Wild Cat Trade: Why the Cheetah is Not Safe Just Yet

Commentary by Patricia Tricorache and Tomas Maule Data collected by researchers show that the cheetah trade has actively continued between East Africa/Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, although news reports say there’s been a major decline in cub trafficking. The high numbers involved in this illegal trade is relevant to actions by the CITES, which determined that cheetah trade was limited and
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Somalia president suspends prime minister over alleged corruption

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Monday suspended the country's prime minister over alleged corruption and misuse of public land reports Anadolu Agency. "Noting that the Prime Minister [Mohamed Hussein Roble] on 26 December 2021, appointed a new Minister of Defense without completing the ongoing investigation into interference in the ongoing investigation into the corruption of public lands owned by
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Lithuanian, Somaliland Pavilions Feature at Food Taipei Trade Show for First Time

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Chairman James C. F. Huang (right). CNA photo Dec. 22, 2021 Lithuanian food products. CNA photo Dec. 22, 2021 Lithuanian community in Taiwan Chairwoman Ausra Andriuskaite. CNA photo Dec. 22, 2021 IETO Representative Budi Santoso (center), IETO Trade Director Sulistyono (right), and IETO Trade Analyst Muhammad Fuad Hamzah (left). CNA photo Dec. 22, 2021 Somaliland Representative to Taiwan
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On the Horn of Africa, a Tiny ‘Country’ Has Congress’ Ear

Last month, a diplomatic delegation from the self-declared independent republic of Somaliland — which broke away from Somalia in 1991 but has no formal diplomatic ties with major developed nations — worked the halls of Capitol Hill seeking sit-downs with whomever would meet with them. The delegation presented itself to U.S. government agencies and lawmakers as an African ally insulated
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UN calls for independent probe into rape allegations in Sudan's anti-regime protests

The United Nations yesterday called on Sudanese authorities to conduct an "independent investigation" into allegations of sexual violence including rape and gang rape during mass anti-coup protests earlier this week. Liz Throssell, spokesperson for the UN human rights office in Geneva, said the office has received disturbing reports alleging that 13 women and girls were raped or gang-raped in the
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NGO sues UK, France after refugees drown in the Channel

An NGO has filed manslaughter charges against senior British and French officials for refusing to rescue dozens of migrants who drowned in the English Channel last month. On 24 November, a boat carrying around 30 migrants and refugees capsized in the English Channel, killing 27 refugees as they attempted to make the perilous crossing to the United Kingdom from France. It was
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China Votes ‘no’ on Tigray Abuses Probe by UN team, Calls It Interference in Ethiopia’s Affairs

Wang Yi and Demeke Mekonnen in Addis Ababa on December 1. Photo: Xinhua China does “not meddle in the internal affairs of Ethiopia … [and] disagrees with the practice of some external forces to pressure Ethiopia for their own political purposes”, Wang said at a meeting with Demeke Mekonnen, the Ethiopian deputy prime minister and foreign minister. Ethiopian ambassador and permanent representative
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Somali PhD Student Makes Breakthrough in Aortic Insufficiency Treatment

“A prosthetic heart valve is an effective form of treatment, but it’s also a relatively complicated surgical procedure that brings with it a number of risks and complications in the long term. Now we have found a solution that can make it easier to treat patiens,” says Mariam Noor, a PhD student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Time to End Ethiopia’s Unwinnable Civil War

Federal forces have recorded gains in recent weeks but Ethiopia’s brutal civil war may well grind on without a winner. Addis Ababa must let more aid into blockaded Tigray and the region’s dissident leadership should recognise the federal government’s legitimacy pending detailed ceasefire talks. Despite the latest shifts, it is unlikely the civil war will end soon as both sides can
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Ethiopia retakes UNESCO registered site from rebels: Government

Ethiopia said, on Wednesday, that its armed forces have retaken the UNESCO registered town of Lalibella from the Tigray rebels, Anadolu News Agency reports. Lalibella, 880 kilometres (547 miles) north of the capital, Addis Ababa, along with its UNESCO-registered monolithic churches and international airport, was just one of the major territorial gains the army liberated from the Tigray People's Liberation
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Somaliland Battles for Recognition After 30 Years’ Fending for Itself

Despite stable elections and a functional state, self-declared nation struggles to win global acceptance Independence Monument in Hargeisa: Somaliland has delivered relative peace and stability to its 5.7m people, with an elected parliament and its own passports © André Khalil/FT Ayan Mahamed, kickboxing champion and computer scientist: ‘There’s a really fine line [between a liberal or more conservative Somaliland] and I feel
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Top Chinese diplomat: Ethiopia needs no foreign interference to end internal conflict

Ethiopia needs no foreign interference to resolve its internal conflict, said China's Foreign Minister on Wednesday, Anadolu News Agency reports. Wang Yi made the remarks during his meeting with Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, in the capital, Addis Ababa, according to local broadcaster, FANA. Wang said China is closely following the situation in Ethiopia and is opposed to what he
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Villa Somalia’s rigged election likely to lead the country into a cycle of clan violence

As many independent observers even call the parliamentary selection as “vote for hire scheme”, local clan militia build-up is gaining more support as the only way to stop the rigging. On Friday, the Waceysle clan elders of the seat number HoP067 held a press conference in Mogadishu— even as armed police and intelligence officers raided the hotel to halt the clan gathering
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European Parliament backs RSF’s call for moratorium on arrests of journalists in Somalia

NewsIn a resolution on the human rights situation in Somalia adopted yesterday, the European Parliament has endorsed the call for a moratorium on arrests of journalists in Somalia that Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and its partner, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), issued more than a year ago and have been reiterating ever since.
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The Broken Dreams of Desperate Migrants Fleeing Africa for Saudi Arabia

Eastern promise Fentahun Derebe left Gondar in northern Ethiopia when he had barely finished high school. PHOTO: AFP Migrants from Somalia walk through the forest as they cross the Belarusian-Polish border in Siemianowka, Poland, on Oct 25, 2021. PHOTO: REUTERS Ethiopian migrants holding assistance packages at the support centre run by the UN’s International Organisation for Migration in Hargeisa on Sept 19, 2021. PHOTO: AFP Under the radar
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At least 8 dead, 13 wounded in Somalia market blast

At least eight people were killed and 13 others wounded in a bomb blast in Somalia's South West State on Friday, Anadolu News Agency reports. The explosion occurred in a busy market in the town of Berdale, located some 310 kilometers (192 miles) from the capital, Mogadishu, a police official told Anadolu Agency over the phone. "Communications are cut off
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Ethiopia Sets Out Terms of Possible Talks with Tigray Rebels

“It is estimated that 80 percent of essential medication is no longer available in Tigray while most health facilities are not functional due to damage and lack of supplies,” it said. The region’s biggest hospital, Ayder Referral Hospital in the Tigray capital Mekele, has been forced to close its cancer treatment programme, “leaving some 500 patients without treatment”, it said.
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The African Union Should Resolve the Somaliland Status

Organize a new fact-finding mission to familiarize African leaders and officials with the current situation in Somaliland. Give the Federal Government of Somalia a deadline by which to begin AU-sponsored negotiations with the Republic of Somaliland over its status and the relationship between the two entities. Lead the Somalia-Somaliland negotiations and require the parties to participate in good faith and agree on
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Rebel Advance to Within 200 Miles of Ethiopia’s Capital Puts the City and Wider Region on Edge

Unpublished contingency plans being made by the U.N.’s refugee agency and reviewed by The Washington Post predict hundreds of thousands of refugees may try to enter Djibouti, Kenya and Somaliland A map locating Tigray Province, in northern Ethiopia (The Washington Post) A view of the skyline of Addis Ababa on Nov. 3. (Tiksa Negeri/Reuters) A damaged tank stands on a road north of
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Ethiopia forces, Tigrayan rebels battle over key town

Ethiopian forces and Tigrayan rebels fought a pitched battle for control of Kombolcha on Monday, terrified residents reported, after the rebels claimed to have taken over their second town in two days. Reports of rebels capturing Kombolcha came a day after they claimed control of Dessie and if confirmed, it would mark a major advance by the Tigray People's Liberation
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How Islamist Militants Elsewhere View the Taliban’s Victory in Afghanistan

While Islamist insurgents around the world are inspired by the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, the question of whether and how they will benefit as a result is more complicated, as Crisis Group experts explain in this 360-degree view. It appears that … some outside powers will deal with the Taliban, affording the group a measure of international legitimacy.   Syria Members of
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‘We Had to Flee’: Somalia on the Run from Extreme Climate

Makeshift camps are rising outside cities in Somalia as rural communities flee worsening natural disasters EDUARDO SOTERAS AFP Uba Adan Juma moved to Hargeisa city with her 10 children when her goats died in a terrible drought three years ago EDUARDO SOTERAS AFP Rural families who lose their livelihood to drought or flood in Somalia often wind up on the outskirts of cities in
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A C.I.A. Fighter, a Somali Bomb Maker, and a Faltering Shadow War

The hunt for an elusive Somali militant illustrates why Al Shabab, despite a decade of American covert action, are at their strongest in years. Mogadishu’s streets bear the scars of war, many of them decades old. Lido beach in Mogadishu, bustling with restaurants and hotels, has become a popular spot — a sign of Somalia’s progress and, last year, a target for
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SOMA Conducted 3-day Training for Reporters on Production of Quality Radio Content Sharing Program in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu

On his part, Qadar Mohamed Sirad from Radio Markablay in Bardere city pointed out the training will further improve the capacity of reporters to produce quality radio content sharing program. In addition, Fartun Abdirahman Dini, from Radio Hayan, Galkacyo city said: “The training has provided me good understanding that cooperation between the reporters across Somalia is essential to produce and broadcast
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Unrecognised But Unbowed, Somaliland Youth Carry the Flag

In the ramshackle capital, wads of Somaliland currency swap hands on the potholed streets, as police wearing the national emblem direct cars pressed with Somaliland plates. Teenagers snap selfies with an “I (Heart) Somaliland” monument not far from the national war memorial, where a warplane relic stands as a testament to the independence struggle. But despite the trappings of a state, to
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Change is Afoot for Somaliland Recognition

Flag of the Republic of Somaliland, which remains largely unrecognized despite its relative stability. Chairman and CEO of DP World Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem (right) shakes hands to finalize the investment of $442 million into developing the port of Berbera. Source: The National Foreign ministers of Taiwan and Somaliland met to establish representative offices in Taipei and Hargeisa. Source: Taiwan Ministry of Foreign
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Who Will Win the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature?

Annie Ernaux (French memoirist, 9–1 odds) Lyudmila Ulitskaya (Russian novelist, 11–1 odds) Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (Kenyan novelist and perennial Nobel bridesmaid; 11–1 odds)Maryse Condé (Guadeloupean novelist; 15–1 odds) Nuruddin Farah (Somali novelist; 17–1 odds)  Can Xue (Chinese novelist; 21–1 odds) Yan Lianke (Chinese novelist; 21–1 oddsScholastique Mukasonga (French-Rwandan novelist; 26–1 odds)Xi Xi (Chinese novelist; 26–1 odds) Yu Hua (Chinese novelist; 34–1 odds) Jon Fosse (The Norwegian’s Norwegian;
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Somalia’s Humanitarian Crisis Is Also an Environmental One

Building resilience among communities on the ground is key to dealing with both. Somalia’s Challenges An IDP camp in Somalia’s Puntland region, with a locked well where people are forced to pay for water. Yannick Tylle/Getty Images Solutions for Somalia By Elizabeth Waddington   Readers can help by donating to this project through www.drylandsolutions.org, or by way of a fundraising campaign on Global Giving, which will start at
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Suicide bombing near military headquarters in Somali capital

A suicide bomber blew himself up near a Somali military headquarters in the capital Mogadishu on Friday afternoon, police said, Anadolu reports. The attack hit the area near Villa Baidoa, the Somali military's second headquarters in Mogadishu. No casualties were reported from the attack, according to Somali police. "At around 15.03 p.m. (1203GMT), a suicide bomber blew himself up between
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Somali Women Raise Their Voices in the Nation of Poets

A childhood encounter with a hyena inspired Hawa Jama Abdi’s first verse. Now she is part of an arts project designed to encourage women storytellers – and unite all Somalis I lived in fear of you, day and night It is a miracle world if I am standing in front of you, tonight Since I am blind and cannot see anything Come to my
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Somalia: SJS concludes a three-day human rights journalism training in Kismayo

Participants and trainers make a pledge to stand for human rights during the conclusion of a three-day SJS human rights journalism training in Kismayo, Thursday 23 September 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. Kiin Hassan Fakad, a freelance human rights reporter speaks at the conclusion of a three-day SJS human rights journalism training in Kismayo, Thursday 23 September 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. Radio Jubba
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John Hanning Speke and the Source of the Nile

On September 15, 1864, British explorer and army officer John Hanning Speke died by accident with a shot gun. Speke is most associated with the search for the source of the Nile and was in fact the first European that reached Lake Victoria and as such is the “discoverer of the source of the Nile“. “The expedition had now performed its functions. I saw that old father Nile without any doubt rises in the Victoria Nyanza, and as
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Growth Potential for Camel Milk in Somaliland

There is unmet demand and potential for growth in the market. Food safety can be improved through quality standards, increased use of aluminum cans and more access to bulk cold storage, especially during aggregation and transport. The sector could benefit from increased access to finance at all levels, as well as mechanisms for value chain actors to mitigate their risks through insurance
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How an Intelligence Officer’s Disappearance in Somalia Ripped a ‘Government’ Apart

U.S. Army Spec. Kevin Martin provides security during unloading operations at an unidentified location in Somalia on June 28, 2020. (Tech. Sgt. Christopher Ruano/Combined Joint Task Force — Horn of Africa/AP) Kenyan army soldiers ride on a vehicle at their base in Tabda, inside Somalia, on Feb. 20, 2012. (Ben Curtis/AP) By Rachel Chason and Omar Faruk
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Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing New Ethiopia Sanctions Amid Reports of Atrocities

The administration did not immediately impose sanctions under the new order, but “is prepared to take aggressive action” unless the parties — including the Ethiopian government, the Eritrean government, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and the Amhara Regional Government — “take meaningful steps to enter into talks for a negotiated ceasefire and allow for unhindered humanitarian access,” a senior administration
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US threatens sanctions against officials in Tigray conflict

A new executive order allows the U.S. Treasury Department to sanction leaders and groups seen as fueling the violence if they don’t take steps soon to stop the fighting. Senior U.S. officials who previewed the order Thursday said that while it does not set a deadline on the leaders, they wanted to see progress made toward a cease-fire in the
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Somalia PM Rejects President Farmajo’s Suspension of His Executive Powers

The administration’s deviation from the elections process and elections security mandate The Prime Minister undertaking unprecedented steps that could drive the nation to (the) political and security crisis The Prime Minister seeking to infringe on the allowance rights and salaries of the Armed Forces and misuse of authority by certain institutions That the Prime Minister operated without consultation and cooperation with the President
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SJS, SOMA sign a historic MOU to defend press freedom and improve media professionalism in Somalia

SJS Secretary General, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin (front right) and SOMA Secretary General, Mohamed Osman Makaran (front left) sign MOU in Mogadishu on Monday 13 September, 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. SJS Secreteray General, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin speaks after the signing the Memorandum of Understanding between SJS and SOMA in Mogadishu on Monday 13 September, 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. SOMA Secretary General, Mohamed Osman
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Somaliland: HoR Speaker Names Sub-Committees

Ahmed Musa Jama Faisal Yussuf Jama Nur Osman Guleid Sulieman Mohamed Farah Hassan Ahmed Elmi Abdullahi Musa Abdi Ahmed-Yassin Mohamed Hassan Mohamoud Farah Jama Ahmed Abdi Musa Ahmed Hassan Ali Mohamoud Salah Abdi Bile Abdi Duale Abdihakim Hugur Abdi Mukhtar Ibrahim Hashi   I   Nuradiin Ahmed Dayib 2   Jamal Adan Diriye 3 Ahmed Mohamud Abdilahi   4   Saleeban Ahmed Arab 5 Eng Hirsi Abdilahi Hirsi   6   Ali Husein Nur 7   Ali Jama Arrale 1 Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Kaare) 2 Saeed Mohamed lsmail 3 Maxamed Abiib Yusuf Jamac 4 Eng Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim 5 Jama Ahmed Ogle 6 Hassan Omar Hassan 7 Mustafe Ahmed
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Voices from Tigray: ongoing internet shutdown tearing families, communities, businesses apart

Share this blog post on social media using the hashtag #KeepItOn and #InternetShutdown to raise awareness about the devastating impact of internet shutdowns on people’s lives. Share our Shutdown Stories form (also available in Tigrigna) with people in your network affected by a shutdown, to help us gather more testimonies to strengthen our advocacy work. Your stories serve as evidence of
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Somalia: SJS jointly trains 25 journalists from Galmudug and Puntland in Galkayo

SJS Secretary General, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin speaks at the end of a three-day training in Galkayo, Mudug on Thursday 9 September, 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. Radio Galkayo journalist, Muna Osman Isse, speaks at the wrap up of a three-day training in Galkayo, Mudug on Thursday 9 September, 2021. | PHOTO CREDIT/SJS. Radio Deegaan journalist, Mohamed Omar Yusuf speaks at the wrap up
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Taiwan: DPP Lawmakers Call for Foreign Mission Renaming

The Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland, inaugurated last year, is the only representative office using the name, and a planned office in Lithuania is expected to become the second. Democratic Progressive Party legislators Chiu Chih-wei, left, and Hsu Chih-chieh hold a news conference in Taipei yesterday to call for the word “Taiwan” to be used in the names
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Somaliland: Kenya Set to Open 3rd Africa Consulate in Hargeisa

A delegation from the Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa to finalize plans to open up a Kenyan consulate in the Horn of Africa nation. The two leaders agreed among other issues to upgrade the Somaliland Liaison office in Nairobi to a consulate and set up a Kenya consulate in Hargeisa. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somaliland President Muse Bihi
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Somaliland Gears Up for ‘Healthy’ Battle of Ports

Berbera due to compete head to head with Djibouti for Ethiopia’s trade Berbera’s resurgence could mark a return to its role as a pivotal port in the late 19th century © Mustafa Saeed/AFP/Getty Images Djibouti has been rated as the most efficient port in Africa measured by minutes per container move © Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images
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SJS launches human rights training for Somali journalists in Beledweyne

The training project, which is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, aims to equip local journalists with new skills and enable them to collaboratively monitor, investigate, document and report human rights violations in the country. The project intends to reach up-to 150 journalists across Somalia. During the opening of ceremony, Hiiraan Deputy governor, Sheikh Hussein Osman who officiated the training
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Importing Afghanistan: A Very Stupid Idea with Very Powerful Enablers, by Tobias Langdon

Here’s some good news about Afghanistan. If you drew up a “Toxic Top Ten” of the worst possible places to receive migrants from, Afghanistan wouldn’t be #1. I think that honour would go to Somalia. Now some bad news about Afghanistan. It could be well #2 or #3 in the Toxic Ten. It’s #2 for...
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Somalia NCF Releases Unsubstantive Communique on Elections

Federal Somalia PM, Mohamed Hussein Roble – Chairing Said Abdullahi Deni, president of Puntland State Ahmed Mohamed Islam, President of the Jubaland State Abdi Aziz Hassan Mohamed ‘Laftagaren’, President of the Southwest State Ahmed Abdi Karie, President of Galmudug State Ali Abdullahi Hussein, President of Hirshabelle State Omar Mohamoud Mohamed ‘Finish’, Mayor and Governor of Benadir (Mogadishu)
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New Bill Proposes Cutting Pentagon Spending to Fund Vaccines for Poor Nations

New Bill Proposes Cutting Pentagon Spending to Fund Vaccines for Poor Nations Jake Johnson jake Aug 20, 2021 "We can't bomb our way out of a global pandemic," said Rep. Mark Pocan, the sponsor of the legislation, "Shifting funds from weaponry and military contractors to producing Covid vaccines will save hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of lives around the world."
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