Foreign Ministry marks Palestine Land Day, honoring liberation movement from Israeli occupation

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday released a statement on the occasion of the Land Day of Palestine, honoring Palestinian people’s liberation movement from Israeli occupation. According to Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department, the statement said that in the culture and history of the Palestinian people’s campaign, March 30 marks Land Day of Palestine which is reminiscent of Palestinians’ protest and resistance to the Zionist occupiers. It said that after the occupation of the Palestinian territories, the Israeli
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Pakistani politicians, religious leaders demand end to Israeli illegal occupation

Pakistan political parties and religious leaders expressing solidarity with the oppressed nation of Palestine on Tuesday demanded an end to Gaza Siege and illegal occupation of Palestinian land by the Zionist regime. They made the remarks during a video conference to mark the Land Day of Palestine organized by Palestinian Foundation of Pakistan in southern city of Karachi. Due to the coronavirus outbreak the conference was held through a video link and was attended by prominent Pakistani political
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Arab League urges international organizations to expose Israel’s racist policies

The Arab League called on the relevant international bodies and organizations to expose Israel’s racist policies, condemn the Israeli practices and violations against the basic Palestinian rights and address these Israeli practices, in accordance with the rules of international law and what international conventions and laws have established. On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of Land Day in Palestine, the Arab League hailed the steadfastness and struggle of the Palestinian people, reiterating its absolute support for the brave
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Coronavirus exposes Israel’s political secret (apartheid)

Last night I heard Bill Gates explain the correct global public health response to coronavirus on CNN, and realized that one result of the pandemic is that Israel’s apartheid moment has arrived. Corona will undermine the long public relations campaign carried on by Israel’s friends to prevent a recognition of systematic ethnic discrimination in Palestine. But let’s look at the global response... Source
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All occupied Palestinian territory is State of Palestine: Former UN expert

In an Amicus Curiae on the situation of the State of Palestine submitted on 16 March to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Richard Falk, former UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, said that the entirety of the occupied Palestinian territory constitutes the legitimate territory of the State of Palestine. According to a press release by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med), Falk, who is also a legal expert and head of the Board of Trustees of the Euro-Med
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Japan’s Abe vows unprecedented stimulus, Tokyo virus cases rise by daily record

Author:  Sun, 2020-03-29 01:40 TOKYO: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday promised a massive unprecedented package of steps to cushion the economy from the coronavirus pandemic, saying that the country was close to a national emergency as infections surged in Tokyo. Abe told a country that is seeing a rising number of deaths and cases from the outbreak that the “huge,
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Israeli military confiscates Palestinian field clinic for virus victims — B’Tselem’s ‘shocking’ report

Land theft / Ethnic cleansing / Settlements During the Coronavirus crisis, Israel confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank B’Tselem 26 Mar — This morning, Thursday, 26 March 2020, at around 7:30 am, officials from Israel’s Civil Administration in the West Bank arrived with a military jeep escort, a bulldozer and two flatbed trucks with cranes at the Palestinian community... Source
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COVID-19 reaches Gaza as cases spike in the West Bank

The Latest: First coronavirus-related Palestinian death reported this week in the West Bank 82 Palestinians in the West Bank tested positive for COVID-19 9 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip tested positive for COVID-19 2,693 Israelis have tested positive for COVID-19 8 Israelis have died from coronavirus-related causes The ministry of health in Gaza said they are equipped to care for only 100... Source
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‘Coronavirus does not stop at a checkpoint’: Wi’am Center’s Zoughbi Alzoughbi on the pandemic from Bethlehem

Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie” is no longer just a Christmas carol. It is now the daily experience of all Bethlehemites. An eerie stillness has descended on Bethlehem and the surrounding towns. Virtually every public and private gathering place has been closed on the orders of the Palestinian Authority (PA). All schools, universities, banks, stores, hotels, restaurants... Source
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Warren, Van Hollen lead Senators in demanding Trump admin send aid to Palestine amid COVID-19 crisis

A group of Senators has sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, urging the administration to supply Gaza and the West Bank with much-needed humanitarian aid. There are already are at least 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the West Bank and multiple individuals have tested positive for the virus in Gaza. Gaza has been under siege for years and the densely populated area is bracing for a... Source
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Coronavirus cases spike in West Bank as laborers return from Israel

After three weeks of a relatively slow growth rate of coronavirus cases in Palestine, things took a turn for the worse this week, as the number jumped from 62 to 91 in just two days. While 91 is a shockingly low number compared to Israel, which has over 2,000 cases, and other countries, it marked a sharp increase from the steady 50-60 cases which Palestinians had seen in the past three weeks. Source
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Coronavirus is an urgent reminder that Gaza’s siege is a death sentence

Yesterday what I had been dreading finally happened. Seven new cases of coronavirus were announced late last night bringing the total to nine inside the Gaza Strip, revealing the virus is spreading. The first two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on March 22. Two men were diagnosed while under quarantine after returning from Pakistan through the Egyptian border and are in stable condition. Source
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Forward global thinking on COVID-19

The announcement that nine cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Gaza filled me with a new level of anxiety and despair. Gaza is at the beginning of the pandemic curve. With two million people crowded together in area six by twenty-five miles, 70 percent are refugees, 97 percent of the water contaminated and unfit for consumption, basic measures to prevent the spread of the virus will prove... Source
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Watch: Yumna Patel on the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine

Yesterday, Mondoweiss Palestine correspondent, Yumna Patel, joined Phil Weiss and Dave Reed to give us an update on the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine. Yumna is based in Bethlehem, the epicenter of the outbreak in the occupied West Bank. Sign up for our coronavirus special coverage newsletter, with weekly on-the-ground dispatches from Yumna, here: Source
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Palestinians with graduate degrees struggle to make ends meet in Gaza

Mohammed Abu Rukba was a rising academic at a local university. A prolific educator, he has authored more than 70 articles and four books, including one that is still taught in classrooms across Gaza. Yet for the last three years Abu Rukba has not lectured or taught. He told me in January every morning he opens his tobacco stale and sells cigarettes out of a glass case to make ends meet. Source
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BJP and Israel: Hindu Nationalism is Ravaging India’s Democracy

It was only a matter of time before the anti-Muslim sentiment in India turned violent. A country that has historically prided itself on its diversity and tolerance, and for being ‘the largest democracy in the world’ has, in recent years, exhibited the exact opposite qualities – chauvinism, racism, religious intolerance, and, at times, extreme violence. The latest round of violence ensued on February 23, one day before US President Donald Trump arrived in Delhi on
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Palestinians report first coronavirus death in the West Bank

The first Palestinian has died from the novel coronavirus in the occupied West Bank, officials announced on Wednesday. The victim was identified as a woman in her 60’s from the Biddu village, north of Jerusalem in the central West Bank. She died only one day after she tested positive for the virus, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said that the... Source
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Boycott the Jerusalem Quartet

Boycott the Jerusalem Quartet Update The Jerusalem Quartet readily uses its music to art-wash crimes committed by the far-right Israeli regime against Palestinians (Photo: Mohamed Al-Zanon / Maan Images) Cultural Boycott March 25, 2020 By:  Palestinian Campaign for the
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Palestinians are good enough to save Jews’ lives in Israel, but not to be in their government

The political news from Israel really could make you lose your mind right now. A great number of the professionals who are helping Israelis fight the coronavirus pandemic are Palestinian: “18 percent of doctors and 24 percent of nurses and 47 percent of pharmacists,” according to Eli Kowaz of the Israel Policy Forum. The Israeli health system would collapse without Palestinians. Source
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Update from Palestine in wake of Coronavirus Pandemic

Update from Palestine in wake of Coronavirus Pandemic A look in photos and comment at the challenges facing Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, this a look at the Christian Palestinian Community in Taybeh and also in Bethlehem, from correspondent Dr. Maria Khoury. Photos courtesy of Maria Khoury. By Maria Khoury May God protect you... The post Update from Palestine in wake of Coronavirus Pandemic appeared first on The Arab Daily News .
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MuzzleWatch: Breaking down the legal attack against the BDS movement

This is a nuts and bolts column regarding significant legal anti-BDS efforts, and the underlying tactics employed. Given the ubiquity of new laws aimed at stifling BDS efforts it’s important to understand the machinery employed in order to effectively respond. The good news is that civil rights groups like Palestine Legal and the ACLU have been working non-stop to counter these efforts. Source
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Holding our breath in Bethlehem as springtime passes us by

This is the first edition of our special coverage newsletter on the COVID-19 crisis in Palestine featuring dispatches directly from our Palestine correspondent Yumna Patel on the ground in Bethlehem. This new email will be published Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s hard to resist the calls of Palestinian springtime, beckoning through my window with rays of sunshine, a cool breeze, and birds chirping. Source
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UNRWA urges Trump admin to restore funding as it stands at the frontline of Palestine’s COVID-19 crisis

In 2018, the Trump administration cut all funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Over five million people in the region rely on the organization for social services, but now their work has become even more crucial in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Mondoweiss’s Yumna Patel produced this video in September 2018 outlining the... Source
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The Not-So-Shocking Report on Israeli Weapons Exports

The Middle East region, battered by wars and adjoining humanitarian crises that have left millions of people stateless, hungry and diseased, is in urgent need for peace, security and reconstruction. Thanks to the US, Russian, French, Israeli and other weapons manufacturers, however, it is now the dumping ground for military hardware, an ominous sign for the years ahead. Data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on March 9, paints a grim picture of the
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Doctors preach at mosques, weddings delayed, and businesses struggle as Gaza braces for coronavirus spread

A year ago Mosab Ramlawi and his fiance picked their wedding date for three weeks from now, mid-April, yet like many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with plans to get married, he is worried the emergency measures announced by health officials to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus will force him to cancel. He tried to move up his wedding date to earlier this month to have the wedding before... Source
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Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank village

Israeli soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian vehicle near the entrance to the village of Nilin, west of Ramallah, late last night killing one person, WAFA reported quoting local sources. The Ministry of Health confirmed before midnight the death by shooting of a Palestinian who was later identified as Sufian Nawaf Khawaja, 29, from Nilin. The local sources said the Israeli soldiers seized the body after barring a Palestinian ambulance from taking it to hospital. The Israeli
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Prayers at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound suspended over COVID-19

All Muslim prayers at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound will be suspended from Monday until further notice in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, religious officials said on Sunday. “It was decided to suspend the arrival of worshippers to prayers through all the gates to Al-Aqsa Mosque starting Monday,” said a statement issued by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Jordan, which acts as custodian of the site, the third holiest in Islam after Makkah and
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Even as Palestinians battle pandemic, they are tormented by occupation

West Bank In 2 weeks, Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure 200, detain 100, demolish 16 structures, displace 35 people, bulldoze road JERUSALEM, Saturday, March 21, 2020 (WAFA) – In the weeks between 3 and 16 March, and as the Palestinians were battling to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in their vulnerable territory, Israel killed one young Palestinian, injured 200 others... Source
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UN Chief warns against water limitations by 2050

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on World Water Day, 22 March 2020, announced that by 2050, between 3.5 and 4.4 billion people will live with limited access to water, with more than 1 billion of them living in cities. Guterres’ message released on the occasion of the World Water Day was emailed to IRNA by the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Tehran. The full text of his message reads as follows: The world’s water resources are
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Fears rise as two COVID-19 cases confirmed in besieged Gaza Strip

It was an announcement Palestinians were hoping they would never have to hear in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday, the first two cases of the novel coronavirus were confirmed in the besieged Gaza Strip, home to over 2 million Palestinians. According to the health officials in Gaza, the two patients had recently traveled back to Gaza from Pakistan through the Rafah crossing... Source
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Dispatch from Bethlehem: A glimmer of hope after two weeks under lockdown

This is the first in a series of dispatches filed by our Palestine correspondent, Yumna Patel, who lives in Bethlehem, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine. As the crisis continues to develop, Yumna will paint a picture of what daily life looks like in the city, the emotions of the people, and her own personal thoughts and fears. This email will be published twice a week. Source
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Blockaded Gaza looks wryly on as world isolates itself

“Dear world, how is the lockdown? Gaza.” A sly dig at the international community, this is just one among a torrent of social media posts that has emerged from the blockaded Gaza Strip in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The sight of a world locking itself down seems to have unleashed a wellspring of emotions in Gaza, from sardonic political commentary to schadenfreude, emerging from Palestinian denizens of the tiny coastal enclave that has for years lived
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Prisoners advocacy group condemns Israel’s lack of preventive measures against COVID-19

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) accused the Israeli prison administration of using the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pretext to continue with the imposition of abusive measures against Palestinian prisoners, rather than providing the necessary measurements to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Fearing for their lives as an initial step in condemnation of the Israeli prison administration’s negligence and measures against them, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails returned their meals today and announced a lock-down on two sections on
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Prophetic Guidance on Epidemic Disease: Coronavirus 2020

In light of the spread of COVID-19, Muslims especially in this time are in need of guidance. The Legacy Institute has released a research paper by Shaykh Hasib Noor in order to expound on Prophetic Guidance on Epidemic Disease: Coronavirus 2020. The paper highlights what the Islamic theodicy of understanding epidemic disease is, Divine wisdoms as defined by Islamic theology, the jurisprudence (fiqh) related to epidemics and plague, a brief historical timeline of epidemics in Makkah and Madinah, an analytical
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Help take Israeli Apartheid Week’s message on line!

Help take Israeli Apartheid Week’s message on line! Action Alert We’re taking IAW’s message on line, to reach people in their homes, as many planned IAW public events can't be held due to the coronavirus. Economic Boycott Cultural Boycott Academic Boycott Military Embargo March
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US lawmakers call on their administration to oppose Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

A letter signed by 64 members of the United States Congress and addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the US administration to oppose Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and to determine whether materiel purch
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Palestinians, Thurston Moore call on Dinosaur Jr. to cancel apartheid Israel concert

Palestinians, Thurston Moore call on Dinosaur Jr. to cancel apartheid Israel concert Open Letter Since 2004, Palestinian civil society has called for the cultural boycott of Israel, inspired in part by the international solidarity that helped to end apartheid in South Africa. Cultural Boycott March 17, 2020
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To Help Stem Coronavirus, Lift Sanctions on Iran

Photograph Source: Debra Sweet – CC BY 2.0 The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is far from the first proof of how intertwined we are as a global community. The climate crisis and the refugee crisis have long been glaring examples that the wars or CO2 emissions on one continent risk the lives and well-being of people on another continent. What coronavirus is providing, however, is a unique opportunity to look specifically at how the intentional damage caused
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Plagues, Pandemics, Paintings, and Personal Gain

After a lot of Trump Administration obfuscation, dillydallying, denial, sloppy planning, incompetence, inaction, and indecision about the spread and the combatting of the Coronavirus in the United States, and, after much criticism by Democrat politicians and the “liberal” media, the White House apprised the nation that at 9:00 p.m. EDT, March 11, 2020, President Donald Trump was going to address the nation. Instead of what could-have/should-have been an affirmative “YES, we Do have a serious problem on our hands, and
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‘A Policeman, A Pastor and A Palestinian’: The ‘Chilestinians’ as a Model for Palestinian Unity

I was only introduced to the term ‘Chilestinians’ last February at a conference in Istanbul, during a presentation by the Director of the Palestinian Federation of Chile, Anuar Majluf. When Majluf referred to the well-rooted Palestinian community in Chile, who number between 450,000 and half a million, using that unfamiliar and peculiar phrase, I smiled. Others did, too. It is quite rare that a conference on Palestine, anywhere, would include such an upbeat atmosphere as that introduced by the
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Bernie Didn’t Lose the Last Debate, But We May Have

Biden repudiated his long-standing record on all issues (for real?) and advocated the Bernie Sanders’ program, reduced by at least 55% to protect the wealth of his billionaire contributors and patrons, and protect the status quo, all in hopes of conning Latinos and the numerous American underclasses to vote for his prospective administration, which like the 2008-2016 Obama-Biden Administration would be a protect-the-Wall-Street-Banksters-and-the-high-end-and-the-status-quo administration. Bernie delivered his unchanged and continuing message, which Elizabeth Warren and now Joseph Biden have been
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Roaming Charges: Going Viral

The Black Death by Hieronymus Bosch. + From Albert Camus’s The Plague , which is once again on my nightstand: “There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise.” + We are witnessing what happens to a country (this one) that faces a pandemic after it has privatized almost every aspect of its public social welfare and health systems & gutted the teaching of science in
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Biden’s Victory: A Blessing in Disguise?

Photograph Source: Matt Johnson – CC BY 2.0 It has been years since I last saw the great Alain Resnais film “ La Guerre Est Finie ” (The War Is Over, 1966), starring Yves Montand and Ingrid Thulin, in which, decades after the anti-fascists lost, a Communist veteran of the Spanish Civil War, still fighting the good fight, confronts the moral and political ambiguities of his situation. In that film, if I recall correctly, there is
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Abuse, Oppression and Murder: The PA Does Israel’s Dirty Work in the West Bank

Merely two weeks after Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, declared that the PA will suspend all ‘security coordination’ with Israel, Palestinian security forces in the West Bank killed unarmed teenager, Salah Zakareneh. Zakareneh is not the first and, sadly, will not be the last Palestinian to be killed by the PA security forces, which in recent years have dramatically increased their oppressive tactics against any form of political dissent in Palestine. The 17-year-old boy died soon after PA security
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Five Types of Zionissts

Being a Zionist can either be a strong identity for some, or it can be just another aspect of one’s set of beliefs. Many people take it for granted, not fully understanding what it means to be one or how it came to them. Were they born into it or did it develop over time for them? Is there an understanding of what its consequences are or is it just a gut feeling? Unless one is running for office, most
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Five Types of Zionists

Being a Zionist can either be a strong identity for some, or it can be just another aspect of one’s set of beliefs. Many people take it for granted, not fully understanding what it means to be one or how it came to them. Were they born into it or did it develop over time for them? Is there an understanding of what its consequences are or is it just a gut feeling? Unless one is running for office, most
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You Don’t Need Putin to Undermine American Democracy

With the 2020 election heating up, there is a stiff wind methodically weaving through this fierce desert of geriatric combat, something evil and relentless, sending haunted tumbleweeds rocking back and forth over fractured highways. No, I’m not talking about the winds of March, dearest motherfuckers. I’m talking about something far more sinister blowing our way. I’m talking about the return of the invisible Russian meddling menace. If you peer through the blinds, things may appear woefully normal at this glorified
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Eileen Zogby, wife of AAI founder Jim Zogby, passes

Eileen Zogby, wife of AAI founder Jim Zogby, passes Eileen Zogby, an activist and the wife of Arab American Institute founder James Zogby, died this week. Mrsl Zogby was involved with the AAI, and also with the Palestine Human Rights Campaign along with Save Lebanon. Arab Americans around the country are offering their condolences on... The post Eileen Zogby, wife of AAI founder Jim Zogby, passes appeared first on The Arab Daily News .
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