Terrorists are 'generally Muslims' says Ryanair CEO in latest #FlyingWhileMuslim incident

Controversial Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary sparked controversy on Saturday after suggesting terrorists are generally Muslim men, in the latest #FlyingWhileMuslim incident. Muslim men should be profiled at airports as terrorists will "generally be of a Muslim persuasion", Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said in a shocking interview published on Saturday that sparked backlash. "Who are the bombers?" the budget airline's controversial chief executive said while discussing airport security in the interview with
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'It was about starting a dialogue': A year on since It's Not About The Burqa

Book Club: With Brexit and new heights of Islamophobia in the UK, The New Arab speaks to some of the contributors about what they have learnt since the book's release. There are not many books that can pinpoint the exact feeling shared by many whilst at the same time being a baton for multiple voices and perspectives. There's even less for Muslim women, especially British Muslim women, who are part of global diasporas and communities across the world. 
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White Terrorism targeting Innocent Muslims in Germany is not termed “Terrorism”

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – On Thursday , a racist extremist went to two shisha bars in Hanau, Germany, randomly shooting the people there. Since smoking hookah is a Middle Eastern custom, he clearly thought he could be sure of killing Muslims at these establishments. He killed a pregnant woman and bar staff, leaving at least ten dead (including the shooter and his mother once he got back home). The shooter had a racist manifesto and in YouTube spots
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Macron vows to stop foreign imams from entering France in a bid to counter 'separatism'

Macron said the government sought to combat 'foreign interference' in how Islam is practiced in France. French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced measures intended to counter "Islamic extremism" in France by giving the government more authority over the schooling of Muslim children, the financing of mosques and the training of imams. Macron, during a visit to the city of Mulhouse in eastern France, said the government wants to combat "foreign interference" in how Islam
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Mike Bloomberg Ran Stasi-Style Police and Surveillance Operations Against Muslim Americans

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple Podcasts , Google Play , Stitcher , Radio Public , and other platforms . New to podcasting? Click here . As mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg ran a sweeping surveillance operation against Muslim Americans. This week on Intercepted: As Bloomberg nears a half a billion dollars in paid ads for his presidential campaign, he is intensifying
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Michael Bloomberg’s Racism Goes Well Beyond Stop-and-Frisk

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using his billions to pay for his presidential campaign ads, blanketing television, radio and social media feeds across the country. As pundits, including CNN’s Brian Stelter , suggest, this national visibility blitz may have boosted Bloomberg’s standing in national polls; it rose to 15% in a Quinnipiac survey last week. With that polling boost however, comes an increase in media and voter scrutiny — of his mayoral policy record, his business
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How French 'secularism' became a front for Islamophobia

Comment: President Macron has demonstrated once again that in France, inciting hatred or attacking a person's dignity is ok, if the target is Muslim, writes writes Malia Bouattia. Despite the entire country being at a standstill with yellow vest protests, strikes, and widespread anger towards the Macron government's attacks on welfare, labour standards, and public services, French media and politicians have managed to deflect debate yet again, away from the issues, and on to Islam.  
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Bloomberg Apologized for Stop-and-Frisk. Why Won’t He Say Sorry to Muslims for Spying on Them?

Muslim community members and supporters protest the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslim communities during a rally in New York City’s Foley Square on Nov. 18, 2011. Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP The 2016 Republican presidential primaries were a living nightmare for Muslim Americans. From start to finish, GOP candidates fell over one another to fan the flames of anti-Muslim bigotry, anti-Arab racism, and Islamophobic hysteria. We all recall, of course, Donald J. Trump
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How Emily’s List and Center for American Progress Sold Out to Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire Republican-turned-Democrat Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg was hit with two damaging front-page headlines Saturday. The Washington Post reported ,  “Bloomberg for years has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments.” “Now, as Bloomberg is increasingly viewed as a viable Democratic candidate for president and the #MeToo era has raised the profile of workplace harassment, he is finding that his efforts to prevent disclosure are clashing against demands that he release former employees and complainants from
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Meet the British Afghans fighting hunger in London

Meet 37-year-old Fardin, the Afghan minicab driver whose warm, home-cooked meals spoil any appetite for Islamophobia, in a city where over 1.5 million adults face food insecurity. It's a late afternoon on Saturday outside King Cross St. Pancras, one of London's busiest train stations. Thirty-seven-year-old Fardin Mohammed, a minicab driver who had first come to the UK as an Afghan refugee in 1999, is distributing free boxes of warm Biryani, a traditional
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As Sajid Javid departs, the Tory Islamophobia scandal reaches a new low

The promised inquiry into Islamophobia is non-existent, and the party fails to truly reprimand those who legitimise anti-Muslim hate. The resignation of Sajid Javid, the Conservative Party’s highest-ranking Muslim cabinet minister, comes in a fortnight when the party has hit a new low in its handling of Islamophobia. Let us not forget that the departing chancellor had promised to hold an
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Mayor Mike, Worse Than Mayor Pete

Photograph Source: Gage Skidmore – CC BY 2.0 The good news out of New Hampshire was, of course, that Bernie Sanders won – not by much, but by enough to leave no doubt as to who the winner was. There was more good news as well: Joe Biden, the former king of the moderates, is on his way to becoming toast. The bad news is that the campaign of the only candidate besides Bernie worth
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LGBTQ+ charity group Imaan to hold UK's first Muslim pride festival

While a venue has not been announced, a crowdfunding campaign has raised £10,000 to fund the event. An LGBTQ+ Muslim support group will hold the UK's first ever Muslim Pride festival, according to  Pink News. UK-based charity Imaan made the announcement on social media last week. "It's happening! We've set the date for the first EVER Muslim Pride event. Ticket go on sale in two weeks," the group
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Mo Salah is officially the world’s most valuable right-winger

Salah has knocked Lionel Messi off the top spot for most valuable right-winger at €150 million, according to a new ranking. Mohamed Salah has knocked Lionel Messi off the number one spot as the most valuable right-winger in world football, according to a new ranking by website Transfermarkt. The site quotes the Egyptian Liverpool star at 150 million euros, 10 million more than his Argentine rival.   Over the past
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Climate Manipulation and Murdoch’s PR Machine

Mill, Junction City, Oregon. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair. Western democracies and their respected societies appear to be incapable or unwilling of solving global warming . At least partly, this might be because voters in most countries have been lied to by the corporate media for decades on end. Much of this is due to one very rich and very old man – Rupert Murdoch. The shaping of public opinion takes place in a world in which very
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Liverpool superstar Mo Salah welcomes second child with wife

Mo Salah's wife reportedly gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Kayan. Egyptian football star  Mohamed Salah welcomed a new addition to his family on Saturday. The Liverpool striker's wife, Magi Salah, gave birth to their second child in a hospital in England, Youm 7 reported . Mo Salah 's wife reportedly gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Kayan, according to Give Me Sport
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Brexit will 'embolden bigotry' towards people of colour, warns former Green MEP Magid Magid

The New Arab Meets: Former MEP Magid Magid, who is demanding 'real action' in response to the anti-Muslim rhetoric he witnessed in the media and political landscapes during and post-Brexit. The UK's departure from the European Union has "emboldened bigotry" against people of colour, says outgoing Green MEP Magid Magid. But he said the "fight for a better democracy, a better Europe and a better UK, doesn't stop with an election or a referendum." His plan now is
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Between the Quarantine and Quakes: Coronavirus Life in China

Chengdu, China I was not planning to end up in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak here in the People’s Republic of China for my long winter break. I had been planning on increasing my one-on-one language classes to five times a week for a few weeks, then jetting off to the beaches of Da Nang in Vietnam to rest up before teaching my spring courses. Instead, I am quarantined in my home in western China, barricaded
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What Next for Bernie?

Last week’s deluge of dust is finally settling. As of this writing, nothing is yet official, and the DNC is calling for a total recanvassing of the results – perhaps they hope (without good reason) that this would somehow help their man Joe Biden and harm Bernie Sanders — but it is plain that Sanders and Boy Wonder Mayor Pete are effectively tied in the race for “state delegate equivalents” in the Iowa caucuses, and that Sanders has a
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Turkey’s deputy FM: Islamophobia threatens Turkish citizens in Europe

Rising Islamophobia and xenophobia in Western Europe threatens the safety of Turkish citizens living there, the country’s deputy foreign minister said, Anadolu reports. Yavuz Selim Kiran made the remarks during a session of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee in Ankara on Thursday. The minister urged to take the diplomatic route in addressing such concerns. “We should deal with this problem strategically,” he said. Approximately, 5 million Turks live in European countries. Last December, Germany’s integration minister had expressed similar concerns
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Labour faces a painful reckoning: those who enabled Corbynism can’t be trusted with its future

No other Labour leader has sympathised with the IRA or similar terrorist organisations, much less had truck with anti-Semitism. If Labour is to recover from its electoral defeat in December, it needs an agonising reappraisal such as was offered by the party’s leader Hugh Gaitskell in 1959 after three election defeats and by Tony Blair in 1994 after four. That can
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As the election cycle begins, expect Trump to supersize his favorite tactic

Comment: President Trump has made Islamophobia one of the defining features of his presidency, writes Mobashra Tazamal. US President Donald Trump's actions in the first weeks of 2020 sent a clear signal about what lies ahead this election year. From ordering the  assassination of a top Iranian general, despite the US not being formally at war with Iran, to  threatening to bomb the country's cultural sites protected under international law, the twitter-loving leader is sure to
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Five US mosques approved as Iowa caucus sites in 'historic' first

In an effort to improve Muslim voter participation, the Iowa democratic party approved five mosques for use as caucus sites on Monday. For the first time ever, mosques were approved to be used as caucus sites in Iowa this week, in the lead up to the first Democratic primary contest on Monday. While official results had not been declared on Tuesday due to a technical glitch, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders ' campaign, a
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There is more to Muslim women than headscarves and World Hijab Day should show that

World Hijab Day is a well-intentioned attempt to raise awareness about the prejudices Muslim women face, but is the campaign misguided? The start of February marked  World Hijab Day , (WHD) but it was met with an array of mixed feelings from many. Founded by American Muslim woman Nazma Khan in 2013, WHD aims to "foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting women, including non-hijabi Muslims as well as non-Muslims, to experience wearing the hijab for one day."
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Muslim allies Pakistan, Turkey mull dual nationality deal

Turkey proposed plans to Pakistan on Friday allowing citizens of both nations to have dual nationality, according to a ministry statement. Muslim allies Turkey and Pakistan are mulling plans to allow citizens of both nations to have dual nationality, according to a ministry statement. The plan was allegedly proposed during a meeting between Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah and Turkey's Ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul. "In response to this, the Minister said that the
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Canada's Quebec City gets its first Muslim cemetery

Quebec City, the capital of Canada's only French-speaking province where the hijab has been banned, has finally got the approval for its own Muslim cemetery. In the past, Muslim residents of Quebec City had to transport their dead for more than 160 miles if they wanted an Islamic burial, despite the city having its first mosque since the late 1970s. Today, Quebec City, the capital of Canada's only French-speaking province, has been given the go ahead for its first
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Canada's 'Islamophobic' Quebec City gets its first Muslim cemetery

Quebec City, the capital of Canada's only French-speaking province where the hijab has been banned, has finally got the approval for its own Muslim cemetery. In the past, Muslim residents of Quebec City had to transport their dead for more than 160 miles if they wanted an Islamic burial, despite the city having its first mosque since the late 1970s. Today, Quebec City, the capital of Canada's only French-speaking province, has been given the go ahead for its first
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Islamophobia in the White House: Trump’s Tweets Perpetuate a Long History of Equating Muslims with Terrorism

By Evelyn Alsultany | – President Donald Trump retweeted a doctored image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing a hijab and Senator Chuck Schumer wearing a turban on Jan. 13. In the fake photo, both were seen standing in front of an Iranian flag with a caption saying: “The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue.” Trump was again criticized for promoting anti-Muslim sentiments and for being a social
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US airliner Delta fined $50,000 for discriminating against Muslim passengers

Three Muslim passengers who were kicked off Delta Air Lines flights in separate occasions were provided with compensation from the US airline for discrimination against Muslims. Delta Air Lines was Friday fined $50,000 by the US Department of Transportation to settle allegations it discriminated against three Muslim passengers who were ordered off their planes. In its consent order, the department said it found Delta "engaged in discriminatory conduct" and violated anti-discrimination
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Legendary Liverpool star Mo Salah to be immortalised at Madame Tussauds with own wax figure

Premier League football star Mo Salah will be honoured with his own wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London. Egyptian football star Mo Salah will be honoured with his own wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London.  The Liverpool striker spent time with experts at the famous wax museum, having his measurements taken and posing for pictures, a video posted on his Twitter revealed.  "I'm getting my very own
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The Paradox of Populism

For those of us who wish to see a world beyond inequality and oppression, and who believe popular movements are key to achieving it, the past decade has been dizzying. We witnessed extraordinary upsurges on the left, including the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the Bernie Sanders campaign, the spectacular growth of the Democratic Socialists of America, and massive strike waves and worker insurgencies in parts of the world beset by austerity. At the same time
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Saudi introduces new Hajj fee

Saudi Arabia has introduced new charges on Hajj visa’s which will come into effect this year. Pilgrims from across the Muslim world will be required to pay $80 in addition to the skyrocketing fees charged by travel agencies to perform what is considered a religious obligation for those that can afford it and are physical able. Details of the new charges was reported by Malaysian Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Mujahid Yusof Rawa. He said the newly introduced charge
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With Trump’s Iran Attack Abroad, Iranian-Americans and Muslim-Americans are Unfairly Targeted at Home

Irvine, Ca. (Special to Informed Comment) – A day under the Trump Administration typically consists of angry tweets, an absurd amount of misinformation, and reckless decisions made by an egotistical maniac. Just three days into the new year we saw exactly that as the Trump Administration launched an attack on Iran, killing the nation’s top military commander, General Qasem Soleimani, by drone strike, and bringing the two nations to the brink of war. Many have been left in confusion, as
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Lansman backs BOD demands naming Jackie Walker – but in 2016 he attacked "frenzied witch-hunt" against her

Momentum founder and Long-Bailey campaign manager backs her support for BOD demand that black Jewish activist never rejoin Labour – but three years ago his assessment was very different Jon Lansman The SKWAWKBOX has been running a series of articles examining Jon Lansman’s support of Rebecca Long-Bailey’s decision to accept a list of ten demands by the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) – and his own past articles that might fall foul of that list.
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Hasn’t the US been a greater source of instability in the Middle East than Iran?

During a televised discussion over which country has been the main source of instability in the Middle East, I struggled to place Iran ahead of the US. While it is self-evident that no single country can be held responsible for all of the region’s pain and suffering – just as every individual possesses some degree of agency, however small that maybe, so do states and governments – it would be dishonest to look beyond the US in such conversations. American
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Zionism and ‘Anti-Semitism’: A Chronicle of a Smear Foretold

Photograph Source: Kate Ausburn – CC BY 2.0 With the 2020 Presidential elections fast approaching, the progressive campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining traction. Several interest groups have grown increasingly anxious of Sanders’ Democratic Socialist agenda, including ruling class Republicans, corporate Democrats and their joint ally – Zionists, both Christian and Jewish. Sanders and BDS The ongoing ‘anti-Semitism’ smear of Sanders  and his grassroots following has been waged openly
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Top People who Dress like Muslims who are a Thousand Times Better than Donald Trump

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Trump retweeted a doctored image of House majority member Nancy Pelosi (a Catholic) and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (who is Jewish) dressed in Muslim garb. Trump managed to be anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic and anti-Muslim all at once. When the White House was pressed on why he did this, as Greg Sargent of WaPo notes , “the White House offered a curious justification: Trump retweeted that image to send the message that Democrats are on the
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Calling Bernie Sanders Anti-Semitic Is Islamophobic

What follows is a conversation between professor Sahar Aziz and Shir Hever of The Real News Network. Read a transcript of their conversation below or watch the video at the bottom of the post. BERNIE SANDERS:  We must treat the Palestinian people as well with the respect and dignity that they deserve. What is going on in Gaza right now when youth unemployment is 70% or 80% is unsustainable. SHIR HEVER:  Welcome to The Real
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Jewish teacher fired over anti-Israel comments in US, as concern grows over ‘weaponizing anti-Semitism’

There are growing concerns over the “weaponization of anti-Semitism” following the firing of a Jewish teacher by an elite New York City prep school for expressing remarks critical of Israel. JB Brager, who had been a history teacher at the private school for 18 months, is believed to have been forced out after controversy had boiled over in the aftermath of a lecture at the school. The controversy began in November when a speaker at the school, Kayum Ahmed,
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How Democracies Die

Leo Tolstoy wrote that happy families are all alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. So too with failed democracies. There is no one route to the dissolution of the open society, but the patterns are familiar, whether in ancient Athens, the Roman Republic or the collapse of the democracies in Italy and the Weimar Republic in Germany that led to fascism. The ills that beset Germany and Italy in the 1930s are sadly familiar to
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Video: Calling for the Closure of Guantánamo Outside the White House on the 18th Anniversary of the Opening of the Prison

Andy Worthington outside the White House on January 11, 2020, calling for the closure of the prison on the 18th anniversary of its opening (Photo: Witness Against Torture). Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related issues over the next three months of the Trump administration, including my current visit to the US to call for the prison’s
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Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef undergoes extra security check at LA airport

The Egyptian-American stand-up comedian who just won his first Golden Globe has been stopped at the Los Angeles airport in a security check he says is down to his Muslim name. Ramy Youssef filmed the security agent opening his case which contains his statuette and then wiping it down for “security purposes”, he later posted the video on social media. “Is that part of the test or what? Did it pass?” he asks. He captioned the video: “The
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Islamophobia or fun? Golden Globe winner Youssef suggests he was profiled during airport security check

Islamophobia or fun? Golden Globe winner Youssef suggests he was profiled during airport security check Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef videotapes his experience passing through Los Angeles Airport security with his Golden Globe Award carried in a special box as it passes through security, is opened and then wiped down. Afterwards, the TSA Agent jokes... The post Islamophobia or fun? Golden Globe winner Youssef suggests he was profiled during airport security check appeared first on The Arab
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As U.S. enters another Conflict with a Muslim Nation, Read about Islam’s Beginnings

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) As the US once again enters into a heightened conflict with a Muslim-majority nation, it would be advisable for all informed Americans to know more about Islam. I immodestly recommend my recent book on the Prophet Muhammad Muhammad: Prophet of Peace amid the Clash of Empires , published October 9, 2018 Available at Barnes and Noble And Nicola’s Books in
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Czech mosque daubed with death threats during 'oppressive' climate of anti-Muslim hate

Czech police are treating graffiti threatening to kill Muslims scrawled on a mosque as property damage, rather than a hate crime. A mosque in the Czech Republic's second city of Brno has been vandalised with graffiti threatening to kill Muslims, police said on Saturday. "Don't spread Islam in the Czech Republic! Or we'll kill you," read the inscription sprayed on the mosque. "We have been investigating the
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Myanmar, China and now India: Is Muslim dignity so cheap?

According to Amit Shah, the national President of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), “Infiltrators [Muslim immigrants] are like termites in the soil of Bengal. The BJP Government will pick up the infiltrators one by one and throw them into the Bay of Bengal.” Such terminology may not surprise those living in the West ruled by the likes of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, wherein there is a growing Islamophobia industry. Nevertheless, they are pushing Muslims into a defeatist, oppressive, victim
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London mosque targeted by anti-Islamic graffiti

Police are investigating an incident in which anti-Islamic slogans were spray-painted near a mosque in south London in an attack described by officials as 'sickening'. A building near a mosque and cultural centre in Brixton, south London, was found daubed with anti-Islamic slogans on Wednesday by the Metropolitan Police. Police officers were called to the building following reports of spray-painting near the North Brixton Islamic Cultural Centre on Wednesday morning. The Met
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Embracing Palestine: How to Combat Israel’s Misuse of ‘Anti-Semitism’

At a talk I delivered in Northern England in March 2018, I proposed that the best response to falsified accusations of anti-Semitism, which are often lobbed against pro-Palestinian communities and intellectuals everywhere, is to draw even closer to the Palestinian narrative. In fact, my proposal was not meant to be a sentimental response in any way. “Reclaiming the Palestinian narrative” has been the main theme in most of my public speeches and writings in recent years. All of my
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