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Most Popular Content on Gab

/g/The_Donald (299,156 members)
Trump 2020 (225,711 members)
News (210,733 members)
QAnon and the Great Awakening (210,201 members)
WeLoveTrump (185,007 members)
Conservative News (178,843 members)
Stop The Steal (165,184 members)
QAnon (156,739 members)
QAnon Patriots (147,193 members)
Guns of Gab (146,938 members)
Joe Biden Is Not My President (141,452 members)
Christianity (135,789 members)
Memes, memes, and more memes. (125,753 members)
Introduce Yourself (124,341 members)
Libertarians of Gab (110,378 members)
#QAnons Supporters (109,876 members)
Q Research (109,629 members)
Politics (100,584 members)
Survival (95,070 members)
HISTORY BUFFS (83,781 members)

Internet Censorship (76,820 members)
Conservative Teachers of America (18,711 members)
Hunting and Fishing (17,886 members)
Thank heaven Biden is President… said no one ever. (6,727 members)
American Patriot Reality Check (2,583 members)
Parler people (2,370 members)
County by County (1,580 members)
The Patriot Party (1,250 members)
US / UK Patriots (1,112 members)
The Right Side (914 members)
Patriot Business Network (681 members)
Women For Trump (659 members)
Catholic Prayer Group (631 members)
Conservatives and Trump Supporters – Middle Tennessee (541 members)
Flu You Baker Class Action (445 members)
Shane’s Ice Fishing Unfiltered (414 members)
Taiwanese American Patriots Supporting President Trump (371 members)
Sewing Enthusiasts of Gab (366 members) Forum (338 members)

Andrew Torba, @a, the CEO of Gab (2,187,241 followers). New users automatically follow him.
Gab Help, @help, (1,649,252 followers). New users automatically follow this account too.
@gab (1,604,953 followers). New users automatically follow this one too.
Donald J. Trump, @realdonaldtrump (1,300,952 followers). New users automatically follow this account, and it’s not actually used by Trump.
@NeonRevolt (658,673 followers). This is a major QAnon conspiracy account.
Paul Joseph Watson, @PrisonPlanet (525,685 followers). This is a prominent conspiracy theorist and editor of the site InfoWars.
The Epoch Times, @TheEpochTimes (506,975 followers). This is a far-right news organization run by a Chinese cult that spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads in 2020 than any entity other than the Trump campaign itself.
Ron Watkins, @codemonkey (433,084 followers). This is the former admin of the image board 8chan, frequented by white supremacists and multiple mass shooters and the birthplace of the QAnon conspiracy movement.
Donald Trump Jr. Feed, @DonaldJTrumpJrFeed (432,583 followers). This is a bot that reposts tweets from Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account.
National File, @NationalFile (404,809 followers). This is a far-right news organization.

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