Less than dogs

All it takes is an absent-minded search on the Internet to obtain endless results on the incredible love that many human beings feel for animals. Whether they are dogs, cats, pigs or hippos, porcupines or monkeys hanging from a tree, there is always someone who loves them with an impossible love and feels they must defend them regardless of the
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With Netanyahu Struggling in Gaza Quagmire, Gaps inside his Cabinet Deepen

Islam Times - At a time the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is struggling to move out of Gaza war swamp and victory is the only way for salvage of him and his cabinet, at home, things are not going as this desperate veteran of the Israeli politics expects and differences and disobedience are flooding all security and political segments
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The War in Gaza Has Put Western and Muslim Hypocrisy on Full Display

"Anyone who has not been in a coma these past thirty years already knows about America’s pattern of killing Arabs and Muslims and the mix of ambivalence and racist demonization that accompanies it. To expect them to suddenly show interest in dead Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim babies at this point would be insane."
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5 Way Islam and Palestine Are Connected

Palestine holds immense significance due to the holy land’s Islamic heritage. From its cultural history to its religious importance, Palestine remains one of the most powerful and beautiful places for Muslims around the world. Here are just 5 ways Palestine and Islam are connected: 1. Prophetic Legacy Many Prophets of Islam are deeply connected to...
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The Guardian: Young Americans Embrace the Qur’an to Understand the Resilience of Muslim Palestinians

Islam Times - In a groundbreaking report, the guardian sheds light on the young Americans are turning to the Qur’an to gain a deeper understanding of Islam and show solidarity with the Muslim community, particularly in Gaza. Inspired by the strength and faith exhibited by Muslim Palestinians, individuals like Megan B Rice and Nefertari Moonn have embarked on a journey
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Team B and the Jerusalem Conference: How Israel Helped Craft Modern-Day “Terrorism”

It Begins… Then-CIA director George H.W. Bush looks over a map of Beirut, Lebanon, with President Gerald Ford. Photo | CIA Archives ‘Propaganda to Dehumanize’ If you miss a target and a bomb accidentally falls on a Children’s hospital it’s not terrorism Does it hold true in 2023!!! pic.twitter.com/6DiHRv0IKk ‘The Terror Network’ ‘We Are All Palestinians’ Netanyahu shows reporters a copy of a Syrian passport allegedly found
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I Used to Cry for Other People’s Children. Now I Cry for My Own

Islam Times - I am a photojournalist. I was born in February 1987, got married in 2009, and had my firstborn son, Ahmad, the following year. Several more children followed: Rahaf in 2012, Kanan in 2017 and Qais in 2019. Thank God I had Adam in November 2022; he is the only one who has survived.
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Al Aqsa Flood: A Palestinian Epic

Islam Times - (Today the Palestinians are awake. The skillful, Palestinian designers are at work. But this action was carried out by the Palestinians themselves. Intelligent designers, the brave youth, and active, self-sacrificing Palestinians have been able to create this epic. God willing, this epic will be a big step toward the salvation of Palestine.) Imam Khamenei
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Close to Victory

Islam Times - (The blow that the Zionist regime received is irreparable. The Zionist regime is desperate and confused now. Of course, we have no doubt that “Allah’s promise is indeed true” (Quran 30:60). God’s promise is true. “And do not let yourself be upset by those who have no conviction” (Quran 30:60). Do not let those who are uncertain
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ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up

Dodgy Data Playing Defense for Israel Refer to Hamas as “terrorists” rather than militants or fighters; Describe Israel’s campaign in Gaza as a “legitimate military action in response to [the Hamas] massacre and to prevent future acts of terror” Make sure that their readers understand that pro-Israel protests are morally far superior to their pro-Palestine equivalents. After all, they insist, “the Israeli Army does
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UAE sends additional 5 aid planes to Gaza

ALBAWABA - According to WAM News Agency, the UAE has sent a further five planes carrying supplies and equipment to support the construction of a field hospital in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 16 the total number of aircraft sent as part of the UAE's Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation...
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UAE sends additional 5 aid planes to Gaza

ALBAWABA - According to WAM News Agency, the UAE has sent a further five planes carrying supplies and equipment to support the construction of a field hospital in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 16 the total number of aircraft sent as part of the UAE's Gallant Knight 3 humanitarian operation...
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Digital Blackout: Systematic censorship of Palestinian voices

Blaming glitches to conceal biased moderation and policy over-enforcement Moreover, since October 7, Palestinian digital rights organization The Arab Centre for Advancement of Social Media (7amleh) has documented 699,958 cases of hate speech and inciting content in Hebrew. At least 30 percent of the hate content included fake news, promoting violence or incitement. Unfortunately, Meta dismissed these reports. This highlights the double
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Dublin City Council officially recognises Israel is committing the ‘Crime Against Humanity’ of Apartheid

The full text of the motion reads: “That this Council endorses the recent Amnesty International report entitled ‘Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: A Cruel System of Domination and a Crime Against Humanity‘ as a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.” In April 2018 Dublin City Council voted to support the Palestinian BDS Movement. It is one of eight Irish councils, north
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‘Stand with Palestine’: Hong Kong activists protest Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, as war’s death toll tops 10,000

HK Anti-war Mobilization activists protest against Tel Aviv’s bombardment of the Gaza strip during a rally near the Israeli consulate in Hong Kong on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Photo: HK Anti-war Mobilization. HK Anti-war Mobilization activists protest against Tel Aviv’s bombardment of the Gaza strip during a rally near the Israeli consulate in Hong Kong on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Photo:
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New on Board: Yemen’s Ansarullah Powerful Arm Backing Palestinian Liberation

Islam Times - With the intensification of the Israeli regime’s crimes in Gaza and the attempts for a ground offensive into the besieged enclave, it seems that the war domain is no longer limited to the occupied Palestinian territories and has taken a regional aspect. After Lebanese Hezbollah’s attacks on the Israeli positions and strikes by the Iraqi resistance groups
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Israelis and Palestinians in Agreement – Celebrities Are Morons!

Approximately five minutes after the first in a series of horrific atrocities began to be inflicted across the Middle East every celebrity you have ever heard of – and quite a few you forgot about – began to stake their claim to righteous indignation. At a certain time in Tinseltown there was such a thing as a “Morals Clause” which is
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War on Gaza: Humanity is being Destroyed by Madness of War and Inept Leadership

The raging war on Gaza and 2.2 million people are at the risk of being massacred by the advancing vengeful Israeli forces while the world is simply watching the "dramatization of war” as a spectator. The UN General Assembly Resolution (10/27/23) calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between the warring parties and continuing humanitarian assistance of basic necessities to the
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Israel-Palestine war may trigger multiple conflicts all over Middle East

Many believe that the escalation of the armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip marks the beginning of the Third World War. Will the war between the Jews and the Arabs grow into a conflict between Muslims? Will Lebanon support the Palestinians? Why is Taliban* more dangerous now than ever before? Pravda.Ru asked these questions to Dmitry Bridge, an
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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In France, “supporting Palestine makes us terrorists”

While Israel has been relentlessly launching intensive strikes on the Gaza Strip, killing thousands of civilians, rallies in support of Palestine were initially systematically banned in France. It wasn’t until October 22 that a protest was authorized to take place. Gérald Darmanin informed prefects by telegram that “pro-Palestinian protests must be banned because they are likely to disturb public order.” Since
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Thousands of Jews stage protests against Israeli occupation

ALBAWABA - In a Remarkable Act of Solidarity, Hundreds of American Jews Convene in New York to Protest Israel's Unprecedented Gaza Offensive"As Israel's declaration of an extended operation in Gaza led to an unparalleled assault in the region, hundreds of American Jews came together for a peaceful demonstration at New York's iconic Grand Central Station, making a resounding call for
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A Place Where No Human Being Can Exist

Footnotes “Israel has ordered a ‘complete siege’ on Gaza. What does that mean for Palestinians?” Australian Broadcasting Company. ︎“Gaza cancer patients face life-threatening treatment delays,” BBC. ︎“The issue of Palestinian pregnant women giving birth at Israeli checkpoints: Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,” United Nations. ︎“Gaza “Unliveable”, UN Special Rapporteur for the Situation of Human Rights in the OPT Tells Third Committee,” United
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Oppressed but Powerful

Islam Times - But there are two important points alongside this oppression. One is the patience of these people and the people’s trust in God. These people have truly been patient. In addition to this, another important point is that the blow that has been inflicted in this event, in the attack by the Palestinian fighters on the usurping regime,
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Unite executive calls emergency meeting as Graham remains silent on Gaza

Meeting rumoured among Unite insiders for over a week crystallises – and union general secretary’s silence over slaughter of Gazan civilians continues — Taj Ali (@Taj_Ali1) October 21, 2023 An Urgent Call from Palestinian Trade Unions: End all complicity, stop arming Israel Refuse to build weapons destined for Israel. This is relevant for Unite as Leonardo and Babcock, two employers where Unite is active and
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Ground operation in Gaza to lead to fiercest fighting since World War II — newspaper

According to the New York Times, an operation in the enclave could take "several months, if not years", and lead to "a spike in demand for weapons, and added global volatility", as well as potential spreading of the conflict to Lebanon and Iran, "along with possible attacks on American troops in Iraq
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The entire Arab world despises Palestine, and they will not intervene

The escalation of the bloody conflict in the Middle East continues. Israel threatens to wipe the Gaza Strip off the face of the Earth. Will Arab countries intervene to stop Israel from the genocide of the Palestinians? What positions do Russia and China take in terms of the conflict? Why does the entire Arab world hates Palestine? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna
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Grounding the Current Moment: An Al-Shabaka Syllabus

Introduction The Roots of the Palestinian Struggle Using Indigeneity in the Struggle for Palestinian Liberation by Ahmad Amara, Yara Hawari (August 2019) Beyond South Africa: Understanding Israeli Apartheid by Samer Abdelnour (April 2013) Beyond the Apartheid Analogy: Time to Reframe Our Palestinian Struggle by Irene Calis (January 2015) Rethinking Our Definition of Apartheid: Not Just a Political Regime by Haidar Eid, Andy Clarno (August 2017) Oslo: Replacing Liberation
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USA puts pressure on Netanyahu to talk him out of ground operation in Gaza

Apparently, there will be no ground operation in Gaza as Washington has put enough pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The story of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict may serve as an example of how the crisis in the Middle East going to develop. Netanyahu unexpectedly postpones ground operation in Gaza Israeli media quote military analyst Avi Issacharoff, who believes that the
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Palestine: the fight for information

“T here’s nothing as a safe place, but I’m trying my best to stay safe”. 22-year-old journalist Plestia Alaqad has been reporting on the situation as best she can on social networks, while escaping Israel’s bombing raids on the Gaza Strip. “I am barely able to do my job under these circumstances”. Journalists in the field are on the front lines,
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Turkey moves to the Russian side of the barricades

Not too long ago, it was believed that Turkey could let a US aircraft carrier into the Black Sea to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is impossible to makes such assumptions now. Turkey condemns US actions The new war between Palestine and Israel has changed a lot. The deployment of two US aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean Sea for
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Making sense of 2023

I have not seen these thoughts expressed elsewhere, neither am I afraid to share them. Maybe the baggage of covering world events for decades is worth a read. Oh dear. Here we go again. The focus of attention has gone full circle back to Palestine and Israel. And on cue, and as usual, knee-jerk reactions engendered by half-reporting/propaganda, drawing the time
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Israel-Hamas war: China says it supports the ‘just cause’ of Palestinians facing ‘historical injustice’

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. File photo: G20 Argentina, via Flickr. Children injured in an Israeli strike receive emergency medical care at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on October 15, 2023. Israel embarked on a withering air campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza after they carried out a brutal attack on Israel on October 7 that left more than 1,400
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China: Israel's actions in Gaza 'beyond scope of self-defence'

Israel’s action sin Gaza are “beyond the scope of self-defence”, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday. He added that the Israeli government must “cease its collective punishment of the people of Gaza.” In a call to his Saudi counterpart Prince Faisal Bin Farhan, Wang said: “All parties should not take any action to escalate the situation and should
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Exclusive: Graham, Unite, ‘tried to force cancellation of Palestine solidarity fringe’ at Lab conference

Insiders allege that two proxies attempted to make organiser call off fringe in support of oppressed Palestinians on behalf of general secretary – but were sent packing. No response from Unite to request for comment Sharon Graham (backdrop a pro-Palestinian march earlier this year in Liverpool) that she attempted to have evidence destroyed in bullying and misogyny complaints about her husband, whom she
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Israeli army says it killed senior Hamas leader

The Israeli army on Saturday claimed that it had killed a senior Hamas leader who it said led the surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7, Anadolu reports. “Ali Qadi led the inhumane, barbaric October 7 massacre of civilians in Israel,” the Israeli army said in a statement. There was no comment from the Palestinian side yet on the claim.
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Geneva Centre director exposes pro-Israel lobby efforts to shift Swiss stance on Palestine cause

The Director of the Geneva Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Anouar Gharbi revealed efforts by pro-Israel lobbies to influence the official Swiss position, which he said remained balanced towards resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This was in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause from the point of condemning its resistance factions as “terrorist organisations”. Gharbi explained in an exclusive interview
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Podcast: What Do We Need to Know About Palestine?

Know that the context of Gaza today is based on a 75-year-old history of violent occupation, displacement, and colonization Gaza has been under siege as an open air prison for 16 years – an example of Israel’s crimes against humanity and breaking of international law Follow accurate resources for information on Gaza and Palestine (see here) Be aware of major Israeli propaganda points
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What Would Egypt Do as Israeli War on Gaza Rages on Next Door?

Islam Times - After start of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by Hamas that led to death and injury of thousands of Israelis, the Israeli regime started its blind bombardment of Gaza to revenge the unprecedented casualties it sustained. Reports said that since the Israeli military has no precise information of Hamas military positions, it has resorted to Egypt for negotiations with
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Germany does not support UNICEF call for Gaza cease-fire

Germany has refrained from supporting UNICEF’s call for a cease-fire and the establishment of safe humanitarian corridors in Gaza amid increased Israel airstrikes, Anadolu Agency reports. I’ll start again very fundamentally: Israel has the right under international law to defend itself against this terrorist attack by Hamas and to protect its own population Christian Wagner said in response to a
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Egypt warns against Israel call for Gaza residents to head south

Egypt, on Friday, warned against the Israeli call for Palestinians in the north of Gaza to leave their homes and move south, Anadolu Agency reports. The measure constitutes a “grave violation of the rules of international humanitarian law,” an Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement said. It said that the measure “will expose the lives of more than 1 million Palestinian citizens
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‘It hurts me how the world stands with Israel and blames innocent civilians in Gaza’

Looking at the destroyed houses around her, Shahd Al-Banna seeks help from the Brazilian government and people around the world to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza. The 18-year-old Brazilian student says on the ground there is a humanitarian and health catastrophe, no electricity, food and water in the besieged enclave. “It has turned upside down! Destruction everywhere and killing
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Gaza faces collective punishment by Israel: Doctors Without Borders

Gaza is experiencing collective punishment by Israel, said Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Greece department, on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. It started with incredible acts of violence, and now it continues with the targeting and collective punishment of all the people living in Gaza, Achilleas Tzemos, deputy Director of the department, told the public broadcaster, ERT, during an interview. Electricity has
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Ireland: By targeting civilians, Israel is in breach of int'l law

Israel does not have a right to breach international law in its effort to defend itself, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said in an interview last night. Varadkar told RTE One: “Israel is under threat. They do have a right to defend themselves, but they don’t have the right to breach international humanitarian law.” “I’m really concerned about what I’m seeing happening
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Oxfam warns: Not a single square metre is safe in Gaza

A regional manager of the UK-based charity Oxfam has described the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip as “a real catastrophe”, warning that all of Gaza is now under attack and that “nowhere is safe”. In an interview with the agency, Mustafa Tamaizeh, Economic Justice Programme Manager at Oxfam, who is based in Ramallah, stressed that the deteriorating situation in
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US Republican Senator slammed for claiming Israel is waging a ‘religious war’

Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham has sparked anger and widespread condemnation for claiming that Israel is in a “religious war”, encouraging Tel Aviv to annihilate Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. “I am appalled by anyone who blames Israel for the current situation in the Middle East. Iran and Hamas want to destroy the Jewish state. We’re in a religious
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Khutbah Notes: Palestine Solidarity

Solidarity with Palestine يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُونُوا قَوَّامِينَ بِالْقِسْطِ شُهَدَاءَ لِلَّهِ وَلَوْ عَلَى أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَوِ الْوَالِدَيْنِ وَالْأَقْرَبِينَ  What is Happening in Gaza? It is estimated that by now 3,000 Palestinians including children have been killed by Israeli bombings since the start of escalation on the morning of October 7th. 5,184 Palestinians have been injured. About 60% of the injuries occurred by the Israeli airstrikes were among women and children in the Gaza Strip, 260,000 are internally displaced. Gaza hospitals
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