EU to Britain: Approve the Brexit Deal or Fuck Off

The EU has spoken: They will not grant a Brexit extension unless Britain approves the deal negotiated by Theresa May. So that’s that. Approve the deal or crash out of the EU in nine days. This should certainly get everyone’s attention, shouldn’t it?
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Wolfgang Streeck: “A second referendum could tear society apart more than the first”

The German thinker on why Brexit still offers the best path for Britain and how capitalism will end.  For the British liberal left, Wolfgang Streeck feels only pity. Remainers cling to a “sacralised” European project that “hasn’t done anything” for the UK, the German theorist told an audience at the London School of Economics one recent evening. “All it does is prevent
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One century’s hoarding is another’s stockpiling – but is it necessary for Brexit?

Even Just William saw the dangers of hoarding food back in 1942; but in 2019, apparently rational people are doing it. There’s a Just William story, published in 1942, in which the scruffy schoolboy rails against the evils of hoarding food: “crim’nal”, he declares as he requisitions a box of lemon-shaped soaps for a friend to make into pudding, with
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In the three-day week of the 1970s, blokes ruled. We don’t want to go back there. Do we?

An upcoming 1970s record compilation doesn’t feature a single woman, in 28 tracks. Which is, in itself, very 1970s. As I write this, with Brexit chaos continuing all around – the country divided, the future uncertain, politics seemingly broken – the only thing we can be sure will happen on 29 March is the release of an Ace Records compilation entitled Three
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Theresa May’s pledge that she’ll resign if there’s a long extension is no promise at all

The Prime Minister has a long history of Brexit promises that turn out to be untrue.  Theresa May has staked her premiership on taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, seeking an extension to the Article 50 process going on that goes on no later than 30 June, and heavily hinting to MPs that she will resign if the
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Video: May faces calls of ‘resign!’ as she tries to blame Parliament for her Brexit chaos

May’s blame-dodging didn’t go down well… Theresa May attempted to blame MPs for her and her party’s Brexit incompetence today in a staggeringly ill-judged attempt to present herself as on […]
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Andrew Marr’s Diary: May’s reshuffle plans, Corbyn’s gardener socialism – and why I’m painting clowns

May might bring back David Davis and Dominic Raab, while saying ta-ta to Remainers who abstained in the no-deal vote.  Speaker Bercow’s ruling against MPs being forced to vote endlessly on the same proposition is rule-book sensible and politically confusing. Both hardcore Remainers and no-deal Brexiteers greeted it with delight. The first group believe it opens the way to a long
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Four things we learnt from PMQs this week

Theresa May is walking on a thin tightrope. Today’s PMQs came after a dramatic u-turn which saw Theresa May cave to pressure from Brexiteers and back a short extension until 30 June, instead of the longer one outlined in the government’s motion last week. Here’s what we learned from the exchange. May is using MEP elections as a
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First Thoughts: Civil war at the Mail papers, Liz Truss for Tory leader and a winter of sporting shocks

The level of invective at Northcliffe House, the  Mail  papers’ Kensington headquarters, has never been higher. The first edition of Erskine May , the parliamentary rule book, provides, in fine Victorian prose, an apt commentary on the current parliamentary session. “If the same question could be proposed again and again,” wrote May in 1844, “a session would have no end,
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No matter how many MPs blame Bercow, Theresa May is the cause of her own misfortune

The Speaker’s political mission is to facilitate the fullest expression of the will of the House and to give the government a hard time. John Bercow, the Speaker, is like electoral reform: politicians’ affection for both increases the further away they are from power. Only the political circumstances of 2009, when the Labour Party was in office and in possession of a
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Brexit delayed: British PM May requests three-month extension

Prime Minister Theresa May requested a three-month delay to Brexit yesterday after her failure to get a deal ratified by parliament left the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union in turmoil.
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Leader: Now it is time for a long Brexit extension

A substantial delay on Article 50 would end the febrile debate of recent weeks and create the space for more profound reflection on the state of the nation.  From the outset, Brexit was never deliverable in the terms that were promised. The political class posed a question that it could not answer. The Leave campaign offered voters a fantasy, rather than a
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BMW plans massive cost cuts to keep profits from sputtering

Author:  AFP ID:  1553083010082988300 Wed, 2019-03-20 11:53 MUNICH: German high-end carmaker BMW warned Wednesday it expects pre-tax profits “well below” 2018 levels this year as it announced a massive cost-cutting scheme aimed at saving $13.6 billion (€12 billion) in total by 2022. A spokesman said that “well below” could indicate a tumble of more than 10 percent.
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Brexit has allowed the EU to take back control over the UK

As Britain desperately pleads for an Article 50 extension it has given Brussels more power than ever to determine its fate.  The promise of the Leave campaign was to “take back control”. After decades of subservience to Brussels, Britain would regain sovereignty over its borders, money and laws. The 23 June 2016 was, Nigel Farage proclaimed, “independence day”.
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How likely is Theresa May’s “short extension” and what would it mean for Brexit?

The EU27 are themselves torn over how best to approach the transition question. Theresa May will write to the European Commission seeking an extension – but only a short one, following a cabinet revolt about the potential consequences for the Conservative Party in the event of a prolonged transition. The prospect of an extended transition worries the majority of Conservative MPs,
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Quote of the Day: There Is No Cat Named Brexit

From Nathalie Loiseau, France’s Europe minister: J’ai fini par appeler mon chat Brexit. Il me réveille en miaulant à la mort parce qu’il veut sortir, et dès que je lui ouvre la porte, il reste planté au milieu, indécis, et il me jette un regard noir quand je le mets dehors. Here’s the translation: I […]
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With Ten Days Until the Deadline, Brexit Is Going Pear Shaped

Brexit sure is interesting, isn’t it? “Interesting,” that is, in the old Chinese sense. After Parliament refused to approve Theresa May’s Brexit deal, but also paradoxically insisted on not leaving the EU without a deal, May scheduled a third and final vote on approving the deal. With ten days left until the Brexit deadline, it […]
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Momentum has begun campaigning to unseat TIG MPs

Activists were campaigning for a by-election in Streatham last weekend to unseat Chuka Umunna.  Momentum activists were out in Streatham last weekend calling on Chuka Umunna to trigger a by-election, as part of a national campaign to unseat MPs who have defected to the Independent Group. Around 100 people gathered at the corner opposite Streatham Memorial Gardens on a
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Who gets to survive climate change?

As the waters rise, the rich are readying their arks to escape oncoming environmental crisis.  In November, as wildfires ripped through California, Kim Kardashian hired a squad of private firefighters to protect her $50m estate in Calabasas. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Blackwater security guards defended the houses of the hyper rich against feared hordes of looters
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She Wants to Leave… but He’s Keeping the House!

Bercow’s bombshell puts Brexit on hold and May’s government in meltdown. On tonight’s #TyskySour Paul Mason surveys a country in consititutional chaos.
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Who gets to survive climate change?

As the waters rise, the rich are readying their arks to escape the oncoming environmental crisis.  In November, as wildfires ripped through California, Kim Kardashian hired a squad of private firefighters to protect her $50m estate in Calabasas. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Blackwater security guards defended the houses of the hyper rich against feared hordes
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Will the EU grant us an Article 50 extension?

EU governments want the UK to have a clear plan for how it would use the delay, and it can’t be to resolve MPs’ concerns with the backstop. On Thursday, Theresa May will go to Brussels to request an extension to Article 50 and give the UK more time to decide what it wants. But an
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Will the EU grant the UK an Article 50 extension?

EU governments want the UK to have a clear plan for how it would use the delay, and it can’t simply be to resolve MPs’ concerns with the backstop. On Thursday, Theresa May will go to Brussels to request an extension to Article 50 and give the UK more time to decide what it wants. But
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Headlines for March 19, 2019

New Zealand Mourns Victims of Mosque Terror Attack, Calls for Support of Muslims, Lawmakers to Hold Hearing on Rise of White Nationalism, HuffPost: 7 Active U.S. Military Are Members of Far-Right "Identity Evropa", Mozambique: Cyclone Idai Death Toll Could Top 1,000, Nebraska: Flooding Submerges Air Force Base, NYT: Saudi Crown Prince Approved Campaign to Silence Opponents, U.N. Condemns Israel for Use of Lethal Force on Gaza Protesters, New Brexit Vote Blocked Less Than 2 Weeks from Deadline, France to Crack
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Without a third meaningful vote, are we headed for a no-deal Brexit or no Brexit?

All of the options look implausible Erskine May beats Theresa May: John Bercow has announced he will prevent the Prime Minister from holding a third meaningful vote, citing the rule that parliament should not be asked to decide upon the same question in a single session. The Speaker has said that barring “substantial” change – though exactly
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Brexiteers are stopping Brexit because they believe in the fantasy of “Global Britain”

The delusion that the UK can strike valuable trade deals with the rest of the world has driven Leavers to repeatedly reject Theresa May's deal.  It now appears that Theresa May will not get a chance to put her Brexit deal to parliament for a third time today, owing to a ruling from Speaker Bercow. Yet while some
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Brexit Is Making Britain Look Weak

Brexit so far has been a story of the United Kingdom’s political class losing its authority .  Last week’s three-day voting spree in the House of Commons was the culmination of a two-year effort by the U.K.’s government and Parliament to extract the country from the European Union, to “take back control,” as the Leave campaign slogan promised. Yet those votes—rejecting the prime minister’s Brexit deal Tuesday, rejecting both the option of a  no-deal Brexit and the option of
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UK jobs growth surges as labor market defies Brexit nerves

Author:  Reuters ID:  1552988090964549100 Tue, 2019-03-19 09:32 LONDON: British employers ramped up their hiring at the fastest pace in more than three years in the three months to January as the country’s labor market defied the broader weakness in the overall economy as Brexit approached. The number of people in work surged by 222,000, helping to push
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The Brutal Legacy of Bloody Sunday is a Powerful Warning to Those Hoping to Save Brexit

The prosecution of a single paratrooper for allegedly murdering two out of the 13 innocent civil rights marchers in Derry in 1972 has provoked inevitable criticism from knee-jerk defenders of the British army. They stubbornly refuse to admit that the greatest recruiting sergeant for the Provisional IRA during the Troubles were the killings carried out More
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Has John Bercow really ruled out a third meaningful vote?

The Speaker has warned that Theresa May will require substantive change to the withdrawal agreement – which the EU will not offer – before another vote is held. John Bercow has ruled out allowing further meaningful votes on Theresa May’s Brexit deal unless it materially changes, in an intervention that will prove profoundly unhelpful for the government. 
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Desperate May’s 3 unlikely options to bypass/overcome Bercow’s block may lead to all-out assault on Speaker

May’s desperation might push her into a minefield – or an all-out assault on Bercow’s tenure as Speaker Theresa May will be reeling this evening after Commons Speaker John Bercow […]
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What is Erskine May?

Why John Bercow quoted a section from  Erskine May today when he ruled out a third vote on the government’s Brexit deal. Commons speaker John Bercow quoted “Erskine May ” today when he ruled out a third vote on the government’s Brexit deal unless it is substantially changed. “What is Erskine May ?”,
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If Theresa May has such a strong sense of duty, then why is Chris Grayling in the cabinet?

The Prime Minister, we’ve been told again and again, is motivated by duty. But it’s difficult to square this idea with her actions. Why is Chris Grayling – a man whose incompetence is now so legendary that it warranted a write-up in the New York Times , complete with a correction acknowledging that the Grey Lady had understated the
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Bercow blocks May from bringing unchanged Brexit deal back to Parliament

Commons Speaker John Bercow has dramatically shot down Theresa May’s hopes of simply boring parliament into submission via ‘Meaningful Votes’ 3 and 4 on her abysmal Brexit deal. Bercow has […]
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Dubai property developer Damac on hunt for land in Saudi Arabia

Author:  BEN FLANAGAN ID:  1552920835939153400 Mon, 2019-03-18 17:45 LONDON: The Dubai-listed developer Damac says it is scouting for additional plots of land in Saudi Arabia, both in established cities and the Kingdom’s emerging giga-projects such as Neom. Hussain Sajwani, chairman of Damac Properties, also said the company would look to invest up to £500 million ($660 million)
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Brexit Delay: 'Why Would We Extend These Discussions?'

Any Article 50 extension delaying Britain's withdrawal from the EU would come with its own set of problems. There is plenty of disagreement among the remaining 27 EU member states on how long the delay should be.
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The SNP is struggling to manage Brexit but its independence drive could yet succeed

Faced with political chaos at Westminster, Scottish voters may resolve to take back control.  With Westminster consumed by the Battle for Brexit, it has sometimes felt as if Scotland’s role is to sit and watch and wait for England to make up its mind. This has not been a happy state of affairs – the neuroses of the European Research Group
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Would Theresa May's Brexit deal pass in a third meaningful vote?

Tory Brexiteers are reportedly fearing that the choice is now between a bad deal and no Brexit at all.  Everything's coming up Theresa May? There are signs of movement among Conservative Brexiteers, who fear that the choice is no longer between a bad deal and no deal, but between a bad deal and no Brexit. Matthew Elliott, the architect of Vote Leave, has
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David Cameron, Wikileaks, America and Brexit

By now, there should be serious doubts about how the Brexit debate and EU referendum even got off the ground in the first place. David Cameron would have been advised by countless experts, both political and economic about the demons … The post David Cameron, Wikileaks, America and Brexit appeared first on Global Research .
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Farage’s Ukip Must Not Be Rehabilitated

The result of the Brexit referendum in 2016 threw Ukip into an existential crisis from which it is only now beginning to emerge. With the narrow victory for the campaign to leave the EU, the party was suddenly left without a clear purpose. However, from this internal crisis appeared a golden opportunity for its former […]
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Theresa May's Brexit Disaster: The Prime Minister of Humiliation

Despite facing one embarrassment after the other, British Prime Minister Theresa May continues to plow ahead, seemingly undeterred. It's becoming increasingly clear that she is the main impediment to solving the Brexit mess.
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White Nationalism Is an International Threat

On Friday, a gunman stormed a pair of mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, showering worshippers with gunfire, and live streaming the country’s deadliest mass killing since 1943. “I was able to hear the big sound of the shooting,” one survivor, Mohan Ibrahim, told the Canadian broadcaster CBC. Ibrahim fled through the back entrance, with people dropping around him. “Many, many bullets, I’ve never seen anything like that. Later on, we saw the video … he was reloading so many guns.”  Brenton Tarrant,
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What Next? Brexit Deadlock and Beyond

James Butler is joined by Dawn Foster and Michael Walker to break apart the week’s parliamentary manoeuvrings on Brexit and the politics of the negotiations. Is No Deal off the table? Can Labour hold together its coalition? And is the Conservative party irretrievably fractured?
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We need to look at where far-right terrorists are getting their ideological ammunition

As the attack in Christchurch shows, the threat of far-right extremism poses as big a challenge to civil society as Islamist extremism. The mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which has killed at least 49 people, adds to the grim list of far-right terror attacks that have been increasing over recent years across the globe. Yet, the threat
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Parliament support to Brexit delay a sigh of relief

British Prime Minister Theresa May is working to pull off an against-the-odds rescue for her European Union divorce deal, after Parliament voted to postpone Brexit to avert a chaotic departure in two weeks.
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We're repeatedly told MPs will eventually put a deal over their political interests. But when?

First they said it'd happen by February. Then the end of February. Then the beginning of March. Then the middle. Everything's coming up Theresa May? The House of Commons yesterday rejected a second referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union, and voted down amendments to seek a three-month transition period to explore a softer Brexit. Most
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Brexit getting you down? Leave a voice message for Europe

Artist Joe Sweeney's project +44... A Message for Europe invites us to contribute our feelings about Brexit and our EU neighbours to an audio archive.  After privatisation in 1984, British Telecom started to introduce the utilitarian “KX100” phone box, a flat-roofed steel and glass telephone box to replace the iconic red kiosks designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. It did
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Liberalism is in crisis. Here's how it can be saved

The challenge to the liberal order is both local and global, warns Lib Dem MP Ed Davey.  The battle over Brexit is so much bigger than the question of Britain’s membership of the European Union. And it’s certainly become bigger than the 40-years-long internal battle within the Conservative Party. What’s become painfully obvious since the referendum, if not before,
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