NEWS/ANALYSIS – Internal divides & anti fascist pressure curtails planned ‘free Tommy Robinson’ demonstration

Anti fascists will have greeted the news that the proposed demonstration to support ‘Tommy Robinson’ this coming weekend has been cancelled by the organisers.

A series of factors have undercut the far right and Robinson. The movement behind Robinson aka Yaxley Lennon, has not recovered from the humiliation Robinson suffered in the recent Euro elections,
Now, apart from the obnoxious figure of Richard Braine, current ‘Leader’ for the shipwreck that is UKIP, few political figures back Robinson. He is increasingly being seen as too loose a cannon by many on the far right internationally. Unlike last year when far right leaders flocked to show support, tellingly, none have come to the UK to speak out.
As we said on here, that the last national turnout for Robinson was no more than 4oo on 3rd August, showed the decline in fortunes Robinson has suffered via campaigning anti fascists and the effect of his being blocked from much of social media. His current spell inside is also shortly to end and left many of his own supporters wondering what the point was of yet another ‘free Tommy’ event.
Crucially, that the last demonstration flopped, saw over 20 arrests of fascists and was opposed by larger numbers of united anti fascists, was a key factor in far right thinking. Extreme islamophobe and supporter of the languishing Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) Richard Inman admitted as much on YouTube.
Forked tongues
There are rumours spread by the likes of Robinson wannabes like James Goddard and others that there”ll be unofficial pro Robinson mobilisations this weekend in London and Manchester. Should they materialise the likelihood is there’ll be small and lack any social forces, unlike last summer,
There is a widespread view that Inman and failed kidnapper and Robinson lackey, Daniel Thomas, have fallen out over tactics. Thus, the ‘free Robinson’ event was pulled. This may be so; it’s obvious that neither have many strategic qualities. Indeed, information received by UAF shows that not a few ex Robinson supporters blame Thomas aka Danny Tommo, for the poor election campaign in the European elections. For all his bluster Thomas knows this and has tried to make it up to Robinson. The downward spiral currently for Robinson, is apparent and Thomas’ ineptitude is transparent.
Robinson may also soon face the consequences of his appalling alleged defamation of a Syrian refugee schoolboy. His ability to operate may be restricted and he has some considerable way to go before he and his followers can repeat what they did last year . (
All anti fascists, whilst standing in solidarity with Owen Jones who suffered a disgusting attack last weekend, must stay on guard against the far right
Our sister organisation Stand Up To Racism issued a press release,
That the far right target high profile anti racists such as Jones, has long roots of course. Today’s little Hitlers tried to intimidate those remembering the Peterloo Massacre, in Manchester, at the weekend. The fascists were seen off. Today’s vicious violence recalls past low periods for the far right when following electoral and street defeats for such as the National Front in the late 1970s, racist attacks and some murders were carried out by those influenced by fascist propaganda. The NF’s losses led of course to the openly nazi British Movement’s revival, albeit short lived. Other splits followed on the far right and extreme violence was meted out on occasions on anti fascists both at music venues and on the streets.
It is often when the far right is smaller and feels ground down that attacks on those who oppose them occur. However, the poison that emanates from Donald Trump and the toxic atmosphere around Brexit, has of course seen far right groups such as the ‘Proud Boys’ emergence in the U S. Trump’s one sided criticism of anti fascists has bolstered open nazis there,
Over the weekend, fascists supporters of the ‘Chelsea Headhunters’ met prior to their first home game.
These thugs, are at one arms remove from the DFLA. Some ‘Headhunters’ tried to attack anti fascists on August 3rd and their record of fascist violence is long. Their emergence around the ‘Free Tommy’ demos and the rise in racism in football, reminds us that anti fascists fans efforts at grounds can’t be underestimated. Show Racism The Red Card’s work is also crucial, once more.
Partly due to excellent work by fans, those such as pictured above can’t operate openly at grounds and take their poison elsewhere. In fairness, Chelsea FC have long looked to root out far right fans and only recently banned for life, a racist thug.
Such measures and anti fascists continued efforts to deepen and broaden our work will be critical in resisting attempts by the far right to recover in the UK, from their current, lowly status. The far right internationally are in some cases in government or looking to win office. Looking to ensure the UK is a weak link in the chain for fascists remains a key priority.

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