Oath Keepers, Anti-Democracy Activists, and Others on the Far Right Are Funding Canada's "Freedom Convoy"

Most of the Money Came From Canadians

Hundreds of Oath Keepers Donated to the “Freedom Convoy”

Thousands of “Freedom Convoy” Donors Gave to Other Anti-Vaccine and Far-Right Causes

1,693 “Freedom Convoy” donors also donated $63,000 to Morgan Kahmann, an anti-vaccine former Facebook employee and self-styled “whistleblower” who leaked an internal document about the social network’s Covid-19 misinformation moderation policy to Project Veritas. Kahmann’s GoSendMe campaign earned him over $500,000.
1,612 donors also gave $66,000 to Jodi O’Malley, who is described as a “Covid-19 Federal whistleblower.” O’Malley, a registered nurse who worked for Phoenix Indian Medical Center, recorded a video for Project Veritas making unsubstantiated claims that Covid-19 vaccines harmed patients and that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the virus. Public health experts advise against using ivermectin to treat Covid-19. O’Malley earned $475,000 from this GiveSendGo campaign.
1,532 donors also donated $55,000 to Melissa Strickler, a former Pfizer manufacturing quality auditor who leaked company emails to Project Veritas that she believed showed the vaccine contained aborted fetal cells. This is false, but she still earned $347,000 from her GiveSendGo campaign.

Over 2,000 donors also gave more than $120,000 to campaigns aimed at reversing the 2020 election results. The most prominent campaign was for the Voter Integrity Project, run by former Trump campaign operative Matt Braynard. Braynard raised nearly $700,000 through GiveSendGo for his project, which he claimed would acquire voter data from swing states and use this data to prove that there was voter fraud in states where Trump lost to Biden. Braynard’s efforts have been widely discredited. In a Georgia case that cited his data, Democratic lawyers pointed out that “Braynard does not have the appropriate qualifications to opine on these topics, he does not follow standard methodology in the relevant scientific field, and the survey underlying several of his opinions is fatally flawed.” The case was eventually dismissed.
Over 2,000 donors also gave more than $130,000 to campaigns related to supporting the legal defense of people arrested for participating in the January 6 Capitol attack, including a fund started by a lawyer representing Ashli Babbitt’s family. Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer on January 6 inside the U.S. Capitol.
1,166 donors also gave nearly $50,000 to Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund. This campaign raised a total of $629,000. Hundreds of donors also donated $16,000 to campaigns supporting the Proud Boys.

Donors Used Government Email Addresses

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