China-Indonesia Islamic Culture Expo & Art Show 2010 Concludes in Jakarta

China-Indonesia Islamic Cultural Expo and Art Show 2010 was concluded in Jakarta on Sunday night, after five-day-long activities in Surabaya and Jakarta.

At the closing ceremony, Chen Guangyuan, director of China Islamic Association, said that the event was a milestone in the friendship and communication between Chinese and Indonesian Muslims. He said he expects more such activities in the future.

Meanwhile, Patrialis Akbar, Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, said that Indonesian people had felt the greatness of Chinese Islamic culture. He said that the culture communication between the two countries had entered into a new era.

"We live in the same world. Thus, we are a family," he added.

The cultural expo and art show successfully represented the splendid Islamic culture in the long history of the two nations and advocated the Islamic spirits of peace, unity and loyalty, conveys the conception of "Peace, Friendship Cooperation, and Progress".

The event includes a picture show, which used 300 pictures to introduce the Chinese Islamic history, the society, economy and culture of Chinese Muslims, and the development of Xinjiang, to local Muslim visitors.

Another part of the event was the exhibition of Chinese Islamic antiquity and commodity. Many visitors had paid great interests in the censer made of blue-white porcelain 300 years ago, the three articles made of cloisonne which was used by Muslim families in the 19th century, the handwritten Holy Qur'ans and the porcelains in Arabic that marks the modern porcelain processing techniques of China.

During the event, local visitors learnt the history of Islam and current situations in Xinjiang from Chinese Muslim scholars.

The performances brought by Xinjiang and Ningxia artists are the highlight of the event. The dancers and singers conquered all audiences with their passions and skills, and were greeted by warm applauds.

Zhang Guanglin, deputy secretary-general of China Islamic Association and member of the Chinese religious delegation to Indonesia, told Xinhua that the event had attracted 5,000 to 6,000 visitors.

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