Bitcoin ban?

Hello! Our top story is the discussions about a cryptocurrency ban among Russian officials as the Central Bank comes out in support of tougher restrictions. We also look at market turbulence amid U.S.-Russia talks over Ukraine and rapidly rising coronavirus case numbers as the Omicron variant finally arrives in Russia. Russia mulls cryptocurrency ban Russia could impose...]]>
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It’s going to be an NFT Christmas for digital assets

Persistent supply chain issues could lead to a lack of supply of Christmas gifts Shoppers are exploring NFTs as virtual Christmas gifts, given the increasing hype it has generated NFTs are pieces of digital art, that are minted on the blockchain READ NEXTWhat are NFTs? The blockchain-based tech explained Jingle bells, NFT sells YOU MIGHT LIKE The tech that is pushing the business of fashion forward
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Visa empowering crypto financial inclusion for partner ecosystem

Visa’s Global Crypto Advisory Practice helps financial institutions understand the crypto ecosystem Engagement of crypto is also higher in emerging markets with 37% of the crypto-aware consumers using or owning crypto 40% of crypto owners report they would be either likely or very likely to switch their primary bank, to one that offers crypto-related products in the next 12 months READ NEXTIs Visa’s
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Another top crypto exchange just got breached

Crypto exchange platform Bitmart identified a large-scale security breach The hackers were able to withdraw assets of the value of approximately US$150 million Increasing crypto hacks are a reason why some countries are banning and tightening crypto regulations READ NEXTCrypto market tops US$3 trillion – but how much is the true value? YOU MIGHT LIKE Are social networks the digital onramp that crypto needs for
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Crypto market tops US$3 trillion – but how much is the true value?

The combined total of the cryptocurrency market has been valued at US$3 trillion, for the first time ever But the soaring value is offset by the number of risky, highly-volatile crypto assets that are prevalent in the market right now New fad-based coins have sprouted up and disappeared just as quickly — sometimes leaving inexperienced traders in the lurch and holding a
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In the Name of Saving the Climate, They Will Uberise the Farmlands

A free market (for data). User data is freely siphoned off by these firms, which then convert it into proprietary information to deepen corporate control over agricultural systems. Economic financialisation. Data capitalist companies depend on the flux of speculative capital to grow and consolidate. These companies bear witness to capital flight, shifting capital away from productive sectors and towards those that
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Are social networks the digital onramp that crypto needs for mass adoption?

Experts believe a whole new era of social networks, built on and around crypto, beckons Twitter has been testing a tipping payments feature for a few months now, but only made it widely available last month on iOS The company is also planning to support authentication for non-fungible tokens by letting people connect their crypto wallets Crypto on social networks — the next
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El Salvador embraces Bitcoin as new legal tender powering financial inclusion

The ATMs will allow its citizens to convert the cryptocurrency into US dollars and withdraw it in cash Transactions will be commission-free, with 50 financial branches across the country for withdrawing or depositing funds Adopting Bitcoin will save Salvadorans US$400 million/year in fees for receiving cross-border remittances, says the President The road to accepting Bitcoin as legal tender El Salvador vs the world Why you
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PayPal UK customers come closer to a full-fledged crypto ecosystem

The new feature lets customers buy or sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, or litecoin with as little as £1 PayPal’s CEO has also been talking at length about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and PayPal’s potential role in them PayPal crypto future bright in the UK The younger generation trusts Paypal more than banks
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Jack Dorsey wants Bitcoin as the “native currency” of Twitter

Jack Dorsey touted bitcoin as the “best candidate” to become the “native currency” of the internet He believes it could help Twitter move faster in product expansions and claims it is important shareholders to continue to look at the crypto space and invest aggressively in it It was the first time that Dorsey has spoken publicly about how Twitter could integrate bitcoin
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Bitcoin as legal tender? Here’s why the World Bank denied El Salvador’s plea

El Salvador became the first country in the world to vote in favor of formally implementing bitcoin as legal tender Two weeks later, citing environmental and transparency concerns, the World Bank refused to accept El Salvador’s request for technical help What does ‘legal tender’ mean? Should your business accept Bitcoin? What else is being done by the nation?
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What are NFTs? The blockchain-based tech explained

Non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology are taking the mainstream art world by storm, fetching huge prices Just as with any other white-hot tech innovation, when the dust settles there will be aspects of NFTs that become ubiquitous as we move forward How is an NFT different from a cryptocurrency? The challenges and downsides of NFTs explained 4 blockchain trends to watch in 2021, beyond
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4 blockchain trends to watch in 2021, beyond cryptocurrency

Since last year, blockchain technology is being employed across the world in a variety of industries to make life easier, safer, and more convenient for businesses and individuals This year the technology would widely be used for more transparent supply chains, central bank money, NFTs, and BaaS Supply chain optimization Introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Blockchain as-a-service Blockchain may not have the solutions
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Will Europe proceed with the Digital Euro?

As a counter-punch to the dizzying rise of cryptocurrencies, the ECB is proposing a digital euro ECB said it should be prepared to issue a digital euro, but it would co-exist with euro notes and coins rather than replace them A digital euro would combine the efficiency of a digital payment instrument with the safety of central bank money Benefits of digital euro Why
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He just spent $69 million on a digital piece of art. It’s not his first Beeple.

Last week, a mysterious buyer paid $69.3 million for a digital collage, an auction heralded as a historic moment for the art world and the third-highest price ever paid for a work by a living artist. The buyer, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who uses the pseudonym MetaKovan, may have benefited financially from the sale.
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Is Visa’s crypto roadmap a breakthrough for traditional finance?

Credit card company Visa has completed its about-turn on Bitcoin with the reveal of its crypto payments service for banks Visa’s new APIs will allow banks and other traditional financial outlets to enable their users to make and receive Bitcoin transactions, among other cryptocurrencies Visa’s new stand, along with the support of PayPal and institutional investors, signals a tremendous change
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Why $500k Donation to Right-Wing Causes Does Not Signify Return of ‘Bitcoin Fairy’

Christmas came early for white nationalists last year.  On December 8, 2020, over $500,000 worth of bitcoin was sent to various alt-right figures and causes. Some extremists took this donation as evidence that the “Bitcoin Fairy” had returned.  The Bitcoin Fairy is an element of far-right folklore dating back to an anonymous $60,000 bitcoin donation made after the now infamous “Unite the
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Crypto coder surge indicates blockchain’s back in business

As bitcoin surged to a three-year high, software developers are flocking back to the cryptocurrency world at a level not seen since the market last peaked in 2017 The first 10 months of 2020 saw the number of new monthly crypto developers rose 15% The return of coders PayPal allows crypto spending — is the rest of the world ready?
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PayPal allows crypto spending — is the rest of the world ready?

The shift from legacy finance is happening and firms like PayPal have the muscle to hasten things along The move may stimulate the global use of virtual coins and new digital currencies that may be developed by central banks and corporations READ NEXT Will crypto crack the mainstream in 2020? YOU MIGHT LIKE How ‘legitimizing’ cryptocurrency could benefit businesses Are
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How ‘legitimizing’ cryptocurrency could benefit businesses

The European Commission aims to establish clear ground rules for the cryptocurrency industry The new proposal could help ‘legitimize’ cryptocurrency for businesses and bring a host of benefits with it READ NEXT Cryptocurrency exchanges act like banks, but not for the lawyers Benefits for business Raising funds Accurate valuations Encourages investment YOU MIGHT LIKE How will blockchain solidify 5G-inspired applications?
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Afrofuturistic AKON CITY Underway in Senegal

Business Development in Africa Akon City, the futuristic pan-African city named after and envisioned by Senegalese-American Hip hop R&B recording artist Akon, is officially underway. Located in Mbodiene, Senegal some 100 kilometres from the capital, the grammy-nominated star intends for this project to provide much-needed jobs to the Senegalese and serve as home to people of African ancestry in the
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How will blockchain solidify 5G-inspired applications?

5G is estimated to be at least 100 times faster than 4G and will be radically different from other generations Blockchain has outgrown the niche world of cryptocurrency and can serve a myriad of 5G applications READ NEXT Can a blockchain timestamp help rebuild trust in web content? YOU MIGHT LIKE Amazon, Verizon bring 5G edge to US businesses with
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Virus-hit Hong Kong says it with face masks, not flowers, on Valentine’s Day

Hong Kong’s flower markets are lamenting dismal Valentine’s Day sales as the city battles the deadly coronavirus outbreak, with admirers joking that a box of face masks is a better way to say “I love you” than a bouquet. Aman Fong, an art director at a flower shop in the district of Mong Kok, says the usually bumper week leading
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Hong Kong Free Press Editorial: Our new Annual Report

Downlo a d a copy  of our latest Annual Report – it includes a Transparency Report based on our latest yearly, independent audit. Letter from the Editor: Last year, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement sought to “blossom everywhere,” with protesters vowing to “be water” and act with fluidity, speed and flexibility. The HKFP team had
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Silicon Valley 2.0? Dubai to develop 'Crypto Valley' ... and it'll be tax-free

Silicon Valley 2.0? Dubai to develop 'Crypto Valley' ... and it'll be tax-free Dubai's Crypto Valley will be supporting startups on their path to blockchain glory. January 31st, 10:47 am January 31st, 10:49 am Reem Mehio [ Travelzoo ] The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the emirate's free zone,
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Hong Kong Free Press Editorial: Our new Transparency Report

We are proud to be Hong Kong’s  most transparent  news outlet and, as a non-profit company, HKFP is  externally audited  every year. Be assured that, when you donate to HKFP , every cent is put to careful use and goes directly towards frontline journalism and original reporting.  Income for our latest audited year
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Akon targets Senegal's tourism in latest African project

Tourism is the latest sector that Senegalese-American singer and songwriter Akon has identified as a potential area of investment on the African continent. Best known for his R&B hits such as “Locked Up” and “Smack That,” the singer whose real name is Aliaume Thiam has over the years championed different projects notably Lighting Africa that aims to provide electricity to
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Fugitive Businessman Carlos Ghosn Puts Spotlight on Japanese Justice

TOKYO—Though former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn is unlikely to stand trial in a real court, he has made himself a key witness in putting Japan’s justice system on trial. In his first public appearance after fleeing to Lebanon, Ghosn lambasted what he called unfair detention and bail conditions, saying he was presumed guilty and had “zero chance” of a fair
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Debunking the Binance Police Raids with OSINT

This investigation is an excerpt from the weekly CryptOsint, Brenna Smith’s newsletter which digs into the intersection of open source research and cryptocurrency. You can subscribe to the newsletter here . Crypto-twitter was abuzz this weekend over a rumor of police raids at one of the world’s most popular and most influential exchanges, Binance.
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Smart cities have to be cyber-smart cities

As cities turn to IoT to address long-standing urban problems, Andrew Lee, ESET Government Affairs Liaison discusses the risks of leaving cybersecurity behind at the planning phase. You’ve probably heard the term “smart cities” – that is, the idea that extensive use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to monitor energy, utilities and transportation infrastructure can lead to cost savings,
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Sign Up For CryptOsint Today!

Issue #2: “What does Libra mean for open source investigators?” CryptOsint is a news round-up dedicated to covering who is using blockchain technology and how they’re doing it. Think of it as the intersection between open source investigations and the crypto world. Through CryptOsint, you will discover weekly content that will help you make sense... The post Sign Up
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Pavel Durov tangles with US regulators: the travails of Russian internet whizz kid new cryptocurrency

Hello! This week we examine the travails of Russian internet whizz kid Pavel Durov’s new cryptocurrency, Gram, which has been blocked by the U.S. regulator. We also look at Russia’s conflicting messages on climate change; the top officials summoned to testify at a $12 billion case against Russia in Paris; what Russia stands to gain […] The post Pavel
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Pavel Durov tangles with US regulators: the travails of Russian internet whizz kid new cryptocurrency

Hello! This week we examine the travails of Russian internet whizz kid Pavel Durov’s new cryptocurrency, Gram, which has been blocked by the U.S. regulator. We also look at Russia’s conflicting messages on climate change; the top officials summoned to testify at a $12 billion case against Russia in Paris; what Russia stands to gain […] The post Pavel
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HTC join hands with Bitcoin

Leading smartphone manufacturer, HTC and one of the world’s oldest and most established cryptocurrency, Bitcoin have announced the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership to drive innovation and adoption of crypto technologies. HTC is known for pushing the boundaries of technology with cutting edge, futuristic smartphones, and they have done it again. HTC’s flagship EXODUS 1 smartphone is now
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The Evolution Of Bitcoin In Terrorist Financing

Terrorists have been tinkering with bitcoin as early as 2012 — but today, jihadi crowdfunding campaigns have been on the rise. Some think that since most of these campaigns haven’t raised significant funds, there isn’t much to worry about. I will explain why this is wrong. Terrorists’ early attempts at using cryptocurrencies were filled with... The post The Evolution
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Smart TVs makes attractive target for cybercriminals

Denise Giusto Bilić, Security Researcher at ESET explains how internet-enabled Smart TVs have become a attractive target for cyberattacks and how cybercriminals can ruin more than your TV viewing experience by spying on users with the cameras and microphone or act as jumping-off points for attacks at other devices in home and corporate networks. With their high-resolution screens, cameras, microphones
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New Android ransomware found by ESET

Android ransomware may be on the decline since 2017 – but recently, ESET researchers discovered a new ransomware family, Android/Filecoder.C. Using victims’ contact lists, it attempts to spread further via SMSes with malicious links. The new ransomware was seen distributed via porn-related topics on Reddit. The malicious profile used in the ransomware-distributing campaign was reported by ESET but is still
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Bahrain’s Rain closes $2.5 million seed round, becomes first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East

Rain, a Bahrain-based cryptocurrency exchange has closed its $2.5 million seed round, it announced in a statement to MENAbytes. The round was co-led by BitMEX Ventures, the investment arm of the BitMEX, which is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform and Kuwait-based cryptocurrency fund, Blockwater. Some other regional investors including Vision Ventures, 500 Startups (MENA), and Taibah Valley also […] The post Bahrain’s
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Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency with ‘Libra’ coin

FACEBOOK unveiled plans Tuesday for a new global cryptocurrency called Libra, pledging to deliver a stable virtual money that lives on smartphones and could bring over a billion "unbanked" people into the financial system. The post Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency with ‘Libra’ coin appeared first on Asian Correspondent .
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Facebook announces its cryptocurrency ‘Libra’, to launch next year

Facebook has finally confirmed its plans to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra. As the previous reports suggested, Libra won’t be controlled by Facebook alone. The cyptocurrency is being launched by Libra Association, a governing body (being established not-for-profit organization) that has 27 founding members to oversee Libra and its development. Facebook will be having one […] The post Facebook
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How To Track Illegal Funding Campaigns Via Cryptocurrency

After posting a tutorial on tracking GRU agents’ bitcoin (BTC) transactions, I’ve received numerous responses asking how to find out even more. I aim to please, so I’ve put together another tutorial using Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ bitcoin funding campaign as a case study. What You’ll Need To effectively analyze any bitcoin address, I rely... The post How To
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Bitcoin: Cryptographic Tool That Can Secure Civil Liberties

Over a half-century ago, President Dwight Eisenhower recognized a force that threatens democratic government. In his farewell address on January 17, 1961, he alerted the American people about a "permanent armaments industry of vast proportions" and its impact in shaping the very structure of our society. He called it the military-industrial complex and urged the … Continue reading "Bitcoin:
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Why is the Russian economy growing despite Western sanctions?

Hello! This week we kick-off with an explainer on Russia’s impressive economic performance in 2018 (sanctions notwithstanding) and whether the growth data could been doctored. Then we have stories on Durov’s very optimistic valuation for his new cryptocurrency project, how a propaganda chief fared when he went on a popular YouTube show, billionaire Mikhail Fridman’s […] The post Why
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Dubai-based luxury ecommerce platform The List now accepts Bitcoin payments

Dubai-based luxury ecommerce platform The List that raised $1.7 million in seed funding last year now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, the company announced in a statement yesterday. The payment method is only available on The List’s iOS app. The startup claims to be the first luxury fashion mobile platform to offer the Bitcoin […] The post Dubai-based
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Tracking Illicit Transactions With Blockchain: A Guide, Featuring Mueller

In recent years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been used by terrorists to conduct funding campaigns, authoritarian governments to subvert its citizens’ human rights, and GRU agents to hack the Democratic National Committee as well as the Clinton campaign. Though many people utilize virtual currencies for legitimate purposes, the technology is an enticing tool for... The post Tracking Illicit
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Is blockchain all hype? A financier and supply chain expert discuss

Iaremenko Sergii/ This is an article from Head to Head , a series in which academics from different disciplines chew over current debates. Let us know what else you’d like covered – all questions are welcome. Details of how to contact us are at the end of the article. Arturo
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How to train 21st century engineers for tech discoveries

Engineering education needs to keep up with technological advances. Shutterstock The year is 1985. Portable CD players like the Sony Discman are the epitome of consumer technology: a battery-operated device that allows you to listen to music anywhere (provided you brought the CDs as well). A recent graduate
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Despite delay, Durov on track to launch his cryptocurrency in March

The founder of Telegram and Vkontakte, Pavel Durov, is preparing to launch TON, his blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, for which Telegram raised $1.7 billion a year ago. A key meeting with major investors should take place within a month, sources familiar with the plans told The Bell. Durov’s team had previously said that the TON […] The post Despite
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