Syria Stresses Sovereign Right in Golan, Calls for The End Of ‘Israeli’ Occupation

Islam Times - Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, reiterated that Syria calls on the UN to take urgent measures to put its resolutions into force and end the ‘Israeli’ occupation of the Arab territories, affirming that Syria’s sovereign right on the occupied Golan Heights is non-negotiable, inalienable and can’t be prescribed.
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Can Post-Trump US Stay In Eastern Syria?

Islam Times - While only 50 days separate Trump from evacuating the White House for next president, one of the main foreign policy matters of the US currently is the implementation of Trump’s “doctrine of withdrawal”, he promised during his campaign speeches. During his 2016 addresses, Donald Trump vowed to end the “endless” and resultless US wars and bring home
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Reform family Muslim & customary laws in Sudan

2. Legal reforms and development Sound legal frameworks are prerequisites for economic growth and social development. The process through which laws and regulations are conceptualized, drafted, enacted, publicized and enforced is the foundation of a society governed by the rule of law. Legal reform is an ongoing and incremental process that involves the executive and legislative branches, law reform commissions, non-governmental
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Qatar to host FIFA Arab Cup in 2021

Qatar, host of World Cup 2022, will be the venue of a special 22-team Arab Cup next year. Qatar will host a 22-team football tournament for Arab nations next year, FIFA announced on Wednesday, in preparation for the 2022 World Cup . Speaking from the  Lusail Stadium in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the first-of-its-kind tournament will be
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FIFA President confirms Somalia, 21 other national teams will participate in FIFA Arab Cup 2021 in Qatar confirming that 22 National teams from Arab countries will participate in FIFA Arab Cup 2021 in Qatar, FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, said the tournament will unite the region and help Qatar continue preparations for the FIFA World Cup. The 22 participating teams are: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
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How Assad clawed his way to becoming the lone Arab Spring survivor

Ten years on Syria's Bashar Al-Assad defied the odds, surviving international isolation and temporary loss of two thirds of the national territory to claw his way back into relevance. When the Arab revolts that were sweeping the region and toppling autocrats like dominoes reached Syria, Bashar al-Assad' s days at the helm looked numbered.
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The reactionary alliance between Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Cairo

The rapprochement between the three states was evident in the nature of Arab trade deals, especially the UAE's purchase of Russian weapons, as well as in NATO's cooperation in various regional arenas. This includes Syria, with the support of Abu Dhabi and Cairo as the pawns moved by Moscow. In Yemen, meanwhile, Moscow's support for the Houthis has shifted to
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Sudan to host Russian military base

MOSCOW — Russia will establish a naval logistic center and repair yard in Sudan under a new agreement signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Nov. 6 but just made public this week. According to the agreement’s text, the naval logistics center will host up to 300 people. This figure includes both naval service members and civilian personnel. The base
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Retiring Syria envoy says he hid US troop numbers from Trump

Soon-to-be former Syria envoy for the US, James Jeffrey has admitted that he and his team routinely misled Donald Trump about the number of US troops in Syria. James Jeffrey , who oversaw the Trump administration's policies on Syria and the Islamic State and has announced his intention to retire, has revealed that his team misled
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Turkey's Erdogan stays silent as world leaders congratulate Biden

The Turkish president has yet to follow suit with other world leaders by congratulating Democratic President-elect Joe Biden. Turkey 's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has yet to join a chorus of world leaders congratulating Joe Biden on his victory in the US election. While leaders from Canada , the United Kingdom, the
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Arab leaders congratulate Biden, Harris on US presidential election win

Leaders of the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Libya congratulated Biden, while Saudi Arabia and Syria have not yet released statements. Leaders of the Arab world congratulated US presidential election winner Joseph Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris over the weekend, after the presidential race was officially
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Syria’s representative to UN: ‘Damascus did not use chemical weapons and does not possess them anymore’

He continued: “Syria is currently hosting a delegation of experts and inspectors who arrived two days ago and will stay until 24 November. The Syrian authorities are fully cooperating with the organisation and ensuring the protection, security, and safety of the delegation while granting the inspectors unrestricted access to all the facilities they want to inspect.”
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US solidifies sanctions against Iran oil before election

Trump's administration slapped fresh sanctions on Iran's oil sector including over sales to Syria and Venezuela, reducing Joe Biden's room for maneuver if he wins next week's election. President Donald Trump's administration on Monday slapped fresh sanctions on Iran's oil sector including over sales to Syria and Venezuela, reducing Joe Biden's room for maneuver if he wins next
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The topics Sisi addressed during tripartite summit with Greek PM, Cypriot President

The following is an outline of some points from Sisi’s speech at the joint press conference with Cypriot and Greek officials, according to the President’s official Facebook page: Egypt has presented a successful model in strengthening tripartite cooperation, in accordance with international law and the provisions of the United Nations on maritime law. The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum has contributed
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US Officials Make Efforts to Free US Citizens, Damascus Demands Full Withdrawal: WSJ

Islam Times - A senior White House official recently traveled to Damascus for secret talks with the Syrian administration, marking the first time such a high-level US official has met with Syrian officials in more than a decade, according to Trump administration officials and others familiar with the negotiations, the Wall Street Journal reported.
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Shams Tabrizi, mentor of Rumi

September 28 named the Shams Day in the Iranian calendar commemorates the celebrated thinker Shams Tabrizi. He is known as the spiritual instructor and mentor of the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273). Shams-i-Tabrīzī, Shams al-Din Mohammad, or Shams Tabrizi was born in Tabriz in 1186 and died in 1248 AD. His tomb is in the city of Khoy in
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Six Years later, remembering how Socialist Kurds and the US Air Force defeated the ISIS Siege of Kobani

“I like that when we kill them they lose their heaven. They are so scared of us! If we kill them they can’t go to heaven. It makes us laugh…. We make loud calls of happiness when we see them to let them know we are coming. That’s when they become cowards. I don’t know how many of them I’ve
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Recap of Recent Articles on Just Security (September 21-25)

Trump Can’t Lawfully Use Armed Forces to Sway the Election: Understanding the Legal Boundaries by Deana El-Mallawany, Christine Kwon ( @chrstnkwn ) and Rachel Homer Trapped in a Pandemic: Iran’s Political Prisoners Face COVID-19 Behind Bars by Tzvi Kahn ( @TzviKahn ) COVID-19, California’s Wildfires, and Reimagining “The Reserves” by Jordan Beauregard ( @JRBeauregard ) Access to Information During a
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The South China Sea: What’s Really at Issue

The Israeli Air Force conducted a second round of missiles strikes on Syria in less than a week. Late on September 2, Israeli warplanes launched missiles at the T4 airport in the province of Homs. According to Syria’s state media, the strikes were conducted from the direction of the US-controlled zone of al-Tanf on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Syrian pro-government sources
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Trump admits War Crime in Syria as Damascus Slams US ‘Oil Theft’

“As you know, in Syria we’re down to almost nothing, except we kept the oil. But we’ll work out some kind of a deal with the Kurds on that. But we left, but we kept the oil. And we left the border. We said Turkey and Syria can take care of their own border; we don’t have to do it.
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SA Mobile Giant MTN Exits Middle East to Focus on Africa

Focus on Africa Africa's largest mobile operator, and South African telecom giant MTN, announced Thursday it would pull out of the Middle East the medium term to concentrate on its pan-African strategy resolving to simplify its portfolio and exit its Middle Eastern assets in an orderly fashion. The group will scrap its interim dividend under a blueprint to navigate the
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Keeping pace with changing times and technology

see more Elderly bicycle mechanic in Turin carries out impossible repairs Craftsmen revive famed water wheels on Syria river Philippines: Donated bikes help ease difficulties through pandemic Photos: Russian enthusiast builds his own mini-railway read more Confessions of a hackneyed homeschooling mum COVID-19 kept me too busy mopping When cooking is an adult’s joy Story of a tiny beautiful thing
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Iran to protest to UN Security Council on US threatening Iranian passenger plane in air

The Iranian Permanent Mission to the United Nations will protest to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres over US military jets threatening Iranian passenger plane in the Syrian air. Mahan Air passenger plane was on route to Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday night when it was threatened by two US military jets. The pilot of the Iranian plane says when
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U.S. fighter jets near Iranian passenger plane over Syrian airspace – pilot

Several passengers on an Iranian airline were injured on Thursday over Syria after the pilot changed altitude to avoid collision with a U.S. fighter jet, according to Iranian media, but the U.S. military said its F-15 was at a safe distance. The Iranian plane, belonging to Mahan Air, was heading from Tehran to Beirut when the pilot staged a safety maneuver,
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A Khutbah For Kashmir

He was tested many times but he proved his steadfastness, resolve and dedication. He had a natural inclination to worship one God and dislike for idol worship from the very beginning of his conscious life. He broke idols into pieces instead of bowing down before them. He was thrown into a huge furnace of fire but came out unhurt because
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Shamima Begum: Appeals Court Tells UK Government It Was Unlawful to Strip Citizenship of ISIS Child Bride

British citizen Shamima Begum, photographed in the Al Hawl camp in Syria in 2019, where captured ISIS brides and children were being held. She is holding her week-old son, who subsequently died. Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related issues
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Questions the Senate Should Ask State Legal Adviser Nominee CJ Mahoney

As one former Legal Adviser has explained , the role you have been nominated for entails not only providing counsel to the State Department, but also serving as “a conscience for the U.S. government with regard to international law.” If confirmed, will you ensure that the United States upholds its international legal obligations and that those obligations are taken into
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Araghchi: Iran skeptical of US intention in Afghan peace process

Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said on Sunday that the US’ intentions in the Afghan peace process are doubtful. In a television interview with Afghanistan’s Tolonews, he said that Tehran is not opposed to peace in Afghanistan, but that what the US is doing with the Taliban is a deal with the group. Araghchi stressed that the peace process
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The Oil Price Crash and International Petro-Politics

The global oil market has entered uncharted territory. On Monday, the price of WTI crude, the US oil benchmark, went negative for the first time in history, closing at -$37 per barrel . What happened? And what does it mean for international petroleum politics? Two factors drove the oil price collapse: market fundamentals and the quirks of oil futures trading. Market fundamentals—oil supply
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Syria seals major shrine for Shi’ites pilgrims to stem virus

Syrian authorities on Thursday sealed a major Shi’ite shrine that is a magnet for tens of thousands of Iranian pilgrims whom medics and the U.N. officials warned their congregation puts the country at risk of a major spread of coronavirus. The move comes as the war-ravaged country steps up a lockdown to stem a major outbreak with a fragile
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The Fierce Urgency of Now – ECW Allocates $15M in Emergency Funds

The Education Cannot Wait Global Fund (ECW) allocates a total of US$15 million in an initial series of emergency grants for the rapid delivery of holistic education services to protect and support vulnerable children and youth hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 16 countries/emergency contexts. These girls and boys are already impacted by armed conflicts, forced displacement, natural disasters and
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The Quiet and Lethal Wars Against Iran

Some wars are fought with bombs and bullets. These are the wars in Syria and Iraq, in Afghanistan and Yemen. Then there are quieter wars executed by drone. These cowardly wars also kill people, but not our people. These quieter wars accomplish what the more cacophonous wars accomplish without the public outcry and condemnation. Medical … Continue reading "The
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EU calls for an immediate ceasefire in Syria

The European Union on Sunday echoed the call of UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen for an immediate and nationwide ceasefire in Syria, particularly in view of the coronavirus pandemic. “The recently agreed ceasefire in Idlib remains fragile. It must be upheld and extended to the whole of Syria,” said Peter Stano, EU lead spokesperson for Foreign Affairs
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Envoy: Imposers of sanctions are accountable for innocent people’s death

Iranian Ambassador to France Bahram Qasemi in a message on Saturday said that those who call for boosting sanctions and maximum pressure in the crisis-stricken world should be responsible for death of thousands of innocent people. Those who are speaking of sanctions and maximum pressures amid the coronavirus-crisis-stricken world and when thousands of people are being killed and in
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Lift Syrian Sanctions Before Coronavirus Creates a Perfect Storm

The US and EU sanctions on Syria have taken a toll on the health and welfare of the Syrian people for many years. They were designed to “hurt” the Syrian government, but have only hurt the innocent unarmed Syrian civilians caught in the middle of a US-NATO-EU attack on the Syrian population for “regime-change” which … Continue reading "Lift
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US carries on airstrikes against multiple PMU positions in Iraq

The US has carried out a series of airstrikes against multiple locations of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) on Friday night. The Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Security Media Cell announced in a statement, “At 01:15 local time on Thursday (2215 Wednesday) an American aerial bombardment struck headquarters of Hashd al-Sha’abi, emergency regiments as well as commandos from the 19th
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Erdogan’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest gamble in Syria’s civil war appears to have come up snake eyes. Instead of halting the Damascus government’s siege of the last rebel held province, Idlib, Turkey has backed off, and Erdogan’s newest Syrian misadventure is fueling growing domestic resistance to the powerful autocrat. The crisis began on February … Continue reading "Erdogan’s
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Douma Whistleblowers Respond to OPCW’s Attacks

Two whistleblowers that have been speaking out about a scandal within the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have responded to the organization’s attempts to discredit them. The OPCW has been doing some serious damage control over its investigation into a chemical attack that allegedly took place in Douma, Syria on April 7th … Continue reading "Douma
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Greece blocks 35,000 migrants, plans to deport arrivals after March 1

Greece has repulsed nearly 35,000 migrants trying to cross onto its territory illegally since Turkey opened its border nearly a week ago, government sources said on Thursday, as it prepares to deport hundreds of others who made it through. Thousands of migrants have made for Greece since Ankara said on Feb. 28 that it would let migrants cross its
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U.S. divided over support for Turkey in Syria, Jeffrey says

There is no unanimity in Washington over support for Turkey in Syria’s Idlib because of Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400 defence systems, U.S. envoy James Jeffrey said on Thursday. Fighting in Idlib has intensified in recent weeks as Russia-backed Syrian government forces mounted an offensive to retake the last rebel-held bastion in the country, displacing nearly a million people.
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Judges say investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan can proceed

Judges at the International Criminal Court on Thursday ruled that an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Afghanistan by the Taliban, Afghan military and U.S. forces may proceed. The decision, which comes days after the United States agreed to pull its troops from the long-running conflict, overturns a lower court decision and opens the way for prosecutor Fatou
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Syrian journalist killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria

Syrian journalist killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria A Russian airstrike on the northern Syrian city of Ma’arat al-Naasan killed Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan, a photographer working for the Media Office in Binnish, a pro-civil rights opposition outlet in Syria Russian and Syrian military forces must ensure the safety of journalists and other civilians and... The post Syrian journalist
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Syrian Forces Secure Aleppo City Completely

Against all odds, and in the very difficult weather conditions the SAA cleaned all of Jamiyat Zahraa western Aleppo after taking control of the Llayramon and cleaned the two cities of Hreitan and Anadan in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside. Hayyan, Bayanon, … The post Syrian Forces Secure Aleppo City Completely appeared first on Global Research
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Assad Predicts Victory After Gains in Northern Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syrian President Bashar Assad congratulated his forces Monday for recent gains in northwestern Syria that led to his troops consolidating control over Aleppo province, pledging to press ahead with a military campaign to achieve complete victory “sooner or later.” Assad, who rarely appears in public, said in a televised address that the onetime economic hub of Aleppo,
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Video: Turkey Supports Al Qaeda Against Syrian Forces in Idlib

In Turkey, it is by now a good tradition to threaten Syria with a war every time when luckless Idlib rebels suffer another military defeat from the Syrian Army. This week was no exception. Recept Tayip Erdogan spearheaded the choir … The post Video: Turkey Supports Al Qaeda Against Syrian Forces in Idlib appeared
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American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?

No one is ever held accountable One of the principal functions of a United States Embassy overseas is to provide citizen services, which includes coming to the assistance of Americans who are treated badly by the local government. It is a responsibility that most embassies take seriously, with the exception of the facility
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New Leaks Shatter OPCW’s Attacks on Douma Whistleblowers

Facing accusations that it issued a doctored report alleging a chemical attack in Syria, the OPCW has released an inquiry attacking two whistleblowers as rogue actors. Leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal serious distortions in the OPCW inquiry as … The post New Leaks Shatter OPCW’s Attacks on Douma Whistleblowers appeared first on
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Video: Battle of Idlib and Prospects of Turkish-Syrian War

In February 2020, the Syrian Army reached the vicinity of the main stronghold of anti-government forces in Syria, the city of Idlib. This development plunged into shock supporters and the leadership of Idlib armed groups and became a visual confirmation … The post Video: Battle of Idlib and Prospects of Turkish-Syrian War appeared first on
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