Stop Tommy Robinson’s far right friends in London


Supporters of fascist Tommy Robinson have said they will be holding demonstrations ‘all over London’ on Saturday 24 August. Unite against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism are to hold a counter protest to oppose their racism and islamophobia. Last Saturday, the far right were outnumbered and well opposed by anti fascists,
Robinson himself is still in Belmarsh prison, his latest conviction is for being found guilty of contempt of court after nearly damaging a highly sensitive court case involving child sexual abuse, due to live streaming at the case.
Robinson of course, has a long history of fascist organisation, from being a member of the British National Party to helping form the English Defence League.
His supporters have whipped up islamophobia, racism and violence whenever they have marched. It is thought that to try to save face, Robinson acolytes have been told by Robinson to try to make amends for the flop last Saturday, in London.
No firm details have been stated by the far right and anti fascists across London are ready to organise broad based opposition should the little Hitler’s who back Robinson, try to enter certain areas. There is a UAF/SUTR Facebook event page here,
Robinson last week expressed his support for the latest person who has just become leader of the far right, UKIP party. Richard Braine, Ukip’s west London Chairman, took 53% of the vote in a ballot of members.
Braine was the favoured candidate of former leader Gerard Batten. This is hopefully the kiss of death politically, given Batten’s pathetic leadership. This clearly marks Braine out as on the extreme right and he may try to pursue links with the declining ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’.
Batten’s poor judgement, alongside his fateful support for Robinson and relentless anti fascist campaigning, ensured he paid the ultimate political price, resulting in his resignation.
UKIP’S far right policies and vile candidates in the Euro elections such as Mark Meecham and Carl Benjamin, also made for their being decimated in the European elections.
What’s left of those in UKIP who either haven’t dropped out or gone behind Nigel Farage stopped Batten from standing again, for leader.
Robinson is due to be released in a matter of weeks and a number even on the far right are questioning the purpose of another ‘free Tommy’ demo. Not a few even ask if this isn’t just another attempt by the ludicrous figure, ‘Danny Tommo’, to ingratiate himself further with Robinson. A number of tweets like below show the disenchantment with Robinson has spread from the DFLA to many other former Robinson fans, 
Anti fascists will both monitor and mobilise alongside traditional allies like trade unionists and the muslim communities who the far right have long targeted.
The far right in the UK are clearly electorally and on the streets, far from the threat they posed last year. However, the crisis around Brexit and the volatile nature of the world eg the appalling El Paso murders by a white supremacist, means they will look to re emerge.
As this is written (Saturday afternoon), there are reports of a shooting at a mosque in Norway, the day before Eid. A person has been shot as a gunman went into a mosque in Oslo.
A man has been arrested in connection with the shooting. It is not yet known how seriously the victim was injured at the al-Noor Islamic Centre. The gunman is said to be a white man wearing a helmet and a uniform.
There’ll be fuller reports on our social media in the hours to come. If this is another far right attack, it will reinforce anti fascists commitment to oppose fascists and fascist organisation.

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