Total chaos among Israeli military ranks in Gaza: Former army general

Former Israeli Maj. Gen. Itzhak Brik revealed on Saturday the “total chaos” suffered by soldiers in the Gaza Strip in terms of the availability of equipment and logistical services needed for war, Anadolu reports. Brik, a former military general, told the Israeli daily Maariv about the “total chaos in Israeli army ranks that is not talked about in the media.”
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Palestine national football team supports Tunisian tennis player ‘Ons’ in Qatar

Palestinian national football team members offered support and encouragement to the Tunisian tennis player Ons Jabeur as she participated in the Qatar Total Energies Open 2024 tournament. Jabeur who is known for her open support of the Palestinian cause happily accepted the Palestinian national team jersey. Despite Jabeur’s early exit from the tournament, Palestinian and Arab fans continue to support
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In resistance to Israel’s genocide, Palestinians unleash initiatives

Even under the genocidal eliminationist Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian people nevertheless uphold their will to strive, to fight, to survive and maintain righteousness on their own land. Hundreds of individual and group initiatives have emerged and are flourishing from within the crucible of Gaza’s destruction and displacement. Mohammed Alkhudari, a teacher, gathers dozens of students to practice
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Bassem Youssef criticises Biden and declares he won't vote for him

Egyptian-American comedian and TV presenter Bassem Youssef condemns US President Joe Biden's complicity and inaction amid Israel’s war on Gaza, labelling him 'Joe Geriatric Genocide Biden.' In his interview with the BBC, he pokes fun at the notion that not voting for Biden means voting for Trump, stating that he refuses to be ‘blackmailed’ into that choice. Youssef assures
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Jonathan Cook – The fates of Gaza and Julian Assange are sealed together

Jonathan Cook is the author of three books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and a winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His website and blog can be found at Media silence Stinging hypocrisy Blank cheque Intimidation campaign Information void All my posts are freely accessible, but my journalism is possible only because of the support of readers. If you liked this article or
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Israel's post-war plans in Gaza against 2-state solution: UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for the post-war Gaza is against the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine, the UN spokesman said on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. “We’ve obviously seen those reports … First and foremost, it bears repeating, that we appeal for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, yet again, greater humanitarian access and an immediate and unconditional release of
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Gaza prisoner dies after detention in Israel Ramla Prison

A prisoner from the Gaza Strip died after detention in the Israeli Ramla Prison, bringing the number of prisoners who died in detention since 7 October to 10, the Palestinian Prisoners Club announced on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. “A prisoner from the Gaza Strip was martyred in the Israeli Ramla prison,” the non-governmental Club stated. It indicated that the prisoner
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Israeli opposition leader says not a single country will unilaterally recognise Palestinians

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of inventing a ‘threat that does not exist’ during a Knesset session on Wednesday. Lapid said he does not believe that there was any intent for the US to unilaterally recognise a Palestinian state. ‘As you know, my connections with the Americans are better than yours, so I checked.
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Police beatings of pro-Palestinian school children spark outrage in Italy

Footage of police beating pro-Palestinian students drew broad condemnation in Italy on Friday, with the opposition calling for the Interior Minister to address Parliament over the episode, Reuters reports. Student marches were blocked by police in the Tuscan cities of Florence and Pisa, with images of officers vigorously using their truncheons on school-age protesters in Pisa, triggering outrage on social
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Reaching the Semifinals: Palestine Women’s Football Team Winning in WAFF Championship

The Palestine women’s national football team is making their mark at the West Asian Women’s Football Championship as they beat Syria to advance to the semis. “Today we celebrate humanity, we celebrate friendship. But we are also here to signify our support as the people of South Africa for the struggle of the Palestinians,” Ramaphosa, donning a Palestinian scarf, said to
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Quadripartite meeting kicks off in Paris to discuss Gaza ceasefire, hostage swap

Egypt, Qatar, the US and Israel began talks in the French capital, Paris, on Friday to discuss a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as well as a prisoner swap deal between Palestinian Resistance group, Hamas, and Tel Aviv, Egyptian media reports. Delegations from Egypt, Qatar, the US and Israel met in Paris to discuss a ceasefire in Gaza and a
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Israel military exports to top buyer India unaffected by Gaza war

Israel’s military exports to India, its largest defence buyer, have not been affected by the war in Gaza, an Indian source and an Israeli source aware of the details said, Reuters reports. India has imported military hardware worth $2.9 billion from Israel over the last decade, including radars, surveillance and combat drones and missiles. Israel launched its months-long military campaign
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Dispatch from Gaza: Drawing hope from Rafah's ruins

An artist in Gaza has used the site of a civilian massacre in Rafah as the canvas for his latest artwork. Calligrapher Belal Khaled, who was forced to become a photojournalist after Israel began bombing Gaza on 7 October, took time away from covering the bloodshed to produce a piece of art on a destroyed building in Rafah. The building
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Former Israel Premier accuses Netanyahu of 'purging' West Bank of Palestinians

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said Friday that Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza is just a step in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government plan to purge the West Bank of Palestinians, Anadolu Agency reports. Describing Netanyahu’s government as a “gang”, Olmert wrote in the Israeli daily, Haaretz, that “the supreme aim of the duo National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir,
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Namibia at ICJ: Israel's entry to UN was based on having a Palestinian state

Prof Phoebe Okowa, Namibia's representative at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asked the court to pay particular attention to the historical context of the proceedings and went on to say that like other states, Israel’s entry to the UN was based on respecting other people's right to self-determination, including that of the Palestinians.
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States must impose ‘arms embargo’ on Israel, UN experts say

Any transfer of weapons or ammunition to Israel that would be used in Gaza is likely to violate international humanitarian law and must cease immediately, UN experts warned today. “All States must ‘ensure respect’ for international humanitarian law by parties to an armed conflict, as required by 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international law,” the experts said. “States must accordingly
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IMF seeks to boost Egypt ahead of possible entry of Gaza refugees

Talks with Egypt to boost its International Monetary Fund loan programme are making excellent progress, the IMF said yesterday, saying that Egypt needs a “very comprehensive support package” to deal with economic challenges, including pressures from the war in Gaza, Reuters reports. IMF spokesperson Julie Kozack told a regular news briefing that IMF staff and Egyptian authorities agreed on the
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Hind Rayan between Netanyahu’s Metaphysical Power and Western’s Reality Disconnect

Unlike a privileged Israeli child who may have lived in Hind’s parent’s original home, Hind, born to two displaced parents endured a life of destitution, and was ultimately murdered by an Israeli tank gunner. – Jamal Kanj is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America, and other books. He writes frequently on Arab world
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Report: Weapons given to Israel settlers were sold to Palestinian Resistance fighters

A large portion of the weapons given to Israeli settlers in the Occupied West Bank were sold to Palestinian Resistance fighters who used them in recent attacks inside Israel, the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported on Thursday. The paper said senior Israeli police officers do not hide their concern, where many Israelis do not keep their weapons in accordance with
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Edible plants, poetry and English lessons: a Mother's day in a Gaza tent

Life for Gaza teacher, Inas Al-Baz, has shrunk to a daily search for food and water for her family, but she breaks the monotony as often as she can, whether it’s with a fresh ingredient for her cooking pot or study time with her children in their tent, Reuters reports. The Al-Baz family, from Al-Shati refugee camp, are among an
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MSF slams US on Gaza at UN, says children as young as 5 want to die

The head of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) told the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that medical teams in the Gaza Strip have come up with a new acronym: WCNSF – wounded child, no surviving family, Reuters reports. “Children who do survive this war will not only bear the visible wounds of traumatic injuries, but the invisible ones,
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‘It could not be clearer that what Israel is doing in Gaza is immoral’

Labour MP Nadia Whittome condemns Israeli forces' violence and human rights abuses in Gaza during the UK parliament's debate and vote on the Gaza ceasefire on 21 February. Whittome raises serious concerns about the detention of women and girls, citing credible reports of sexual violence by Israeli soldiers. She recounts the heart-wrenching plea of a Gazan girl begging her
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Scottish first minister welcomes House of Commons’ decision to call for ceasefire in Gaza

Humza Yousaf, the first minister of Scotland, has welcomed the House of Commons' decision to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Yousaf expressed his satisfaction that this debate compelled Labour to change their position. Yousaf praised the Scottish National Party (SNP) for being what he sees as 'Westminster's conscience.' The decision came after a debate on the Gaza ceasefire
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Only long-term solution for Gaza is political: UN envoy

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process expressed “ eep concern” on Thursday about a possible full-scale Israeli military operation in Gaza’s densely populated Rafah area, Anadolu Agency reports. “I cannot stress enough how urgently we need a deal that will bring about a humanitarian ceasefire and the release of hostages. “I reiterate my call for the
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Suffering and survivor’s guilt: Doctor back from Gaza narrates Nasser Hospital ordeal

The Nasser Hospital in Gaza stopped functioning last week, following a siege by Israeli forces and a military raid that the UN says has turned it into “a place of death”. Thousands of displaced Palestinians who were sheltering at the Hospital in Gaza’s southern Khan Yunis city were forced to flee under heavy Israeli bombardment. But, according to the UN,
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‘I am Proud of the Ruins of Gaza’ – Israeli Minister Tells Knesset

Israeli politician, May Golan, once again disregards Palestinian life by rejoicing in the “ruins of Gaza”. ‘I Don’t Care About Gaza’ “I care about only three things; The first thing is I care about our soldiers, our dear, precious soldiers that danger their lives every day for the state of Israel,” the politician continued. Increasing Death Toll Israel says that 1,200 soldiers and
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Israel to expand mandate of its negotiating team in prisoner swap talks

Israel will expand the authority given to its negotiating team during talks for a possible prisoner swap deal with Hamas, according to Israeli media today. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant told White House Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk during a meeting in Tel Aviv that the government will expand the mandate given to its negotiators for a hostage deal, the
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Kuwait envoy breaks down relaying Palestinian suffering at ICJ

Kuwait’s envoy to the Netherlands, Ali Al-Thefeeri, broke down during his speech at the International Court of Justice. Al-Thefeeri was forced to stop his address several times as he questioned why Israel is allowed to commit crimes against Palestinians without being held to account. “Why does the victim continue to be portrayed as the killer?” he asked. More than 50
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Chaos in UK Parliament as Labour’s Keir Starmer moves to avert party rebellion on Gaza ceasefire

A last-minute intervention by Labour leader Keir Starmer to head off a major rebellion within his party over a Gaza ceasefire vote has plunged the UK’s House of Commons into chaos. Starmer, who in the past has said that he “support[s] Zionism without qualification,” was facing the biggest crisis of his leadership as up to 100 Labour MPs threatened to
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Knesset member denies Palestine's right to exist to Arab colleague

Knesset member Hanoch Milbitsky made a stark declaration denying Palestine's right to exist to the Palestinian member Ayman Odeh, stating, 'There will not be a Palestinian state in our lifetime.' Milbitsky added, 'You will die, your children will die, and your descendants will die,' during a session in the Knesset to vote on the recognition of a Palestinian state.
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Bassem Youssef questions Israelis' claim to be 'God's chosen people'

‘Try to convince me that Israelis have more right in this land, more than Palestinians, without using religion. They can't’. Egyptian comedian and TV presenter Bassem Youssef discusses the paradox of the state of Israel’s identity, between describing itself as a secular state and a religious Jewish one. ‘I found it very hypocritical from Israel, saying that we
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Israel Minister says ‘there is no such thing as a Palestinian people’

Israeli Minister of Settlement and National Missions, Orit Strook, on Thursday denied the existence of the Palestinian people, Anadolu Agency reports. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people,” Strook said in a video on her X account of her speech during a Knesset session. “There will never be a Palestinian State in the land of Israel,” she said.
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Iran at ICJ: 'UNSC's inaction has prolonged Israel's occupation'

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister, Reza Najafi, told the International Court of Justice today that UNSC's inaction has prolonged Israel's occupation "Inaction, or insufficient action, of the Security Council - if not the main - is one of the main causes of the prolonged occupation of the Palestinian territories. All the atrocities and crimes committed by the Israeli regime in the
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American-Jewish scholar says Israel has launched ‘genocidal campaign of extermination’ in Gaza

Since 7 October, Israel has launched a “genocidal campaign of extermination” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to a Jewish history professor in the US who spoke to Anadolu. Barry Trachtenberg, the Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish history at Wake Forest University in the State of North Carolina, said following the attacks on 7 October by the Palestinian Resistance
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Justice denied to Palestinian Arabs and Muslims means the West has lost all credibility

There is no doubting the bravery and courage of Alexei Navalny, the recently deceased Russian dissident who became a symbol of resistance against Vladimir Putin’s regime. However, the global outpouring of grief and condemnation over his suspicious demise surprised me and further highlighted the double standards and unbridled racism and Islamophobia in the West. The BBC chose to focus on
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Jordan tell ICJ: Israel occupation ‘inhumane’

Jordan termed the decades-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands as “unlawful” and “inhumane” during its address at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) today. “I stand before you today while the bloody and inhumane evils of the Israeli occupation appear,” Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in an oral argument before the Hague-based court. “In Gaza, Palestinians are dying due to
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Turkish footballers display banner in support of Gaza during match

Turkish football players from the Elazigspor team entered the field before their match with a banner reading 'No to Genocide, Freedom to Palestine.’ The banner, which carried both Palestinian and Turkish flags, was a show of support for the Palestinian people amid Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza. The match occurred at Elazig Ataturk Stadium in Turkey on 18 February,
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Gaza ceasefire motion causes walkout in UK House of Commons

The House of Commons witnessed turmoil as the Speaker’s handling of the SNP’s ceasefire motion led to a dramatic scene. His decision to permit a vote on a Labour amendment resulted in a mass walkout by Tory and SNP MPs, allowing the amendment to pass without a formal vote. The contentious decision has intensified debates over parliamentary procedures and
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US Vice President says no decision to halt or condition military aid to Israel

US Vice President Kamala Harris said the US has not made any decision to halt or condition military aid to Israel, despite expressing concern over Israel’s invasion of Rafah, which is now home to 1.5 million displaced Palestinians. Israel has killed over 29,000 civilians in Gaza, including over 12,000 children, since the beginning of its military offensive on the
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Houthis ‘first entity in the history of the world’ to use anti-ship ballistic missiles

US Navy Vice Admiral Brad Cooper said the Houthis are ‘the first entity in the history of the world to use anti-ship ballistic missiles, ever, firing against shipping.’ He said no one has ever used an anti-ship ballistic missile, ‘certainly against commercial shipping, much less against US Navy ships.’ Houthi attacks have rerouted a significant portion of global
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Palestinians will lose 2024’s olive harvest if Israel continues blocking access to land

The 2023 olive harvest season was particularly difficult for Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. Taking place around September-November, it coincided with the 7 October attack on Israel and the escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip. During that time, Palestinians across the West Bank faced a spike in movement restrictions and violence by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers. For
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US State Department scrutinised for inconsistency over sexual assault allegations

During an exchange with Associated Press reporter Matt Lee at the Tuesday press briefing, US Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller said the US ‘cannot independently confirm’ UN charges of rape and sexual assault of Palestinian women in detention committed by Israeli soldiers. Lee questioned him on whether he had received ‘confirmation of what Hamas allegedly did to Israelis,
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IDF Chief urges Israel army not to film 'revenge videos' amidst genocide case at ICJ

In a message to the Israeli army, IDF Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, instructed them “not to film revenge videos” after footage was used as evidence in the case against the Israeli regime for genocide before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. According to the Times of Israel, Halevi addressed the accusations levelled against Israel at the
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Hillary Clinton ‘war criminal’ faces public backlash in Berlin

Members of the audience called Hillary Clinton a ‘war criminal’ and a ‘hypocrite’ and condemned her complicity in Israel’s war on Gaza. During the World Forum event in Berlin on 19 February, organised by Cinema for Peace, where Clinton was invited to speak, protesters called out her hypocrisy in speaking about human rights while being supportive of Israel’s war
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Israel, the Bible and the Joshua Generation: MEMO in Conversation with Rachel Havrelock

The Zionist movement and Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, sought to revive the biblical Book of Joshua and use it to give the state a new identity. Here Israel was Joshua and the Palestinians were the Canaanites, but who is Joshua and can better understanding of his story help dismantle Israel's narrative and its treatment of Palestinians?
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Security raid London university union office, remove Palestine solidarity posters

The UCU (University and College Union) branch at Queen Mary University reported an incident yesterday in which the university management and security conducted a raid on their office to remove posters expressing solidarity with Palestine. The raid occurred just one day after the university management warned the UCU that the posters, displayed for over two weeks, were having a “chilling
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Unite Brighton/S Coast votes unanimously to picket next exec over Graham’s Gaza silence

Members blast ‘refus[al] to implement Unite’s democratically agreed policy on international solidarity in respect of Palestine/Israel but of actively suppressing attempts to mobilise in support of Gaza’ and move to ‘pause’ Unite’s affiliation with Stop the War group Unite EC and constitutional committees use all means possible to publicise and encourage members to attend national PSC demonstrations in line with Union
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US veto blocks UN Security Council resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

The United States has vetoed a draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the third time at the UN Security Council. The US was the sole country to oppose the draft, with the United Kingdom abstaining while 13 other member countries voted in favour. This prevented the council from adopting the resolution proposed by Arab
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