Recap of Recent Articles on Just Security (Oct 12-16)

Nonviolent Civic Action May Help Defend the Integrity of the Election by Maria J. Stephan ( @MariaJStephan ) Facebook and Twitter’s Handling of New York Post Hunter Biden Story Bodes Poorly for Post-Election Period by Justin Hendrix ( @justinhendrix ) The President and Immigration Law: Introduction to a Just Security Series by Cristina Rodríguez ( @cmrodriguez95 ) and Adam Cox ( @adambcox ) The President and Immigration Law Series: Executive Power Beyond Enforcement by Nicholas Espiritu ( @NicoEspiritu9 ) The President and Immigration Law Series: The Urgent Need to Shrink Immigration Detention by Margo Schlanger ( @mjschlanger ) The President and Immigration Law Series: The Consequences of the Free Rein of Enforcement on Borderlands Society by Josiah Heyman The President and Immigration Law: Restoring Faith in Our Immigration System Through Enforcement Discretion and Reform by Tom Jawetz ( @TomJawetz ) The President and Immigration Law Series: Presidential Power, Migration Management, and Foreign Affairs by Alan Bersin The Good Governance Papers: An Introduction by Emily Berman, Tess Bridgeman ( @bridgewriter ), Ryan Goodman ( @rgoodlaw ) and Dakota S. Rudesill ( @DakotaRudesill ) Good Governance Paper No. 1: The Hatch Act Ban on Political Use of Government Resources by Donald K. Sherman ( @donaldonethics ) Good Governance Paper No. 2: The Congressional Subpoena Power by Emily Berman Good Governance Paper No. 3: Investigating a President by Andrew Weissmann ( @AWeissmann_ ) Good Governance Paper No. 4: Oversight of the Intelligence Community by Katrina Mulligan ( @NatSecMulligan ) Turkey Fuels Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Drones, Mercenaries and Dreams of Imperial Resurgence by Dror Zeevi ( @zedror ) App Stores as Back-Doors for Government Regulation of End-to-End Encryption by Jeffrey Vagle ( @jvagle ) Lincoln and that Supreme Court Vacancy: A Deference to Democracy by Sidney Blumenthal and Harold Holzer ( @HaroldHolzer ) Trump’s Executive Order on the ICC is Illegal, Not Just Shameful by Carrie DeCell ( @cmd_dc ) and Jameel Jaffer ( @JameelJaffer ) Estrangement Over Engagement: How the Trump Administration is Bucking Bipartisan Human Rights Diplomacy at the UN by Ryan Kaminski ( @rykaminski ) and Grace Anderson Amnesty International Calls for India to Lift Account Freeze to Resume Vital Human Rights Work by Joanne Lin ( @JoanneLinDC ) Coronavirus A Topical Index of COVID-19 Articles on Just Security by Just Security Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and U.S. Response (Updated) by Ryan Goodman ( @rgoodlaw ) and Danielle Schulkin ( @DaniSchulkin ) National Security at the United Nations This Week (Oct. 9 – 16) by Tim Hirschel-Burns ( @TimH_B ) Images [from left to right]: PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty ; David McNew/Getty ; David Ryder/Getty ; Yawar Nazir/ Getty ; Drew Angerer/Getty ; PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty

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