Israel's post-war plans in Gaza against 2-state solution: UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for the post-war Gaza is against the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine, the UN spokesman said on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. “We’ve obviously seen those reports … First and foremost, it bears repeating, that we appeal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, yet again, greater humanitarian access and an immediate and unconditional release of
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Former Israel Premier accuses Netanyahu of 'purging' West Bank of Palestinians

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said Friday that Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza is just a step in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government plan to purge the West Bank of Palestinians, Anadolu Agency reports. Describing Netanyahu’s government as a “gang”, Olmert wrote in the Israeli daily, Haaretz, that “the supreme aim of the duo National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir,
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Report: Weapons given to Israel settlers were sold to Palestinian Resistance fighters

A large portion of the weapons given to Israeli settlers in the Occupied West Bank were sold to Palestinian Resistance fighters who used them in recent attacks inside Israel, the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported on Thursday. The paper said senior Israeli police officers do not hide their concern, where many Israelis do not keep their weapons in accordance with
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Israel Minister says ‘there is no such thing as a Palestinian people’

Israeli Minister of Settlement and National Missions, Orit Strook, on Thursday denied the existence of the Palestinian people, Anadolu Agency reports. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people,” Strook said in a video on her X account of her speech during a Knesset session. “There will never be a Palestinian State in the land of Israel,” she said.
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Jordan tell ICJ: Israel occupation ‘inhumane’

Jordan termed the decades-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands as “unlawful” and “inhumane” during its address at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) today. “I stand before you today while the bloody and inhumane evils of the Israeli occupation appear,” Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in an oral argument before the Hague-based court. “In Gaza, Palestinians are dying due to
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Palestinians will lose 2024’s olive harvest if Israel continues blocking access to land

The 2023 olive harvest season was particularly difficult for Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. Taking place around September-November, it coincided with the 7 October attack on Israel and the escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip. During that time, Palestinians across the West Bank faced a spike in movement restrictions and violence by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers. For
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IDF Chief urges Israel army not to film 'revenge videos' amidst genocide case at ICJ

In a message to the Israeli army, IDF Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, instructed them “not to film revenge videos” after footage was used as evidence in the case against the Israeli regime for genocide before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. According to the Times of Israel, Halevi addressed the accusations levelled against Israel at the
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President Lula the giant lays bare Israel’s genocidal actions

Brazilian President Lula’s statements at the African Union (AU) summit lifted the lid on the Zionist state’s crimes and brought to light the truth about what Israel has been practicing in the Palestinian territories it has occupied since the Nakba; banishment, ethnic cleansing, genocide and horrors similar to those during the Holocaust. Lula made a correct comparison from a historical
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Explained: Why is Israel back in The Hague?

Israel is back in The Hague for the second time in a month, this time facing questions of the legality of their occupation of the Palestinian Territories, annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem and denial of statehood to Palestinians. 52 states were due to give evidence in the hearing; Canada has since pulled out. While
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French ship transits Red Sea under naval escort

French shipping and transport company CMA CGM said today that its Jules Verne container ship transited the Red Sea under French naval escort, after suspending crossings for security risks earlier this month, Reuters reports. “In coordination with French naval forces, the CMA CGM Jules Verne transited the Red Sea without incident, escorted by the frigate Alsace,” CMA CGM said in a statement. The decision
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Spain will unilaterally sanction violent Israel settlers if EU refuses

Spain will unilaterally apply sanctions on violent Israeli settlers in the West Bank if the EU fails to agree to do so, Anadolu news agency reported Madrid’s foreign minister saying yesterday. “These sanctions have been debated at several previous meetings of EU foreign affairs,” Jose Manuel Albares told the press in Brussels. “I will continue pushing so that they are
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Palestine at the ICJ: 'It is so painful to be Palestinian today'

'It is so painful to be Palestinian today,' Riyad Mansour, Palestine's ambassador to the United Nations, said today as he addressed the International Court of Justice. 'We are a proud and resilient people that has endured more than its share of agony,' he added on the opening day of a week-long series of hearings on the decades-long Israeli occupation.
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Palestine at the ICJ: Israel has given Palestinians 3 options, displacement, subjugation or death

'Palestine remains the greatest test of the credibility of this international law-based order,' Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyadh Al-Maliki told the International Court of Justice today during its first hearing on policies, practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Palestine is 'a test humanity cannot afford to fail', he added. 'Displacement, subjugation or death, these are the choices, ethnic cleansing,
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Palestine at the ICJ: Israel’s undisguised objective is permanent acquisition of occupied territory

'For Israel, there is no Palestine. It simply does not exist,' international lawyer Paul S. Reichler told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) today at a hearing on Israel's ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories. He stressed that Israeli officials have admitted their intention of applying sovereignty over the entire occupied Palestinian territories.
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The realities of Jabotinsky’s vision of a Jewish state leaves no place for Palestinians

Even as Israeli warplanes bomb the Gaza Strip indiscriminately and Israeli settlers terrorise Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Western officials, state actors and the international community discuss the future and the possibility of “peace” and resolving the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”. Reuters reported that, “Senior US, Arab and European officials met in Munich on Friday to discuss progress on formulating a
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Palestinian child to Israel soldiers: ‘We will not surrender... God is our protector and you have no protector’

Trapped inside a school in Tulkarm camp in the northern West Bank, a Palestinian child told the surrounding Israeli occupation forces “We will not surrender… God is our protector and you have no protector.” “We will be martyred in the camp. We will not surrender, we will remain steadfast,” he added. Occupation forces and Israeli occupation army vehicles can be
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Netanyahu knows that in the US, what Israel wants, Israel gets

The Israeli cabinet approved on Sunday a proposal that blocks any acceptance of international pressure to create an independent Palestinian state. The most far-right cabinet in Israel’s history, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and extremist ministers including Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, has been taking decisions so outrageous that it has provoked not only the Palestinians, but also the
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Egypt to submit oral argument before ICJ on Israel practices in Palestinian territories

Egypt said yesterday it will give an oral argument before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday regarding Israeli practices in the occupied Palestinian territories, Anadolu news agency reported. The Hague-based court is set to hear a Palestinian request for an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the 57-year-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories this week. A total
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Turkiye refutes claim it supplied munitions to Israel

Turkiye has refuted claims of Turkish-made missiles being used by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, insisting that Ankara does not sell munitions to Tel Aviv. In a post on X, Turkiye’s Centre for Countering Disinformation – part of the government’s Directorate of Communications – addressed recent images circulating on social media that claimed to show the shrapnel of missiles fired
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Israel's attacks on Gaza increases support for worldwide boycott against Israeli products: Activist

According to Tulay Gokcimen, activist and spokesperson for the Palestine Initiative, a global boycott movement against Israeli products has gained significant traction with the recent conflict in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports. “The oppression Israel has been inflicting on Palestine for 75 years before the massacres in Gaza was not fully described, but now everyone wants to do something as much
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Rafah residents: ‘We will not leave our land, we will protect the resistance’

A number of residents and those displaced in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, announced on Friday that they were: “Aware of some of the calls promoted by the occupation against the resistance with the aim of striking its popular support and spreading division and conflict.” They confirmed in a statement received by Quds Press: “The residents
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Former Mossad official: ‘Children in Gaza over 4 deserve to be starved’

“In Gaza, everyone is involved. Everyone voted for Hamas. Anyone over the age of four is a Hamas supporter. And our goal at the moment, and this is in continuation of what you said, is to turn them from Hamas supporters to Hamas dislikers,” stated former head of Mossad’s Captive and Missing Division. Rami Igra claimed, during an interview broadcast
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Helen Mirren joins calls for Israel not to be banned from Eurovision

Helen Mirren, Boy George and Selma Blair are among 400 celebrities and entertainment figures to have signed a letter calling for including Israel in this year’s Eurovision song contest. “We have been shocked and disappointed to see some members of the entertainment community calling for Israel to be banished from the Contest for responding to the greatest massacre of Jews
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Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Youth, Arrest Several across West Bank

Israeli forces have stormed towns across the West Bank, killing one youth and arresting several other Palestinians. The PIC reports that a group of armed Jewish settlers escorted by soldiers stormed the al-Majaz village in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron in the West Bank, and assaulted local residents after raiding their homes and stealing their cellphones. Fakhri Abu Diab, a Palestinian
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Israel transfers Marwan Barghouti to solitary for planning uprising, media reports

Israel’s Channel 13 reported yesterday that the occupation’s prison administration transferred prominent Fatah leader, prisoner Marwan Barghouti, to solitary confinement. It said that the prison administration “took measures against Barghouti claiming he is pushing for escalating resistance in the West Bank.” It explained that “Barghouti was transferred from Ofer Prison to solitary confinement in another prison,” without specifying which prison,
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Take Action: Rafah Under Attack – No Business as Usual – Email Your TDs!

EMAIL YOUR TDS BELOW! Immediately show direct support by joining the genocide case South Africa has taken against Israel at the ICJ; Demand the end of the illegal Siege of Gaza, including urgently allowing humanitarian aid in; Apply immediate sanctions to the Israeli state and its representatives, including ending the bilateral arms trade and ending the use of Irish airports and airspace by
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UK wants 'absolute guarantee' of no repeat of UNWRA allegations, says Cameron

Britain wants an “absolute guarantee” that the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees agency (UNWRA) will not employ staff who are willing to attack Israel, Foreign Secretary David Cameron said on Wednesday, Reuters has reported. Twelve members of UNRWA’s 13,000 staff in the Gaza Strip were accused by Israel of taking part in the Hamas incursion on 7
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India sends ‘killer’ drones to Israel as attack on Rafah looms

India has sent so-called “killer” drones to Israel to assist the occupation state in its military offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This is the latest reported support from New Delhi for Tel Aviv’s genocidal attack on Gaza’s Palestinian population. According to Indian news channel TV9 Hindi last week, the Indian government delivered a number of Hermes 900
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Veteran anti-apartheid campaigner may stand against Keir Starmer in election

UK Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer may face an independent challenge in his Holborn and St Pancras constituency in this year’s General Election. The challenger is said to be veteran anti-apartheid campaigner Andrew Feinstein. South African-born Feinstein, an anti-Zionist Jew, is a former African National Congress MP and adviser to the late President Nelson Mandela. In a tweet announcing
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Will there be another confrontation in Al-Aqsa Mosque this Ramadan?

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, the Israeli security services have started to prepare for what is generally the most difficult month for them every year. This is especially true this year, with Ramadan coming amid or maybe in the wake of the ongoing war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Either way, Ramadan will arrive amid an
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South Africa asks ICJ to weigh-up Israel's Rafah offensive

South Africa said today that it has asked the International Court of Justice to consider whether Israel’s plan to extend its military offensive in Gaza into the city of Rafah requires additional emergency measures to protect Palestinians’ rights, Reuters has reported. The ICJ ordered Israel last month to take all measures within its power to prevent its troops from committing
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France to impose travel bans on violent Israeli settlers

France will ban 28 Israeli settlers from entering the country, accusing them of attacking Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, the foreign ministry in Paris said today. There are an estimated 720,000 illegal Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories. “These measures come as violence perpetrated by settlers against the Palestinian population has increased in recent months,” added the ministry.
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‘Hope and Solidarity’ – Palestine Meets South Africa in Cape Town Match (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

In true South African style, the game had the gees (the vibe), the flags and the fervor, with spirited spectators and organizers united in calling for a free Palestine. Historic Solidarity In January, the World Court granted six interim emergency measures requested by South Africa including that Israel takes all measures to prevent acts of genocide being committed in Gaza, and to
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Desperate Housewives star speaks out against silence on Israel’s atrocities against Gaza

American actress Marcia Cross, renowned for her role as Bree Van de Kamp on the TV series ‘ esperate Housewives’, expressed her disbelief at the silence surrounding the ongoing atrocities committed by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians in Gaza. The 61-year-old star took to Instagram to express her outrage, stating:”I’m struggling to comprehend how to live among people with eyes
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UK sanctions 'extremist' Israeli settlers in West Bank

Britain today imposed sanctions on four Israeli nationals saying they were extremist settlers who had violently attacked Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Reuters reports. The measures impose strict financial and travel restrictions on the four individuals, who Britain said were involved in “egregious abuses of human rights”. “Extremist Israeli settlers are threatening Palestinians, often at gunpoint, and forcing them off land that is
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100 bodies recovered following Israeli forces' withdrawal from Gaza City

Rescue teams have retrieved 100 bodies after Israeli occupation forces withdrew from the neighbourhoods of Tal Al-Hawa and Al-Remal in Gaza City, Quds Press has reported. Occupation forces have been withdrawing from northern Gaza while intensifying their bombing campaigns in southern areas of the Strip where millions of Palestinians have taken refuge. Since 7 October, the Israeli occupation army has been carrying out a genocidal bombing campaign in
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Conflict in Palestine: From the Lens of an Eritrean-American Teen

Editor’s Note: Abel Semere is a young Eritrean-American writer. Like millions of youth around the world, Semere wants to send a message of solidarity to Gaza and the Palestinian people during this time of outright genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Strip. Though mainstream Western media continues to support Israel, elevating the Israeli narrative and marginalizing the Palestinian one, it is
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‘Water is Life and Gaza is Out of Water’ – UNRWA

UNRWA has warned that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza puts thousands of vulnerable people at risk of disease. It added, “Conditions are inhumane. People struggle to survive without any of the basics.” The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has also warned that “Everyday, children in Gaza face increased risk of death from the sky, disease from lack of safe water & deprivation
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‘Conference for the Victory of Israel’ – Israeli Ministers Discuss Ethnic Cleansing, Colonization of Gaza

Hundreds of Israeli settlers have participated in a conference calling for Israel to rebuild settlements in the besieged Gaza Strip and the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Claims of ‘No Security without Settlements’ Ben-Gvir reportedly told the conference that “If we don’t want another October 7, we need to go back home and control (Gaza).” “We need to find a legal
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UK exclusive: Hamas issues statement about events of 7 October raid

Group’s denial of Israeli claims and description of mass killing of Israelis by IDF fits with evidence and witness testimonies Hamas breaks through Israeli border fence on 7 October Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on Oct. 7 targeted the Israeli military sites, and sought to arrest the enemy’s soldiers to pressure on the Israeli authorities to release the thousands of Palestinians held in Israeli
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Richard Falk – In Gaza, the West Is Enabling the Most Transparent Genocide in Human History

Richard Falk is an international law and international relations scholar who taught at Princeton University for forty years. In 2008 he was also appointed by the UN to serve a six-year term as the Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. Picture by Marcin Monko The South African World Court Case, Pariah State, and Popular Mobilization Iran Hamas and a Second Nakba The Need for
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Peter Oborne, Angelo Calianno – With all eyes on Gaza, Israeli settlers are waging a second Nakba in the West Bank

Peter Oborne is a British journalist and commentator. Angelo Calianno is an author at Byline Times ‘They want to scare us, humiliate us’ Children stand next to a home destroyed during an Israel army raid in the Balata refugee camp in the occupied West Bank (MEE/Angelo Calianno) Beaten for not licking his boot How Israel uses humiliation as a psychological weapon against Palestinians Read More » All
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From Libya to Paraguay: Israel’s Longstanding Goal of Expelling Palestinians From Gaza Inches Closer to Reality

Israel’s campaign to resettle Gaza A Longstanding Agenda Sara Malka of Crown Heights, Brooklyn protests in front of UN headquarters in New York against the removal of illegal Israeli settlers from Gaza in 2005. Mary Altaffer | AP “A house on the beach is not a dream” Gush Katif was an Israeli settlement situated in the heart of the Gaza Strip 18 years ago. Harei
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‘Declaration of Conscience’ Denounces Gaza Genocide, West’s Complicity

Titled “Declaration of Conscience and Concern of Global Intellectuals on Gaza Genocide,” the statement criticizes the Israeli government’s resumption of the “genocidal onslaught”. It says “Israel was urged to choose the road to peace not only for humanitarian reasons but also for the sake of achieving real security and respect for both Palestinians and Israelis.” At the same time, it said, the
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‘Israel’ Still Far from Toppling Hamas In Gaza Strip, Expert Says

Islam Times - The clock is ticking on ‘Israel’s’ military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, as it is unclear how much progress the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces have made against the resistance group. The ambitious goal was set out by the ‘Israeli’ government in the immediate aftermath of Hamas’ surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7.
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ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up

Dodgy Data Playing Defense for Israel Refer to Hamas as “terrorists” rather than militants or fighters; Describe Israel’s campaign in Gaza as a “legitimate military action in response to [the Hamas] massacre and to prevent future acts of terror” Make sure that their readers understand that pro-Israel protests are morally far superior to their pro-Palestine equivalents. After all, they insist, “the Israeli Army does
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Dublin City Council officially recognises Israel is committing the ‘Crime Against Humanity’ of Apartheid

The full text of the motion reads: “That this Council endorses the recent Amnesty International report entitled ‘Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: A Cruel System of Domination and a Crime Against Humanity‘ as a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.” In April 2018 Dublin City Council voted to support the Palestinian BDS Movement. It is one of eight Irish councils, north
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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