Puntland hires TMG Security Company

A Kuwait based Security Company is taking on the task of Supporting the Puntland State Government of Somalia, where with the directive of President Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud [Farole], Puntland will embark on a new effective approach in tackling the Piracy and external security threats that could destabilize, the otherwise stable and secure Puntland State.

According to the Puntland state government, Threat Management Group (TMG) of Agility will Partner with the Government and provide security consulting services and training for the government law enforcement and security forces.

In a statement released on Saturday 5th , December 2009, the Puntland Minister of Interior, Gen. Abdullahi Ahmed Jama, said “We are very pleased to partner with TMG of Agility. The Government has full confidence that TMG’s proven track record and expertise will further strengthen and enhance the ongoing efforts of our Government in continuing to build a safe and secure Puntland whilst also addressing the Piracy Problem.�

Gen. Abdullahi noted that this agreement represents an important step forward for Puntland government's plans to employ the latest counter terrorism, piracy eradication and law enforcement strategies and action plans, in order to sustain and enhance Puntland's existing stability and security.

The minister said "we fully understand that nation re-building is not possible without the active participation of Foreign Direct Investments, and investments will not be forthcoming if we don't address the security issues and concerns more seriously, more professionally and seeking the assistance of tier one industry expertise".

“The new democratically elected Government of Puntland face some daunting challenges but in their first 12 months of Governance have shown stiff resolve and delivered some early results in their commitment to eradicating piracy.’’ said Mark Mitchell, President and Co-founder of TMG.

Mitchell said he is confident that with the additional support of TMG the Government will continue to plan and execute operations and build on a policy of zero tolerance for any group or individuals not willing to adhere to the laws and regulations of the State of Puntland.

Mitchell, along with TMGs Director of International Operations Gerard Righetti, recently spent time in Puntland making a full assessment of the Government Forces and security infrastructure. They also visited Puntland’s major cities, economic zones and main infrastructure like Hospitals, Boassaso Sea Port and Airport. Mitchell stated, “This partnership will continue to build on the success story of Puntland and the additional training delivered to the Puntland Police and Security Forces that TMG will provide will bear fruits and strengthen Puntlands ability to Police and enforce their laws and regulations and make Puntland and Somalia an attractive option for International investment and continued development�.

About Puntland State Government of Somalia.

Puntland State Government of Somalia is state within Federal Republic of Somalia, relatively secure and stable state, consisting of seven of northeastern regions of Somalia (Nugaal, Sool, Sanaag, Karkaar, Mudug, Bari and Ayn).

Since its inception, Puntland State has established itself a reputable name as a stable region in northeastern Somalia with a surface land comprising one-third of Somalia and close to half of the country’s coastline. It is the strategic part of Somalia, being the real Horn of Africa, facing both the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Approximately 3 million people live and work in Puntland, where there is a functioning constitutional government with security forces and public finance management that is built on a unique homegrown democratic process – all without substantial support from the international community.

Most recently, in January 2009, the State of Puntland held its third peaceful and transparent election followed by a smooth transition and a major shift to a new government where H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole) became Puntland’s third elected President and the outgoing president, H.E. Mohamud Muse Hersi (Adde), democratically stepped down.

About Threat Management Group of Agility.

TMG is a subsidiary of Kuwait based Company Agility. TMG is a security and counter terrorism service provider in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. TMG training and operations personnel have Law Enforcement, Military and Special Forces backgrounds.

Mitchell and TMG Vice President and Co-Founder Steve Giles have built TMG from a small close protection company into an International provider of Security Consultancy and Services to Foreign Governments and Major International corporations.

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