Fascist ‘Yorkshire Patriots’ not wanted in Dewsbury

Kirklees Unite against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism outnumbered a fascist splinter group at the weekend.
The so called Yorkshire Patriots, composed of ‘Tommy Robinson’ supporting thugs and ex English Defence League members were supposedly demonstrating over child sexual abuse and ‘Grooming gangs’.
In reality, the fascists care nothing for the victims of such horrendous crimes who of course deserve justice and used the occasion to try to inflame islamophobia. “Muslim paedos off our streets”, was chanted by the fascists. The one ‘speech’ made by the far right praised Boris Johnson and bizarrely claimed that 5G phones networks will spread cancer.
In contrast, locals and anti fascists from Leeds outnumbered by two to one, the 50 or so fascists. They were from Unite the Union, PCS union, school students and a delegation from the local mosque.
Messages of support were read out from Paula Sherriff, the local MP. Paula has recently suffered a number of death threats, some from the far right. Kirklees SUTR president and nighbouring MP Thelma Walker also sent her solidarit y. Great applause greeted Paula Sherriff’s words.
Mohammed Amin Pandor, director of the Peace Institute, said: “We are Dewsbury, we don’t need people like the Yorkshire Patriots to come and mess up our town.”
Roger Keeley from UAF locally said,
“The fascists represent a small but very unpleasant and dangerous current of opinion and people have to make a stand.
“At the moment they are quite small, but they can deceive people. Some people don’t realise they’re following fascists and then don’t admit they’re fascists. They try to con people by taking a strong stance on Brexit and pretending to take a strong line on the grooming gang issue. The fascist core at the heart of these Tommy Robinson gangs must be exposed and mobilised against”.
Two fascists were arrested as police forced the far right out of town on a bus. Anti fascists from SUTR, UAF and the Anti Fascist Network, then marched in unity through Dewsbury.
The day has gone well in the town. Some anti fascists will recall the BNP inspired mass violence against muslims in 1989. Weeks of work had gone into islamophobic hatred by the British National Party as revealed by the anti fascist magazine, Searchlight mole, Tim Hepple.
Many Asians were arrested and some jailed after the BNP inspired trouble. More recently the murdered MP Jo Cox’s name was besmirched by the BNP and other fascists.
Anti fascists have worked over many years to lessen the influence of various far right groups and today was a good example of principled anti fascism in action. Many passers by backed the Unity rally against the far right.
Next week sees the Stand up To Racism international conference, where anti fascists from across Europe will gather (for instance, from Greece, where UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett is currently at the anti fascist, KEERFA conference).
The SUTR will be an important day to organise and debate how to stop the far right. You can book here bit.ly/stopboris We hope to see many of you there!

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