Take Action: Gaza’s Covid-19 Crisis means Irish government must call for Israel’s siege to end

Always be respectful , no matter your personal opinion of the parties or individual politicians.
Be as brief as you can, and note that you understand that they are receiving huge amounts of correspondence every day due to people’s fears about the Covid-19 pandemic and containment measures.
Note that although the Covid19 Pandemic is obviously the most urgent matter facing the Irish government right now, Covid-19 affects everyone on the planet and Dr. Mike Ryan of the WHO has put it when calling for global solidarity to fight the pandemic, we are “only as strong as the weakest link” and “ none of us are safe until all of us are safe “.
In Gaza, 2 million people live in one of the most densely populated areas of the planet, they live in overcrowded dwellings and social distancing is difficult if not impossible.
Gaza was already facing a healthcare emergency with severe shortages of essential drugs, medical devices and personnel – there are only 40 ICU beds and a massive shortage of testing kits.
13 years of illegal siege and frequent brutal military assaults have resulted in 2 million people existing in a situation of desperate overcrowding in cramped environments and dire living conditions, including severely limited electricity supply, mass malnutrition and with only one in 10 households having direct access to safe water.
The siege of Gaza must end. It is cruel, illegal and incredibly dangerous. Furthermore, as the occupying power, it is Israel’s legal duty under international law to provide for the well-being of the Palestinian people.
Ireland can take the lead in trying to protect the extremely vulnerable people of Gaza by calling for an immediate lifting of the illegal blockade of Gaza, for the immediate provision of medical supplies, for the healthcare workers there to be adequately resourced, and that you urge your EU counterparts to do likewise

We ask you to please take a few minutes to make this important contact with the Irish government to let them know that even in the midst of global tragedy, and uncertainty and fear here at home, you have not forgotten about the people of Palestine as they face into an unthinkable crisis – and neither should they!

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Ms. Fatin Al Tamimi


Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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