Human Rights in Prolonged Occupation: Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians (HRW)

Introduction: Human Rights in Prolonged Occupation & Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians

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Al Jazeera English: “Israel imposing ‘apartheid’ on Palestinians: Amnesty”

Freedom of Movement in Gaza and the West Bank (Article 12)

Closure of Gaza

Permit Regime in the West Bank

End the generalized ban on travel to and from Gaza and permit the free movement of people to and from Gaza, and in particular between Gaza and the West Bank, and abroad, subject to, at most, individual screenings and physical searches for security purposes.
Permit Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to move freely into East Jerusalem, subject to, at most, individual screenings and physical searches for security purposes.
Dismantle the segments of the Separation Barrier not built along the Green Line but, rather, inside the OPT.

Rights to Free Assembly, Association and Expression in the West Bank (Article, 18,19, 21)

Cease arresting and detaining people for the nonviolent exercise of their rights to free assembly, association and expression.
Grant Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank full protection of the rights guaranteed to all people under international human rights law, using as a benchmark the rights it grants Israeli citizens, as well as the protections they are owed under international humanitarian law.
Repeal Military Orders 101 and 1651 and refrain from charging defendants under the Defense (Emergency) Regulations of 1945

Israel’s Excessive Use of Force (Art. 6, 21)

Issue regulations that clearly prohibit the use of lethal force except in situations where it is necessary to prevent an imminent threat to death or serious injury.

Israeli Detention & the Right to Due Process, Humane Treatment (Article 9, 10)

Cease its widespread practice of holding Palestinians in administrative detention without trial or charge
Treat all detainees with humanity and with respect for their inherent dignity

Right of Residency (Article 12)

West Bank and Gaza

Revocations of Jerusalem Residency

Effective Ban on Granting Status to Palestinian Spouses from the OPT

Palestinian Refugees

Remove arbitrary restrictions on residency rights for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip and their families, including by stopping the practice of revoking the residency of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, ending the effective freeze on family reunification applications in the West Bank and Gaza since 2000, and allowing Palestinians to resettle in other parts of the OPTs and register their residences at their new addresses.
Lift the effective ban on granting status to Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza married to Israeli citizens and residents and permit the couples to reside together in East Jerusalem and Israel
Recognize and honor the right of Palestinians who fled or were expelled from their homes in 1948 and their descendants to enter Israel and reside in the areas where they or their families once lived, as Human Rights Watch has outlined in a separate policy, which also outlines the options of integration in place or in the OPT and resettlement elsewhere. [102]

The Nation State Law (Article 2, 26)

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