Palestinian FM Calls on African Union to Overturn Israel’s Observer Status

Islam Times - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki called on the African Union (AU) to reverse a decision by the pan-African bloc’s decision to grant the occupying Israeli regime observer status at the continental organization, urging the bloc to stand by Palestine and reject a tacit endorsement of present-day colonialism amid Israeli war crimes.
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Photo Essay: Gaza, It is a Matter of Perspective

A kid on rollerblades leaps in the air in a rare to see skatepark near Al-Nada towers, Gaza. September 21, 2021. (Photo: Mahmoud Nasser, The Palestine Chronicle) A young kid, nicknamed Kaka, arrives at the skatepark to show off his skills on September 21, 2021, Gaza (Photo: Mahmoud Nasser, The Palestine Chronicle) A young kid, nicknamed Kaka, arrives at the skatepark to
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Palestinian State-Building through Privatized City Planning

In your book, you refer to Rawabi as “a private form of governance.” Can you expand on the role that non-state actors play in determining Palestinian national priorities and policies? You describe governance under the PA as a “continual process toward [...] the duration of management.” Can you explain what you mean by this? You argue that Rawabi is an example of
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Israel/Palestine: Facebook Censors Discussion of Rights Issues

What changes did Facebook make to its algorithms to demote or reduce the spread of speech that it determined most likely violates policies on hate speech, violence and incitement, or dangerous individuals and organizations? What automated detection methods were used, including what terms and classifiers were being used to flag content for potential hate speech or violence and incitement allowing them
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Israel is expanding its ties with Arab states, Lapid says

Israel is working to expand its ties with Arab states, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said at the Jewish Federations of North America's annual conference yesterday. "I wouldn't name names because this will harm the process, but of course, we're working with the United States and with the new friends in the Emirates, in Bahrain and Morocco… in order to expand
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A Palestinian refugee has been nominated as the most influential student in the world

A Palestinian student born and raised in a refugee camp in Lebanon has been selected as one of the top 50 finalists for the 2021 Chegg Global Student Prize. More than 3,500 candidates from 94 countries around the world were nominated for having a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and society around them. Aya Yousef is
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Hamas, Egypt agree to strengthen Gaza ceasefire

Hamas and Egypt agreed to strengthen the ongoing ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation, Anadolu reported yesterday. The news service reported an informed source as saying that the two sides also agreed to accelerate the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, which suffered massive destruction during the latest Israeli offensive in May. A senior Hamas delegation has been in Cairo since
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Israel releases female Palestinian journalist

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday released female Palestinian journalist, Bushra Al-Taweel, after holding her in administrative detention for 11 months. Last November, the Israeli army arrested Al-Taweel at the Yitzhar checkpoint, Her father, Jamal, who had spent 20 months held in administrative detention – without charge or trial – in 2019, went on hunger strike to protest his daughter's illegal detention. Twenty-seven-year-old
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Human rights organisations call out PayPal for its digital discrimination against Palestinians

Human rights groups signed a joint letter demanding PayPal to stop denying its services on discriminatory grounds to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), including the West Bank and Gaza. The payment platform currently does not work or offer its services to Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza, but does operate for Israelis living in settlements in the
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Water Justice for Occupied Palestinians is demanded by UN, as Israeli Squatters Use 87% of Aquifers

“26. Water in the West Bank is unavailable in a sufficient and continuous manner. It is estimated that nearly 660,000 Palestinians have limited access to water, with 420,000 persons consuming less than 50 litres on average daily per capita, which is well below the 100 litres recommended by WHO. Water shortage is a feature of life for all Palestinians, in both
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Over 20 countries call for the combating racism, racial discrimination

This statement, issued by countries such as Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Turkmenistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia and Saudi Arabia, was presented by the Nigerian Representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly. The full text of his message reads: I have the honor to deliver a joint statement on behalf of the African Group and China, as well as
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Labour’s Palestine motion means Keir Starmer’s war on the left is not over

Both the apartheid and sanctions components of the motion on Israel, however, serve as a gauntlet showing that the left may not lie down so easily. They put Starmer firmly on the back foot. The post Labour’s Palestine motion means Keir Starmer’s war on the left is not over first appeared on Dissident Voice.
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One former Palestinian prisoner escaped from an Israeli jail three times

Following the sensational prison escape by six Palestinians from Gilboa Prison, a high-security facility in northern Israel known as "The Safe", former boxer and political prisoner Hamza Younis has given an exclusive interview to Politics Today about his own escape from an Israeli jail, not once, but three times, in 1964, 1967 and 1974. Today he lives in Sweden. In
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Bennett still rejects release of Palestinian prisoners serving long sentences

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett yesterday reiterated that Palestinian prisoners who are serving long sentences will not form part of any prisoner swap with Hamas, Sama news agency reported. Bennett described the Palestinian prisoners as "terrorists who have blood on their hands." When asked why Israel does not use more power to force Hamas to carry out a prisoner swap on Israel's terms,
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We must work for Palestine, but should not await the results

It is important for those working for Palestine, whether they are inside or outside Palestine, to remember that they are working for a major central cause, and that this means that progress is achieved slowly and is dependent on a cumulative struggle to which everyone contributes, and is not based on individual or intermittent work. Therefore, we must not await
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Abbas's political rigmarole at the UN General Assembly

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas's long rigmarole at the UN General Assembly provided only a partial historical reckoning. The link between colonialism and the UN, notably within the context of UN Resolution 194 and the Palestinian right of return, was bypassed by regurgitating the outdated concept of an international peace conference. "If there will be no international peace conference and
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Israeli Diplomat Pressured UNC to Remove Teacher Who Criticized Israel

Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Broderick “The fact that this meeting happened at all is clearly a threat to academic freedom.” “In a weird way, what is interesting about Broderick’s case is that in all likelihood she is going to be fine, and that is a massive change from what would have happened even a decade ago.” Correction: September 28, 2021, 2:08 p.m. ET Due to
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On normalisation, the Kurds, and the sigh of an American commander

On Friday 24 September a conference titled "Peace and Recovery" was held in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The conference, which was organised by an American centre called Peace Communications Centre, was attended by a number of Iraqis who were described as "tribal elders, writers and intellectuals." It's call for Iraq's recognition of the Israeli settlement state
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UK Labour denounces anti-Israel motion as not 'comprehensive' or 'balanced'

Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy claimed a motion calling for sanctions against Israel because it practises the crime of apartheid was not "comprehensive" or "balanced" and the leadership would not support it. The motion, voted in at the Labour Party Conference yesterday, called for sanctions on the State of Israel and demanded it stops building illegal settlements, ends its occupation
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The untold story of why the Palestinians are divided

The political division in Palestinian society is deep-rooted, and should not be reduced to convenient claims about the "Hamas-Fatah split", elections, the Oslo accords, and subsequent disagreements. The division is linked to events that preceded all of these, and not even the death or incapacitation of the octogenarian Mahmoud Abbas will advance Palestinian unity one iota. Palestinian political disunity is
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PA welcomes UK Labour Party's motion on Israeli 'apartheid'

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the passing of a motion at the UK Labour Party conference on Monday that recognised Israel as an "apartheid" state and called for sanctions against it, as well as the immediate recognition of Palestine, Wafa news agency has reported. Abbas said that the motion sends a strong message to the Israeli government that the
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Barghouti: PA has no authority

Imprisoned member of Fatah Central Committee, Marwan Barghouti, has said: "the Palestinian Authority (PA) has no authority" adding that the Battle for Jerusalem "revealed the inability and fragility" of the Palestinian political system, Sama news agency reported yesterday. Barghouti also said that the PA "has allowed the Israeli occupation to cost nothing," noting that the occupation "is practicing ethnic cleansing and
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Gaza’s children choose between working and starving

Child labor in Gaza Is child labor always bad? Third, working and going to school aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, most working children go to school. And work can help children along their educational journeys, especially in this period, which demands an internet connection to complete the educational process—especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, which pushed most education online. What should we do?
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Hamas to avenge Palestinians killed by Israel army in the West Bank

Deputy chairman of Hamas political bureau, Saleh Al-Arouri, said yesterday that the movement will not be silent about the Israeli army's murder of five Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, adding that their blood "will not be in vain". "Every drop of the martyrs' blood will have a price," Al-Arouri said in a statement posted on the group's website. Earlier
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A History of Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Faith, Awareness, and Revolution in the Middle East

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is often described as the most militant of the main Palestinian resistance factions yet, when compared with the likes of Hamas and Fatah, little is known about it, especially in Western media and academia. The author of A History of Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Faith, Awareness, and Revolution in the Middle East, Erik Skare, points out that there
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Israel: TV channel reveals meeting between Lapid and King of Jordan

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid travelled to Amman last month for a secret meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II, Israeli Channel 12 TV revealed on Saturday. The two men apparently discussed recent tension at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, which was described by the programme as "clashes". Also on the agenda, it was reported, was
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The ‘Warm’ Reception: Bahraini FM, Emirati Official Meet Zionist PM Ahead Of UN Speech

Islam Times - In a blatant ‘warm’ reception for the coldblooded child killer, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani and United Arab Emirates Minister of State in the Foreign Ministry Khalifa Shaheen Almarar on Sunday night met with Zionist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett hours ahead of his speech before the United Nations General Assembly [UNGA].
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Israeli forces kill four Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli forces killed at least four Palestinians during a raid in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, reports Reuters. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, in a statement, said Israeli forces had mounted an operation against "Hamas terrorists who were about to carry out imminent terrorist attacks". He made no mention of casualties and an Israeli
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Israel must not have a place at the African Union until it ends its occupation of Palestine

Africa is a symbol of the future and Africa stands with us," declared Yasser Arafat, then chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) at a meeting of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in July 1975 in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. Twenty-seven years later, as the OAU stood on the threshold of being reborn as the African Union in 2002,
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Iraqi coalition rejects calls for normalisation with Israel

An Iraqi coalition on Saturday condemned calls for normalisation with Israel made at a conference in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region in northern Iraq, Anadolu Agency reported. "We condemn and reject the conferences, gatherings, and calls for normalisation with the usurping Zionist entity that are held inside Iraq," Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the Shia National Wisdom Alliance, said in
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U.S. House approves $1 billion for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile-defense system

The measure passed by 420 to 9 – eight no’s from Democrats and one from a Republican – with two members voting present. That sent the measure to the Senate, where leaders have not yet scheduled a vote. A handful of progressive House Democrats, who have accused Israel of human rights abuses against Palestinians, had objected to the provision’s inclusion in
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Facebook Oversight Board’s Palestine decision: right direction, not enough

Conduct a full, independent, public audit of content moderation policies with respect to Palestine and a commitment to co-design policies and tools; Provide complete transparency on requests — both legal and voluntary — submitted by the Israeli government and Cyber Unit; Provide transparency with respect to where automation and machine learning algorithms are being used to moderate content;  Publish any policies, guidelines, and
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Europe wants a school curriculum for Israel to occupy Palestinian minds as well as land

Israel's Ynet news website has claimed that discussions have taken place in the European Parliament about freezing funding for education programmes in the occupied Palestinian territories, because pupils are "encouraged" towards violence against Israelis. Such allegations are not new. In December 2020, Norway's legislature backed cuts in aid to the Palestinian Authority under the pretext of its failure to reduce
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Palestinian prisoner moved to hospital after 46 days on hunger strike

Palestinian prisoner on hunger striker in Israeli jail, Alaa Al-Araj, was transferred to hospital yesterday after his health deteriorated, the Palestinian Information Centre reported his wife saying. Al-Araj has been held under administrative detention – without charge or trial – in Israeli jails since 30 June and he has been on an open hunger strike against his illegal detention for 46 days. During that
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Israel: security forces clear Palestinian land in occupied Jordan Valley

Israeli occupation forces today cleared more Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley village of Kardala, Wafa news agency has reported. Local human rights activist Aref Daraghmeh said that the troops escorted a bulldozer to the southern part of the village, where it levelled a tract of land in preparation for the construction of a huge cement water reservoir to
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AIPAC angry at removal of $1bn Israel military aid from US spending bill

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) yesterday condemned the removal of $1 billion in military aid intended for Israel from the US government's spending bill. This came after the US House of Representatives removed the article related to the military fund for Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system after a number of progressive Democrats threatened they would not allow the bill
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Biden: Two-state solution ensures Israel's Jewish identity

US President Joe Biden said yesterday that he backs the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating this is the "best way" to ensure the future of Israel as a Jewish state, news agencies reported. "I continue to believe that a two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel's future as a Jewish democratic state, living in peace alongside a viable,
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Poll: 80% of Palestinians call for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign

A recent poll found that about 80 per cent of Palestinians want Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, Quds Press reported yesterday. The poll was conducted by Khalil Shikaki, who runs the Palestinian Center for Survey and Policy Research in the West Bank city of Ramallah. According to Shikaki, 1,270 Palestinian adults were interviewed for the survey across the occupied
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If Biden is cutting aid to Egypt over human rights violations, why doesn't he cut aid to Israel?

Following complaints from prominent rights groups, US State Department spokesman Ned Price announced last Tuesday that the Biden administration is expected to withhold $130 million in military aid to Egypt over human rights concerns. President Joe Biden is thus departing from the policy of his predecessor, Donald Trump, who ignored congressional checks on military aid to Egypt, whose ties with
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Palestine: 'Lifting the siege on Gaza and reconstruction are non-negotiable rights'

The head of the Popular International Committee to Support Palestine has said that lifting the siege on Gaza, reconstruction across the coastal territory and improving the living conditions of its residents are non-negotiable human rights. Dr Essam Yousef was responding to a plan announced recently by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, in which he called for an "economy in exchange
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The PA has a plan: it will 'pause' while Israel colonises more Palestinian land

A few weeks after Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz dangled the promise of a few concessions to strengthen the Palestinian Authority's illegitimate rule, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has articulated – belatedly as usual – that Israel's plan is to continue its colonisation of Palestinian territory. As if Palestinians don't know that already, having lived through ongoing, systematic dispossession for decades.
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Gaza factions reject PA call to hold local elections

Palestinian factions in the besieged Gaza Strip have rejected the Palestinian Authority's call to hold municipal elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, months after PA President Mahmoud Abbas cancelled legislative and presidential elections. The Palestinian Freedom Movement described the government's call to hold municipal elections without consensus as "an insistence" on dominating the political scene in Palestine and belittling the
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Restricting US Military Aid to Israel in the Age of Normalization

Normalization in the Context of American Military Imperialism US Legislative Responses and Maintaining Israel’s QME US Aid to Israel in the Wake of a Transformative Moment What Needs to be Done to Restrict Aid Activists and lobbyists must pressure policymakers and the international community to restrict US military aid to Israel, including through sanctions. They should support McCollum’s Bill, further legislation conditioning aid to
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The 6 have been recaptured, but do not despair

The re-arrest of the two escaped Palestinian prisoners, Iham Kahamji and Munadil Nafayat is not the end of this event. There is no need to feel overly disappointed to the point of it overcoming us, regardless of what the coming days will reveal in terms of the details and circumstances of their re-arrest inside territories that are supposedly under the
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No EU funds for Palestine have been received in 2021, PA minister says

The European Union (EU) has not contributed any funds to Palestine this year, in a move that has delayed donations to poor Palestinian families, announced the Palestinian Authority's Social Development Minister, Ahmad Majdalani. In a statement, Majdalani said that the EU informed the PA that it is not going to pay any of this year's funds until it completes special
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'Israel and the Zionist enterprise were born in sin', says heir to an iconic Zionist family

In a remarkable political conversion, Yaakov Sharett, the heir to an iconic Zionist family and son of Israel's second Prime Minister, Moshe Sharett, has turned his back on the founding ideology of the occupation state. "The State of Israel and the Zionist enterprise were born in sin," said Sharett in an interview with Haaretz. The 95-year-old spoke at length about his
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Jordan: chief of staff meets Syrian defence minister over border security

Jordan's chief of staff met with the Syrian defence minister in Amman yesterday to discuss border security, Hala Akhbar has reported. The meeting between Jordan's General Yousef Huneiti and General Ali Ayoub looked at ways to "increase coordination in border security" in the interests of both countries. The agenda included the recent fighting in southern Syria as well as drug
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Arab MKs urge US to reopen consulate in East Jerusalem

The Joint List of Arab members of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, has urged Washington to reopen the US Consulate in occupied East Jerusalem, despite the objections of the Israeli government. The Joint List sent its request in a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. "We are respectfully addressing you concerning the reopening of the US General Consulate in
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