Scotland’s European elections results show the SNP continue to defy gravity – and Labour is in deep, deep trouble

Britain is a country divided, the national results of the European elections tell us. Scotland, not so much.  Add together the votes for the Remain-supporting parties in Scotland and you get 70.9 per cent (or 61.6 if you exclude Labour voters, which, given the ambiguity of the party’s position, might be advisable). So, like the UK as a whole, if from a different standpoint, Scotland has reaffirmed what it said in 2016, when 62 per cent
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UK Brexit Party Scores Big as Conservatives, Labour Falter

Nigel Farage's new party makes big gains in the European elections, with his and several anti-Brexit parties dooming Tories and Labour to humiliating defeats.
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As the Brexit Party Triumphs, a Second Referendum Seems Inevitable

Yesterday’s European election results were, without doubt, the strangest of my life. Such chaos, however, was entirely predictable: since June 2016 British politics has been like an explosion in super-slow motion – Brexit, David Cameron’s departure, Theresa May’s metamorphosis from wrathful conqueror to timid introvert, Labour forcing a hung parliament. But last night the explosion […]
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Emmanuel Macron turned the European elections into a referendum on himself, and lost

If the Frence president is to succeed he needs to establish a new centre ground of European politics. Emmanuel Macron gambled, and lost. He invested himself personally in the European elections by presenting it as a referendum on himself. That, he thought, was the best way to stop Marine Le Pen from wining, by replaying the final match of the
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The End of Theresa May

The vultures of the British conservative party have gathered, and the individual who seemed to thrive in failure, to gain momentum in defeat, has finally yielded. UK Prime Minister Theresa May will leave the way for change of leadership on June 7. Never known for any grand gestures of emotion, the Maybot finally gave way […]
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The End of Theresa May

The vultures of the British conservative party have gathered, and the individual who seemed to thrive in failure, to gain momentum in defeat, has finally yielded. UK Prime Minister Theresa May will leave the way for change of leadership on … The post The End of Theresa May appeared first on Global Research .
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Thornberry emerges on side of Watson in BBC appearance – and as potential challenger

Shadow Foreign Secretary went ‘full ultra’, wrongly claimed Labour NEC makes policy – and named by Campbell alongside Watson Emily Thornberry has emerged as a figurehead for the tactics underpinning […]
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The New Statesman 2019 European elections liveblog

The results as they come in from around the country. Welcome to the New Statesman liveblog. Please press 'refresh' for updates 14:07:  What might results in Northern Ireland mean for Brexit? It's unclear, but a potential answer becomes clearer if you slice the numbers on the basis of whether each party supports the Irish
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Watson mocked after at least FIVE parts of his attack article match “People’s vote” briefing notes near-verbatim

Deputy Labour leader taunted with ‘no original thoughts’ jibe Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has come under renewed attack for his article in this morning’s Observer, in which he claimed […]
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Coup breaks cover as expected as anti-Corbyn MEP flings Euro blame early

South-East MEP’s appalling email to Labour members follows exact pattern predicted Comment For some time now, the SKWAWKBOX – along with many Labour insiders – has been predicting that the […]
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Audio: McCluskey dismantles ‘poor imitation Machiavelli’ Watson and dismisses centrist referendum spin

Unite union leader dismissive of Watson, corrects BBC on Labour policy Len McCluskey dismissed Labour deputy leader Tom Watson’s views and motives in the bluntest terms during an interview this […]
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How Should We Feel About Theresa May?

On Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she will be resigning in two weeks. It came as little surprise. After nearly three years in office, the Brexit Prime Minister failed to deliver Brexit and now leaves her country with more division and less direction than when she started. History may not be kind, but hopefully it will be nuanced. While her errors were hers alone, her failures were not. In truth, the prime minister was put in an impossible
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Brexit Deception and Failure: Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May Resigns. What Next?…

Tory leader Theresa May ’s days have been numbered for months, her nearly three years as UK prime minister a colossal failure by any standard. She’s been ridiculed and reviled as “mean…crude…stupid (and) the prime minister of humiliation.” Since majority … The post Brexit Deception and Failure: Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May Resigns. What Next?… appeared first on Global Research .
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The EU is a doomed empire

European tensions are growing. There is Brexit, a Germany without direction, and nationalist forces that aim to bend the EU to serve their own project. - 2019/05 / article
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Vince Cable is stepping down quickly – because an election may be coming

The Liberal Democrats have had to forego a summer of attention in order to prepare for the possibility of another national vote.  Vince Cable has announced the timetable for his replacement as leader of the Liberal Democrat leader, with the field of candidates to be confirmed on 7 June and the winner to be unveiled on 23 July. The
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Boris Johnson has embraced the prospect of a no-deal Brexit

The former foreign secretary’s words are a challenge to Conservative moderates. Boris Johnson has set out his stall on Brexit and it’s bad news for moderate Tories. Speaking at a conference in Switzerland shortly after May's resignation, he said that “a new leader will have the opportunity to do things differently and have the momentum of a new administration.
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Theresa May’s divisive policy legacy

The “Brexit Prime Minister” who failed to deliver Brexit will be remembered for her attempts to reduce immigration and her confrontations with the police.  In the distant summer of 2016, when Theresa May entered Downing Street, she aspired to be a transformative Prime Minister in the mould of Margaret Thatcher and Clement Attlee. Britain’s economy and society, she vowed, would be
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She’s Gone: After Theresa May

Immediately in the wake of Theresa May’s resignation speech, James Butler is joined by Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker to talk about the wake of the European elections, the rise of the Brexit Party and the decline and fall of Theresa May.
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Thousands could complain to Electoral Commission after #DeniedMyVote outcry

"This has made me feel unwelcome – that my life is going to change, that I might become a second class citizen," one would-be voter told Left Foot Forward.
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Left activist pledges to stand as conference delegate to see off remain-ultra takeover – calls urgently on others to do same

Well-known Labour left activist to stand to block attempt to force Labour into damaging anti-Brexit position at September’s annual conference ‘Remain ultra’ groups have launched a bid to have the […]
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Leaving 'One Hell of a Mess Behind,' British PM Theresa May Admits Brexit Defeat and Resigns

Jon Queally, staff writer Characterized by critics and political observers as an ignominous end of her three years as leader of the Tory Party and captain of the right-wing ship trying to steer the country toward Brexit, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced her official resignation on Friday morning as she finally admitted defeat.
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British PM May resigns, paving way for Brexit confrontation with EU

Fighting back tears, Theresa May said on May 24 she would quit, setting up a contest that will bring a new British prime minister to power who could pursue a cleaner break with the European Union.
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Brexit’s Lowest Moment Yet

Britain’s industries are facing insolvencies , its jobs are being sent overseas , and its pound is being driven down . In addition, there has been a cabinet coup , a high-profile resignation , and rumors that the prime minister will soon resign. On top of that, an upstart “Brexit Party” is set to sweep the European elections —if only it can survive its milkshake-based attacks. That was the last 24
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Protest votes could gift EU commission presidency to hard right and damage climate-change efforts

Protest votes on either side of Brexit divide pose danger across Europe A Germany-based Briton has warned that protest votes in today’s European Parliament elections could result in a hard-right […]
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What It’s Like to Live Under an Abortion Ban

The passage of last week’s highly restrictive bill banning almost all abortions in Alabama sparked strong reactions in the United States. It also, however, resonated abroad, and particularly in the United Kingdom, where at least one population is intimately familiar with the experience of living under such a restrictive law. Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland, where the 1967 Abortion Act, which legalized abortion in specific circumstances for most women in the U.K., does not apply. Instead, the law governing Northern Irish abortions is the Offenses Against
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Will the Radical Right Break the EU?

On June 24, 2016, at the headquarters of the National Front in Nanterre, France, Marine Le Pen hosted an impromptu press conference to celebrate the result of Britain’s referendum on EU membership. “What no one had envisaged a few months ago is now a reality that must be acknowledged by all: Yes, it is possible to leave the European Union,” she said. A poster of two fists , breaking free of their heavy chains, plastered the wall behind her. “ Et Maintenant La France!” the caption
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Video Labour’s remain-obsessed faction must watch: Nandy gets it – “This is so much bigger than Brexit”

Wigan MP’s speech to Unite North-West gathering needs to be heard and understood by Labour’s remain-obsessed MPs and commentators Comment The political differences between Wigan Labour MP Lisa Nandy and […]
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Breaking: Leadsom resigns from Cabinet

Tory chaos goes up a gear with what may be first of series of resignations to pressure PM May Andrea Leadsom has resigned from her Cabinet position as Leader of […]
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Heidi Allen offers to quit as Change UK leader

The party is divided over whether to endorse tactical voting in tomorrow's European elections. It's a sign of things to come. Will Change UK survive tomorrow's European elections intact? Listen to Heidi Allen, the party's interim leader, and it is increasingly difficult to draw that conclusion. She tells Channel 4 News this evening that she offered her resignation after a row
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Why won't Conservative backbenchers just get rid of Theresa May?

MPs face a difficult choice between more Theresa May or permanently injecting further instability into the party. Theresa May has survived, sort of. The backbench 1922 committee has drawn back from changing its rules to allow a second vote of confidence in May’s leadership within a year. As it stands, the Prime Minister cannot be challenged for the leadership until December
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No direction home: the tragedy of the Jewish left

The loss of a political home on the left and the latter’s transformation into a hostile force is a form of double exile for Jews such as me. So how did it happen?  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Paul Embery, found himself hit by a Twitter storm. Paul is a trade unionist, a socialist and is emerging as
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Voting for Centrists Won’t Hurt the Tories or Europe’s Growing Right

Brexit, or the lack of it, means media interest in the 2019 European parliament election is unfolding in a way would have been unimaginable prior to the 2016 referendum. Between blaming the EU for taking away ‘our’ sovereignty or inward migration into the UK, traditionally the general attitude of much of the media to the […]
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Jacob Rees-Mogg’s horrible history

The Tory MP’s celebration of the Victorian age is plodding, laborious, humourless and barely readable. In this book, the leading Conservative Party backbench MP and Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg celebrates the Victorian age as a “period of moral certainty, of success”, and, above all, an age of faith. “Sadly,” however, he laments, “society these days… has so little faith in anything.”
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The Morals of Milkshaking

A milkwave has hit the UK as Tommy, Sargon & Farage have all been doused in dairy. Ash weighs in on the moral dilemma gripping the commentariat: Is it ok to throw a milkshake at a racist?
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What Exactly Are the Lib Dems For?

The Liberal Democrats are making something of a recovery in the polls saying they’ll ‘stop Brexit’. Aaron Bastani says it’s their brand of opportunistic politics, and enabling austerity, which made it happen in the first place.
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Repellent, chaotic and a serial liar, Boris Johnson would be a catastrophic prime minister

Johnson’s only ministerial experience consists of two dire years as foreign secretary – a stint memorable for his gaffes, gratuitous insults and constant undermining of Theresa May. You thought it couldn’t get worse? It certainly can. Britain now faces the very real prospect of Boris Johnson moving into N0 10 (with or without his current girlfriend). He would do so as the
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British Steel collapses, threatening thousands of jobs

Author:  Wed, 2019-05-22 16:42 LONDON: British Steel Ltd. has been ordered into liquidation as it struggles with industry-wide troubles and Brexit, threatening 5,000 workers and another 20,000 jobs in the supply chain. The company had asked for a package of support to tackle issues related to Britain’s pending departure from the European Union. Talks with the government failed to secure a bailout,
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Channel 4's "ban" by the Brexit Party undermines our ability to hold politicians to account

The broadcaster is far from the only journalistic organisation to have a bruising relationship with the politicians it covers. We can safely assume that the Brexit Party doesn’t like Channel 4 News very much. Reports this week have suggested that Channel 4 was excluded from Brexit Party events because Nigel Farage and his team took against their journalistic scrutiny; and the
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Breaking: Cabinet expected to make move against May

Move ‘likely’, according to Cabinet sources A move against Theresa May by members of her Cabinet is expected this afternoon, as senior Tories’ frustration over her persistent failure to find […]
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First Thoughts: Borisgraph in crisis and what Australian Labor’s shock defeat tells us about climate change

Rupert Murdoch’s  Times  is now a far better paper than the  Telegraph ,   which is heavily slanted towards the pro-Brexit brand of hard Toryism.  Anyone who questions my pessimism about the chances of serious action on global warming – or global heating, as the Guardian now calls it – should ponder the result of the Australian general election.
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Three things we learnt from PMQs today

Tory divisions over legacy prosecutions in Northern Ireland took centre stage.  At PMQs this week, Theresa May faced a grilling about her decision not to extend legal protections against prosecution to Northern Irish veterans, and questions on funding for schools from Jeremy Corbyn. Here’s what we learnt from the session. May’s cabinet is not a happy place
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The European elections and Britain’s political earthquake

What the struggles of Change UK – and the success of Nigel Farage’s insurgent Brexit Party – reveal about the limits of reshaping our politics in this time of upheaval. When the Gang of Seven – the disaffected former Labour MPs who formed the Independent Group on 18 February – resolved to break away from their old party,
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Leader: The old political order crumbles

Theresa May’s failure to deliver the UK’s withdrawal from the EU by 29 March has revitalised the populist right, but Labour’s electoral coalition is just as fragile.  On 1 March 1973, Dick Taverne, a former Labour MP, won a landslide victory at a parliamentary by-election in Lincoln. Deselected as a candidate over his devout pro-Europeanism, Mr Taverne had quit both his
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UK inflation rises in April by less than Bank of England expected

Author:  Reuters ID:  Wed, 2019-05-22 09:37 LONDON: British inflation rose last month by less than the Bank of England and investors had expected, but still hit its highest level this year, pushed up by a rise in energy bills. Consumer prices rose at an annual rate of 2.1 percent in April after a 1.9 percent
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Holding an election is the Conservatives’ worst nightmare. Yet it looks unavoidable

Theresa May is the author of this broken political situation.  Theresa May’s latest big offer to MPs has gone down about as poorly as her last; partly, of course, because it is the exact same offer. Even by the standards of a Prime Minister who has an incredible willingness to say things that are untrue, her description of this as a
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Coming out against Brexit could put Labour ahead of Farage

If Labour changed its position to attract Remain parties, it would take a vote share of 45 per cent, argues Gina Miller.  The clue to what Jeremy Corbyn ought to be doing for a living is in his job title: Leader of the Opposition. The Labour Party's members, MPs and their traditional voters – not to mention vast swathes of the
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Coming out against Brexit could put Labour ahead of Farage

If Labour changed its position to attract Remain parties, it would take a vote share of 45 per cent, argues Gina Miller.  The clue to what Jeremy Corbyn ought to be doing for a living is in his job title: Leader of the Opposition. The Labour Party's members, MPs and their traditional voters – not to mention vast swathes of the
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Melanie Onn: “What Brexit means for people is hardening all the time”

The Labour MP for Great Grimsby talks fishing, regeneration projects and Brexit. The story of this year’s local elections was Tory obliteration. The party lost 1,296 councillors, hundreds more than even the gloomiest pollsters predicted. But a few patches of the country, including Grimsby, bucked the national trend. The Conservatives did reasonably well in several areas where they
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