helicopter was shot down over the last major rebel bastion in northwest Syria on Friday, killing two pilots, in the second such incident this week. State media confirmed the
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Sudan's leader says Israel playing key role in removing country from US terror blacklist

Sudan's leader General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan justified his controversial meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Sudan's military head of state said Israel has a key role to play in removing the country from a US blacklist for state sponsors of terror, in comments to Arab newspaper  Asharq al-Awsat . Sudan's  General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan  discussed Israel's role in the
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Turkey slams Syrian regime's 'hypocrisy' over Armenian genocide recognition

Turkey accused the Syrian regime of 'hypocrisy' over its recognition of the Armenian genocide. Turkey on Thursday slammed the Syrian parliament's recognition of World War I killings of Armenians as genocide as a "hypocrisy", as tensions run high amid deadly clashes in northwest Syria . "This is a picture of hypocrisy on the part
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Trump's 'Deal of the Century' hijacked the international order. Here's how it can fight back

Comment: The PA and EU have a chance to reclaim an international order hijacked by Israeli obstructionism and American unpredictability, write Faysal and Nizar Mohamad. On 27 January, President Donald Trump announced his 'Deal of the Century', ostensibly aimed at ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In flagrant defiance of the international consensus on Palestinian statehood, the "peace plan" -
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Israeli attack on Damascus airport kills seven fighters: monitor

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the strikes launched late on Thursday hit military targets in the area of the international airport. Israeli strikes on Damascus airport killed seven fighters, a war monitor said Friday, the latest in a string of attacks targeting Iran's military presence in Syria .
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Video: Battle of Idlib and Prospects of Turkish-Syrian War

In February 2020, the Syrian Army reached the vicinity of the main stronghold of anti-government forces in Syria, the city of Idlib. This development plunged into shock supporters and the leadership of Idlib armed groups and became a visual confirmation … The post Video: Battle of Idlib and Prospects of Turkish-Syrian War appeared first on
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UN says 140,000 displaced in 3 days amid Idlib offensive as Russia and Turkey clash

The United Nations have revealed shocking figures of internal displacement as the Idlib offensive, led by proxy powers rages on.   Over 140,000 Syrians have been displaced in the last three days alone by violence in the country's northwest, bringing the total of those uprooted as Bashar al-Assad 's forces push against the last opposition stronghold
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Video: Syrian Army Gives Turkey “Flick on Nose” in Nayrab, Secures Entire Aleppo-Damascus Highway

For the first time in about 8 years of the war, Syrian government forces have established control of the entire M5 highway, which runs from the border with Jordan through Damascus, Homs and Hama to Aleppo. During the first half … The post Video: Syrian Army Gives Turkey “Flick on Nose” in Nayrab, Secures Entire Aleppo-Damascus
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Israel 'strikes Iranian targets' in Damascus according to sources, making this second airstrike this month

This would be the second time this month that Israel attacked Iranian strongholds in Syria. Heavy explosions were reported in Damascus on Thursday evening following suspected Israeli warplanes bombing the Al-Kisweh area outside the city.  Several missiles came across the Golan Heights before hitting their target, according to an Al Masdar News source.  It is
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Video: Residents of Syrian Town Open Fire on US Armed Forces Patrol

A new video from the Al-Qamishli countryside was released this afternoon following a skirmish between the U.S. Armed Forces and residents of Khirbat Amo. According to a report from the Al-Hasakah Governorate, the residents of Khirbat Amo attempted to block … The post Video: Residents of Syrian Town Open Fire on US Armed Forces Patrol
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For ethnic minorities in today's Britain, citizenship is no longer a right, but a privilege

Comment: The Shamima Begum ruling suggests that for Britain's ethnic minorities, our citizenship is not as 'valid' as ethnically white Britons, writes Aniqah Choudhri. For many people in the UK, the issue of citizenship, especially for those born here, is seen as an unquestionable right. Many of us go through life without even considering that it might be taken away.
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Good News! Former Guantánamo Prisoners Released from UAE to Afghanistan

Two of the three Afghan nationals and former Guantánamo prisoners who were recently repatriated to Afghanistan, having initially been released from Guantánamo to the UAE in 2016-17. On the top row: Hamidullah (aka Mawlawi Hamdullah Tarakhail) photographed at Guantánamo over a decade ago, and subsequently photographed after his return to Afghanistan. On the bottom row: Obaidullah, photographed before his capture
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Syrian rebels shares video of its attack on Assad regime helicopter

Syrian rebel fighters have shared the video that probably showed firing the Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), at a Syrian regime Mi-17 military helicopter during fighting in Idlib on Tuesday. The helicopter was shot down on Wednesday AEDT in Nairab, west of Saraqeb, by fighters from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a hardline Islamist group that is the successor of al-Qa’ida in
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Syrian regime recognises Armenian genocide as tensions with Turkey soar

Syria's recognition of the Armenian genocide comes after weeks of tensions between Ankara and Damascus over deadly clashes between their forces in northwest Syria. Syria's parliament on Thursday recognised the 1915-1917 killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians as genocide, as tensions run high with Turkey after deadly clashes in northwest Syria. "The parliament...
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US Air Force officially allows pilots to wear hijabs, turbans, beards

The US Air Force has updated its dress regulations and pilots will now be able to apply for a waiver to wear a beard, hijab or turban on religious grounds. The United States Air Force on Friday formally permitted its pilots to wear a hijab, turban or beard for religious reasons. The update to the Air Force's
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U.S. Media Conveniently Overlooks the World’s No. 1 Sponsor of Terrorism

After the illegal assassination  of Iranian Gen.  Qassem Soleimani , FAIR ( 1/9/20 ) noted that the corporate media offered no moral objections to murdering another country’s high-ranking state official. The media consensus was that Soleimani was a despicable “terrorist” responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of Americans”—a formula that buried the crucial distinction between terrorism and  armed resistance ,
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