Promoting Islamophobia in America

Honestly, if you’re trying to grasp our strange new world, this Washington Post headline gets you at least part of the way there: “New NSC Chief of Staff Is From Group That Believes Muslims Are Plotting to Take Over U.S.” No, that NSC isn’t the National Student Clearinghouse or the Norfolk Southern Corporation or the … Continue reading "Promoting Islamophobia in America" The post Promoting Islamophobia in America appeared first on Original
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British Muslim baker challenges Islamophobia with one cake at a time

A British Muslim baker called Ali Imdad challenges Islamophobia by backing one cake at a time every time there is an Islamophobic attack, according to meida reports.
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A surge in Islamophobia in Paris and London in recent years: Report

There has been a surge in Islamophobia in both Paris and London over recent years, but anti-Islam behavior shows itself very differently in the two capital cities, according to the French media outlet 'The Conversation'
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OIC report: Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims declining but overall situation is 'worrisome'

A new report on Islamophobia issued by the Observatory of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), noted that there was a decline of intolerance and discriminations against Muslims but worrisome’ overall situation.
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Edinburgh Students Association's event highlights surge of Islamophobia attacks in Europe

To mark women’s history month, the University of Edinburgh’s Students’ Association’s Women’s Campaign in Scotland, hosted a panel discussion on Islamophobia recently in order to highlight issues on this phenomenon, The Student Newspaper of University of E
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Turkey proposes EU-OIC meeting on Islamophobia, racism

Istanbul later this year could host a joint forum of the EU and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to discuss the threat of Islamophobia and related hate movements, said Turkey’s foreign minister on Friday.
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American local groups in Beverly join hands in anti-Islamophobia initiative

For the past eight months, residents of Beverly/Morgan Park in the United States of America have joined with their friends and neighbors in the southwest suburbs to stand up against Islamophobia and race-baiting, The Beverly Review reported.
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Trump continues a tradition by attacking Syria

Donald Trump the Islamophobe is now, along with Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron, setting himself up as the principal protector of Muslim lives in Syria.
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Report: Islamophobia remains an undeniable fact in European societies

An Ankara-based think tank, called the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) released on Monday a report on Islamophobia, noted in it that this phenomenon is an undeniable fact in Europe.
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Teachers accuse Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman of promoting Islamophobia over stance on hijabs in schools

'We have taken regressive steps where our children are now being made to feel that must leave their cultural and linguistic and religious identity at the door'
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