Syria Expresses Its Freedom Through Resistance

Syria expresses her freedom in her resistance to Empire. Resistance takes many forms and trajectories, but they all lead to freedom. Resistance delivers freedom from terrorism, it expresses itself not only when the SAA defeats Western supported terrorists, but also … The post Syria Expresses Its Freedom Through Resistance appeared first on Global Research .
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Report: Children make up 80% of deaths in Syria camp

Children make up over 80 per cent of deaths at northern Syria’s Al-Hawl refugee camp, a report by the International Rescue Committee has revealed. The NGO said it “has been extremely concerned about the deaths of children arriving” at the camp, adding that “between December and September 1st, 339 deaths of children were recorded – over 80% of the total deaths in Al Hol camp to date.” The IRC’s most recent data reveals that a third of these deaths have
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New Reports of ‘Saudi and Israeli Airstrikes’ on Syria-Iraq Border Only Heighten Concerns of Wider War

The United States is discussing with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies about possible responses to Saudi Aramco oil facility attack . What is not being aired are any discussions between Washington and Israel on the matter. US Secretary of … The post New Reports of ‘Saudi and Israeli Airstrikes’ on Syria-Iraq Border Only Heighten Concerns of Wider War appeared first on Global Research .
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Violence, rape and murder: Ramaphosa struggles to contain a deepening South African crisis

The country is struggling on numerous fronts and a leader lacking support from his own party. Figures released by the South African police reveal that the country’s murder rates are now at levels comparable to a civil war. Over the last year, 21,002 people were murdered across the country. This is close to the number of fatalities seen in the
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Why We Need Religion More than Ever in the Pursuit of Peace

The proliferation of political crises and armed conflicts in every corner of the world does not exclude religious groups, which unfortunately also contribute to animosities, intolerance and hatred. The Middle East has been on the hit-list of violet extremist groups for decades. One telling example is Syria where clashes have on occasion taken religious or […] The post Why We Need Religion More than Ever in the Pursuit of Peace appeared first on Inter Press Service .
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Former US Secretary of Defence warns: ‘It will look nothing like our strike against Syria’

Former US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has warned of the consequences of a military strike or a military action against Iran in the wake of Saturday’s attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Commenting on the development of events after accusing Iran of being behind the attack on Saudi Aramco factories in Abqaiq and Khurais, Panetta said: “As a minister, I have always been concerned over the possibility of launching a military campaign on Iran, as it will look
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Iran’s FM: Any US or Saudi strike on Iran will cause all-out war

On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned the US and Saudi Arabia against any military strike targeting his country, insisting that it would “lead to an all-out war.” During an interview with CNN, Zarif declared that “any US or Saudi military strike on Iran will result in an all-out war.” Zarif’s statement came hours after his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo, considered the attacks against Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities as a “declaration of war.” Pompeo held Iran responsible
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Assad’s relative, held for ransom, released in Lebanon

The cousin of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s wife has been released days after he was held for ransom in Lebanon, local media reported. According to the National News Agency, Murhaf Akhras was released after intensive efforts were made by Lebanese officials, with the Director of Directorate of General Security (DGS) Major General Abbas Ibrahim following up on the matter himself. Akhras was abducted by unidentified men last Thursday on his way from Lebanon to Syria. The website of the Lebanese VDL NEWS revealed
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The View from Syria’s Peace Talks

by W. Alex Sanchez Eight years since its inception in 2011, the Syrian civil war rages on, a conflict that has taken on grand geopolitical dimensions and resulted in tens of thousands killed and a massive exodus of refugees. While… Continue Reading  
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Trump’s Wall is Alive in Hungary, which is why Orban is befriending Assad

by Nicolai Due-Gundersen “You’re respected all over Europe,” Trump insisted when meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the White House in May 2019. For his part, Orban confirmed that his views on immigration were aligned with Trump’s border wall… Continue Reading  
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Saudi jets helping Israel strike pro-Iran militias on Syria-Iraq border

Saudi fighter jets joined Israeli ones in a recent campaign to strike pro-Iran Shia militias on the Syria-Iraq border, an unnamed western source told the Independent newspaper’s Arabic site. “Saudi fighter jets have been spotted along with other fighter jets that have attacked facilities and positions belonging to Iranian militias,” the source told Independent Arabia, referring to the airstrikes on the Iranian-backed militias in the Albukamal area of eastern Syria on Monday night. There were reportedly four airstrikes that night,
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Burning Amazonia, Denying Climate Change, Devastating Syria, Starving Yemen, and Ignoring Kashmir

Arguably, even before the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, there was a widespread sense that a state-centric form of world order was morally and functionally deficient in certain fundamental respects. Political actors were indifferent to the outbreaks of war, disease, and famine outside of their sovereign territory absent serious extraterritorial reverberations. At the same time lesser states were vulnerable to the manipulations and territorial/imperial ambitions of leading states that generated colonialism, interventions, and sustained an exploitative Europeanization of world
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Turkey, US to establish patrol bases in Syria safe zone: Defense minister

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has conveyed Turkey’s intention to establish patrol bases with the United States in northeastern Syria in a bid to efficiently conduct ground patrol missions in the safe zone in the same way the Turkish Armed Forces has done in the fight against the PKK in northern Iraq.
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Main opposition CHP to hold Syria conference

Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) will hold an International Syria Conference on Sep. 28 in Istanbul, according to a party statement on Sept. 18.
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AKP rules out early election rumors

The Turkish government does not have an early election in its agenda, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesperson Ömer Çelik has said, after the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader brought up the issue, saying the government might “have to go to early polls” due to economic troubles.
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Syria: Terrorist Attacks, More NATO Weapons and War Crimes

As NATO media are currently mourning the departure of Neocon, John Bolton , and incited support for US bombing of Iran because Yemeni patriots engaged in a retaliatory bombing of an oil refinery in Saudi occupied Arabia, no attention is … The post Syria: Terrorist Attacks, More NATO Weapons and War Crimes appeared first on Global Research .
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Erdogan says 2-3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Europe can be resettled in ‘safe zone’

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that a planned “safe zone” in northern Syria could host 2-3 million Syrian refugees that have settled in Turkey and Europe after eight years of war at home. Addressing academics in Ankara, Erdogan also repeated that Ankara would act on its own if the zone, planned jointly with the United States in Syria’s northeast, bears no results. “Through making east of Euphrates a safe place, and depending on the depth of this safe
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Latest Astana Peace Process Summit Highlights U.S. and Israel’s Role in Prolonging Syrian Conflict

The fifth Syria-focused Astana process summit took place in Turkey’s capital, Ankara on Monday. Since the summit’s inception in 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin , Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have engaged in trilateral discussions … The post Latest Astana Peace Process Summit Highlights U.S. and Israel’s Role in Prolonging Syrian Conflict appeared first on Global Research .
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Turkey’s “Refugee City” Proposal for Syria Amounts to Demographic Engineering

Turkish President Erdogan’s recently announced proposal to build a “refugee city” in Northern Syria amounts to demographic engineering intended to stop the creation of a “Kurdish Corridor” there and also prevent the region from fully reintegrating into Damascus’ fold after … The post Turkey’s “Refugee City” Proposal for Syria Amounts to Demographic Engineering appeared first on Global Research .
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The safe zone deal in Syria has wider implications for the region

Relations between Turkey and the US have worsened in recent years. Of the aggravating factors in the relationship, the US policy towards Syria, in particular its partnership with the PKK-affiliated Kurdish Democratic Union Party (the PYD), has been particularly damaging. The Syrian crisis has clearly illustrated the gap between the threat perceptions of both Turkey and the US, their alliance structure and geopolitical aspirations. What is hanging in the balance, as a result, is no less than the historical and
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$2m ransom demanded to release abducted relative of Syria’s Assad

The cousin of the wife of Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad has been abducted in Lebanon with a demand for a ransom to be paid for his release, Lebanese news sources reported yesterday. Acording to Lebanese TV network LBC, Murhaf Akhras went missing two days ago between the areas of Chtoura and Aley “in mysterious circumstances”. His wife, VDL News reported, received a call asking her to pay $2 million for his release. The site pointed out that “Akhras was
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Rebuild Syria expo attended by almost 400 companies from 31 Arab, foreign states

The Rebuild Syria Expo, an exhibition to campaign and network for the reconstruction of the war-torn country, has begun with 390 companies from 31 states taking part. Having started yesterday and ending on Saturday, the expo is being held in the capital Damascus with representatives from a range of sectors such as energy, health, agriculture, education, telecommunication, real estate, transportation, security, water technology and information technology in attendance in an effort to help the country get back on its feet
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9 PKK/YPG suspects arrested in Afrin, Syria

According to the Hatay Governorate in southern Turkey, which borders civil war-weary Syria, Turkey’s National Intelligence Service (MIT) and police in Afrin continued their fight against the PKK terrorists and their branch in Syria, the YPG, reports Anadolu Agency. The joint anti-terror operation arrested the suspects for aiding and abetting the PKK, as well as plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks. READ: Set-up Kurd-free safe zone in Syria or we will invade Security forces also seized documents related to the
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Ankara trilateral summit threw firm weight behind Yemen

Supporting the Yemeni nation was the most important result of a trilateral meeting between Iran, Turkey and Russia on Monday, that was a show of multilateralism, said a senior Iranian government official on Tuesday. “Aligned and firm positions of Iranian, Turkish and Russian presidents about the attack on Aramco and serious support for the Yemeni nation, condemning the other warring party was one of the most important achievements of the trilateral meeting in Ankara,” tweeted Hesamoddin Ashena, a senior aide
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Main opposition CHP leader slams gov't over Syria policy

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) head Kemal Kılıçaroğlu has slammed the government’s foreign policy in Syria, saying Turkey is now stuck in Idlib, between two super powers.
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See the world through the lenses of 53 award-winning photographers

A stellar line-up of 53 globally acclaimed local and international photographers will be taking stage at the upcoming International Photography Festival ‘Xposure’ in Sharjah, from September 19 – 22. Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is offering camera professionals, media students and art lovers first-hand access to a wealth of the photographers’ incredible personal journeys, to be showcased in each of their exhibitions and awe-inspiring talks through this unique four-day celebration of photography. Xposure 2019 has introduced a new concept this
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Israel behind strike on Iraq-Syria border

An air strike near the border between Iraq and Syria last night apparently targeting Iranian-backed Shia militias was reportedly perpetrated by Israel. The strike in the eastern Syrian city of Al-Bukamal is among a myriad of Israeli strikes over the past few months which have targeted Iranian militias and sites based in Iraq and Syria, and follows on from another Israeli airstrike on a weapons warehouse in Iraq’s Anbar province used by Iran-backed militias last week which killed 21. Some
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The Obscure Newspaper Fueling the Far-Right in Europe

In 2017, Stefanie Albrecht, an investigative reporter for German broadcaster RTL, was in the midst of what would become a prize-winning investigation of Alternative for Germany (AfD), a far-right party that would go on to shock the world by winning seats in parliament on an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam message.  Much like their alt-right peers in the United States, supporters of the AfD distrust traditional media, preferring to consume the work of alternative news sources typically shared through Facebook.
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Turkish NGO launches festival for Syrian children

A Turkish non-governmental organization on Septç 16 launched a six-day festival for Syrian children in the areas liberated by Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield in northwestern Syria and Turkey’s southern Kilis province.
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Ankara summit to add dimensions to Astana process: Erdoğan

A trilateral summit in Ankara between Turkey, Russia, and Iran will add new dimensions to the Astana peace process for Syria, the Turkish president said on Sept. 16.
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US Supported Syria “Rebels” Fire Live Rounds at Syrian Families in Rukban Concentration Camp

Syrian families held captive by Trump Regime Forces and their ISIS affiliates of Maghaweer Thawra terrorists at al-Rukban Concentration Camp went out of their tents in the high heat of the desert to protest for food the day before yesterday, … The post US Supported Syria “Rebels” Fire Live Rounds at Syrian Families in Rukban Concentration Camp appeared first on Global Research .
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The Barbarity of US-NATO, War Propaganda and the “Rule of International Law”

Greetings delegates and organizers. My name is Mark Taliano. I am a writer and Research Associate at the Center For Research on Globalization (Global Research). My book, Voices from Syria , and my website  represent my efforts to take … The post The Barbarity of US-NATO, War Propaganda and the “Rule of International Law” appeared first on Global Research .
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Turkey, US hold 5th joint flight over Syria

Turkish and U.S. armed forces on Sept. 16 conducted the fifth round of joint helicopter flights for a planned safe zone east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria.
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Iran militias expel Assad-linked group from east Syria province

Iranian militias in eastern Syria have taken control of the water crossings in the governorate and city of Deir Ez-Zor, expelling fighters belonging to one of President Bashar Al-Assad’s closest businessmen, Hussam Qaterji. According to sources close to the local news site DeirEzzor24, the Qaterji group has controlled all of the water crossings in the city and used its monopoly to smuggle oil, grains and other materials from areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to those
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Syria: Assad issues amnesty, reduces sentences

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad yesterday issued an amnesty that reduces sentences and pardons draft dodgers if they report for duty within three to six months, Reuters reported. The pardon, which was published by the official Syrian news agency, is related to all crimes committed before 14 September 2019. According to Reuters, the pardon reduces the death penalty to a life sentence and life sentences to 20 years. Fugitives, Reuters said, must turn themselves in within three months to benefit from the
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Car bombing kills 12 in northern Syria

At least 12 civilians were killed and dozens injured on Sept. 15 in a car bomb attack in the Çobanbey town of Syria's Aleppo province near the Turkish border.
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Turkish army destroys seized explosives in Northern Iraq

Turkish security forces on Sunday destroyed seized improvised explosive devices (IED) in northern Iraq, as part of country’s ongoing counter-terror operation dubbed “Operation Claw-3”, Anadolu reports. “In line with the successfully ongoing Operation Claw-3, a total of four IEDs were destroyed…” the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement. On Aug. 23, Turkey launched Operation Claw-3 in northern Iraq to battle the PKK terror group; dozens of terrorists and terror posts have been neutralized so far in line with
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“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria and Iraq, the war on Yemen, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East The post “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East appeared first on Global Research .
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Simulations, Craters and Lies: Postol’s Latest Attempt to Undermine the Last Vestiges of his Reputation

In the beginning of August 2019, the Tulsi Gabbard campaign published “Reports on Chemical Attacks in Syria”, expressing Gabbard’s views on the allegations of chemical weapons attacks in Syria — and based mainly on the work of Dr. Theodore Postol, Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... The post Simulations, Craters and Lies: Postol’s Latest Attempt to Undermine the Last Vestiges of his Reputation appeared first on bellingcat .
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EU follows Turkey, US talks on safe zone in Syria

European Union follows the talks between Turkey and the US on a safe zone in Syria along Turkey’s border, an EU official said on Friday, says Reuters. “Obviously, we do follow the discussions between the US and Turkey and are trying to understand in more detail what this would mean and entail,” EU’s Foreign Affairs and Security Policy spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said at a press briefing. Kocijancic said the EU believes that “the goal needs to be to avoid any
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Syrian archaeologists face challenge to protect cultural relics from looters

Scholars and archaeologists in Syria are facing great difficulty protecting local cultural relics, as all six world heritage sites in the country have been affected since the outbreak of the war in 2011, reports Reuters. Hama Museum, once a leading museum in Syria, used to be famous for its rich exhibits. But now, it is closed like most museums in the country. Most of the important cultural relics have been transported to other areas following safety concerns. OPINION: The recapture
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Where Netanyahu stands on key Israeli policy issues

Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking a fifth term as Israel’s prime minister, has played up his conservative, security-first credentials in the face of inexperienced rivals in the run-up to Tuesday’s election, reports Reuters. Here are some of Netanyahu’s key policy positions. THE PALESTINIANS With US-sponsored peace talks having collapsed in 2014 and showing no sign of revival, Netanyahu has dispensed with his past professed willingness to negotiate on the creation of a Palestinian state in Israeli-occupied land. He has been
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Iran Trumps Trump

Iran has trumped Trump by routing its oil tanker along the northern shore of the Mediterranean, pausing at ports in Greece and Turkey, then anchoring off Syria’s Tartus. The current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump , persuaded London … The post Iran Trumps Trump appeared first on Global Research .
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Is the War in Syria Over? Netanyahu Meets Putin

War in Syria rages in parts of the country. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov claims it’s over, saying: “The war in Syria has really come to an end. The country is gradually returning to a normal, peaceful life,” adding:  “Some hotspots … The post Is the War in Syria Over? Netanyahu Meets Putin appeared first on Global Research .
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‘Tunisia’s Berlusconi’ the wild card as nation goes to the polls

Jailed Nabil Karoui hopes to appeal to voters disillusioned by lack of progress since Arab spring Campaigning ends on Friday in Tunisia’s presidential election before Sunday’s first round of voting, pitting more than two dozen candidates against each other, including a media mogul running for office from jail. Tunisia is the last of the Arab spring countries still on a democratic track, after Egypt slipped back toward authoritarianism and Syria and Libya descended into conflict. Continue reading...
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Syria schoolgirl urges Turkey to stop deporting refugees

A ten-year-old Syrian schoolgirl has called on the Turkish government to stop deporting Syrians amid a crackdown that has seen thousands sent back to the war-ravaged country. In July the Turkish government set a four-week deadline for Syrians without approval to return or face removal amid rising hostility at the 3.6 million Syrian refugees in the country. In June a Twitter hashtag telling Syrians to get out of Turkey was trending. In a bid to stop them being forced to
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US offers rewards for information on 3 al Qaeda leaders in Syria

The U.S. State Department has offered rewards of up to $5 million each for information concerning three al Qaeda leaders in Syria. All three have been involved in the heated disagreements over jihadi strategy and leadership in the Levant.
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Russia FM: Syria war is over, time to return it to ‘Arab family’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the war in Syria has come to an end and the focus should now be on promoting a long-lasting settlement and providing humanitarian aid for civilians. “The country is gradually returning to a normal, peaceful life. Some hotspots of tensions remain in the territories that are not controlled by the Syrian government, such as Idlib and the eastern bank of the Euphrates,” Lavrov said, as part of an interview with the Russian newspaper
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