Hamas Chief Urges Muslim World’s Firm Support for al-Quds in Letter to Imam Khamenei

Islam Times - A high-ranking member of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, has called on the Muslim world to take up a firm stance in support of the residents of the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, and adopt proper measures to stop the acts of aggression being perpetrated by Israeli forces in the holy city.
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90K Palestinians force Israeli Security to back down, allow them to Pray in Jerusalem, as nearly 100 are injured Protesting Ethnic Cleansing

Behold, We revealed it on the night of power. How to explain to you the night of power? The night of power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the spirit descend then, with the permission of their Lord, in every affair. And peace it is, until the breaking of the dawn.” Muhammad: Prophet of Peace amid the Clash of Empires And Amazon
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Jewish MP: Ayatollah Khamenei Monotheists’ Role Model for Standing against Israel

Islam Times - All monotheists should follow their spiritual father Ayatollah Khamenei to withstand the Zionist regime of Israel, Representative of the Iranian Jewish community at the parliament Siamak Mareh Sedq said, adding that the International Quds Day does not belong merely to the Palestinian people, but it belongs to all the oppressed in the world.
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Sheikh Jarrah: Facebook and Twitter systematically silencing protests, deleting evidence

Immediately open an investigation into those cases, as well as transparently and publicly share reasons behind takedown of accounts and posts related to Sheikh Jarrah; Immediately reinstate all accounts and content currently taken offline in breach of international standards on freedom of expression; Provide transparency on the decision-making processes involved in content takedowns related to Palestine; Publicly commit to resist government and court
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Netanyahu corruption trial sheds light on meddling in Israeli media

NewsReporters Without Borders (RSF) is appalled by the disturbing and unacceptable practices threatening media independence in Israel that have come to light during the evidentiary stage of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial, which began last month and resumed in Jerusalem yesterday. Much of it is focussing on Netanyahu’s’ attempts to manipulate the editorial line of several media outlets and
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‘Israeli’ Military Investigating Why Its Aerial Systems Failed to Shoot Down Missile

Islam Times - The Zionist military launched a formal probe into why its aerial systems – often touted as being among the best in the world – failed to intercept the alleged Syrian anti-aircraft missile that entered the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian airspace and exploded in mid-air, spewing debris across a wide area about 40 km from the Zionist regime’s highly sensitive
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The Three Deadly Components of Entitized Lebanon Heading Towards Collapse

Islam Times - A hundred years after the establishment of the “State of Greater Lebanon”, owned by the invading French General Henri Gouraud, this combination has miserably failed to achieve the fundamental geostrategic objective for that it was created in our view, which is the creation of a "Zionized Christian nationalist homeland", in which the interests of French imperialism and
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“Israel” Stands Alone on Iran

Islam Times - Lt. Gen. Gregory Guillot, head of the US Central Command’s Air Force, visited the “Israeli” entity at the end of February. His host, Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, took him up personally on an F-15 Eagle for a bird’s eye view of the entity’s borders. The three-star general was also treated to an unprecedented tour
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Netanyahu Prefers Opposition to Attempt Forming ‘Israeli’ Government First

Islam Times - As the Zionist regime’s so-called President Reuven Rivlin is about to accept the official ‘Israeli’ entity’s election results at 11 am on Wednesday, sources within the ‘Israeli’ Likud party said that incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers not to be the first to receive the task to form a coalition, ‘Israel’ Hayom daily reported.
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The Palestine Book Awards and resisting the falsification of history

The books written about Palestine and its people are a tool for cultural, cognitive creation, and memory preservation, whether they are on the shortlist or not. They are part of the struggle towards the real solution, which is to end the occupation and ensure that justice underpins life with dignity and equality.
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PLO says no to elections without Jerusalem

Majdalani made his statement after claiming that the Israeli occupation authorities have told the EU that they are not going to allow the elections to be held in Jerusalem. "[If true] this is a completely racist decision which ignores the fact that international laws and conventions consider Jerusalem to be an integral part of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967."
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US aid is tied to Palestinian acquiescence to the two-state illusion

For ordinary Palestinians, of course, it is a different story. The resumption of humanitarian aid within the context of the two-state compromise only sustains Israeli colonialism, while allowing the Palestinian people the necessary means for daily survival. Resuming the two-state cycle of humanitarian aid in return for acquiescence to the two-state illusion is not a better option than the so-called
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Why does Israel keep demolishing Al-Araqeeb village in occupied Palestine?

Since the early years of the occupation from 1948 onwards, the Israeli authorities sought direct control over what was left of the Bedouin lands in the Negev in order to develop its military arsenal (the Dimona nuclear weapons facility is there) and establish state and private farms. In the early 1970s, the authorities required the people of the Negev to
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Democracy is the need of the hour for the Palestinian struggle

Roadmap for completing the electoral process We have done all that was required of us in the first round of dialogue, both honestly and responsibly. I would also like to express our satisfaction with the positive spirit of our brothers in the Fatah leadership. Hamas is fully prepared to complete the process of dialogue and implement what is agreed upon nationally
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The Politicization of Public Sector Employment and Salaries in the West Bank and Gaza

Overview Related PostsDonor Perceptions of Palestine: Limits to Aid EffectivenessFocus On: Palestine’s Natural ResourcesThe Demise of Palestinian Productive Sectors: Internal Trade as a Microcosm of the Impact of OccupationThe Palestinian Capitalists That Have Gone Too Far Public Sector Employment, Salaries, and Clientele Networks The PA chairman is empowered to appoint undersecretaries, directors, governors, and heads of public agencies and non-ministerial institutions, the majority
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The Politicization of Public Sector Employment and Salaries in the West Bank and Gaza

Notwithstanding the Israeli regime’s strategies for manipulating the PA’s sources of funding, such as clearance revenues and financial leakage, as well as the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brief focuses on identifying the PA’s internal mechanisms for distributing financial resources in the form of jobs and salaries as a way to serve the dominant elite’s agenda. The brief
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B’nai B’rith Smear Doesn’t Change Facts about University Funding

At Carleton there is an Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, David J. Azrieli Pavilion and Azrieli Theatre named after the Israeli-Canadian real estate magnate who gave the university millions of dollars. One of the richest Canadians prior to his death, David Azrieli served in the paramilitary Haganah group during the 1948 war. His unit was responsible for the Battle
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The Art of Niki de Saint Phalle: Gardens, Guns, and Gila Monsters

Niki de Saint Phalle, 'Last Night I Had a Dream,' 1968–88 multi-piece work of 17 elements Photo: Laurent Condominas. © 2021 Niki Charitable Art Foundation Niki de Saint Phalle, interior view of 'Empress, Tarot Garden,' Garavicchio, Italy © 2020 FONDAZIONE IL GIARDINO DEI TAROCCHI. Photo: Peter Granser Niki de Saint Phalle, 'What is now known was once only imagined,' 1979 © 2020 NIKI CHARITABLE
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A Pro-Israel Lawyer Is Weaponizing Public Records Law Against Palestinian Activists

Photo: Courtesy Kanwalroop SinghIn the lead-up to the 2018 conference, which had drawn scrutiny from elected officials and law enforcement, Students for Justice in Palestine, or SJP, activists asked UCLA’s administration to keep the names of presenters anonymous. UCLA agreed, and for the most part, their anonymity held. “Canary Mission is well resourced and good at what it’s trying to do, which
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Biden administration backs contentious IHRA definition of anti-Semitism

The IHRA definition has been adopted by a number of countries but has been criticised by lawyers, academics and activists for allegedly silencing criticism of Israel. The Biden administration has "embraced" a contentious definition of anti-Semitism that has been criticised for allegedly conflating Israel with Judaism. The administration "embraces and champions" the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, a senior
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Grand Mufti of Egypt Warns against Israel Plots to Judaize al-Quds

Islam Times - Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawki Allam expressed concerns against Israeli regime’s plot to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem) and obliterate its true identity, after Tel Aviv banned the raising of the Muslim call to prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque under the pretext that settlers were celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim.
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PA condemns Israel violations against Islamic holy sites

The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Friday condemned Israeli violations against Islamic holy sites in the occupied cities of Jerusalem and Hebron, Anadolu Agency reported. In a statement issued by its Foreign Ministry, the PA announced: "Israel imposes measures and arbitrary restrictions to block worshippers from reaching worship houses, and it is working hard to extend its domination of them and Judaise
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Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas's Foreign Policy

On 4 February, representatives from the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, visited Moscow to inform the Russian government of the latest development in the unity talks with the other Palestinian factions, especially Fatah. This was not the first time that Hamas officials had travelled to Moscow on similar missions. In fact, Moscow continues to represent an important political breathing space for
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US Senator Sanders Blasts Israel for Sending COVID-19 Vaccines to Allies while ‘Palestinians are still Waiting’

US Senator Bernie Sanders has lashed out at Tel Aviv for sending surplus coronavirus vaccines to friendly nations overseas instead of giving them to Palestinians, saying it must do so as an “occupying power.” “As the occupying power, Israel is responsible for the health of all the people under its control. It is outrageous that Netanyahu would use spare vaccines to
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'The homeland does not leave the body until the moment of death': Remembering Mourid Barghouti

The world bid farewell to the celebrated poet Mourid Barghouti in February. A champion of the Palestinian cause, Palestinian authors share their memories of the great writer. Literary lovers woke up on February 15 to find out that celebrated Palestinian poet and author, Mourid Barghouti, had passed away the day before at the age of 76 in Amman, Jordan. Barghouti
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Jewish Settlers Storm Islamic Shrines near Salfit

A group of Jewish settlers stormed ancient Islamic sites early Friday, in the town of Kifl Haris, near the West Bank city of Salfit, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA. Local sources reported that Israeli forces forced their way into the town and closed the entrances to provide protection for the Jewish settlers who proceeded to desecrate and perform rituals
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“America is Back”: Make the Best of It

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair America is back; Joe Biden says so. Therefore, it must be true. He seems as pleased as can be about it too. So is the entire political class, except for the miscreants wedded to Donald Trump or to rightwing views, distinguished mainly by their vileness and stupidity. There are alarmingly many Americans who hold those views, but there
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‘Dangerous and Deplorable’: Facebook Bans MEMO Staffer for Advertising Recently-Published Book on Hamas

Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and the Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) in Johannesburg have strongly condemned the decision by Facebook to ban a staff member from using its platform for 30 days after he posted an advert for the launch of a book written by MEMO’s director, titled ‘Engaging the World: the Making of Hamas’s Foreign Policy’. Facebook claimed that the post
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Blinken 'asks Israel to facilitate' transfer of Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken reportedly asked his Israeli counterpart to assist in transferring Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. US Secretary of State Tony Blinken called his Israeli counterpart on Monday to “facilitate the transfer” of Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza , news agency Axios
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Palestinian PM: ‘While we remain committed to peace, Israel is destroying it’

Speaking at the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee’s (AHLC) virtual meeting, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Tuesday that while the Palestinians remain committed to peace based on the two-state solution, Israel is doing everything in its effort to destroy it. “While we remain committed to peace based on the two-state solution to achieve the legitimate national rights of our people
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Book Launch - Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas's Foreign Policy

The webinar will feature: Dr Anas Altikriti Founder and CEO, The Cordoba Foundation Dr Daud Abdullah Author of Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas's Foreign Policy Director, Middle East Monitor Clare Short Former Secretary of State for International Development, UK Prof. Ilan Pappe Director, European Centre for Palestine Studies Dr Sami Al-Arian Director, Centre for Islam and Global
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A Spanish Company is Building an Apartheid Railway in Israel – Now It Wants in on HS2

Israel’s leading human rights organization B’Tselem made headlines last month after it issued a report saying what Palestinians have been saying for decades: that Israel maintains not just a regime of military occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, but an apartheid regime over the entire Palestinian people. In East Jerusalem, where I live, we’ve experienced that apartheid
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‘Israeli’ Elections: Anti-Netanyahu Bloc Maintains Majority, Poll Shows

Islam Times - An election poll released by ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 News on Tuesday showed little movement compared to its previous one last week, with 62 of the Zionist parliament [Knesset]'s 120 seats predicted to be won by parties that have ruled out sitting in a government with the entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Coups and Colonialism: Why Does America Do What It Does?

Trump is gone; Biden is in. But America is still recognizing the coup leader in Venezuela, is silent on Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, is continuing Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol while accepting the importance of Israel’s hold on the Golan Heights and is only cautiously correcting course on Cuba. The history of … Continue reading "Coups and
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The long and bumpy road to Palestinian elections

Comment: Palestinians are keener than ever to vote, but it's not yet clear whether persistent obstacles can be overcome, or the extent of change elections might bring, writes Jonathan Kuttab. Palestinians love elections and take them very seriously. Deprived of a state of their own and hungry for any form of self-expression, Palestinians eagerly embrace any opportunity to vote and
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Israel 'rewards' allies with surplus Covid-19 vaccines

Honduras, the Czech Republic, and Guatemala have all opened or promised to open diplomatic offices in Jerusalem. Israel is rewarding key allies, who have taken steps to recognise its contested sovereignty over Jerusalem , with surplus coronavirus  vaccines , according to a report by the country's public broadcaster. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that Israel
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Focus On: Palestinian Political Leadership

Learning from the Past Reflections on Palestinian Leaderships Past Palestinians and Their Leadership: Restoring the PLO Abbas and the Farce of Palestinian Democracy An Illegitimate Leadership Can Sign Away Rights Youth and the New Generation of Leaders Palestinian Leadership Through Resistance or Leaderless Subsistence? The Role of Youth A Leadership Model from the Palestinian Diaspora in the US Upending the Palestinian Leadership: The Role of Youth A New Model for
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Palestinian elections: The view from Gaza

In-depth: Fifteen years after Palestinians last went to the polls, Gazans have seen their living conditions drastically deteriorate. For most, the upcoming elections elicit a mixture of hope and scepticism. "Reform starts from the bottom, not the other way around," says Mustafa, 50, a Palestinian political analyst from the Gaza Strip, referring to the  Palestinian legislative and presidential elections scheduled
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Hamas and Fatah 'pen joint letter' to Biden administration agreeing 'Palestinian state on 1967 borders'

The reported letter comes following recent talks between Fatah and Hamas officials, ahead of national elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Rival Palestinian factions have sent a joint letter to the administration of US President Joe Biden in which they appear to agree on backing a future Palestinian state along 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as
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Palestine is on my mind — why is Hamas taking part in the elections?

The Palestinians need to formulate a comprehensive national project that everyone will agree upon before going to the polls, and it must be presented to all Palestinians inside and outside the occupied territories. There are, after all, more than six million Palestinians in the diaspora spread across five continents. This should be a priority for them. This is what they
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Israel planning to 'use Covid-19 vaccines to buy normalisation'

The Israeli government could use the Covid-19 vaccine to establish relations with an undisclosed nation, an official said. Israel may donate precious Covid-19 vaccine doses to an undisclosed Arab country in return for  normalisation , the country's Army Radio reported on Sunday. The vaccines would be given to Arab states after its own inoculation efforts have concluded,
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Can a new generation change Palestinian politics?

Haya Rimawi cannot remember the last Palestinian election. The producer at a Ramallah radio station, who was a young girl when elections were last held 15 years ago, says for her and her peers, the political “old guard” has been the only guard. “Ever since I was born, I have heard the same politicians’ names over and over again, rotating in and
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Africa: On Shaky Ground, the ICC Must Rebuild With a New Prosecutor

[ISS] For the International Criminal Court (ICC), February has been a momentous month. A new chief prosecutor was appointed after a fraught election, important cases were started and another was concluded, and a decision reached on the question of Palestine. With some effort, the ICC can use these developments to assert its independence and leverage goodwill by focusing on investigations
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AHRC applauds Life for Relief and Rahma Worldwide

AHRC applauds Life for Relief and Rahma Worldwide The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) commends Life for Relief & Development (LIFE) and Rahma Worldwide for their recent humanitarian effort in Lebanon responding to an urgent call for relief. The aid was provided to Syrian and Palestinian refugees residing at camps in the city of Tyre... The post AHRC applauds Life for
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Breaking the Silence – A Poem

– Timothy McCord has a passion for writing poetry. He lives in France, where he taught English for many years. Timothy was born and grew up in Britain, and became politically active there through his involvement in the anti-apartheid movement. This poem was written in response to the pressure being put on organizations to accept the IHRA definition and working
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Freedom of expression in a downward spiral in Southern Africa, says new study

Some of the laws reviewed have a chilling effect on digital freedomYouth pose for a photo at a conference in Namibia. Image credit: Yusuf Kalyango Jnr. (CC BY-SA 2.0) A recent study by the coalition of the African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms (AfDec) reviewed extant legislation and its impact on the right to freedom of expression in seven countries in Southern Africa—
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Coen Brothers: Don't Accept Dan David Prize!

Coen Brothers: Don't Accept Dan David Prize!In the NewsThe British Commitee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) calls on filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen to refuse the Dan David Prize, awarded jointly with Tel Aviv University, and not attend the 15 May award ceremony in Tel Aviv in the company of Israeli President Shimon Peres. Academic BoycottMarch 14, 2011 By:  BRICUP
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Beloved Palestinian poet Mourid al-Barghouti dies at 76

Barghouti leaves behind a son, fellow poet Tamim al-Barghouti, and a celebrated body of work. Leading Palestinian poet and writer Mourid al-Barghouti died on Sunday at the age of 76. Born four years before the state of Israel was created in the town of Deir Ghassana, Barghouti spent most of his life in
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