Recap of Recent Articles on Just Security (September 4-11)

How Perpetual War Has Changed Us: Reflections on the Anniversary of 9/11

Adopting a Whole-of-Society Approach to Terrorism and Counterterrorism

by Nicholas Rasmussen (@NicholasRasmu15)
Crossing Back Over: Time to Reform Legal Culture and Legal Practice of the “War on Terror”

by Brian Finucane (@BCFinucane) and Stephen Pomper (@StephenPomper)
There Is a Way to Close Guantanamo

by Ian Moss
Human Rights Advocacy and the Institutionalization of U.S. “Counterterrorism” Policies Since 9/11

by Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (@NiAolainF)
Immigration Policy Before and After 9/11: From the INS to DHS – Where Did We Go Wrong?

by Camille J. Mackler (@cmackler)
How to Responsibly End Three Key Rights-Abusing Post-9/11 Policies

by Hina Shamsi (@HinaShamsi), Priyanka Motaparthy (@priyanica) and Scott Roehm
The Legacy of 9/11: Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Spotlights and Blind Spots

by Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) 
The Forever War on the Homefront

by Heather Aliano (@heatheraliano)
The Costs of 9/11’s Suspicionless Surveillance: Suppressing Communities of Color and Political Dissent

by Faiza Patel (@FaizaPatelBCJ)
Five Principles to End the Forever War

by Luke Hartig (@LukeHartig)
In the “War on Terror,” What Did Rights Organizations Get Wrong?

by Jameel Jaffer (@JameelJaffer)
The Path Not Taken: Reimagining the Post-9/11 World

by Rebecca Hamilton (@bechamilton)
Introduction to a Symposium: How Perpetual War Has Changed Us — Reflections on the Anniversary of 9/11

by Tess Bridgeman (@bridgewriter), Rachel Goldbrenner and Ryan Goodman (@rgoodlaw)


Between Legitimacy and Control: The Taliban’s Pursuit of Governmental Status

by Federica Paddeu (@federica_paddeu) and Niko Pavlopoulos (@PavlopoulosNiko)
Afghanistan: A Tragic Lesson of the US Military’s Flawed Approach to Capacity Building

by Andrea Walther-Puri (@amwalther)

9/11 Podcast

Two Decades Later, Still Reckoning With 9/11

by Larry Attree (@LarryAttree) and Delina Goxho (@delinagoxho)

Corporate Criminal Liability

Corporate Criminal Liability for International Crimes: France and Sweden Are Poised To Take Historic Steps Forward

by Victoria Riello and Larissa Furtwengler

Central America

Islands of Advances in a Sea of Setbacks: Central American Rule of Law

by Naomi Roht-Arriaza (@roht_naomi)

Book Review

Oh, the Humanity

by John Fabian Witt (@JohnFabianWitt)

Countering Violent Extremism/Counterterrorism

France’s `V13′ Trial for the 2015 Paris Terror Attacks: Managing Victims’ Expectations

by Jeanne Sulzer (@jeannesulzer) and Clémence Witt

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