China Defends Xinjiang Camps Amid Pleas for Global Action

The Chinese government has issued a White Paper defending its policies in Xinjiang and the forced internment of up to 1.5 million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. The government
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Photo: Xinjiang China 2018, by sj liew

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At U.N., West Criticizes Xinjiang Crisis

Following reports of forced labor, political indoctrination, abuse, and deaths within Xinjiang’s internment camps, the U.S. co-hosted a U.N. Human Rights Council side event on
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“Window into Xinjiang” Closes with Kazakh Arrest

As the Chinese government has detained more than a million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in internment camps in Xinjiang, thousands of ethnic Kazakhs, who have long lived on the
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Turkey’s economy tumbles into first recession since 2009 as polls loom

Author:  AFP ID:  1552295050306819900 Mon, 2019-03-11 08:55 ANKARA: Turkey’s economy entered its first recession in a decade, official data showed on Monday, just weeks before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government faces local elections where growth and inflation will be key issues for voters. Economic output contracted by 2.4 percent in the final three months of the year compared
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National Security at the United Nations This Week

Responding to repression of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China, censuring Saudi Arabia at the Human Rights Council, stalled progress in de-escalating Yemen's civil war, OPCW findings on chemical weapons use in Syria, and more.
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Turkish-Chinese Spat Puts Central Asian Leaders on the Spot

by James M. Dorsey A Turkish-Chinese spat as a result of Turkish criticism of China’s crackdown on Turkic Muslims in its strategic but troubled north-western province of Xinjiang complicates efforts by Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states to at best… Continue Reading  
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U.N. Rights Chief, Envoy Seeking Access to Xinjiang

Last year, reports emerged that Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities are being systematically detained in a network of “re-education” camps in Xinjiang as a
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How future wars between India and Pakistan could draw in the US and China

The effect of a miscalculation could be more devastating than we can imagine. In 1960, Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Pakistani president Ayub Khan signed the Indus Waters Treaty, an agreement on the shared use of the outflow of the Indus River system. In the six decades since, despite several all-out wars between the two sides, the treaty has continued
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US to end preferential trade status for India, Turkey: statement

Author:  AFP ID:  1551748455666523900 Tue, 2019-03-05 01:02 WASHINGTON: At President Donald Trump’s direction, the United States intends to scrap the preferential trade status granted to India and Turkey, officials said Monday. Washington “intends to terminate India’s and Turkey’s designations as beneficiary developing countries under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program because they no longer comply with
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China's internal colony

China may have interned as many as a million Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang in an attempt to suppress their desire for greater autonomy and perhaps even independence; this may just increase that desire. - 2019/03 / article , 2019/03 Uyghurs
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Translation: a Han Tourist in Xinjiang

Amid an ongoing security crackdown in Xinjiang that has included the controversial use of a network of “reeducation” camps holding over a million ethnic Uyghurs and
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China shuts down its consulate in İzmir amid Uighur row

Chinese Embassy to Turkey has announced that the country’s general-consulate in Izmir was closed as of Feb. 28 due to general arrangements with regard to consular activities.
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China urges ‘objective’ view of Xinjiang after Turkey criticism

Countries should take an “objective” view of Chinese policy in Xinjiang and stop saying the wrong thing, China’s government said on Wednesday, after Turkey and Britain voiced concern at China’s alleged mistreatment of Uighurs and other Muslims there, reports Reuters. The issue came up as UN Human Rights Council opened its main annual session. Diplomats and activists say China has lobbied hard to avoid scrutiny over its policies in Xinjiang and other rights issues at the four-week meeting. Western countries
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Turkey to continue cooperation with China despite Uighur row: FM

Turkey’s determination in cooperating with China as part of the latter’s “One Belt One Road Initiative” has not changed despite an ongoing spat over the treatment of Uighur Turks, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said, reiterating Ankara’s call for Beijing to “separate terrorists from innocent civilians.”
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Uyghurs Pressure Beijing as Envoys Visit Xinjiang

Due to fear of economic retribution, Muslim countries have been largely silent on Xinjiang’s “re-education” camps, which have detained between 800,000 and two million Turkic
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China and Saudi Arabia: The Xinjiang Factor

by Giorgio Cafiero As the Jamal Khashoggi affair and the ongoing war in Yemen continually increase the amount of criticism that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) receives in Western countries, he embarked this month on a three-leg… Continue Reading  
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Saudi crown prince ignores Uighurs during China visit

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman turned a blind eye to the plight of China’s Uighur Muslims when he met Friday with President Xi Jinping in Beijing. The Uighur community both inside and outside China had expected bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, to raise the issue of China’s human rights violations against ethnic Uighurs. Instead, he chose to side with China. “We respect and support China’s right to take counter-terrorism
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Saudi crown prince defends China’s use of internment camps for Uighur Muslims

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman turned a blind eye to the plight of China’s Uighur Muslims when he met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Feb. 22.
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China sees ‘enormous potential’ in Saudi economy as crown prince visits

Author:  Reuters ID:  1550806548197566400 Fri, 2019-02-22 05:54 BEIJING: China sees “enormous potential” in Saudi Arabia’s economy and wants more high-tech cooperation, the Chinese government’s top diplomat said, as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman began a two-day trip to Beijing. The Saudi delegation, including top executives from Saudi Aramco, arrived on Thursday on an Asia tour that
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Who are the Uyghurs and why is the Chinese government detaining them?

China’s President Xi Jinping has overseen a hardline approach towards Muslim minorities living in Xinjiang, especially the Uyghurs. But why? Find out here: The post Who are the Uyghurs and why is the Chinese government detaining them? appeared first on Asian Correspondent .
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Deep Beijing Surveillance Network Revealed as China Network Exposed

Chinese surveillance firm SenseNets is closely monitoring the movements of an estimated 2.5 million people in Xinjiang - an autonomous territory in northwest China - according to a massive data leak on the Beijing group’s servers that was identified by the Dutch nonprofit organization GDI Foundation.
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University Protests Raise CCP Influence Concerns

This week Uyghur activist Rukiye Turdush gave a presentation at Ontario’s McMaster University about the current conditions in Xinjiang, where more than one million Uyghurs
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Turkish Condemnation of Xinjiang cracks Muslim Wall of Silence

by James M. Dorsey In perhaps the most significant condemnation to date of China’s brutal crackdown on Turkic Muslims in its north-western province of Xinjiang. Turkey’s foreign ministry demanded this weekend that Chinese authorities respect human rights of the Uighurs… Continue Reading  
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Turkey Condemns Xinjiang Camps as Concern Grows

As global concern is rising over the detention of between 800,000 to two million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in re-education camps in Xinjiang, governments of several Muslim
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China releases video it says proves reports of Uighur poet's death untrue

Chinese state media has released a video it said proves Uighur poet and musician Abdurehim Heyit is alive, after Turkey cited reports of his death in custody in a strongly worded condemnation of "human rights violations" in Xinjiang.
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Turkey calls on China to close internment camps for Muslims

Turkey called on China to close its internment camps for Muslims, saying the camps which reportedly hold a million ethnic Uighur people are a “great shame for humanity”. Last week, rights activists urged European and Muslim nations to take the lead in establishing a UN investigation into China’s detention and “forced indoctrination” of up to one million Uighurs, who speak a Turkic-language, and other Muslims in Xinjiang province. “The policy of systematic assimilation against the Uighur Turks carried out by
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'Others should join Turkey and defend China's Uighurs'

Other countries should follow Turkey's lead in calling out China's mistreatment of Uighur Muslims, said the head of a major human rights group on Feb. 10.
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Saudi investments to aid cash-strapped Pakistan

Author:  Omar Hasan | AFP ID:  1549785736444010300 Sun, 2019-02-10 03:57 DUBAI: A record investment package being prepared by Saudi Arabia for Pakistan will likely provide welcome relief for its cash-strapped Muslim ally, while also addressing regional geopolitical challenges, analysts say. At the heart of the investment is a reported $10 billion refinery and oil complex in the
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The United States’ Role in China’s Persecution of the Uighurs

Kamaltürk Yalqun’s father was sentenced to 15 years in a Chinese prison early last year. As a prominent Uighur scholar and writer, he was among the first to be swept up in October 2016 as China embarked on its largest detention campaign since the Cultural Revolution. “Whether you become an activist or not, it doesn’t matter. If you are a Uighur, you will be a target,” Yalqun said. On Tuesday, Yalqun was among nearly 200 protesters rallying outside the United Nation headquarters in Manhattan to plead for
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130+ American Muslim Imams, Scholars and Community Leaders Sign A Statement On The Ongoing Oppression of Uighur Muslims

In the Name of God, the Benevolent, the Merciful, All praise is due to Allahﷻ and may the Creator send His blessings and salutations upon our master, Muhammadﷺ, as well as upon his family and companions. We, imams, scholars and community leaders, hereby affirm and declare the following fundamental points: We ask the People’s Republic […]
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She Fled China’s Camps—but She’s Still Not Free

Sayragul Sauytbay, the only person to have worked inside an internment camp in Xinjiang and spoken publicly about it, now faces an uncertain future in Kazakhstan.
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EU Delegation Visits Xinjiang as Abuses Continue

Amid ongoing reports of forced labor, abuse, and even death within Xinjiang’s network of “re-education” camps—which have held between 800,000 and two million Turkic Muslims—an
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Alistair Carmichael: It’s time for the government to speak out against China’s repression of the Uyghurs

The clamp-down on the predominantly Muslim Uyghur group has seen the imprisonment of up to two million people.  This Tuesday I will lead a parliamentary debate on human rights in the Chinese Province of Xinjiang. The clamp-down on the predominantly Muslim Uyghur group has seen the imprisonment of up to two million people. This incarceration, in what the Chinese government refers
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The Infowar on China’s Xinjiang-Uyghur Crisis. Now They’re Targeting Pakistan and PM Imran Khan

The Western Mainstream Media’s infowar about the true state of the anti-terrorist situation in Xinjiang failed after a group of diplomats and journalists were unprecedentedly allowed to visit some of the education and job-training facilities in the strategically located province, … The post The Infowar on China’s Xinjiang-Uyghur Crisis. Now They’re Targeting Pakistan and PM Imran Khan appeared first on Global Research .
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Representatives of diplomatic missions in China visit Xinjiang Uygur region

A joint delegation of representatives of diplomatic missions from 12 countries accredited to China visited the cities of Urumqi, Kashgar and Hotan of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) from 28 to 30 December 2018.
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China and the Uyghurs, by Godfree Roberts

The escalating trade war against China, threats of sanctions over allegations of Uyghur detention camps in Xinjiang, threats of sanctions if China buys Russian defense equipment, all is aimed at disruption of the sole emerging threat to a Washington global order. How China’s authorities are trying to deal with this full assault is illustrated by...
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The Uighur Question: A Civil Society Solution

In the last few months, the International Movement for a Just World (JUST) like so many other civil society groups in various parts of the world has been inundated with videos and articles from different sources alleging cruel persecution and harsh oppression of the Uighur Muslim minority in Xinjiang province in the Western part of More
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Crackdown in Xinjiang: China and the Islamic World’s Achilles Heel

by James M. Dorsey A disagreement between major Indonesian religious leaders and the government on how to respond to China’s crackdown on Turkic Muslims raises questions about the Islamic World’s ability to sustain its silence about what amounts to one… Continue Reading  
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China’s alleged Uighur abuse could strain ties with Muslim countries

EARLIER this week the Malaysian government has chided Beijing's alleged abuse of minority ethnic Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang in a move that would likely add further strain to its cooling ties with China. The post China’s alleged Uighur abuse could strain ties with Muslim countries appeared first on Asian Correspondent .
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Forced Labor Revealed at Xinjiang Camps

Beijing’s approach to its network of “re-education” camps in Xinjiang—which have detained between 800,000 and two million Turkic Muslims—has shifted from outright
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Fear and Loathing in Xinjiang: Ethnic Cleansing in the 21st Century

What we are witnessing in Xinjiang is a new form of ethnic cleansing that draws from all of these mass atrocities of the past while benefiting from the technologies of control available in the 21st century. Over the last two years, there has been a flurry of news coverage of the mass human rights abuses […] The post Fear and Loathing in Xinjiang: Ethnic Cleansing in the 21st Century appeared first on Fair Observer .
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CPJ: Xinjiang Key Focus for Journalist Detentions

An annual census of detentions by the Committee to Project Journalists has identified China as one of the most prolific jailers, and highlighted ongoing mass detentions in Xinjiang
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Concerns Rise as Muslim Crackdown Broadens

Authorities in Xinjiang have detained an estimated one million or more Turkic Muslims in “re-education” camps and turned the region into a frontline laboratory for draconian
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Re-education Camps, Infiltration, Surveillance: China Criticized over Persecution of Uyghur Muslims

The United Nations and human rights groups have accused China's government of setting up massive anti-Muslim "re-education" camps in the northwest Xinjiang province to disappear, jail and brainwash Uyghur Muslims. Some estimates put the population in the camps at up to 2 million. After months of denials, China acknowledged their existence in October, saying they are part of efforts to counter extremism. But Uyghurs say it's a form of collective punishment—and that they live under a high-tech surveillance state designed
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China: RSF calls for the release of award-winning photojournalist

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls for the release of Lu Guang, an award-winning Chinese photojournalist and US permanent resident who went missing during a trip to Xinjiang on November 3rd. Lu Guang , an acclaimed photojournalist based in New York, went on a trip to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, on October 23rd, where he expected to meet with local photogra
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Exiled Uighurs call for action on China over crackdown

Exiled ethnic Uighur shares accounts of harassment by Chinese authorities and expresses concern for missing family members caught up in sweeping security operations back home.
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5 Horrible Things Happening To Uyghur Muslims in Chinese Secret Camps

By Gulnaz Uighur In 1949 two things happened, first was the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and second was the invasion of East Turkestan by them. Soon after these events, the world witnessed ‘cultural revolution’ under Mao Zedong. It was one of the most dreadful phases in my people’s history. History is repeating […]
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