ADL Data on Rise of Anti-Semitic Incidents Doesn’t Add Up

Dodgy Data Playing Defense for Israel Refer to Hamas as “terrorists” rather than militants or fighters; Describe Israel’s campaign in Gaza as a “legitimate military action in response to [the Hamas] massacre and to prevent future acts of terror” Make sure that their readers understand that pro-Israel protests are morally far superior to their pro-Palestine equivalents. After all, they insist, “the Israeli Army does
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Dublin City Council officially recognises Israel is committing the ‘Crime Against Humanity’ of Apartheid

The full text of the motion reads: “That this Council endorses the recent Amnesty International report entitled ‘Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: A Cruel System of Domination and a Crime Against Humanity‘ as a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.” In April 2018 Dublin City Council voted to support the Palestinian BDS Movement. It is one of eight Irish councils, north
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

A week after a plane loaded with medical and sanitary supplies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent (TRC) took off, the Rafah crossing, controlled by the Egyptian authorities, was finally opened on October 21 allowing dozens of humanitarian convoys to pass through, including the TRC’s, as reported by the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. Aside from providing material aid, Tunisia was also
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In France, “supporting Palestine makes us terrorists”

While Israel has been relentlessly launching intensive strikes on the Gaza Strip, killing thousands of civilians, rallies in support of Palestine were initially systematically banned in France. It wasn’t until October 22 that a protest was authorized to take place. Gérald Darmanin informed prefects by telegram that “pro-Palestinian protests must be banned because they are likely to disturb public order.” Since
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Unite executive calls emergency meeting as Graham remains silent on Gaza

Meeting rumoured among Unite insiders for over a week crystallises – and union general secretary’s silence over slaughter of Gazan civilians continues — Taj Ali (@Taj_Ali1) October 21, 2023 An Urgent Call from Palestinian Trade Unions: End all complicity, stop arming Israel Refuse to build weapons destined for Israel. This is relevant for Unite as Leonardo and Babcock, two employers where Unite is active and
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Grounding the Current Moment: An Al-Shabaka Syllabus

Introduction The Roots of the Palestinian Struggle Using Indigeneity in the Struggle for Palestinian Liberation by Ahmad Amara, Yara Hawari (August 2019) Beyond South Africa: Understanding Israeli Apartheid by Samer Abdelnour (April 2013) Beyond the Apartheid Analogy: Time to Reframe Our Palestinian Struggle by Irene Calis (January 2015) Rethinking Our Definition of Apartheid: Not Just a Political Regime by Haidar Eid, Andy Clarno (August 2017) Oslo: Replacing Liberation
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Palestine: the fight for information

“T here’s nothing as a safe place, but I’m trying my best to stay safe”. 22-year-old journalist Plestia Alaqad has been reporting on the situation as best she can on social networks, while escaping Israel’s bombing raids on the Gaza Strip. “I am barely able to do my job under these circumstances”. Journalists in the field are on the front lines,
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Geneva Centre director exposes pro-Israel lobby efforts to shift Swiss stance on Palestine cause

The Director of the Geneva Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Anouar Gharbi revealed efforts by pro-Israel lobbies to influence the official Swiss position, which he said remained balanced towards resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This was in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause from the point of condemning its resistance factions as “terrorist organisations”. Gharbi explained in an exclusive interview
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Podcast: What Do We Need to Know About Palestine?

Know that the context of Gaza today is based on a 75-year-old history of violent occupation, displacement, and colonization Gaza has been under siege as an open air prison for 16 years – an example of Israel’s crimes against humanity and breaking of international law Follow accurate resources for information on Gaza and Palestine (see here) Be aware of major Israeli propaganda points
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Khutbah Notes: Palestine Solidarity

Solidarity with Palestine يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُونُوا قَوَّامِينَ بِالْقِسْطِ شُهَدَاءَ لِلَّهِ وَلَوْ عَلَى أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَوِ الْوَالِدَيْنِ وَالْأَقْرَبِينَ  What is Happening in Gaza? It is estimated that by now 3,000 Palestinians including children have been killed by Israeli bombings since the start of escalation on the morning of October 7th. 5,184 Palestinians have been injured. About 60% of the injuries occurred by the Israeli airstrikes were among women and children in the Gaza Strip, 260,000 are internally displaced. Gaza hospitals
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Sistani: Ending Occupation only way to grant Palestinians their rights or resistance will continue

Iraq’s senior Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah, Ali Al-Sistani, has issued a statement yesterday in light of the on-going atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, calling on the world to rise up and end the “terrible brutality” the Zionist state is inflicting on Gaza which has killed and injured some 6,000 people in total. Sistani said that “the occupying
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Besieged Gaza is the open-air prison resisting Israel’s colonisation of Palestine

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood last weekend took everyone by surprise, not just Israel. Images of Israeli soldiers being killed and captured sent shockwaves through the occupation state and its allies, reflecting the failure of Israel’s intelligence services and security technology. It has been a very painful few days for Israel and its people, as rockets continue to be fired from the
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Israeli airstrike claims entire Palestinian family in Jabalia refugee camp

An Israeli military strike today resulted in the loss of an entire Palestinian family within their residence in Jabalia refugee camp, based in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, reported Wafa news agency. The victims included Abdul Rahman Shihab, a former detainee who had served 23 years in Israeli prisons for his resistance against the Occupation. According to a
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Israel jets bomb headquarters of Palestinian Red Crescent

The Israeli occupation’s jets have bombed the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) in the northern Gaza Strip, the organisation said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths as staff had been notified about the targeting. However, four Red Crescent paramedics were killed in the Israeli targeting of ambulances. Since the start of the ongoing escalation, the
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Could Bin Salman emerge as the saviour of Palestine?

Under-fire Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to change the political landscape of the Middle East in response to the astonishing Hamas attack launched during the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur. No truer word has been spoken by the alleged fraudster who stands charged with breach of trust and accepting bribes, as well as fraud, leading him to hand
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Muslim MP Forced to Flee Labour Conference After Visiting Palestine Stall

On Monday, Tory party chair Greg Hands wrote to his Labour counterpart Anneliese Dodds demanding that Apsana Begum, the MP for Poplar and Limehouse, have the whip withdrawn on the grounds that she had “tweeted her ‘solidarity’ with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)”. Begum had not in fact tweeted anything; instead, the PSC had thanked Begum via its own X
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After advocating death and destruction on Gaza, Jordan Peterson proves he is nothing but a spiritual charlatan

“Go to hell!” That was American-Muslim scholar, Dr Omar Suleiman’s fiery response to controversial Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, after the 62-year-old tweeted his support of an impending Israeli massacre in Gaza. “Give ’em hell [Netanyahu],” Peterson had posted on X, cheering on the Israeli Prime Minister, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that Gaza had already been turned into hell
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Emergency Protests for Palestine Around Ireland

Friday 8th December Drogheda – 6pm, Candlelight Vigil, West Street Saturday 9th December Dublin – 2pm, March, Rally & Die-In – Assemble at Garden of Remembrance – March to The Dáil Limerick – 1pm, Bedford Row Ennis – 11am, O’Connell Square Cork – 1pm, Grand Parade Belfast – 1pm, BBC Broadcast House Armagh – 11.30am, Irish Street, outside St. Malachy’s Castlebar – 12pm, Info Stall, Market Square Newbridge – Music
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Hamas: No prisoner swap talks while Israel bombs Gaza

Hamas is not open to taking part in negotiations for a prisoner exchange deal with Israel while the occupation bombs the besieged Gaza Strip, member of Hamas’ political bureau in Qatar, Husam Badran, said yesterday. “The military operation is still continuing… therefore there is currently no chance for negotiation on the issue of prisoners or anything else,” Badran told AFP from Doha. “Our
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Lions' Den calls for confrontations with Israel occupation forces, settlers in West Bank

The Lions’ Den group yesterday called on Palestinians to confront the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank, in support of the brave freedom fighters in the Gaza Strip. “O free people of Palestine, you must all move from the stage of defence to the stage of offence in the West Bank,” the group said in a statement. The group
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Ex-Greek minister: The only way to bring peace is to end apartheid

Former Greek Minister of Finance and Secretary-General of Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), Yanis Varoufakis, has said that the only way to achieve peace is to end the apartheid regime imposed on Palestinians by Israel. “Apartheid.. is always going to procure violence, because it’s a violent misanthropic system,” he said in a video posted on DiEM25’s Instagram page. The criminals here are not
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Netanyahu vows to 'change the Middle East' with attack on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today pledged that the Israeli response to the unprecedented military operation by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza Strip “will change the Middle East.” Netanyahu’s remarks came, according to his office, as he was speaking to mayors of Israeli settlements and communities in the south, near the eastern fence of Gaza. His office did not give
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Israel names retired general as government lead for missing persons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed reserve Brigadier General Gal Hirsch on Sunday as the government’s lead on missing citizens following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood launched by Hamas on Saturday. According to Netanyahu’s office, all government ministries will be subject to his instructions on this matter. The Times of Israel and other media outlets explained that General Hirsch commanded the 91st
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Israel forms committee to monitor issue of prisoners of war, missing

The Israeli army has established a special committee to follow up on the issue of missing individuals and prisoners of war held by Palestinian factions. The committee for missing persons and prisoners falls under the Army Personnel Division. Its primary task at present is to gather information to determine the whereabouts of missing persons and those imprisoned since the start
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Iran: head of Revolutionary Guard Corps says ‘time’ of Israeli arrogance has ended

The Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Sunday that the “time” of Israel’s arrogance is over. “Today, Israel can no longer be as reckless as before,” said Major General Hossein Salami. “The time of [Israeli] occupation and aggression has ended, and the Palestinians have brought terror into the Zionists’ hearts. They [Palestinians] are now pursuing and
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End Israel’s brutal military occupation, and legitimate resistance won’t be necessary

Israel has attacked Palestinian villages, town and cities; homes and holy sites; and crops, as well as people for decades. The occupation state and its “democratic” allies around the world ignore human rights and international law, allowing Israel to act with impunity. Losing loved ones and facing human rights abuses on a daily basis are facts of Palestinian life. Suddenly
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42 US, Canada airlines suspend flights to Israel

Some 42 American and Canadian airlines suspended their flights to Israel after the occupation state declared a state of war with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. According to America’s ABC News, 42 airlines in the US and Canada suspended their flights and evacuated their employees from Israel as events escalated. The network cited the US State Department as saying that
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Israel expert: Are we allowed to be arrogant without paying a price?

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy said in an article in Haaretz newspaper that Israel’s arrogance is behind everything that has happened, adding that the Israelis thought they were allowed to do anything and that they wouldn’t pay a price or be punished for it. Levy went on to say: “We continue without uncertainty. We arrest, kill, mistreat, rob, protect settlers committing massacres, visit
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I Sing From the Window of Exile

Defiance, nostalgia and politics emanate from Dareen Tatour’s bilingual poetry collection, I Sing From the Window of Exile (Drunk Muse Press, 2022). Tatour is well known for the commotion her poem “Resist, My People, Resist Them” caused in 2015, when she was arrested and later imprisoned for incitement and allegedly supporting terrorism. She presents the reader with an insightful collection
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Gaza: 3 martyrs, several wounded in Israel strikes

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the deaths of three Palestinians and several injured in Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip. Two martyrs arrived deceased at Al-Aqsa Hospital in the southern Gaza city of Deir Al-Balah with five wounded others. No details were announced about the area that was targeted. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced that the
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Israeli settler: Palestinian resistance fighters roaming streets

An Israeli Jewish settler from Kibbutz Be’eri near the Gaza Strip told Israeli Channel 12 that Palestinian fighters are on the streets. Speaking to Channel 12, Jewish settler Dvir Efrat said that she does not dare raise her voice above a whisper and that she is barricaded in her home with a knife.“I can hear gunfire,” she says. Palestinian resistance
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Casualties among settlers and troops inside Israeli settlements reported

Israeli journalist Emanuel Fabian has reported casualties among settlers and troops inside Israeli settlements; Israel’s Megan David Paramedics said there are many deaths. The Times of Israel reported sources reiterating infiltration of Palestinian fighters into at least one Israeli settlement. Sources told the Israeli daily that clashes between the Palestinian fighters and Israeli security inside the settlements are ongoing. Israeli
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MoH: 313 Palestinians killed, 1,990 injured in Israel's attacks on the enclave

Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups ‘hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,’ they said in a statement released on 7 October 2023. Today’s events did not occur in a vacuum. For the last two decades, millions of Palestinians in Gaza have been forced to live in
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PA committee condemns Ben-Gvir’s threat to Christian pilgrims

The Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Presidential Committee for Follow-up of Church Affairs in Palestine condemned on Wednesday the racist statements by Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, about assaults by settlers and their children on Christian pilgrims. Committee Chairman Ramzi Khoury said that far-right extremist Ben-Gvir’s remarks “are not just passing words, but rather a real threat to the lives
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Stop the collective punishment and end the siege of Gaza now

The 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) and the Zionist terror gangs’ occupation of Palestine as well as the ethnic cleansing of its people marked the beginning of many tragedies for the Palestinians. Since then, the occupation state of Israel has inflicted a great deal of suffering on the Palestinians, with the intention of emptying the land and displacing its people to “prove”
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Saudi has become partner of Zionists in the occupation of Palestine

At the Saudi-Indian Investment Forum held following the G20 meeting in India, Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, said that the creation of the Economic Corridor had been announced by New Delhi, which will connect India, Middle East and Europe together, would achieve the common interests of “our countries by enhancing economic connectivity”. Knowing that this Corridor includes Israel, Bin
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Palestinian detainees launch hunger strike in solidarity with Kayed Al-Fasfous

Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli prisons will be staging a one-day hunger strike tomorrow in solidarity with Kayed Al-Fasfous, a Palestinian prisoner on his 62nd day of hunger strike. Al-Fasfous, 34, is protesting against his administrative detention – being held without charge or trial – and is currently suffering critical health conditions at the notorious Ramla Prison clinic, reported Wafa news agency. In response to the
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Israel arrests 5 for spitting on Christians

Israeli police today arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians or churches in the Old City of Jerusalem and formed a special investigative team to deal with growing complaints of hostile gestures against Christians, Reuters reports. “Unfortunately, we witness the continued disgraceful acts of hatred towards Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem, primarily through spitting by extremists,” said Jerusalem District
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Christians face ‘persecution’ by Israel settlers in Jerusalem: World Council of Churches

Christians face “persecution” by illegal Israeli extremist groups amid government inaction, the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Jerusalem said on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reports. “We feel persecution against our community and religion,” WCC coordinator in Jerusalem, Youssef Daher, told Anadolu. There is a Jewish Israeli persecution, encouraged either by police negligence or by statements made by Israeli cabinet ministers
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Jerusalem: hate-crime grows as Israeli settlers justify spitting on Christian worshippers

Anti-Christian hate crimes carried out by Israeli settlers continued to grow in number with more incidents of Jewish settlers spitting on worshippers in occupied Jerusalem. Attacks on Christians increased over the weekend at the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, when tens of thousands of illegal Israeli settlers marched into the occupied city, fuelling an increase in religious hatred
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PA denies Israel offered economic measures to prevent its collapse

The Palestinian Authority denied on Monday reports in the Hebrew-language media that the Israeli government has offered economic incentives and financial aid to prevent its collapse. “Contrary to what was reported in the Israeli press, the current Israeli government has doubled its illegal unilateral deductions from Palestinian taxpayer funds in an unprecedented way,” explained Louay Hanash, a senior official at
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PA: ‘Israel occupation direct threat to region, Europe, world security’

The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced on Friday that the Israeli occupation is a direct threat to the security of the region, Europe and the world. In a statement issued by the PA’s Foreign Ministry, the PA asserted that the remarks by Israeli Army chief Herzi Halevi, in which he considered the West Bank a direct threat to Europe, reiterate that
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Israel destroys main water network in West Bank village

Israeli occupation forces yesterday destroyed the main water network in the village of Susiya, south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. The coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committee in Masafer Yatta, Fuad Al-Amour, reported that occupation forces destroyed the main water network in the village of Susiya in Masafer Yatta without justification, despite the water line being legal
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Norway FM says one-state solution in Palestine may resolve Israel occupation, apartheid

Norway’s Foreign Minister has suggested that the establishment of a one-state solution in Palestine, which would incorporate “equal rights for all”, may resolve Israel’s ongoing occupation in Palestine and its apartheid system, amid a continuing decline in the hope for the two-state solution. During a meeting in New York last week of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), a UN
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West Bank: Saudi delegation arrives amid talk of normalisation with Israel

A delegation from Saudi Arabia arrived in the occupied West Bank this morning amid talk that the Kingdom is on the verge of normalising relations with the apartheid state of Israel. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation was led by the non-resident envoy to the Palestinian territories, Nayef Al-Sudairi. Following his arrival in Ramallah, Al-Sudairi, who
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Saudi Arabia does not care about Palestine or Jerusalem; it cares about Israel

The normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israeli is in the news again, in what has become a will they-won’t they situation. Israel is eager to have formal ties with Saudi Arabia as it is the richest Arab country in the Middle East and has the weight and influence that makes it the main player in regional politics. Saudi
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Israel forcibly transferring Palestinians in West Bank: Rights group

The Israeli government is carrying out a forcible transfer of Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, a human rights group said Monday, Anadolu Agency reports. Israel works to make the lives of residents in communities located in areas it wishes to take over unbearable, forcing them to leave their homes and lands B’Tselem group said in a statement. “This is
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