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Interview With Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq, CEO Of ChenOne

Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq was born on March 25, 1976 in Toba Tek Singh. He belongs to a well-known industrialist family. He has received primary education from Faisalabad and higher education from abroad. His higher education gave him vast international exposure. He is well known in the cities of Faisalabad and Lahore for his community and social services. Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq is the CEO of ChenOne Stores Limited. ChenOne is a subsidiary of Chenab Limited, formerly Chenab Fabrics and
2018-02-21 02:02 | 1 ,Business ,Opinion | EurasiaReview

U.S., Aus, Japan, India Mull Belt and Road Alternative

The Australian Financial Review’s Phillip Cooley reports on discussions between Australia, the United States, India, and Japan on establishing a joint regional infrastructure plan to rival the controversial China-led Belt and Road Initiative . The BRI, a trillion dollar-plus, 65-nation trade and development initiative, has raised a host of concerns over its potential to significantly expand Beijing’s political and economic influence abroad . A senior US Official told  The Australian Financial Review  the plan
2018-02-20 23:02 | China & the World ,Law ,Level 2 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Belt And Road And US-China Relations In 2018 – Analysis

By Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy* In early February 2018, US forces conducted air operations targeting both the Taliban and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) in Afghanistan’s north-eastern Badakshan province which shares a border with China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The US is visibly interested in co-opting China in the region rather than contesting it. And, in the backdrop of emerging regional developments, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) may be poised to become key determinants
2018-02-20 06:02 | 1 ,Analysis ,Business | EurasiaReview

US Senator Rubio Questions Firm On DNA Sequencer Sales To China

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has called on a U.S. firm that sells DNA sequencing equipment to China to explain its relationship to police in the western region of Xinjiang, in light of controversial DNA collection program focused on the Uyghur ethnic minority. Rubio, a Republican from Florida and chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China wrote a letter Thursday to CEO Marc Casper of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Massachusetts-based firm raising concern about its role in China’s program. “The
2018-02-13 06:02 | 1 ,Social Issues | EurasiaReview

Chinese Extradition Request Puts Crackdown On Uyghurs In Spotlight – Analysis

A Chinese demand for the extradition of 11 Uyghurs from Malaysia puts the spotlight on China’s roll-out of one of the world’s most intrusive surveillance systems, military moves to prevent Uyghur foreign fighters from returning to Xinjiang, and initial steps to export its security approach to countries like Pakistan. The 11 were among 25 Uyghurs who escaped from a Thai detention centre in November through a hole in the wall, using blankets to climb to the ground.
2018-02-13 05:02 | 1 ,Analysis ,Social Issues | EurasiaReview

Pakistan’s Voiceless Pashtuns Find Voice – OpEd

Is it not ironic that two very similar insurgencies have simultaneously been going on in Pakistan for the last several years: the Baloch insurgency in the Balochistan province and the insurgency of the Pashtun tribesmen in the tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering the US-occupied Afghanistan. While the Pakistani neoliberal elites fully sympathize with the oppressed Baloch nationalists, when it comes to the Pashtun tribesmen, they are willing to give Pakistan’s security agencies a license to kill, why? It’s
2018-02-10 03:02 | 1 ,Opinion ,Social Issues | EurasiaReview

China’s latest move in the graveyard of empires

Beijing’s strategic priority is to prevent ETIM fighters exiled in Afghanistan crossing the Wakhan Corridor to carry out operations in Xinjiang
2018-02-09 02:02 | Afghanistan, Politics, Beijing | ATimes

Preserving skiing's origins in China's remote west

Archaeologists have dated cave paintings showing people on skis in Xinjiang between 10,000 to 30,000 years ago.
2018-02-07 15:02 | News | Aljazeera

China’s Surveillance State: Henan, Xinjiang, and Beyond

As new Chinese surveillance technology spreads across the country and beyond , Sixth Tone’s Bibek Bhandari describes the use of new facial recognition-enabled headsets by railway security staff ahead of the Spring Festival travel rush. Railway police in Zhengzhou, the capital of central China’s Henan province, are the first in the country to start using facial recognition eyewear to screen passengers, the online arm of Party newspaper People’s Daily reported Monday. Security
2018-02-07 07:02 | China & the World ,Information Revolution ,Law | ChinaDigitalTimes

Beijing warns jihadists may target key southern regions

In a rare admission of its Islamic terrorism threat, China said insurgents forced out of Xinjiang Uyghur were moving into the country's economic heartland
2018-02-01 10:02 | Asia Unhedged, Xinjiang, terrorism | ATimes

China testing facial-recognition systems to track Uighur community

CHINA is testing a new facial recognition system that tracks members of the persecuted Uighur community and alerts police when they stray beyond designated “safe areas.” The post China testing facial-recognition systems to track Uighur community appeared first on Asian Correspondent .
2018-01-26 00:01 | China, Culture, News | AsianCorrespondent

Chinese Surveillance Tech, from Xinjiang to South America

China’s increasingly advanced biometric and electronic surveillance technologies, including the widely misunderstood and still nascent Social Credit System, have attracted
2018-01-24 02:01 | China & the World, Economy, Law | ChinaDigitalTimes

China Increasing Cargo Deliveries To Europe Through Azerbaijan

By Azad Hasanli Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, began deliveries of cargo through Azerbaijan to Europe,
2018-01-21 08:01 | 1, Business | EurasiaReview

New Uighur jihadist group emerges in Syria

While Katibat al Ghuraba al Turkistan (KGT) appears to be small, it is yet another group in northwestern Syria containing ethnic Uighurs.
2018-01-18 21:01 | Feature Articles, Long War Journal, Abdullah Mohammed al Muhaysini | LongWarJournal

China: Uyghur blogger completes fourth year in prison

News Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urges the world not to forget Ilham Tohti, a leading Uyghur blogger and academic who was arrested exactly four years ago this week and who is serving a life sentence for what he wrote about Uyghur issues. A teacher at Beijing’s Central University for Nationalities, Tohti was arrested on 15 January 2014, the day that the authorities closed the news website that he edited,
2018-01-17 06:01 | News | ReportersWithoutBorders

Translation: “Ethnic Harmony” Song in Xinjiang

CDT translation contributor Alicia translates a propaganda song that she found to be ubiquitous during her time living in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
2018-01-09 17:01 | CDT Highlights, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Persecution in Xinjiang Leads Some to Militancy

As Chinese authorities ramp up efforts to create an unprecedented digital police state in Xinjiang, citizens caught questioning government policies in the region are given
2017-12-31 06:12 | Human Rights, Law, Level 2 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

10 International Stories You Loved In 2017

Some of the most-read NPR Parallels stories looked at how North Korean nuclear tests could get even more terrifying, a disastrous speech by Britain's Theresa May and the popularity of Uighur models.
2017-12-23 11:12 | News | NPR

Anger with China drives Uighurs to Syrian war

The Chinese interrogators held burning cigarettes to Ali’s face, tied him against a tree and beat him as they tried to get the Uighur farmer to say he took part in an ethnic riot that killed dozens in western China.
2017-12-23 00:12 | Middle East | DailyStar

Advanced Surveillance Spreading From Xinjiang Across China

This week, The Wall Street Journal’s Josh Chin and Clément Bürge examined the combination of intensive conventional policing and innovative technologies including facial
2017-12-22 23:12 | China & the World, Economy, Information Revolution | ChinaDigitalTimes

Uyghurs Shackled by Digital Police State in Xinjiang

Mass disappearances are taking place in Xinjiang as part of an intensive effort spearheaded by Communist Party chief Chen Quanguo to create a digital police state in the region complete
2017-12-18 23:12 | Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article, Level 4 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

China collecting biodata from millions of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

Rights group says DNA, face mugshots, fingerprints, iris scans, blood types and more have been taken from millions of Muslims in restive province
2017-12-14 06:12 | Asia Unhedged, China, Xinjiang | ATimes

Xinjiang Authorities Collecting Residents’ Biometric Data

Human Rights Watch has reported on a program which has gathered biometric data—including fingerprints, iris scans, blood-type, and DNA—on millions of residents in six regions
2017-12-14 00:12 | Human Rights, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

‘Privacy Violations For All’: Chinese Province Collects Biodata Without Consent

The regional government in China’s westernmost Xinjiang Province is expanding its biodata collection project to include the DNA, fingerprints, iris signatures, and blood types of all people between the ages of 12 and 65, according to a new report.
2017-12-14 00:12 | Society | SputnikNews

PLA drone brigade brushes up skills in Xinjiang ‘war game’

Veteran PLA pilots 'fly' cutting edge drones on game-pad like consoles and launch missiles for decapitation strikes
2017-11-27 08:11 | Asia Unhedged, China, People's Liberation Army | ATimes

China: Authorities Raid Thousands Of Muslim Homes

Authorities in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region have reportedly searched the homes of 30,000 members of the Muslim Kazakh ethnic group
2017-11-20 16:11 | 1, Religion | EurasiaReview

China Introduces Revised Uyghur Extremism List

Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region have updated guidelines on detaining Muslim Uyghurs on religious “extremism” charges, which include the posture
2017-11-09 06:11 | 1, Religion, Social Issues | EurasiaReview

China’s Water Diversion Plan Reaches the Brahmaputra

According to Stephen Chen from South China Morning Post, Chinese engineers are making plans to build an 1,000km tunnel, in order to divert water from the Tibet plateau to the Xinjiang
2017-11-03 22:11 | China & the World, Environment, Level 2 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

'Impossible To Save': Scientists Are Watching China's Glaciers Disappear

Xinjiang has nearly 20,000 glaciers, half of China's total. They're all receding at a record pace — and will continue to melt, some scientists warn, even if global temperatures stop rising.
2017-10-21 10:10 | News | NPR

Xinjiang a “Frontline Laboratory for Surveillance”

Under Party Chief Chen Quanguo, a hardliner who was credited for quelling a wave of unrest in Tibet, Xinjiang is emerging as a “perfect police state,” according to
2017-10-21 04:10 | Human Rights, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Erik Prince Weighing Senate Bid While Tackling Xinjiang Security Challenge

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2017-10-17 16:10 | Rune Steenberg Reyhe, China, United States | EurAsiaNet

In Xinjiang, Household Knives Must Be ID’ed

Since 2014, as part of a nationwide crackdown on terrorism, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has seen a host of new restrictions over many facets of everyday life–from
2017-10-11 05:10 | Human Rights, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Trump Pressed on Human Rights Ahead of China Visit

The U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China issued its annual report on Thursday, covering human rights, rule of law, and developments in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong,
2017-10-07 03:10 | China & the World, Human Rights, Level 2 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Qurans, Prayer Mats Confiscated in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is the frontline of a nationwide crackdown on terrorism that began in 2014 in response to rising incidents of violence in the region and elsewhere in China. The anti-terror
2017-09-29 01:09 | Human Rights, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

China: Authorities Confiscating All Copies Of Koran In Xinjiang

Authorities in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region have ordered Muslim families to hand in religious items including prayer mats and Korans,
2017-09-29 01:09 | 1, Religion, China | EurasiaReview

For Some Chinese Uighurs, Modeling Is A Path To Success

China's Muslim-minority Uighurs often face persecution and suspicion. But their popularity has grown in recent years as models. "Not to brag, but we are very good-looking," says one Uighur model.
2017-09-27 14:09 | News | NPR

Wary Of Unrest Among Uighur Minority, China Locks Down Xinjiang Province

Following riots and attacks in past years, residents of Urumqi, the capital of the western region, now live and work under intense surveillance, and are subject to detention after traveling abroad.
2017-09-26 08:09 | News | NPR

China’s Persecution of the Uyghur People

The Uyghurs (pronounced wee-gers) are a predominantly-Muslim ethnic minority based in Xinjiang region of China. Not only does Xinjiang have the highest concentration of Muslims in the Republic, but Uyghurs are the second-largest predominantly-Muslim ethnic group in China. Throughout the years, these people have faced immense discrimination and cultural suppression by the State. Recently, when millions More
2017-09-20 08:09 | articles 2015 | CounterPunch

Video showing riots sparks anti-Muslim rage in China

Chinese internet users bombarded government social media accounts Wednesday with thousands of anti-Islamic messages in response to unverified videos showing rioting involving Muslims. Online attacks on Chinese Muslim minorities have surged in recent years, with commenters directing angry screeds at both the Hui and the Uighur minority groups in the country’s north and far west. The alleged row that triggered the latest flood of invective took place in the city of Tangshan in northern China’s Hebei province on Monday. According
2017-09-07 14:09 | News | AbrarOnline

China: Kazakh Students Targeted For Wearing Islamic Attire

Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region are thought to be detaining ethnic minority Kazakhs for wearing “Islamic” clothing and praying, a
2017-09-05 01:09 | 1, Religion, China | EurasiaReview

Photo: Burqin, Xinjiang, by keso s

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Photo: Northern Xinjiang, by king.f

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Canadian Journalist Briefly Detained in Xinjiang

Canadian journalist Nathan VanderKlippe, The Globe and Mail’s Beijing-based Asia correspondent, was detained in Elishku Township, Xinjiang on August 23 for over three
2017-08-24 22:08 | Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article, Level 4 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

China’s Muslims banned from using their language in schools

Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region have banned China’s Muslims from using their language in schools. Last month, the Hotan government in north western China prohibited the use of the Uighur language from being used in schools including pre-school. The new move comes after strict restrictions on Muslims in the region including a ban on fasting during Ramadan. The move was announced in a notice on the website of Xinjiang’s Hotan region. It said that the use of the Uyghur language was
2017-08-04 14:08 | News | AbrarOnline

China's Muslims banned from using their language in schools

Authorities in China's Xinjiang region have banned China's Muslims from using their language in schools.
2017-08-03 13:08 | News | IINA

Xinjiang Residents Forced to Install Spyware on Phones

At Global Voices, Oiwan Lam reports that residents in a district of Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, are being required to install the Jingwang (净网,
2017-07-20 23:07 | Information Revolution, Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Repressive Policies toward Uyghurs Continue to Worsen

Authorities in Xinjiang have stepped up their efforts to suppress the Islamic identity of the region’s ethnic Uyghurs following the appointment of Chen Quanguo to the position
2017-07-15 01:07 | Level 2 Article, Level 3 Article, Level 4 Article | ChinaDigitalTimes

Egypt arrests Chinese Muslim students amid police sweep

Scores of Uighurs forced to flee in Cairo and Alexandria after police sweep on Beijing's request, rights groups say.
2017-07-07 12:07 | News | Aljazeera

Egyptian police said to detain Chinese Uighurs in wide sweep

Chinese students from the Uighur ethnic minority have been detained in Egypt in a broad police sweep that has shaken the country's sizeable Uighur student and expatriate community, activists said Thursday
2017-07-06 15:07 | Middle East | DailyStar

This Eid A Uyghur Muslimah Tells Her Story

By Gulnaz Uighur My name is Gulnaz and I am a Uyghur Muslim. My place of birth is East Turkestan but the world knows it as ‘Xinjiang’ because China says so. When I was a child, entering my teenage years as an eleven year old, my family fled Xinjiang and at that time I had […]
2017-06-27 06:06 | #Current Affairs, #MainMenu-Current-Affairs, Anti-Muslim Bigotry | MuslimMatters