Palestinians can expect Israel's Trump-era plans to continue under Blinken

Comment: Secretary of State Blinken will likely bring an 'acceptable' veneer to US enabling of Israel, but little concrete change, writes Ramona Wadi. As US President Donald Trump's era comes to a close, Israel is in search of a new narrative to sustain its future diplomatic relations with the US.  Trump's White House oversaw a series of swift decision-making that
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Bahrain to allow occupied West Bank goods to be labeled as 'Made in Israel'

Bahrain will allow Israeli goods produced in the West Bank to be labeled as 'Made in Israel'. Goods coming to  Bahrain from the  Israeli -occupied  West Bank , East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights will be labeled as "Made in Israel" , the country's Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani said on Thursday. "Without going into
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Starmer is failing to unite Britain's Labour Party

It's baffling to see an experienced lawyer like Starmer in such difficulty. Clearly, former US President Barack Obama was right when he said in his new book, A Promised Land , that politicians face enormous pressure from the pro-Israel lobby. In the US, this means, among others, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). "AIPAC's clout," wrote Obama, "could
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Israel ally Czech Republic moves diplomat to Jerusalem office

The Czech Republic is one of the strongest allies of Israel in the EU. The Czech Republic will move a diplomat to its office in Jerusalem, but insists the diplomatic mission in the disputed city will not serve as a new embassy for Israel. The foreign ministry said it was setting up an office manned by a diplomat
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Omar Kamal lends his voice to help Palestine refugees

Like many vulnerable communities worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed countless more Palestine refugees into extreme insecurity. A recent study by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics found on average 42 per cent of Palestinian households (46 per cent in the West Bank and 38 per cent in the Gaza Strip) reported their income declined to half or more during
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On international day of PwDs: 10% of children with disabilities not enrolled in education

Age Group Region 2-17 years 5-17 years 2-4 years 12.3 14.9 2.4 Palestine 13.4 16.6 2.0 West Bank 10.8 12.8 2.9 Gaza Strip Age Group Functioning Domains 5-17 years 2-4 years 0.7 0.2 Seeing 0.4 0.1 Hearing 1.0 0.6 Walking 0.4 – Self-care   – 0.4 Fine Motor 0.6 0.9 Communication 1.5 0.8 Learning 0.9 – Remembering   0.6 –
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Occupation in the Time of COVID-19: Holding Israel Accountable for Palestinian Health

The Legal Framework of Occupation and its Limitations The De-Development of the Palestinian Health Sector Politicizing Palestinian Health during COVID-19 Blocking Palestinian Efforts to Tackle COVID-19 Recommendations Palestinian leadership, which has hitherto and for a variety of reasons fallen short of providing for Palestinians during the pandemic, must look beyond the status quo and take a “socially collaborative
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UNOPS & Germany ensure equal access by providing disability inclusive infrastructure in Gaza

Gaza/PNN/ In light of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), UNOPS in Palestine and the Federal Republic of Germany through its Development Bank (KfW) continue to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and to take action for the inclusion of persons with disabilities The infrastructure housing designs incorporate needed spaces, corridors, door sizes, and other supporting furnishings that
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Behind Bahrain's gamble on normalisation with Israel

Analysis: Despite the risk of exacerbating Bahrain's already volatile domestic politics, normalisation with Israel confirms the importance of ensuring continued US support. Bahrain's decision to normalise ties with Israel resulted from a variety of circumstances, ranging from Saudi Arabia's interests and Abu Dhabi's increasing influence in Manama, to the security and defence calculations of Bahrain's leadership vis-à-vis Iran. 
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Beyond Symbolic Victories: The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

a) Civil society around the world can lead the mobilization to use the day of solidarity as an opportunity to place pressure on their governments to move beyond symbolic gestures into meaningful action. This effort is most important in Western societies, especially in the United States, which has served as a shield and benefactor for Israel for too many years.
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Watch: International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People 2020

The message in English Click to Read More Close An teachtaireacht, as Gaeilge: Click to Read More Close ها هي الرسالة بالعربية Click to Read More Close تتزامن الذكرى هذا العام، مع انتشار وباء فيروس الكورونا حول العالم، وهجمة استيطانية شرسه بدعم من قرارات امريكية تستهدف اضفاء شرعية على الاستيطان واحتلال وتهويد قدسنا الشريف اضافة لخيانة بعض الدول
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WATCH: South African man stranded in Jerusalem's Al-Asqa mosque after walking for over a year

Shahid bin Yusuf Takala says his prolonged stay at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque has been a 'great blessing'. A South African man is stranded in Jerusalem after beginning a journey there from his home city of Cape Town in South Africa on foot two years ago. Shahid bin Yusuf Takala has been living at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, the third most holy site
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Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa

Book Club: Susan Abulhawa's award-winning third novel is a compelling and emotive contemplation of the Palestinian struggle. Against the Loveless World  is a searing new novel by Susan Abulhawa , a Palestinian writer whose previous books  Mornings in Jenin  and  The Blue Between Sky and Water  provided thought-provoking and powerful narratives on Israel's occupation of Palestine.   Within the
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Moving past apartheid: one-state is not ideal justice, but it is just and possible

Even the claim that a two-state solution is necessary, at least as a precursor to a permanent one-state solution, is absurd. This argument places yet more obstacles before the Palestinian quest for freedom and rights. If the two-state solution was ever feasible, it would have been achieved when all parties, at least publicly, championed it. Now, the Americans are no
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Qatar to host FIFA Arab Cup in 2021

Qatar, host of World Cup 2022, will be the venue of a special 22-team Arab Cup next year. Qatar will host a 22-team football tournament for Arab nations next year, FIFA announced on Wednesday, in preparation for the 2022 World Cup . Speaking from the  Lusail Stadium in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the first-of-its-kind tournament will be
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Colorado rep: 'As a practising Muslim, Palestinian American, you mobilise advocacy every day'

Outgoing US President Donald Trump's own history of vilifying the Muslim community – and seeking to exploit the emotions of 9/11 – is well documented. In 2017, Omar and Tlaib became the first Muslim women ever elected to US Congress. Especially among young Muslims, their election was seen as a triumph, demonstrating that women like them – a
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Israeli defence minister says 'ready to talk to Hamas'

Following talks with UN coordinator Nikolai Mladenov, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has expressed willingness to negotiate with Hamas regarding conditions in Gaza. Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has expressed his country’s willingness to engage in talks with the Palestinian group Hamas , which controls the besieged Gaza Strip.
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For Arab and Muslim Democrats, Biden's victory means the fight has only just begun

In-depth: Progressives and minority voters helped Biden across the finish line in key swing states. Now they want to make sure their policy agenda is heard. When the US presidential election was called for Joe Biden, more than half the country seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief - but not for long. Leaders are now urging
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What a Biden presidency means for US ties with Israel

Analysis: Biden's relationship with Israel could be tested over Iran, but the president-elect's proclivity for a paradigm shift or a reversal of Trump's anti-Palestinian policies appears rather limited. For the past four years, the Trump administration has granted Benjamin Netanyahu's every wish, strengthening Israel's position in the Middle East to an unprecedented degree Read more: The future of EU-Israel relations after
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Poll: 81% of Palestinians do not trust Israel’s commitment to agreements

81% of the Palestinians do not – to various degrees – trust the commitments of Israel and its obligations to the agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority. 59% oppose the return of the relations with Israel, (38%) agree to it. 55% oppose the resumption of the security coordination with Israel, (40%) agree to it. 52% oppose the resumption of the peace negotiations with
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Arab authors call for boycott of Emirati book prize after Israel normalisation deal

Some of the Arab world's most well-known authors have demanded the International Prize for Arabic Fiction cut ties with the UAE. A growing number of Arab authors are boycotting the region's lucrative book prizes funded by the UAE in protest against Abu Dhabi's decision to normalise ties with Israel. Noted authors
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Pompeo visits Israel museum honouring Christian Zionists

The US secretary of state also visited an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and announced new measures against the Palestinian-led boycott movement. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up a trip to Israel on Friday with a visit to a museum in Jerusalem that honours Christian Zionists and was founded by a prominent evangelical
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Pompeo, on visit to Israel, says he will go to Golan Heights

“Today I’ll have the chance to visit the Golan Heights. The simple recognition of this as part of Israel, too, was a decision President Trump made that is historically important and simply a recognition of reality,” Pompeo said in Jerusalem. Image: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu make a joint statement after meeting
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Mother-of-five steers new course as Gaza’s first woman taxi driver

The first woman taxi driver in the Islamist-run Palestinian territory, the 39-year-old has become a target of sexist jibes about her abilities behind the wheel – but they pale into irrelevance beside the gratitude of her all-female clientele. Image: Palestinian woman Naela Abu Jibba, who started a women-only taxi service in Gaza Strip, drives her vehicle at Beach refugee camp
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The reactionary alliance between Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Cairo

The rapprochement between the three states was evident in the nature of Arab trade deals, especially the UAE's purchase of Russian weapons, as well as in NATO's cooperation in various regional arenas. This includes Syria, with the support of Abu Dhabi and Cairo as the pawns moved by Moscow. In Yemen, meanwhile, Moscow's support for the Houthis has shifted to
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Trump campaigned on hate in Minnesota. Somalis helped vote him out

In-depth: Amid large-scale grassroots campaigning and growing political influence, Minnesota's Somali community has become a key voting bloc in the swing state. Donald Trump was determined to win Minnesota, a state he'd narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016.    What Trump didn't realise was he thought he had an easy target. He didn't. Ilhan Omar's district loves her.
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Don't look to Washington for peace in Israel-Palestine

Analysis: The Palestinian leadership must escape the illusion that Biden will significantly challenge Israeli policy, let alone deliver Palestinian statehood. The election of Joe Biden has been greeted by a sigh of relief around the world. Many governments, who have had acrimonious relations with the US under President Donald Trump, hope that the arrival of a new president
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Ahead of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, tell CAF to get off Israel’s apartheid train!

Ahead of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, tell CAF to get off Israel’s apartheid train! Action Alert On the 20th of November, ahead of the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29th, we call on CAF to end its business involvement in Israel’s illegal Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) project. JLR enables
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As Israel destroys EU projects in Palestine, European foreign policy remains impotent

Because of the absence of any meaningful European action on the Palestinian front, Israel no longer finds the European position, however rhetorically strong, worrisome. Just consider the defensible Belgian position on the destruction of Palestinian homes that were funded by the Belgian government in the village of Al-Rakeez, near Hebron (Al-Khalil).
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Qatar FM: Normalization with Israel undermines Palestinian statehood efforts

Three Arab countries – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan – set aside hostilities with Israel in recent months to agree to formal relations in deals brokered by US President Donald Trump’s administration. FILE PHOTO: Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani speaks during a news conference with Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Ali Alhakim, in Baghdad,
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Fantasy or Pre-Normalization? Saudi Lawyer Claims Al-Aqsa Mosque’s True Location ‘Is Not in Al-Quds!’

Islam Times - In yet another imaginary scenario, perhaps to push the Muslim Kingdom a step towards an announced normalization with the Zionist occupation regime, a Saudi lawyer claimed that the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, traditionally held to be Islam's third holiest site after Mecca and Medina, is not in fact, located on the al-Aqsa compound in the al-Quds’ Old City
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Palestine Podcast #54: Palestinian Museums, Museums for Palestine

Subscribe on your favourite platform! Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Acast YouTube Deezer TuneIn PocketCasts Castro Radio Public Breaker Blubrry Podcast Addict Podbean Podcast Republic iHeartRadio You can also find us at the following locations: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Podcast: And you can donate to our work here: PayPal: iDonate:
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Israelis protest EU delegation’s visit to planned settlement

Image: Protesters carrying Israeli flags heckle a news conference by European Union officials visiting the construction site for Givat Hamatos settlement in East Jerusalem, Monday, November 16, 2020. The Israel Land Authority announced on its website Sunday that it had opened up tenders for more than 1,200 new homes in the settlement of Givat Hamatos, according to the Israeli anti-settlement
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Gaza: Coronavirus pandemic ruins youth’s hopes for a way out

Life beyond lockdown Palestinian youths try to obtain permission to leave Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in September 2019. Transit point: Turkey Life goes on for some at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, but many foreign workers have been laid off The Israeli army shot Ahmed al-Masry in the leg during 2018 demonstrations demanding Palestinians’ right to return to
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Israel moves ahead on sensitive east Jerusalem settlement plans

The construction of more than 1,000 settlement homes will further cut off Palestinians from east Jerusalem, which is claimed as the capital of a future state. Israel is moving forward on the construction of hundreds of new homes in a sensitive east Jerusalem settlement , a watchdog group said on Sunday, a move that would defy international
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Occupation in the Time of COVID-19: Holding Israel Accountable for Palestinian Health

Palestinian leadership must take a “socially collaborative and empowering approach” that meets the needs of Palestinians. Israel must release Palestinian political prisoners , especially elderly and chronically ill prisoners, as well as improve conditions for those serving sentences. A just resolution to the status of Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East, including return, as well as implementation of rights in
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Zoom Censorship of Palestine Seminars Sparks Fight Over Academic Freedom

For all Zoom’s invocations of anti-terrorism laws, a spokesperson also noted that ultimately the company reserves the right to bar anyone from using its services, for any reason or none at all. Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images “You Will Be Canceled” “It is more than a stretch to say that Khaled’s 1970s association with PFLP meant that a virtual talk
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Trump Destroyed Any Hope of Israeli-Palestinian Peace — and Biden Can’t Rebuild It

“Trump made clear once and for all that the U.S. is entirely pro-Israel. He removed the mask of the honest broker.” Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images The Kushner Legacy Photo: Amir Levy/Getty Images Biden Unlikely to Reverse “There are certain bells that the Trump administration has rung on this issue that Biden will not, and cannot, unring.”
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National Security This Week at the United Nations (Nov 6-Nov 13)

Image: Palestinian employees at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) wearing protective masks and gloves, prepare food aid rations to be henceforth delivered to refugee family homes rather than distributed at a UN a center, in Gaza City, on March 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, UNRWA announced that it had run
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Iman Jodeh: Palestinian, Muslim and elected to Colorado's state house

Iman Jodeh, Colorado's first Muslim state representative, reflects on what inspired her to run for office and how she plans to be a voice for her diverse district. After Donald Trump was elected as president four years ago, Iman Jodeh , still grieving her father's recent passing, looked at herself in the mirror and thought about booking two one-way
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Hey Joe: a Memo to Biden on Palestine

Thou are not conquered yet, dear land, Thy spirit still is free. Though long the Saxon’s ruthless hand, Has triumphed over thee. Though oft obscured by clouds of woe, The sun has never set, Twill blaze again in golden glow, Thou art not conquered yet […] Through ages long of war and strife, Of rapine and of woe, We fought the bitter fight of life, Against the Saxon foe, Our fairst
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Will Biden be cast in Obama's image with regard to the Palestinians?

President-elect Biden and his Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are both staunch Zionists, despite their diplomatic proclamations that they "believe in the worth and value of every Palestinian and every Israeli and we will work to ensure that Palestinians and Israelis enjoy equal measures of freedom, security, prosperity and democracy." That's very similar to Obama's statements that
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Israel expedites construction in occupied East Jerusalem amid rumours of 'Biden settlement freeze'

Fearing a freeze on settlement construction under a Biden presidency, authorities in Jerusalem have been ordered to usher through controversial building plans. Authorities in Israel are preparing to expedite the approval of settlement building plans in occupied East Jerusalem over the next two months, Haaretz reported, ahead of an expected freeze  on settlement expansion in
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Three ‘Israeli’ Airlines to Run Dubai-Tel Aviv Flights From December

Islam Times - In yet another aspect of normalization with the Zionist entity, three ‘Israeli’ airlines will begin direct flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai in December, with El Al ELAL.TA operating twice daily services, Israir offering six weekly flights and Arkia operating a daily service, Dubai Airports said on Wednesday.
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Fearing a Biden Settlement Freeze, Tel Aviv Expedites Construction beyond Green Line

Islam Times - Al-Quds [Jerusalem] City Hall and the so-called “Israel” Lands Authority have been identifying and expediting approval of building plans of construction beyond the Green Line over the next two months, to prevent them from being stopped once Joe Biden enters the White House in January. Once the administration in Washington changes, the municipality and the Lands Authority
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Meet Fady Qaddoura, Indiana's first Muslim state senator

Palestinian-American Fady Qaddoura will be the first Muslim to serve in the Indiana Senate. A Democrat in a Republican stronghold, he wants to find common ground to solve local problems. Fady Qaddoura is the first Arab Muslim lawmaker in Indiana's history Read more: How Arabs and Muslims helped flip Michigan blue for Biden In the Middle East, people take care of
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UN agency says lacks funds to pay full Palestinian salaries

Palestinian staff at United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) cannot be paid due to a lack of funding. The UN agency for Palestinian refugees, hammered by US cuts, said Monday it lacks the funds to pay full November salaries but is confident President-elect Joe Biden's administration will restore 
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Arab leaders congratulate Biden, Harris on US presidential election win

Leaders of the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Libya congratulated Biden, while Saudi Arabia and Syria have not yet released statements. Leaders of the Arab world congratulated US presidential election winner Joseph Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris over the weekend, after the presidential race was officially
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