The resistance in Jerusalem is an inextinguishable flame

Occupied Jerusalem embraces an essential part of the resistance map in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) due to the Judaisation plans the city is witnessing and the escalating targeting of both sanctities and residents alike. This is what has prompted more Palestinians to carry out individual operations, participate in popular resistance, stone-throwing and confront the occupation forces’ invasions and stormings
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Zionist lobby group labelled 'propaganda' and 'misinformation' source by Wikipedia

One of the leading Zionist lobby groups in the US has been labelled as a source of “propaganda” and “misinformation” by Wikipedia. Editors of the online encyclopaedia also said that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has long campaigned for a controversial definition of anti-Semitism to be adopted, should not be cited for factual information on anti-Jewish racism because it acts
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Palestinian journalist from Gaza lists catalogue of abuses in Israeli detention

A Palestinian journalist arrested by Israeli occupation forces three months ago in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza has provided his lawyer with a shocking catalogue of abuses taking place in Israel detention centres. Alaraby television correspondent Mohammad Saber Arab, 42, told lawyer Khaled Mahajneh that detainees are killed, raped, tortured, abused and humiliated. During his first visit to speak to Arab
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40,000 Muslims pray at Al-Aqsa to mark 1st day of Eid al-Adha

Around 40,000 Palestinians offered Eid al-Adha prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday, but there was no festive atmosphere, instead mourning the victims of Israel’s ongoing war on the Gaza Strip for over eight months now, Anadolu news agency reported. The Islamic Endowments Department in Jerusalem said in a statement that about 40,000 worshippers performed Eid al-Adha prayers due
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At last, the Israeli occupation and Daesh are on the same UN blacklist

In 2014, when the Israeli occupation launched its large-scale war on the occupied Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likened the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas to the Western-backed terrorist group Daesh. Not only myself, but also tens of writers and intellectuals responded to him. They refuted his claim, which he used to justify his crimes in Gaza, as
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52 aid trucks enter Gaza via Karm Abu Salem Crossing: Egypt media

A total of 52 humanitarian aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip through the Israeli Karm Abu Salem Crossing, Egyptian media reported Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. The trucks entered the besieged enclave temporarily, due to Israel’s Occupation of the Palestinian side of the Rafah Crossing in the southern part of the Strip, the Cairo News channel said. On 24 May, Egyptian
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Israel’s use of rape against Palestinian detainees from Gaza exposed

A shocking three-month investigation by the New York Times has revealed gruesome details of abuse, torture and mistreatment of Palestinians held at Israel’s Sde Teiman detention facility. The exposé, based on interviews with former detainees, Israeli military officers, doctors and soldiers who served at the site, paints a harrowing picture of the conditions endured by the roughly 4,000 Palestinian detainees
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Israel strikes UNRWA school in Gaza 'safe zone'

The large death toll in the UNRW school targeted by Israel is because the shelter is located in an area designated as a 'safe zone' by the occupation army, MEMO correspondent in Gaza, Mohammed Asad, says. Hundreds of civilians had taken refuge in the building after being forcibly displaced from their homes by Israel’s bombing campaign, which continues to intensify
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Jewish chaplain who served in Israel’s army leaves Leeds Uni, moves to Israel

Rabbi Zecharia Deutsch, who served in the Israeli army during its current bombing campaign in Gaza, no longer works at Leeds University’s Jewish Chaplaincy and has moved to Israel. Deutsch, an Israeli citizen, was called up as a reservist for two months late last year. He had worked at the university for three years. The university had come under pressure
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Palestinians killed for ‘trying to infiltrate’ Israel from Rafah

Israeli occupation forces have killed three Palestinians for allegedly attempting to infiltrate into Israel from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, the army said on Thursday. The so-called Israel Defence Forces claimed that the three were spotted trying to sneak through a security fence, Anadolu has reported. Two were killed by an Israeli drone and a third was hit by
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UN Rights office criticises Israel over deaths of 500 Palestinians in West Bank

The UN human rights office called on Tuesday for an end to violence in which it said Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers have killed more than 500 Palestinians in the West Bank since the start of the Israel-Palestine war in Gaza, Reuters reports. It said in a statement that Israel had used “unnecessary and disproportionate” force in the Israeli-occupied
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Palestine, too, shall be free–the liberation of all oppressed people in the whole of Africa and the world

Israel, as a settler colony, perceives Palestine as ‘empty land’, empty of people, culture, history and a future. Busani Ngcaweni argues that Palestinians are denied an identity and have become dis-membered, without a home, state or nation. There are striking similarities, Ngcaweni explains, between Israel’s ideology of racial subjugation by a ‘God-chosen people’ and apartheid South Africa’s belief in racial
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Why Jabalia?

For 20 days now, the occupation army has been committing massacres that have caught the attention of the entire world in Jabalia and the city’s refugee camp. Everyone is asking what makes this small spot the subject of this continuous destruction. This narrow area, which does not exceed 1.4 square kilometres, holds the highest population density in the world. It
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Egypt denies Israeli claims of tunnels on border with Gaza

Egypt has denied Israeli claims of the presence of tunnels along its border with Gaza. A senior Egyptian official said Israel has not communicated the claims to Cairo, adding that Tel Aviv is using this to justify the continuation of its operation in Rafah and prolong the war for political reasons. Israeli occupation forces stormed the Rafah Crossing on 7
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Hamas says US pier provides cover for supporting occupation state with weapons

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement has claimed that the floating US pier on the coast of the Gaza Strip is misleading the world regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid. According to a statement from Hamas yesterday, “The pier is intended to provide cover for Washington’s support for the occupation state with weapons.” The pier, the movement pointed out, has not
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Israel has lost war on Gaza, says Jerusalem Post

Israel has lost its war on the besieged Gaza Strip and failed to achieve its declared goals of the war, including eliminating Hamas and returning all the hostages, the Jerusalem Post has said in a damning critique of the occupation state’s far-right government. In an article published on Tuesday, the newspaper said that even seizing and occupying the city of
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Nasrallah sees ‘no future for this Nazi regime in the region’

In a televised speech yesterday, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah condemned the Rafah massacre on Sunday, stating that it stripped away any false facade portraying the Israeli occupation regime as “civilised”. Speaking after receiving condolences for his mother’s passing, Nasrallah asserted, “We are facing an enemy without values or morals, surpassing the Nazis.” The Lebanese Hezbollah leader emphasised that the
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WHO slams ‘abrupt halt’ to medical evacuations from Gaza

There has been an “abrupt halt” to medical evacuations from Gaza, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said yesterday, while 10,000 Palestinians need to be evacuated for urgent medical care. “There’s been an abrupt halt to all medical evacuations,” WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said at a UN press briefing. “We have around 10,000 people who need to be evacuated. And since
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Commemorating The Nakba: Profiles In Palestinian Resistance

Background Qassam’s Movement Gentlefolk and Adventurers Palestinian Commanders The Impact of the World War Palestinian, and broader Arab, participation was for its part quite makeshift: the mufti, as the most influential leader, was neck-deep in intrigue, not least against Qawuqji, who returned to lead the “Inqadh Army” that combined Arab officers with Palestinian militants. The lawyer Nimr Hawwari attempted to found an Arab youth militia,
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Israel raids, forces medical staff to leave Gaza Al-Awda Hospital

The Israeli occupation military stormed Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza and forced the medical staff to evacuate after a four-day siege. According to Wafa news agency, Israeli occupation soldiers detained a medical worker and forced the remaining staff to evacuate towards the Western Gaza City area. However, several doctors have refused to leave without an ambulance to safely evacuate the 14
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Nakba Resurrected – How the Gaza Resistance Ended Segmentation of Palestine

Thanks to Palestinian memory, Palestinians are once more united around their understanding of the past, the steadfastness of the present and the hope for a just future. – Ramzy Baroud is a journalist and the Editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of six books. His latest book, co-edited with Ilan Pappé, is “Our Vision for Liberation: Engaged Palestinian
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Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village in West Bank

Illegal Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian village in the northern Occupied West Bank on Wednesday and set fire to farmlands, according to witnesses, Anadolu Agency reports. Illegal settlers attacked with gunfire and rocks Palestinian residents in the village of Asira Al-Qibliya near Nablus and set ablaze farmlands there, witnesses said. Palestinian villagers resisted the attackers, triggering clashes between the two
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Israel recovers from Gaza bodies of 3 killed during 7 October attacks

Israeli forces have recovered the bodies of three people killed during Hamas’s 7 October attacks, amid the Israeli government’s continued refusal to come to a ceasefire deal in the Gaza Strip. According to Israel’s top military spokesperson, rear admiral Daniel Hagari, occupation forces recovered three bodies in Gaza identified as Shani Louk, Amit Buskila, and Yitzhak Gelernter – all of whom
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Israel intentions of 'displacement, subjugation or death' of Gazans are clear: Palestine envoy

The Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, on Friday condemned Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinian people, saying the Tel Aviv government no longer hides its true intentions, which include “ isplacement, subjugation or death”, Anadolu Agency reports. “It took 75 years for the United Nations to recognise and commemorate the Nakba, but the Nakba is not a historical event.
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OCHA: Aid distribution almost impossible in Gaza due to lack of fuel

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has warned that lack of regular fuel flows and the continued Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip impede aid distribution to millions of Palestinians. “Distribution is almost impossible with no regular fuel imports, unstable telecommunication and ongoing fighting” the UN agency said in a press briefing yesterday, warning
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Hamas: Israel has never needed a ‘pretext’ to wage war on Gaza

Hamas yesterday voiced “regret” over remarks by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Arab Summit in which he accused the movement of having given Israel “pretexts” to wage war on Gaza. In a statement, Hamas said Israel, which has been killing, terrorising and torturing defenceless Palestinains since 1948, does not need pretexts to commit more crimes against them. The
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Haniyeh says sacrifices of the people will not be in vain

Ismail Haniyeh said on Wednesday that the Palestinian people are proving that the Zionist lie of Palestine being “a land without a people for a people without a land”, and the claim that “the old will die and the young will forget” has ended forever. The head of the Hamas political bureau made the comment during his speech to commemorate
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GAZA LIVE BLOG: Israel Prevents All Aid | US: Complete Victory Not Possible | HRW: No Safe Place | Resistance on All Fronts – Day 220

Israeli occupation forces are trying to penetrate into the Jabaliya camp in northern Gaza amid intense bombardment and stiff resistance. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will continue the war until victory is achieved and Hamas is dismantled. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a phone conversation with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that Washington is committed
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UAE slams Netanyahu's naming Gulf country in his Gaza administration proposal

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for naming the Gulf country in his proposal for a civil administration to rule the Gaza Strip under Israeli occupation, Anadolu Agency reports. UAE’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed stressed that Netanyahu “lacks legitimacy to take such actions” and that the UAE “rejects to engage in
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EU slams arson attack on UNRWA headquarters in East Jerusalem by Israel settlers

The EU today slammed the arson attack on the headquarters of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA in occupied East Jerusalem by a group of Israeli extremists. “The EU strongly condemns the attack against the UNRWA premises in East Jerusalem. Perpetrators must be held to account,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on X. Stressing that Israel has
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Hamas condemns ‘systematic abuse’ of Palestine prisoners by Israel

Hamas has condemned the “systematic abuse” suffered by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention, which has led to the death of a number of detainees. In a statement issued today, the movement said the escalation in the Israeli prison services’ aggressive and criminal policies against Palestinian prisoners will not weaken detainees’ resolve, adding that the Palestinian people “will not let their
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Israel settlers twice set fire to perimeter of UNRWA in East Jerusalem

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Middle East Monitor (@middleeastmonitor) The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) said yesterday that Israeli settlers twice set fire to the perimeter of its headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem. “This evening, Israeli residents set fire twice to the perimeter of the UNRWA Headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem. This took place while
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Hamas welcomes Bahamas recognition of Palestine

Hamas yesterday welcomed the decision announced by the Bahamas government to recognise the State of Palestine. The movement viewed the decision as supporting the aspirations of the Palestinian people for liberation and independence, especially at a time when they are facing “a systematic campaign of extermination and displacement by the criminal Zionist occupation army”. Hamas called on all countries to
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UNRWA refutes Israel claims of reopening Karm Abu Salem crossing

UNRWA yesterday denied Israeli claims that the Karm Abu Salem crossing used to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip had been opened, four days after the occupation had closed it for “security reasons”. Earlier yesterday, the Israeli army issued a joint statement with COGAT, the defence ministry body that oversees Palestinian civil affairs, claiming that “trucks from Egypt
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Israel demolishes dozens of Bedouin homes in the Negev Desert

As reported by MEMO yesterday, Israeli occupation forces went ahead with their planned demolition of almost 50 Bedouin homes in the Negev desert. Bulldozers levelled the homes in the village of Wadi Al-Khalil, angering the 500 Bedouins living in the area. “There are more than 500 people here. [Now] children and women have nowhere else to go,” said resident Suleiman
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Ex-UK National Security Adviser criticises govt for failing to suspend arms sales to Israel before the US

A former British National Security Adviser has criticised the government and its Prime Minister for failing to suspend arms sales to Israel before the United States did, amid Whitehall’s continued stubbornness in refusing to suspend its military assistance to the Occupation state. According to The Independent newspaper, Lord Ricketts – former British diplomat and national security adviser – reiterated this
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Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims drone attack targeting Eilat

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility, on Tuesday evening, for an attack targeting the Israeli city of Eilat with suicide reconnaissance drones. The Islamic Resistance group said in a statement that it “targeted a vital target in Eilat, Umm Al-Rashrash”, without disclosing the nature of this target, stressing that it will “continue to destroy enemy strongholds”. The group stressed
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Israel prevents Palestinian patients from leaving Gaza for treatment, says health ministry

Israel has prevented wounded and sick Palestinians and their companions from leaving the besieged Gaza Strip to receive treatment abroad, the Palestinian ministry of health said on Tuesday, Quds Press has reported. The Coordination Department in the ministry confirmed that the Israeli occupation army has shut down the Rafah crossing and is blocking the transit of sick people and their
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Hamas confirms commitment to its demands following 18-nation statement

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas renewed its expression of openness to any proposals that would lead to the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army from the Gaza Strip and an end to the Israeli war that has been ongoing for more than 200 days. The movement issued a statement responding to a previous statement issued by the US and 17
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‘Domicide’ – How and Why Israel Destroyed the Al-Sahli Towers in Gaza’s Nuseirat Refugee Camp

The Palestine Chronicle spoke with three Palestinians who used to live in the Al-Sahli Tower, and whose houses were destroyed by Israel in the ongoing assault. We Lost Everything Happiness Disrupted “The occupation bombed the majority of the residential towers belonging to Al-Salhi Contracting Company, including the tower where my apartment was located,” he said, with a broken voice. “The tower was completely destroyed,
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South African solidarity: Mandela's grandson joins Gaza aid flotilla

South African politician Mandla Mandela, grandson of Nelson, has joined the Freedom Flotilla taking aid to Gaza, announcing that 'I am a living example of what international solidarity can achieve, we defeated the apartheid government.' Mandela said Israel's planned blockade of the aid ship would be a breach of international law, and that the flotilla activists were determined to break
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Qatar frustrated with Israel officials’ attack on its ceasefire mediation efforts

Qatar today expressed its frustration with repeated attacks by Israeli officials on its ceasefire mediation efforts between the occupation state and Hamas. In a press conference, Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Majed Al-Ansari, said that his country sought the “re-evaluation” of mediation efforts. He stated that ministers from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government had released multiple “negative” remarks related to
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Palestinians released from Israel detention are thin, weak and show signs of torture

Pictures shared on social media show emaciated Palestinian prisoners after they were released from the occupation’s jails. The Palestinian academics and politicians who were released from detention appear to be shadows of their former selves, having lost lots of weight, with their bodies looking extremely thin and facial features completely changed as a result of the horrifying violations committed against
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3 Palestinians shot by Israel army in Hebron

Three Palestinians were injured by Israeli army gunfire in Hebron, southern occupied West Bank, yesterday. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said in a brief statement that its ambulance crews treated “3 live ammunition injuries during confrontations with the occupation forces in Beit Ummar and Halhul near Hebron.” The injured were transferred to hospital. No details were given about their identities.
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New wave of displacement as Israel shells northern Gaza again

Palestinians have been displaced once again from northern areas of the Gaza Strip as a result of Israel’s attack on the region. Several areas in the northern Gaza Strip witnessed continuous fighting between Palestinian resistance factions and the Israeli occupation army. The Israeli artillery shelled areas of Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, and the areas surrounding the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing.
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Bodies of 73 more Palestinians found in Nasser Hospital mass grave

The bodies of 73 Palestinians were found in a mass grave in the grounds of Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis yesterday, the Gaza Government Media Office said. Some 42 victims had been identified while the rest remain unidentified, noting that the Israeli army deliberately hid them by burying them deep in sand and dumping waste on them. “The fate
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Ministry: 730,000 Palestinians lack proper healthcare in northern Gaza

More than 730,000 people lack proper healthcare services in the northern Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Health Ministry warned on Thursday, Anadolu Agency reported. “The Israeli occupation deliberately destroyed the healthcare system in Gaza City and the northern provinces,” Ministry spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qudra announced in a statement. Al-Qudra said the destruction of Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical facility in the Gaza
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10,000 homeless as Israel destroyed 2,000 homes in central Gaza

More than 10,000 Palestinians have been displaced after 2,000 housing units were destroyed by occupation forces in the municipality of Al-Zahra city in central Gaza Strip, the municipality said yesterday. It said that over 50 residential towers had been razed in the town, while the municipal headquarters, water wells, pumps, sewage networks, water networks and several universities including Palestine University,
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